DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2: Delete One Part

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-12-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 200.89 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 27 025


Welcome to DOP 2: Delete One Part - a new tricky game, which bring you new experience in solving puzzles. Combine your imagination and brain skills to solve the riddles. Each level is a brain teaser, where you decide what to erase to pass the level. Come experience the fun! Game Features: - New, simple and interesting mechanic! Touch the screen and start to erase. Delete the extra parts, find out what the characters hid and change the plots. - Satystifying process Tired? Just Enjoy of the process. This game will give you a supersatisfying experience of erasing. - А lot of different puzzles! Each level is a mini brain puzzle. If you like to test your brain, the game is just what you are looking for - Tightening and fascinating gameplay! Once you start playing, you will no chance to stop. - Beautiful graphics The familiar and famous stories are depicted in cartoon unique style, which will like both children and adults. Download now and have fun with funny tricky puzzles!



  • Nah

    By 🤍genna brooke 🤍
    Not the best app out there
  • Ads all about ads

    By Alyssa orahoke
    I was trying to pass a level and I got it right the first time but it said that I did it when I watched the ad it said that I had to do exactly what I was doing at the first place
  • Same levels

    By h and fbg
    It’s a good game but I feel like I’m playing the same levels over again.
  • Feels exploitative

    By uttriplets
    I feel like this game is very exploitative in the ads. I am purely writing a review based on ads. But I get this ad every time I get an ad on anything. I don’t like the ads. The ads show people getting their clothes getting erased off. The question will ask them to do one thing and they will begin erasing people’s clothes. What I really hated about this ad was that it was all females. They were all females getting there clothes wiped off. I do not think this game has a great ad. I understand that it is to appeal to an audience. However, I feel like they can find other ways to appeal to the audience. I downloaded the game and played a few rounds. It was in about the second question I started getting things that felt uncomfortable to do. Honestly. This game is very exploitative, and I do not recommend.
  • Absolutely Awful

    By sim sadness
    It is so gross. In all of the ads it sexualizes women and displays the female characters as wearing clothing that you have to “erase”, and also saying crap like “make her more pretty” and then demonstrates erasing layers of clothing to show skin and bras. It is not okay to show this on an app that attracts little kids, because it is so unhealthy. Only download to leave a bad review.

    By RobloxPuppy
    I’m REALLY offended You guys are nothing but disrespectful because on alot of levels I played so far when there’s oh look you can erase other people’s cloths LIKE this game is NOT for kids this should 17+ INFACT why did the App Store even allow this game! It’s terrible This is what really caught my attention, so on level 57 I erased the newspaper and I found a NAKED WOMEN COVERING HER CHEST- Like WHAT what is wrong with you guys!? You guys are prevs THE MEANING OF THE WHOLE GAME IS UNDRESSING MEN AND WOMEN! you guys are sexist-
  • Sexism

    By Rosé O
    I rarely write reviews, however this game is incredibly messed up. This is a child’s game and all of the puzzles have to do with taking off the women clothes, this is incredibly toxic and encouraging this kind of behavior will result in young men thinking it is okay for them to just go around and take off woman's clothes.
  • It’s ok but......

    By wolfpup4444
    Ok so this game is really fun and addicting but...... on a few levels I know what to do but when I try to do it it doesn’t work so I have to press the hint button and that gives you an ad so I press the hint button.... 30 second ad and then exactly what I was trying to do! It’s upsetting and frustrating because when I’m enjoying this what I thought was an ad free game...... ADS! That’s the only thing wrong with it and I hope that the developers fix this glitch. Thanks for reading my review have a nice day! 😊😊
  • Pretty Good

    By Lizzy Oofers
    The games pretty good, not to many ads. The levels are pretty easy to figure out tho, wish they were more challenging. The levels do start to repeat around level 476 i wanna say. Its fun tho, kept me entertained for a while. Id say its worth it if your super bored

    I LITERALLY GOT THE GAME AND IN 2 DAYS THE ADS WERE JUST HORRIBLE, and I got to level 700 something and I kelp getting literally the same quiz's or whatever you wanna call them ( I still have it BUT STOP THE ADS AND THE SEXUAL THINGS KIDS HAVE TO ERASE 4 YD and over more like 18+ this game and the ads are just way to sexual
  • lol

    By walter7619
    i beat the whole game
  • Absolutely Disgusting 🤢🤮

    By dkskkxkdks
    Some of y’all might say the game is so fun. Which it probably is, I mean I believe you. But have y’all seen the add for this game? It is so inappropriate, I mean are y’all trying to get grown men or children to get it? Like what the heck. It shows a lady in a robe blushing and a guy on my couch smiling at her on the add. I am just saying please make the add more clean. I even had to get the app just to even say this. Don’t make your adds like that if you want kids to get your game. I just can’t believe someone would do this. I would even play the game if it wasn’t for the add. Some of y’all are reading this saying, “Karen” but hey, women aren’t objects to use for your adds people. If I could rate this a game -10000, trust me, I would. So this add is Absolutely Disgusting 🤢🤮

    By Game lover❤️❤️
    The game ad is absolutely disgusting.
  • ..

