Hair Dye!

Hair Dye!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-01-16
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 182.86 MB
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12 or later.
  • Rating Count: 51 403


You are the owner of your own Hair Salon! Customers are flooding in. Give them the best experience. - Dye hair with different colours. Unleash your creativity! - Give different hair cuts and styles. - No hair salon experience is complete without a nice wash. Shampoo, condition and provide great service. - Straighten, curl and even blow-dry. Play now! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:



  • Nice

    By nikkiwerner
    I love this game I am so much better with this game
  • Good game

    By @##&=/*
    So I like the game but so much adds
  • Hair game

    By Madeline McWilliams
    This is my dream job
  • Can’t finish a cut!

    By Tneriece
    This game hits you with an ad before you can even rinse their hair. Not worth it.
  • Fun

    By mocha_panda
    It’s a great game and it’s fun too!
  • Ads and bugs

    By faith ann bentonn
    There are so many ads and bugs!!!!
  • Good game but

    By NylahGaines
    It’s a good game but when I try to get on the app to play it. it turns my screen black on my iPad
  • Too many adds.

    By mellasay
    I play a round. Ad. Play one more. Ad.. No thank you.
  • Can’t play!

    By puzily puzel
    I am giving this game a 2 star rate I am at the loading screen where I pick a colour. But after that. The game will not load. I am sure that this is a great game with all the reviews I read. But I am not able to play. I don’t know why I can’t play but maybe my phone will not work for this app. I do have an older version of the apple phones so that is probably why. Maybe I can play on a different phone or iPad.
  • Horrible game

    By gbunkml,hv,dc
    All we can see is pitch black it don’t do what the video showed it is the complete opposite
  • Best game ever

    By hchcfydydhdfufucjuchccjjc
    Oh I love that game
  • I don’t suggest getting this game

    By gaygirl647
    It had ads every second. And it’s not as fun as it seems
  • Just old boring

    By tkdrkhucfkgtkdekdrgtpd4o
    All you do is press on your iPad, not fun at all maybe just a little satisfying so 3 stars
  • Hi

    By cortlyn03
    Hihihihihihihihjhihihihihihihohihihihjihhhgvvhhcdxyhlhfhigcnktxbjkiywewewerwqwe. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • Love game

    By sudiethecutie girl
    Good game
  • Worst game ever.

    By Chilln Jilln
    I hate this the screens all black and weird so if you think to get this game think again.
  • Hair diy

    By Boost boomer
    It looks good but let me do my own thing and you don’t choose anything else
  • I love it cuz it’s makes me calm ❤️

    By Torres Famliy love
    Eva Torres Guillen
  • I love it

    By charlottehopeannpratt
    It is. So cool I love it 5 star
  • Worst game everrrr

    By Asher with a
    This game has a bunch of addds every time u complete a task a add comes up and it’s very annoying because all I’m trying to do is my clients hair 😾
  • Please read

    By fiona 😛
    I like this game but there are a bunch of afs.
  • Mail

    Because I want to do hair when I’m older
  • Complain

    By addyef
    This is the worst game I mean you do almost nothing and the styles are horrible. I am deleting the game as we speak. Never agin!!!!😡
  • Ok

    By snickersare amazing
    Love it!but there is a lot of bugs.
  • It’s fun but needs some work

    By makover paloza
    I have not had the game that long and I have gotten bored of it very quickly there is way to many ads. I also feel like I’m not really doing and kind of work in the game it does it all for you. But I mean good game but plz fix some of these things.
  • Pretty good🥰

    By CocosBobcat
    First of all this game is awesome, even though I just started. It’s satisfying, relaxing, and I love this game so much. I didn’t have much to say but hopefully u all like it as well.
  • Awful

    By Bunny girl 🐰❤️💜💋💋🐇
    This game was the worst thing ever it was just a black screen. Would never download 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡worst ever
  • Might be fun….

