Bridge Race

Bridge Race

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-12-09
  • Current Version: 2.71
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 201.28 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 145 442


Collect blocks of your own color, place them on a bridge of your choice. Don't let others build on your bridge. Hit others with less stack than yours to drop their blocks!



  • Stop The Ads!

    By Keilamateuthecrazygirl
    there is literally an ad every 5 seconds in this games and it’s just gotten so annoying at this point
  • Too many addddsssss

    By DaTruth247
    An ad every 5-10 seconds never 15. They are way too frequent. App deleted. Fun game though.
  • Ads ads ads ads ads

    By Dyam Marie
    Too many ads!
  • Amzing game!

    By hhhhhhggggggaaaaa
    Đây là một tựa game tuyệt vời vì đang chơi nữa chừng thì lại có quảng cáo! Khi sắp ưin tới nơi thì quảng cáo lại xuất hiện lần nữa!
  • hey

    By Caningbinfdykdb
    i love you
  • So many ads

    By Cely2002
    Ads are literally displayed three times throughout a single game it’s ridiculous deleted immediately
  • Game might be fun but..

    By linmarBecc
    Game looks fun, but you can’t play more then 10 seconds before an ad pops up. I counted 20 ads’s in about a minute. The amount of ads makes this game completely unplayable and unenjoyable.
  • Worst ad placement

    By mellieco
    Why are there ads in the middle of a level? Not before or after like the other 1000s of games on here.. don't download it is terrible
  • Way too many ads

    By froggsie
    I play a lot of different games so I know developers need to have ads to make money. But this app is over the top. In my very first level, I was interrupted by an ad about 15 seconds into game play, long before I was finished with the level. I had not even started putting the bricks in the bridge! There was another ad another 15 seconds later. By the time I finished the first level, I had seen 4 annoying ads. I hoped that this was an anomaly so I went on to the second level and had the same experience. Awful and it distracts the player from the game. I’ve played my last level in this game and do not recommend it for anyone.
  • Seriously? Every 30 seconds!?!

    By CryMeARiver0305
    The ads are literally popping up every 20 to 30 seconds (if you’re lucky). It’s hard to play a game when you are watching more ads than you are playing the actual game. Ads for bonus levels, ads for extra items, ads before, during, and after each level. Way too many!
  • Instant Delete

    By Neely31415
    These people didn’t even try… SMH

    By sickofyourpaytoplay
    Okay I have grown accustomed to ads playing at the end of EVERY level from other “free” games. I get that developer’s would like to get paid and they SHOULD. However Ads playing DURING THE LEVEL thats just over the top, and ruins the game feel. The game would be a fun time killer, except you wont get a chance to finish a level without seeing a minute and a half of ads during ONE level.
  • Way too many ads

    By OMAR hates America
    Too many ads in the middle of playing a level and then more between each level
  • So many ads

    By hagebflxjelsnf
    I downloaded the game and didn’t even finish one race because there was way too may ads. I had to delete it right away.
  • 👎🏼ADS👎🏼

    By gb bugdfuujvx
    Every other game has ads in between levels and after completing something. NO other game has ads that INTERRUPT THE LEVEL AND MESS UP YOUR GAMEPLAY. You’re losing customers and game players by being greedy. Do not download this game. It’s a genuinely fun game but this completely ruins it.
  • Waste of your time

    By Tired of this 13
    The amount of ads it plays during a single level is ridiculous. There was an ad played for every stage of almost every level I played.
  • Good concept

    By Margonn
    The concept of the game is great. But three ads before even completing the first quarter of the game is ridiculous and I will no longer be playing.
  • Too much ads

    By idk my name🥺
    If there weren’t so many ads this would’ve been such a good game..🥺 I would really suggest less ads because there is literally an ad every 5 min. or less.. it is super outrageous and it’s the fact that it that one ad that goes on and on and on. I think personally this would have been great but when I’m about to win there’s an ad, when I’m about to be finished with a bridge-ad it just gets so frustrating and I don’t have the patience to wait 30-45 seconds every 5 minutes so it was nice knowing the app but, good bye 😌
  • Ads with just a hint of game

    By I'm a carrot
    Because of the other reviews, I expected ads. I wasn’t expecting so many. I got 4 ads during level one. No warning. No reasoning. Just ads. When I beat the level, I watched another ad to earn my prize. Most games these days have way too many ads. It’s the cost of being a “free” game. This, however, is ridiculous. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game.
  • Worst game ver

    I just got this game and there are a bunch of adds hate that. Worst adds ever over and over again. Don’t get this game I am saving your life from boredom. But the adds are the huge problem they are boring, lame , kiddish , and inappropriate. Such as match mansion, high heels , adventure academy, and episode and choices which is totally inappropriate for 4+. I mean what the 👹🤬. U know what i mean right?

    By Danger Rae
    I get that they would like to monetize off the advertising but golly gee. You can’t even finish one round without getting one. IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME. Had to delete after just one round. They aren’t getting anything out of me for this trash. If I could give it 0 stars I would.
  • Fun, but ads.

