Construction Set - Toys Puzzle

Construction Set - Toys Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-12-13
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 645.08 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 60 688


► BUILDING BLOCKS OF FUN Assemble a wide variety of brick buildings and scenes in this classic constructor game. Start as a baby builder and level your way up to increasingly complex construction sets. This relaxing and satisfying game is sure to bring you back to the imagination and fun of your childhood! Flex your creativity and exercise your brain with enjoyable construction puzzles. Writer’s block or mental block? Bust through it like a ton of bricks with this BLOCKbuster building game! ► BUILD YOUR WORLD BRICK BY BRICK Follow the simple on-screen guide to create your own brick masterpieces in the form of detailed 3D models! Find the right piece and simply tap to add it to your build. The colorful pieces and lively scenes make this building game a hoot for builders of all ages! In Construction Set, you never have to worry about losing a piece or prying bricks apart and hurting your fingers, because it’s all virtual! Get hands-on fun without the clutter or accidentally stepping on toys. Ouch! ► GAME FEATURES: • Dozens of sets and over 200 different interlocking parts. From human figures to intricate vehicles, this constructor game has it all! • With entertaining construction sets like the Statue of Liberty, a battlefield, a medieval castle, ancient Rome, and the inside of a spaceship, you’ll never get bored! Build a pizza delivery boy holding up the Tower of Pisa and dive into trending and topical sets like an election debate scene. • The clear instructions and 3D models ensure you never get stuck. Just find the part you need and plug it into place! • Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, anyone can be an architect! Plus, this game’s stunning graphics and smooth animations bring the building experience to life. • This satisfying game recreates the joy of assembling real-life construction sets, from cutting open the box and ripping open the bags to putting together the blocks and arranging the finished scenes. The optional vibration setting even replicates the “click” of real blocks snapping together! Why snap when you can just tap? • Complete a set to unlock special gold packages so you can add new elements with more difficult builds. You never know what you’re going to find inside! Whether you’re looking for a workout for your mind or yearning for a sense of nostalgia and childish wonder, block off some time to relax and then hit the bricks with this building game! Download Construction Set now and start building!



  • Game is amazing 🤩

    By ramosowls
    So I just started to play and its amazing I love it I definitely recommend this game for you!!!
  • LEGO

    By Madijane13
    I love this game because you can build and it’s my favorite game that I have
  • Only honest

    By usally a 4/5 star for me
    I’m not lying it’s a pretty great game I recommend!!✅
  • Really nice

    By ugh 😒😒😒
    This game is awesome to play when you get bored. It’s very entertaining and fun. The ads are not bad just, they are here and there at some point. I recommend this app if you like building and if you want to have fun. I had a great experience
  • Get this app

    By starlight2356
    You should get this because it helps u do Legos
  • Complete Failure to Load

    By Dragon arts
    This looks fun but will not download on my iPad.
  • Isabellaedger

    By OliviaE1113
  • Download right now

    By Stepherronie
    I love this game soooooooo muchhhhhhhh thank you makeing the game 5 ⭐️
  • Duplicate sets

    By EwwBugs
    I was having so much fun with this, but then the sets started to repeat. You can’t just choose which set to build with each new shelf, you have to build them in order 😒
  • Good but repetitive

    It started as great but now there are so many ads and the levels stared repeating themselves.
  • M

    By rfcdsfh
  • Lame

    By Superman2222
    Can’t create your own builds…
  • Awesome Legos

    By hlux20
    This game is so awesome you can build Legos it is really awesome and cool I just got this it looks so cool already I might not stop playing it this is cooooooool!
  • Still runs ads even after purchase

    By TheRamius
    Title says it all. Especially if you have kids that want to play, the ads are unavoidable even after the $3 “remove ads” fee. If they would remove the ads it’s not too bad.
  • My review

    By helplplplplplplplplp
    I love the app but I want to know what the minifigure packs that you buy in the shop do. I haven’t been able to figure out how to open them
  • It is a great game

    By Belanrta
    Thank you
  • Ads

    By tebstan
    An ad within the first 30 seconds. Nope.
  • Construction Set

    By Stansell I love you so much
    Thank you for putting the game CONSTRUCTION SET in the App Store 🤣🤣
  • Best “LEGO” app!

