Sushi Roll 3D - ASMR Food Game

Sushi Roll 3D - ASMR Food Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-11-09
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 306.26 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 117 805


Slice, chop, and roll your way to sushi success in this satisfying cooking game. The more sushi you roll, the happier your customers will be and the more money your restaurant will make! ► NOW YOU’RE COOKING! Sharpen your knife skills on all sorts of Japanese dishes. But the cooking fun doesn’t stop there! You can keep unlocking new actions as you advance to add tons of captivating new mini-games to your gameplay experience. Satisfy customers by making quality food fast with a variety of fixings, and watch them react with lots of likes and a big cash tip — or anger at poorly made food. When making sushi, be sure to pick up the right ingredients and avoid obstacles to deliver the most delicious meals. Be careful: no guest wants too much seaweed and too little fish — or worse, thumbtacks and moldy cheese in their sushi! ► SUSHI AND CHILL As you slash through fun levels in the game, you’ll cut through your worries in real life! Feast your eyes and ears on anti-stress ASMR vibes while you work your way to master sushi chef. With its charming graphics and optional vibration, this relaxing game will have you dreaming of sushi! ► GAME FEATURES: • Beat increasingly challenging levels to earn more cash and unlock new fillings and toppings. This cooking and restaurant management game is sure to keep you coming back for seconds! • Level up your sushi skills to earn better Surprise Box rewards, including new ingredients, cutting tools, and actions. You can also earn more skins to customize your gameplay! • Roll and chop sushi, scale and slice fish, grate cheese, make rice, weigh out noodles in take-out boxes, and more in different mini-games that never get old. • Work with the classic ingredients of fish, rice, and seaweed, and earn special toppings as you progress, including chili peppers, durian fruit, and caviar. Combine your options to make different types of dishes, including maki, sashimi, nigiri, noodles, and more. • Upgrade your restaurant with new furniture, dishware, decorations, and accessories to increase your revenue per minute. The more levels you complete, the more options you’ll have for chopping: why slice with a plain old knife when you could hack with an ax or gnaw with a chainsaw? • Test your skills in entertaining bonus levels with wild and unexpected ingredients. Roll out the red carpet for VIP guests by making sushi and other dishes with fun objects like cash, gold, bling, gadgets, computer chips, honeycomb and more. Don’t forget to top it off with diamonds and rubies! • Relax and enjoy this ASMR game with anti-stress sounds, visuals, and tasty virtual treats. Who knew sushi could be so soothing? • Check out the in-game store to buy special bonuses and upgrades. • The user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface makes it easy to jump in and get rolling. What other game can serve you tasty sushi, engaging and satisfying gameplay, a chill ASMR atmosphere, and the opportunity to run your own restaurant? Once you find yourself on a roll, you won’t be able to put this game down! Well, what are you waiting for? Step up to the cutting board and start cooking! Chop-chop! ► Download the game now and get your sushi on!



  • Ads and more ads

    By butbandut
    It’s like playing a commercial.
  • Terrible

    By hkgkgzkg
    They force you to give them five stars and the game has WAY to many ads 1 star
  • Way too many ads

    By gdrjjbg
    You can’t even get through like 5 seconds of this game without an ad! Terrible
  • Just a suggestion

    By Rellabell 02
    Hi! Okay, I love this game but I just wanted to let you know that something that could be worked on is going from the soft background music and sounds to the really loud ads. I think this should be fixed so I don’t constantly have to turn my volume up and down. Also, sometimes after the ad the sound in game goes away so you have to double click and swipe up which is really annoying! thank you for your time!
  • Inappropriate

    I generally really like this game until one I decided to play it.There was a VIP customer that was a policeman so I decided to watch an add and make the food however when I gave him his food he RIPPED OF HIS CLOTHES JUMPED ONTO THE TABLE AND STARTED TWERKING!!!!!!I really hope this is fixed cause it is so incredibly inappropriate.
  • FILLED with ads

    By K-l33
    It’s just to much ads and you just do the same things over and over think before you download! You can’t even do most of the vip ones I have watched more than 5 ads for a vip customer and it didn’t let me. Developers fix that and can you not make all the plates but 2 have ads just make them coins. Please. I had to use AdBlock to get rid of the ads.
  • Love the game!

