Airport Life 3D

Airport Life 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-14
  • Current Version: 1.0.27
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 415.42 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 25 836


► Airport Life 3D – Like Flying in Your Dreams Don’t you miss air travel? Standing in line to check your bag, waiting for the ominous ping at the security gate, chatting with complete strangers as you share your sorrows over delayed flights, hunting for bargains in duty-free, keeping frantic tabs on your passport and tickets, rushing to get to your gate before boarding closes. Tired of jotting vacation plans on a piece of paper? Grab your device, fasten your seat belt, stow your tray, and make sure your seat is in the upright position because Airport Life 3D is a colorful airport simulator that brings you the full experience of international air travel in the form of a riotously entertaining mobile game. Ready for takeoff? It’s time for a travel adventure like no other… ► Did you pack this bag yourself? · See airport life from all sides and in all its varied richness as you perform simulator tasks in the roles of check-in staff, passenger, security guard, baggage handler, border control and cabin crew. · Huge variety of game mechanics and airport situations: match pairs, sort passengers, pack bags, fill buses, grab shopping items, collect stars, spot the difference, stamp travel papers, and so much more. · Evocative soundtrack of Euro beats and Latin rhythms to bring back your very best vacation memories. · Dozens of different passengers to cater to in the game, each with their own special requirements, funny quirks, and often astonishing luggage items. · Colorful and crazy characters add spice to your air travel experience—what meal do you serve a ninja? What luggage does a guardsman carry? Do pharaohs prefer window or aisle seats? Are you going to let that young punk into your country? What shouldn’t that tycoon be carrying in his luggage? Who does this kangaroo belong to? You’ll have to make the right decision. · Bright, fun cartoon graphics and amusing scenarios that recall the best—and worst—aspects of traveling by plane. · Entertaining in-game chat where you choose the texts passengers will send, and then get to see the consequences of your choices in the character’s life. Have you just ruined that girl’s relationship with the love of her life? ► Don’t be late for your flight Get to the airport in good time to enjoy hours of humorous simulator fun and see air travel in a brand new light. Whether you’re a young kid who’s never flown before or a tycoon with your own private jet on standby, Airport Life 3D is a game that brings the thrill of international travel to life right on your mobile device and lets you enjoy the full airport experience in the comfort and security of your own home.  Download this entertaining and original airport simulator now. Just make sure to pack your passport…



  • 👌👌❤️

    By xbshdhddjd
    I love it and I am not liying
  • A bad game

    By aminah abdo
    I mean this game is good and all bus sometimes it’s just so frustrating and bad especially when it comes to the taping sliding and spraying sometimes i absolutely hate this game but i only keep it because my 7 9 12 14 12 12 12 12 9 &5 year old friends like it so this is my explanation and i hope you can make some major changes also for when the game takes forever to lode and when the screen randomly freezes when i have awesome internet and these changes better be before January or I’m deleting this horrible game.😡
  • This is the my first time playing this but I love it

    By 1234lilliana1234
    I love this game so much You need to check out this game It is so much fun
  • It’s…ok

    By cookies&milk54321
    Well, first of all it ALWAYS gives you ads and most of the time there either thirty seconds or not working. Then the same levels repeat over and over and they just need to make new ones! But it’s fun.
  • It ok

    By 6678gidg
    Well first when another character pops up it automatically gives it to me when I want other characters back,there are a little to much adds and when I give passengers their airport food the get made at me for giving them what the asked for? Overall this game is ok for me not to uninstall it.
  • ❤️🤬

    By haper larper
    I’m going to have a little more money for you and your family to get together and then fix this stupid game because it’s not a good game because you don’t care at all!
  • I love it

    By James328*
    I really love it So much
  • Horrible

    By Check it daily
    There are WAY too many adds and when it says you can get a gift if you each a add, if you click no, you watch a add anyway!😡 it’s soo anoying!
  • Please note

    By Luckyumbreon97
    Hello! I really like this game, it’s very fun. I do have a minor issue though. Every customer/person/stage it has the same mini games and it gets boring and not exciting. If you could add some new mini games, That would be great! Thank you for reading!
  • Thx

    By jayceemaecoil
  • Played Before

    By Jathish Nandhilath
    I have played this game before in another phone this is my brother phone and from that phone I deleted this game and my favorite game was this so in ads I saw this game and I liked to download it then I download it thank you so much for your game Airport Life 3D.
  • good game but way too many ads

    By SmxrtBxtton
    This game is amazing and really fun, but it has way too many ads. If I could find a no ad pass, I would definitely play more often.

