Construction Set - Toys Puzzle

Construction Set - Toys Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-12-13
  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 634.12 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 222


► BUILDING BLOCKS OF FUN Assemble a wide variety of brick buildings and scenes in this classic constructor game. Start as a baby builder and level your way up to increasingly complex construction sets. This relaxing and satisfying game is sure to bring you back to the imagination and fun of your childhood! Flex your creativity and exercise your brain with enjoyable construction puzzles. Writer’s block or mental block? Bust through it like a ton of bricks with this BLOCKbuster building game! ► BUILD YOUR WORLD BRICK BY BRICK Follow the simple on-screen guide to create your own brick masterpieces in the form of detailed 3D models! Find the right piece and simply tap to add it to your build. The colorful pieces and lively scenes make this building game a hoot for builders of all ages! In Construction Set, you never have to worry about losing a piece or prying bricks apart and hurting your fingers, because it’s all virtual! Get hands-on fun without the clutter or accidentally stepping on toys. Ouch! ► GAME FEATURES: • Dozens of sets and over 200 different interlocking parts. From human figures to intricate vehicles, this constructor game has it all! • With entertaining construction sets like the Statue of Liberty, a battlefield, a medieval castle, ancient Rome, and the inside of a spaceship, you’ll never get bored! Build a pizza delivery boy holding up the Tower of Pisa and dive into trending and topical sets like an election debate scene. • The clear instructions and 3D models ensure you never get stuck. Just find the part you need and plug it into place! • Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, anyone can be an architect! Plus, this game’s stunning graphics and smooth animations bring the building experience to life. • This satisfying game recreates the joy of assembling real-life construction sets, from cutting open the box and ripping open the bags to putting together the blocks and arranging the finished scenes. The optional vibration setting even replicates the “click” of real blocks snapping together! Why snap when you can just tap? • Complete a set to unlock special gold packages so you can add new elements with more difficult builds. You never know what you’re going to find inside! Whether you’re looking for a workout for your mind or yearning for a sense of nostalgia and childish wonder, block off some time to relax and then hit the bricks with this building game! Download Construction Set now and start building!



  • Please fix!!

    By raintothebow97
    You used to be able to build mini figures and then you guys took it away but it still lets me buy them with gold in the store?? Please fix
  • The Ads are not for kids

    By chartwick
    This is the 3rd game my grandson has downloaded and all the adds are very inappropriate for little kids you take a magnifying glass and search woman now come on what’s this world coming to these are games for kids really!!! Disgusting
  • Construction game

    By Geegeegirl102
    I like building games they are helpful
  • I paid 2.99 for no ads

    By Itakshi
    And guess what. I still got ads literally the next level
  • Game good game

    By Soccer fan 17
    This game is good you guys are pretty good
  • So fun

    By lololololoolllol
    I play it all day and I love playing it and it is so addicting and I love it hope you do to
  • Good

    By kartermk
    Good game for lego lovers and mega constrouct lover but way too much ads my litttle bro would love this game cause he love love loves ads but me not so much I hate ads make less ads not completely gone but less ads
  • Delainajones

    By DelainAkkkjj
  • Ads of busty women play on this game

    By TheCoveyBrewer attention to the ads in this game. One of the ads is of a busty woman unzipping her top. Although the woman is a cartoon it conveys an adult message to young children.
  • Everything is Awesome

    By BongoFlongo
    This game is one of the hearts of my iPad. It releases stress after a long day of school or work. It doesn’t make a mess, so later you don’t step on a lego! I love this app. No way I’m ever deleting it.
  • Suggestion

    By silly brains
    You should be able to create whatever you want so maybe you should like try to change the game or make an upgrade
  • Feels so real

    By the awsome upgrade
    I love this game mostly because this game is so realistic I love legos and this game is the game for me
  • I love you

    By Salaz19
    I love you
  • Amazing game

    By TomPaul84
    Keep on making more games like this I love your game❤️
  • OMG LOVE IT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    By jygnryfntxrgd nxnegdn
    This game is soo much fun! I absolutely love it 🥰 as a kid I only get lego sets on my birthday or Christmas, so this lets me do them whenever I want to. Would definitely recommend! GET THIS GAME!
  • Great fun to start

    By IronBrand
    My daughter and I really enjoyed this game at the start and then we started getting the duplicate sets. What’s worse is sometimes we get the same set twice in a row. Would like a little more challenge at times but is satisfying. Not sure when the mini figs were addd, but it is a disappointment. While the characters are cool all of mine disappear each day. No point in spending any coin or watching commercials if I can’t keep my hard earned figs.
  • I love the game!

    By Valerose.
    It’s really good cause it dosent give us a lot of ads and you very nice cause we just click on the blocks and it build for us and we don’t have to read an intrusion to how to build it’s really satisfying and cool like we don’t have to drag the blocks to build we just click on the blocks and it brings to auto building it’s really fun and simple! Keep up the work❤️☺️
  • Nothing wrong and so soothing

    By Blakewyld
    Just like legos and nothing is wrong with the game it’s awesome the lego sets are awesome and the first part is fun even the other sets I like how it shows you getting old too just how you start as a baby and I’m also a kid and this game must be for kids too even 7 year olds like me.