    By 🖕😊
    It’s a fun game but on level 11 or something it made me erase the bra.. it’s inappropriate

    By jessiesworld
  • Good but..

    By hdhdhixk
    Good game but even when I delete the right thing it says I didn’t after I use the hint and that’s dumb
  • Fun for adults but very inappropriate for kids

    By migmanmigl
    Very inappropriate for children, specially the ads! Age says 12+ but I think more like 18+ Just warning other parents!
  • Bad game adds

    By chupo12345
    Delete your adds they are very disgusting I’m 9
  • Why?

    By A.Ham(ilton)
    This game is disgusting! O downloaded it bc I thought it would be fun, but it had some sexual stuff.. im not old enough to see that stuff.. it made me erase a girls shirt...
  • the ads and game itself

    By mariah772
    the ads for this game are HORRIBLE. there are so many ads specializing women by erasing her clothes because that makes her “prettier” this is extremely inappropriate and a horrible game
  • DISGUSTING- please read before downloading

    I was playing another game when I saw this ad pop up. It was of a young girl and it was where you could erase her clothes, the caption said “Scare the Girl”. You can just erase all their clothes and another caption said “What’s she hiding?”. This makes me so sick, don’t support this game, PLEASE if you even care about women and their rights. 🚨🚨
  • Inappropriate ads

    By ChildishConbino🥰
    Children play phone games, it is very inappropriate to advertise the game in the manner that you guys did. May you please censor certain things and let children remain children. Please and thank you.
  • Sexist nothing but sexist

    By Likelivelife08
    This app has a bunch of ride sexist things to women they are making levels what makes me fell like they are making it look like it’s right treating the woman’s body like it is a token that anyone can have but that’s not true this level I just played has a mermaid sitting on a rock with a black line covering her breast and a bunch of people in a submarine looking at her through the spy glass as the thing you needed to do and she ends up covering her breast with her arms but for them in the game that black line was not there and another level was you has to erase the shirt to find her breast was two basket balls and she was covering her chest as the final product and one of the Levels was about modernizing a vacuum and if you erased her pants you saw latch up pantyhose with bows attached to underwear this app is a bad ride mean app to me and hopefully you reading it have a good day now
  • So many adds!!

    By ndhdjehdbdudhgevbjid
    So many adds in this game but it’s a good game if your okay with all the adds then it’s a great game😌
  • Thanks

    By the butt girl
    Thanks a lot for this game but you should put butt stuf in it ok please and thank you
  • gross.

    By unicorns._.forlife
    you know how gross and dehumanizing these ads are? you’re literally erasing women’s clothes off. one of the ads has someone erasing a women’s top and you could see her under-boob. please stop sexualizing women for people to download your game. it’s so disgusting that you even thought it was a good idea to make the ads like that.
  • it’s funny

    By notagoodbargainshopper
    if you go on level 82 wesse the mana cloths and you see something funny and also this game is a great game
  • Inappropriate! sexual implications!

    By to be quite honest.
    Wow, I hate that I have to download the game to write a review which sounds counterintuitive, but my reasoning is fair. THE ADS FOR THIS GAME ARE SO INAPPROPRIATE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. To be a game for 12+ this is sad. Apple needs to get rid of this game, or they need to change their advertisements. I never played the game, and I won’t be. I just needed to write this review so people would know that they are not the only ones seeing this foolishness. We know what the ads are implying and it’s absolutely grotesque to be directed at little children. The developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves, but they most likely aren’t because they are perverted creeps who know exactly what they are doing.
  • Do better for 12+ games

    By Lydster71914
    I question the moral fiber of this game developer to create such an inappropriate game for 12+. We do not need another outlet perpetuating the over sexuality and aggressive sexual behavior in our youth. We as a society should be creating positive content to teach our young people to treat each other with respect not creating traumatic events or unrealistic expectations of romance. Please stop advertising this to me!!! By the way, I I my downloaded this so I could give it one star for being so inappropriate and disturbing, while advertising for age 12+.
  • Wow-

    By 19384884
    The only reason I downloaded this is because I wanted to write a review. The ads for this app are not okay. The ads are basically erasing woman’s clothes to see what “they’re hiding”. It’s just disgusting. The game might not be bad but the ads are.