    By Lily_the gratest
    This game is so much fun to play! Some times it’s repetitive, but I can never get sick of it. One of the best games I’ve ever played. I love how you get freedom to design your restaurant, and have VIP costumers. Can’t stress enough about how much I love this game. Would 100 percent recommend for all ages even though the rating says 12 and up. There is nothing inappropriate about this game. In this game you get to own a restaurant customize it to your liking and make sushi! You can also make other things for your costumers. Super entertaining to play. 👁👄👁
  • Time waster.

    By subtokittles
    Yea so I know this game is great and all but-the ads. Malifuntions, and other stuff, it’s gets old. So I know this game is great, why am I making a bad review? Here’s why; Ads. Glitches Bad emojis still get you money? I request a developer response to make some changes to this game and make it better. Thanks for reading. And; make sure to sub to my channel, kittles yt!
  • It’s amazing I love I love I love it!

    By CaridadDondull
  • Good but better

    By TheDreamer1234
    I love the game but when they eat soap I think instead of them popping bubbling then getting knocked down by one, I think you should have them get trapped by a big bubble with their food and have them float away. But other than that I love Shushi Roll! 🍣🍱
  • Great

    By CT1982
    Great game
  • eh its ok

    By bruhmakcbac
    fun game but WAYYY to many ads. and they are WAYYY to long aswell.
  • Why

    I mean the game is alright but like they aren’t even fully developed so it glitches a lot and I can’t even move stuff
  • They still show ads when you pay for no ads

    By JoyB728
    Very frustrated with this app! I paid for no ads and I refreshed my purchase each time and still they are showing tons of long annoying ads to my kids. I emailed support and got no response. Don’t waste your money paying for no ads, that’s not what you’ll get. ☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • Sushi roll pros and cons

    By hrjeidjhsgebmf
    I think that is it is fun but then again it has so many ads. I kind of like this games because it helps you past the time . The con though is that it has so many ads! I finish doing something and I have to watch a ad so maybe cut a few
  • Typically

    By savnhjoi
    Turn the phone on and the phone is not working properly Really don’t know how much
  • I LOVE IT!!!

    By Sophie Gwen
    This game is so fun to play! It keeps me interested love it yall should definitely try this game! DOES NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!
  • Sushi

    By mykul green 💄💋
    This game is so fun it is satisfying But it makes you want sushi but otherwise this game is the best
  • You can’t see me I’m John sina

    By mim👅👅💋💄
    Hm ok
  • Ppppppp

    By okookkhjhjn
    The brown
  • Best game ever

    By Aniyah75478
    Love This game lol
  • This game is so annoying

    By That one epic gamer
    Every time I serve the order, it keeps on kicking me out! I hate this game. Fix it, because I’m deleting this after all my progress.
  • Fun but unfair

    By sttffsfhafjjnsjtswrhbiitf
    Hi the reason I give it four stars is because I don’t like to watch adds some are inappropriate and weird. Any ways I clicked on no thanks because I didn’t want to watch an add to get a present. And guess what right after I clicked on no thanks here comes AN ADD so I should be getting the present. PS.I AM SORRY I TRY NOT TO BE RUDE 🙏🙂
  • Way too many ads

    By Fantasy_God
    Too many ads to be worth it, deleting.
  • I love this game❤️💕

    By piggyiscool7171
    I love this game beacuse it really fun and it so cool please download this game and it amazing it not that boring it soooo amazing and fun💕❤️ and it has cool stuff and you can buy it by doing the quests in sushi! Game !💕 and tell everone to get this game! Please add some more amazing stuff we support your game❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💜
  • Hola

    By gagbro

    By bkochmit
  • To many wrong stuff

    By pickle bevoickle
    To many adds crappy Wi-Fi when I have full bars super glitchy way to confusing I do not want any body to suffer this hard do not play this game it is horrible I did not put 5 stars I put 1 it put it in five see so stupid I HHHAAATTTEEE IT SO MUCH DELETING
  • Ads

    By marco15555
    I got the no ads and extra items for $5 but I still see ads for using special items. False advertisement. My child is still tempted to use these items with adds. I wish there was a way not to show them or removed them after I purchased it.