    By Sprinkleseats watarmelon
    This game it’s so racist and trash
  • Good

    By Kbisu
  • 4 stars

    By Addison NW
    4 star because there are too many adds!
  • Thanks for the game

    By glittercookieyum
    I would say for the start three stars but at the end I bet it’s going to get better
  • I’m happy

    By TW1023
    I’m happy about the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great!!!

    By lumberjaxksgjjd
    I love this game! There is like no ads and its fun good job for whoever made this game!!
  • This is so fun

    By unicorn_girlthebest
    This is the best game there ever is
  • cannot download

    By Avery 🌈🦋🌸
    it won’t let me downloading
  • TERRIBLE but…

    By nunya666890
    Ok so this game is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE but I like the game itself One reason I hate it is because there is a level on it where you have to put a cat in to a trash can and i know it’s just a game but it made me feel bad because I’m a BIG cat fan. Thank you for reading and creator please give me feedback and fix this terrible level I really don’t like it and I bet other people won’t either. Thanks!😊

    By bunnyloverxx
    First off, when I was packing my stuff I see a humans head with blood on it!! Second there’s a bunch of bugs in the game
  • Aubrurrito56

    By Amerijuana30
    I honestly can’t stop playing because but some things are sort of Inappropriate. I give this 3 stars because I kinda like it but no- like no- 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 sometimes I think it’s a 4-5 star but it’s like 1-2-3 some people think there is like no problem with this app but I HAVE A PROBLEM HERE PERIOD. Alr that’s all I can say so adios
  • Airport life 3D

    By nicknkay1
  • 3d

    By lmebk
  • So cool

    By not to exciting app
    I love this game because I can experience how it’s like to work on a airplane
  • Kinda good

    By Roblox girl funn
    I started playing August 2 2021
  • Glitches

    By hypermop
    There are so many glitches. Sometimes it goes back to the home screen when I am in the middle of a level. It is so hard to control. It would be great if you could fix the glitches. It is super fun when it does work.
  • Love it

    By raeganpretty
    I love this game so so much

    It very fun
  • The best game

    By hfhdjdhdj
    It’s so much fun and I love it I can’t stop playing it!!!!!!!!
  • This game is not cool

    By nuhuhgvvcxdr
    I’am on level 11 and cannot pass it
  • My review

    By coolcolor101
    I have this game a 3 because you can’t choose the character you use
  • I love this game

    By hichhfdrgg
    Hi I love this game
  • @@

    By 🤪🤨😋
    I like this game it is fun and relaxing
  • Areport

    By dfggdfggdxc
    So good for
  • Too many adds

    By it literally won't download
    Whenever I’m done with a level add add add
  • Airport life 3D

    By kingvon2332
    This game is fun plus u can do grills put away the luggage and i just got this game a couple of hours ago so have a great day bye.
  • I’d say good so fun

    By liajustcool
    It is fun a lot ads but I don’t mind I’d give it a 5 stars it’s good 😃also I like it it’s fun 🤩 play it it will be good I’m in level 30 something 😯it’s ok fun amazing barely can’t stop playing 😅I’m already so close to be in a big level it’s fine😋nice and good
  • Ok but

    By (((((((())))))))65
    I like the game its just that in the one where you check if people are trying to sneak things on board its make me uncomfortable when the officer beats them and looking at them in their underwear and bras i would give it a 5 if you changed it thanks 😁
  • Title

    By charle damelo
    This game is actually good
  • Ads

    By pink cheese green gose
    Because it has to much ads and I have anger issues so I just throw my 3ds 😡😡😡👹👹
  • Problem

    By cffhhjdsr
  • The best

    By lily lily lily c
    It’s really fun and it cool to see the new people and it’s really cool to pack there stuff and it teaches you what you should and shouldn’t pack to go on a plane and it really fun 👍
  • Game

    By sacage_11
    It don’t even work😐
  • This game is the worst and I’m not kidding

    By M.A.C.K.E.N.Z.I.E....
    I purchased a five star so y’all could see it. It just repeats everything all over again.
  • To cool cat meow

    By mackenzie and maddison
    First of all let me just say I love this game and that cool cat is just being weird because I passed level two without ads
  • Review

    By princess farts
    This game is racist and has an ad after everything
  • I like it jut there is one problem...

    By jojobanana1018
    I love it is so fun and satisfying just the problem is.......there needs to be more cool things you can do like coloring the briefcases not the tag btw and more stuff to if you did that would really make my day😌