    By oof gal

    By Dawg_2004
    this game is great but the ad is making it appear as if you can see a girl naked and remove her clothes when the game is nothing like that. you are obviously trying to get downloads by using women’s bodies as bait. STOP!
  • Not for kids

    By EatthatUrMom
    Totally not Appropriate for kids. You are literally wiping clothes away. There are graphic pictures of a male under a blanket. What is this
  • Ugh the ads and the Nonsense

    By bellcake
    Ok whenever u erase the part ur supposed to erase it doesn’t accept it when u skip the ad it tells u what to erase when u just erased that part
  • Fun but..

    By Notbobo16
    This app was fun for a while when I began to play it. After a while though it got to some points where it was revealing sexy cloths, fuzzy handcuffs under bedsheets, skin of woman that should not be seen, and other things kids should see. Do not let your kid download this app because there is also things like pervert scenes, cheating and other bad influences.
  • Inappropriate

    By Clawdeen-Cole
    The ads for this game are very sexually inappropriate and are targeted towards children. Apple should remove this game.
  • Inappropriate😠😠😡😡

    By @mazing_3lephant
    I was playing high heels and the ad for this game popped up. There was this girl and it said, “Too hot” and this person erased her clothes! This is just wrong and women aren’t objects. There was also this man under a blanket with a thing sticking up and yup know what it is. THE PERSON WAS ALSO ERASING THE BLANKET!!!! This game is about sexualizing women and that’s not right. Some kids downloaded this app without actually know That its 12+. This is wrong please make some changes to there ads and the app.😤😤
  • Don’t download this game!!!!!!!

    By kid are amazing
    This is so inappropriate if you want love in your heart do not download this game!!!!!! p.s superflash is way better than supercorp for you who know the arrowverse
  • The adds!!!!

    By punkrocksteady
    The amount of adds is ok but the adds aren’t. One of them was a women twerking my mom saw the add and said I had to delete it. I was on level 400 when she said that. There where many other inappropriate adds on there and also inappropriate levels too. Like seeing a women in a bikini and a man drooling. Over all please fix some of the adds and make the levels more appropriate for kids please.
  • Lots of bugd

    By jddghxksnzzjsjzjz
    Ok so I like love this game but there is a lot they need to work on like the ad? I mean what!!!!! But anyway the second it just freezes and ik cause I use my moms phone and it does on hers too!!! So yea although it seems fun to pass the levels you half to turn your phone off so yea I hate this but ok if your wondering what ik means it means I know 👍👍
  • Horrifying

    By Cami the cat
    HORIBLE Inappropriate.
  • i can’t believe this.

    By tristan greer
    i was playing a game, and an ad for this game came up. it was a man under a blanket with a lump over his private area, and a girl was looking at him. the text said “what is he hiding?” . how are you going to advertise that for kids?
  • 802 times!!!

    By dusty bii
    This game was so fun I played it throgh 2 times !!! This game is going to always be the game that I play when I’m board and I like the fact that t oh don’t need any tokens to get and hints like *cough*cough* brain quest
  • Addicted

    By nrhfhfjfhfb
    Your came Is the best I love it I am addicted To this game when I see a phone that does Not have it I download it really fast I tell the person that did not have the app that they are crazy.
  • Boring and nasty

    By Nix263891
    Not only is this game really boring, like seriously there’s no thought out into this AT ALL, but it has some really disgusting parts. Like erase the girl’s clothes and surprise her by erasing the door to see a peeping Tom. That’s just disgusting and prompting disgusting behaviors.
  • Meh

    By bsbojdvudsuov
    It’s good, but there a ads after every 5 levels(which is okay) The only part that is a waste of time playing it, is that the levels just repeat over and over again.
  • disgusted and confused

    By imma maaaaad
    i saw the ads for the game and it showed example games for the player to erase certain elements of the game to solve the level. the ads i've seen showed the player erasing clothing off of women and overall over sexualizing women in general.
  • Horrible

    By TheSailorFlx
    An ad every 4 or 5 games, boring, and a LOT of sexual references despite the game being rated 12+, I find it creepy that you’re putting sexual content in a kids rated game, that’s mostly why I rated it one star.
  • it’s ok...

    By Samajamy
    once you get to level 400 the game repeats. it honestly is super annoying. also the game is marketed towards kids, (like there are ads on kids games etc.) and there is inappropriate things in the game. as a women i also don’t appreciate how in some level you have to remove there clothes. it is disgusting.