    By jackiebrasil202020
    Love this game so much!!!!! So fun!
  • To many glitches

    By nmvhgcfgxfj
    I like the game but if I leve the game my mini figures get deleted.
  • Nothing but ads

    By 15KC15
    By the time I had put 12 pieces together, I had to watch 2 ads and was asked to review the app. Utter nonsense. Don’t bother with this one.
  • This game

    By i_like_to_draw
    This game is really fun even tho I don’t use legos but I love this game. :) :D ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 👏👍
  • Pretty good...but I hate you

    By rapper of the b cycle
    You are good at this but the bathroom one is not appropriate I was on max level but you idiots made it to where all 3 of my bonus sets completed where on 0% now and also now I’m on newbie level since I completed freaking baby level!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Good game

    By jmp2207
    Good game but it doesn’t save my mini figurines I’ve collected.
  • Biggest

    By $;74):8483!38:
  • Hi

    By ♨️🔞❕❕❔
    It’s so fun
  • Very Buggy

    By Jordan_CG
    I lose all of my mini figures every time I restart, sets won’t clear from the build area and I’ll end up building multiple sets intersecting within each other in the build area, sometimes gold keys won’t trigger the chest collection, and there doesn’t seem to be any sound or music except for the countless ads. Very disappointing, because the core building gameplay is pretty satisfying.
  • Minifigures Won’t Save

    By Timthefatman
    I love the addition of minifigures butttt I’ve spent a ton of coins on them just to have them disappear?
  • It’s a good game

    By ~evlin~
    The only times I get legos were on Christmas but now I have infinite legos. Sometimes on Christmas I don’t even get legos so this app really helps me and also gives ideas of what to build with the legos you have in real life! You can buy the same set in real life too and you will automatically know how to build it because of this game. I’m excited to see the update I give it 5 because it’s awesome and nice but still a few things need to work on so I’m hoping the update will fix that, other then that it’s a really good game and yeah I give this review to show support to this game and all other games some I give bad reviews tho (only once) but this I’ve never seen it or even imagine giving a bad review.
  • missing mini figure

    By Themarvelmaniac90
    when i go to look at my mini figure collection the skeleton with the guitar and sombrero is missing, i can click on his place and spin the camera around but he does not show up please fix this bug
  • Not for Kids

    By Teach12413
    There are top halves of girl characters with the no clothes on and a black bar labeled censored across the chest. Completely not an appropriate game for kids like we had thought.
  • No ads please!

    By Fireball1ak
    I want you guys to get ads out of the game please!
  • Best game(one suggestion)

    By Cassandrarainbowgirl
    Ok, this game is the best building game ever! Since I like to build. But, I have one suggestion for you, maybe not so many ads because right after I finish building something it goes to an ad. Like seriously maybe not so many ads!
  • Frat but with problems

    By gcmc123
    I play a lot with lego and I love this game but the new mini figure disappeared after I start a level or leave the game I still play it but it’s just like the figures are ghost
  • Gsmh fs t I fs s do

    By ffsbn
  • Adds

    By jsnjsjdmjfjjfk
    Just turn your WiFi off while u play this game and it’s perfect
  • Cool game

    By ftddtg,kucfgdtuifztdtfz hfgfh
    You did a great job with this game!
  • Please read ; pretty good 😌

    By CCR😍
    It is actually sort of addictive ,their aren’t many ads, but sometimes when I’m in the middle of building in the game sometimes ads come into a lot of things where I sort of want to get ads when there’s a new packet that I can unlock I sort of have to require to unlock if I want to build that new thing but it’s still good it’s not that bad and unlike a lot of other games the actual exactly what you get to do when you get that game and I just got this game may be a few 15 minutes ago and I already love it and there are a lot of different construction things that you can build .
  • Never played this game

    By mhncn
    So this cot my eyes and I’m seeing so many views that I really don’t like so I hope this game is very good and if you know what this game is like then tell me and one of the reviews thank you very much 💕💕and I don’t know why I put this 5 star review Because I never played this game 😑
  • Dear lego

    By amanda portillo
    I love your app but it doesn’t work for me and my friends are not working with me yet so please let me know when you made a new game please please let me know.💋💋👙👙🌺🌸🌼🌻🌼🌸🌺🌻🌷🌹🌷🌹🍑🍑
  • want to love it

    By tcz97
    Its so cute and fun to play as an avid lego fan but the ads are killing the joy. I PAID TO REMOVE ADS and they still pop up. I try to restore purchases and that does nothing. scam and a shame.
  • Ok

    By yeet till u oof
  • Maddy

    By $$$ Maddy
    This game is cool and fun when you are stuck at home
  • This app is great

    By Plk,.
    I love the app and u get your own logos
  • Too many ads

    By Cbr600rrTC
    Awesome concept but ads are too long and too frequent to enjoy the gane
  • It's okay

    By Nioma Paige Maller
    I like the game a lot but once you hit the max level and starting to build the same sets again it freeze and it won't unfreeze. The only way I can get the game working again is if I delete the app completely and re download it and start all over again but them it does it again
  • Newest update and still doesn’t work

    By Scrolls92
    Just updated the game and still can’t play.

    By addykns
  • Frozen level

    By fker k
    Not sure what’s going on with this level/project! Please help ASAP!