    By helosixx
    Just the best
  • Loveeeee it sooo addictive

    By parentof2kidss
    This game is amazing, great, fantastic fun to play I love it and I have already gotten past a whole shelf of boxes in the first few days, and I’m sooo addicted to it. 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖💖💖I can’t wait to get started on the next shelf😜

    By GirlyGirl_Emilee
    I downloaded this game and instantly I loved it. I don’t have to go and buy legos anymore, instead I can use this app. It is so fun and addicting to play!
  • No ads? Yeah right

    By Fanman551
    The promotions said no ads but that was a flat out lie
  • Inappropriate ads

    By Highly recommend
    Just downloaded the game. The game was great but had very inappropriate ads for kids. Deleted immediately!!!
  • yuck

    By blake 2019
    The ads this game has are disgusting. A woman pulling her bikini down!? Animated, but still, this is for kids??!
  • Bru

    By mash0963
    This game has too many adds and it’s annoying because i like this game get rid of adds
  • Construction set

    By roroooooblox
    The game is so satisfying I can’t resist and probably delete all my games because I want to play this all day even if I’m grounded I still play it at night because y’all are the best so please can you make more games like this so I can download more games
  • Ads Ads Ads

    By Arob4568
    I paid to remove the stupid ads and they STILL pop up every single bag I open and even in between. I’ll be disputing my charges with the Apple store as the ads ruin the game and it basically takes your money and still bombards you with ads.
  • Es muy bueno este juego

    By ken953
    Hola hola este juego es súper bueno
  • Nice

    By pogers123409
  • Robbed me

    By jacksonhawks99
    I paid for some tokens and never got them but my money was taken out of my account. A bunch of thieves
  • One problem..

    By 7234Hello
    This is actually a really good game. I recommend to people that love to build and are bored out of their minds. But one problem I have is that whenever I finish building one piece it keeps freezing and I have to get out of the game to unfreeze it. But other then that it’s a good game✨
  • Needs fixed

    By 420Mikey420
    Have to close out of app and go back in after every lvl
  • Bugs

    By 😖😢😭🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Every time I do a pack it won’t let me open another one and a ton of adds
  • Man i love this game

    By ad fb n
    Buy it
  • Gets a bit repetitive

    I’ve been playing this game non-stop since I got it but it gets repetitive over time. I just recently got 2 of the same set in the same shelf, not only that but older sets that I built started to appear again. This is still a good game though and I do 100% recommend it, but just be aware
  • Idk

    By Aliens are cool 👽
    Its good and I like lego
  • Good game like really fun

    By ktvtvtimimiimrc. iii
    So on I’ve been playing this this is my first time and I just wish you could pick you think I’m mad at five stars like I wish you could pick your Legos but still five songs
  • More locations

    By Frankini20
    Needs more locations
  • Good game one BIG problem

    By BTLCJackBurton
    I love this game but there is one problem. I have to close out of the game to have anything load it is very annoying and just a terrible glitch. Other wise this game would have five stars.
  • It ok 🙃

    By 𝕁𝕒𝕪𝕝𝕒 𝕊𝕦𝕡𝕙𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕜
    It good but too many ads! I don’t like how every build it gives an ad
  • Grate game

    By tiny student
    This game is not hard at all you just have to tap the pices and the only reason I don’t like it is because it is so easy it gets boring
  • I love it

    By jhordan2009
    I love this game because I love it so much
  • It’s good but it keeps freezing every time an ad pops up

    By hi???????????????????????????
    4 stars
  • Trash game

    By girl hosgk
    Your game is really fun and thank you for making it
  • Love

    By Jairs gigi
    Love this game. But they have the same theme over and over. I rarely see any new ones. If they added more it would be 5 stars.
  • Not good

    By kendrasmallwood
    The game is not really good all you basically do is touch the pieces and it puts it on for you instead of you putting it on yourself
  • Best app ever!

    By Bunky1977
    This app is so good. it keeps me busy for hours and hours.I recommend buying it!
  • Construction set

    By Moniquetypical
    I like this game except for the ads. Why so many ads?? There back to back too.
  • good game, but

    By averymanlymuppet
    i love the gameplay and most of the sets are super cool, however a set that i just completed has made me rather uncomfortable. it’s the set called “indians”. firstly, you used the wrong term for native americans (as the set depicts a supposedly native woman and a cowboy) to add to it, the “native characters” are all white for some reason? i dont know why the characters arent just yellow