    By aaaaaaaassssa😝😝😝😝
    I have played for a month now. It is a fun game but TO EASY. Their are also TO MANY ADDS. You need to watch an add for almost everything.
  • This game needs fixes

    By App Reveiws2021
    I hate the plate issues. Whenever you choose a plate it doesn’t matter which you choose it’s not good enough. That annoys me.
  • I like to do food making like that

    By i dont lnow what to put here
    9999999% very very good
  • just listen

    By ElmosAbs
    I was playing this game and all of a sudden i came across a “get ur vaccine” poster. This might seem normal to anyone else but... I don’t want the vaccine and I think it’s evil, so for the game to try to to convince ppl that not everyone supports is good is just disrespectful.
  • Lov it

    By CartmansMAAAAAMMMMM
    It good :)
  • Scam

    By CheyenneDirectionSPN
    This game is a lot of fun and I still play it despite what I'm ab to say, but I paid 5 bucks for no ads and there is still some ads
  • *Read before downloading*

    By jb1079
    So I found this game by looking at an ad and thought “That would be a good time waster when I’m bored.” And I was right, this game is amazing it has so many options and toppings and the ads are decent, although once you unlock everything in the game it gets boring. There needs to be more updates with more challenges and plates and toppings etc. Overall If you enjoy a game that’s simple and has good mechanics, and just for a bit of fun, get this game.
  • I seriously love it it’s my type

    By Allie Snake
    One day, I was in my bedroom like what the heck am I gonna do and I love this Japanese Restaurant and I was like looking at my phone then I saw the game Sushi Roll 3D And I was dang I want this I was so happy I made so much Sushi thank you for making this app I just downloaded it today you really made ,y day 😆😁😆😁😆😁😆
  • Great game

    By v222772
    Lots of fun
  • Way Too Many Ads

    By c3ffee_g1rl
    Although I understand these types of games have a lot of ads. This game is genuinely unplayable with the amount of ads. It also glitches way too much. I have also read other reviews and played the game for a while and realized some of the racist things in this game. All thought it definitely does help waste time, it stressed me out more than anything.
  • Good

    By gdhdjdjfhgyhudgdsy
    Good Good
  • Like the one

    By gfggfgiufu
    Love it
  • Love game

    By Peant509
    Hi ini justru wanted its nice
  • Ads. Many ads.

    By Dviravongsa
    Okay, it’s very satisfying and all and have been playing it for a bit but what really annoys me is ads it happens after each order and it’s so annoying.
  • Amazing 🤩

    By ThePerezFamily ;3
    Once I found this I thought it would be a knock off of another game but once I played it…I couldn’t even think of any other game that I know that’s like this game! And I now know how to make Sushi! Just need the ingredients…but anyways! That’s why I gave this a five star rate. I hope people see this review and think the same way I thought.
  • This game is ok

    By MIRPp 100000000000
    It has good ASMR and relaxation.but it is also inappropriate for instance the cop.they don’t do that in real life if they did at work or in public they would be that’s why I gave it a three minute f you complain well it’s your problem.
  • This game is reason I never pay to remove ads

    By Underground King
    Title says it all. I hate being bullied into paying to remove ads. But my daughter (4) likes this game so when I saw that it said no ads for life, I paid the 2.99 so I didn’t have to constantly help my daughter through the ads. I pay for it and immediately afterward was given an ad. Do not waste your time with this game. Way more headache than it’s worth. I mean if you like torturing yourself I guess go ahead and play it.
  • Very fun! but..

    By Cassidy Kot
    I love this game a lot. It’s super fun to mess up the persons order, and unlock new toppings but there’s just one kinda annoying thing.. The ads. Every time you want to get a new topping, want to do a cool bonus level, want to just get onto the next level, there’s ads. I understand the ads with the bonus level, but i just think there shouldn’t be that many. Other than that i love this game so much! Would recommend!
  • Shushi roll 3D

    By NisesPieces
    I love this game it’s so awesomeeeee
  • MJ

    By godflies