    By Tap-zoo adddicccttt!!!
    This game might be fun if you actually got to play it! There’s TOO MANY ADS! I understand that the creators need to make money, but when you have to spend more time watching ads than playing the game…. Are you even playing?
  • to many ads

    By skate&surfgurl234
    i am not one to complain. i saw this game on another game i was playing and i tried it out. but there are a ridiculously amount of ads. after everything you do there is a ad. it gets really annoying.
  • Veary bad

    By the wourst
    When I first got the game it was all black and it made me do these swipes. So I thought that was just it loading but no. Then it made me do more swipes. So I deleted the game and then got the game agen but it made me do the same thing.
  • To many ads

    By kaiiiiiiiiii lol
    It’s a good game but the ads come in the middle of when I doing something :/
  • 😡😠😡

    By Aru🐝 🐣
    It is not even the same idea as it is I the ad you can’t do anything you want it to do you can only do what the game wants you to do
  • Horrible

    By Care Bear Unfair
    whenever i go into the game, the screen is black and i can’t see anything. also the Ads are horrible as well. there are so many it’s just absurd. i would love the game but it doesn’t work please fix this
  • SO MANY ADS 😡😡😡

    By 💕Lilaa💕
    The game is pretty good EXCEPT FOR THE ADS!!! If you don’t like ads don’t download this app!
  • Too many adds

    By hdjdkslapwkendoxkw
    It’s fun to play but goodness all the adds. Literally every 5 seconds your stuck in a add.
  • don’t bother downloading

    By vriskins
    it’s fine for the first time you play but there’s a lot of ads and it’s always crashing every time you open the app so you can’t even play
  • hi

    By hrj fbxhrjfjhhdxi
    do NOT download it has 5 stars for a reason
  • The game

    By Xxbumbee221
    This game is not the best it needs more option and get past
  • Fun game

    By 1390875
    This is a fun game but I don’t love all the adds
  • Pretty good game

    By tfvrxtfvygbgyvtfctr
    Hi! This game is pretty good, but with a few flaws. The first is that you don’t get to do that much like when u put the hair dye on it practically does it for you, which is a little annoying. Second, you don’t get many colors to choose from until you play the game a lot, and I mean i love games that have a challenge but for a little while it can be boring. Lastly, there is a lot of ads, however all you really have to do is turn the wifi off, I turned it off and then there are no ads, but if you leave wifi on there are so many ads, like there are ads in the middle of hair designing. But it is pretty fun to do, and it look really pretty. Also I have a suggestion to the developers: When putting the accessories on, it shows some of them a different color then they actually are, and then that messes me up. Maybe make them look the same color as they are on the display thing? Thank you!
  • Hair dye

    By faley12
    Hair dye is so fun it reminds me when I died my hair and cut my hair but I’m never doing that again it’s so fun and it turns out real I hope you all have fun playing!
  • Awesome

    By shmattey
    My kids love this game they spent 3 hours on it yesterday they showed me all of the hair deuce and I loved all of them And all of the imagination we so cool
  • It’s fun but……

    By ken23344
    I saw this game and I thought it would be fun, and it is but when I’m doing the peoples hair the screen goes black and there’s nothing I can do about. It might just be a me problem but there’s nothing I can do to fix it
  • Bad game

    By Yuss >:3
    I’m not a fan of this game cause it’s way to messed up like the girl slightly moves in the picture like wth 🤦‍♀️ and the game like when I’m half done washing hair it vanishes in thin air idk if y’all should fix this cus it stooped safe
  • Boring

    By regular Riley
    OK basically it just wants to give you stuff and it does all the stuff for you it’s not really a game just watching someone else do it
  • 👎👎👎👍👍👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    By msimm&kskksks,$cmi kxk🦸‍♀️
    It’s a fun game but it has so much adds Ann add after every thing you do this is short so over all it’s so fun!
  • You can like

    By cool cool with that
    You can pain it’s OK pick a hairstyle and everything like that then wash it
  • 5 stars for SHURE

    By among us luna
    only ther could be a little less adds but other than that it keeps me VERY entertained but again the adds no thank you
  • This is the best game I had ever play (not really)

    By stupidest idiot ever
    Too many ads if you do anything you get to watch a stupid ad 😭👁👄👁 and if you downloaded this game you a idiot just like me👍 Tada you got a review