    By lauraelizabeth23!
    The game is fun, but there are so many ads. I don’t understand how there are ads in the middle of the game. To the point we’re you can’t even really play.
  • Ads in the middle of the game

    By angry(petty)
    I like this game but they place like 3 ads in the middle of the game. Horrible design, makes the game un-enjoyable.
  • There's a game in my ads

    By Would prefer not to be named.
    It's super fun!!... Is what I would say if there weren't ads every time I move. This seriously could be fun but because of all the ads playing at random times, all I feel when I play this is stressed out and impatient. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have ads popping up constantly, at least put them between every level. It's not even the amount that bothers me, it's the randomness. They're like jumpscares. Pick up a block? Have an ad. In the middle of the stairs? Ad. Some dude just knocked you over? Here, maybe making us money will help you get back up. At least make them more predictable so it's less stressful.
  • 😒

    By juihbjtgeh
    Way too many ads
  • Too many ads

    By KatDaza
    Too many ads! I could not enjoy the game being stopped every 20 seconds.
  • Fun but the ads bro 💀

    By PinkBobaCat
    It’s really enjoyable but there are like four ads in the middle of each game. It’s freakin unbelievable. My name is YouAllSuck because I’m just that way, and I always end up falling way behind because of those ads and I barely make it to the end each time. Please fix this issue and make ads only be at least after every game if you want to still have ads
  • Ad loaded

    By Taylor200919
    It could be fun, but they load it down with so many ads you can’t even play one game fully through. Would not recommend
  • Way to many ads

    By keriganrobinson
    Fun game WAY WAY WAY TO MANY ADs. I deleted this game so fast because of it.
  • Too many ads!!!!!

    By Gon Supremacy ^^
    I can’t even finish my bridge without getting a ad! And usually when theres ads in games I usually trim off the wifi and I can’t even do that?!!? But anyways there’s too many ads and I feel like a game like that doesn’t need ads or doesn’t have to have a lot of ads, it makes no sense 🤦‍♀️
  • Yes

    By so do you think
    The game is super fun but you could get rid of some of the ads because it’s just ruins the game but the game is really fun

    By babymonkeyjr
    The game is actually pretty fun. However there is literally an ad almost every two minutes. Sometimes one before, one after, and one during the actual gameplay. Like literally whip you are playing an ad just pops us.
  • Ads. Way too many

    By Jraw123456789
    You can’t even finish a level without seeing three ads. Dumb.
  • This game,

    By fancy god
    I would give this game probably a 3.8 It’s really fun and addicting but the quality and layout I kinda don’t like but overall it’s a great game!
  • No.

    By Eriickuuhh
    You can’t have ads come up in the middle of the game that get in the way of the fun. Especially when it’s a racing type game and the ads are the type you can’t exit out of until they’re done. That’s crap.

    By Katy Irene
    I got 3 ads before finishing my FIRST games and each were 30 seconds long, this game is a waste.
  • Deleting Ap

    By FtlBubba
    It’s a fun game but way too many ads! I understand it’s revenue, but when the ads play more than you get to play the game its just too much.
  • ADDs eVERY 20 SECONDS!!! 😡😡😡

    By fix this please'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I play and enjoy the game but adds keep popping up ! All I am asking for is put less adds!!it’s frustrating I love the game but the adds!
  • Stupid ads

    By kinder greeted
    Why would you stop the competition with ads that’s stupid and it kills the momentum of the player.

    By MarissaLovesDreamdayssss
    ADS WILL POP UP DURING THE GAME!!! Before you even make it to the end of any match, you’ll already have had two ads interrupt the middle of the match. They don’t even wait until you’re between matches!! I downloaded the game and played ONCE and got an ad immediately. I tried it again thinking maybe it was a bug but NOPE! Played again and immediately another ad during the game. So annoying. Deleting ASAP
  • Would give more stars but

    By mommy4_1
    Way to many ads even while playing the game it stops you in the middle multiple times for the ads
  • Trash

    By gabagoooo
    Ads in the middle of the game, trashhh
  • Ads

    By Deeevell
    I completely understand ads in games. But ads during a level is not smart try ads between levels. From one level to the next. Thanks great game.
  • Forced ads in game

    By john john phone
    It’s a good game and a good concept but the only problem I have is that there are forced ads in game
  • Too many ads

    By camarokels
    Ads keep popping up left and right while playing game. Not worth my time
  • Ads

    By KamBo59_
    Too Many Ads
  • Its okay

    By beaniee1025
    It would be a fun and addicting game if there wasn’t adds in the middle of every game. Adds could’ve waited until the end. They’re definitely frustrating!
  • Had to uninstall too many Ads!

    By Tri3h
    Was actually a pretty good game… Ads mess it up… Seems like every 10 seconds.
  • Ads🙄

    By Grape Guy1
    Fun game but waaaayyyy to manny ads