Truist Mobile

Truist Mobile

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2021-04-27
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 206.72 MB
  • Developer: Truist Financial Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 489


Looking for a better banking experience? You found it. Feel more in control of your finances and plan with confidence—everywhere you go. Take care of everyday banking, plus enjoy innovative features and smarter technology so you can achieve more. What’s better? Features that put you first and push you forward. Accounts & cards * View account details and transactions. * Set alerts preferences. * View statements. * Order checks and supplies. * Manage overdraft options. * Lock and unlock your cards. * Set spending limits and locations. Transfer & pay * Transfer between Truist accounts or external accounts. * Send and request money with Zelle®. Sign in & security * Enable Face or Touch ID for quick access. * Change your user ID and password. * See sign in history and remembered devices. Mobile deposits * Deposit checks. * View deposit history. Planning & insights * Get insights on spending, trends, cash flow, and unusual activity. * Link external accounts. * Set and track spending budgets. * Compare spending habits. * Monitor savings goals. Rewards & deals * Earn cash back with your credit or debit card. * View and redeem credit card rewards. Help & support * Call Truist support. * Find a branch, ATM, or bank service. * View help & FAQs. * Schedule an appointment. * Access your Truist inbox. Additional features * Add quick links for frequently used tasks. * Show, hide, and reorder accounts. * Browse and apply for other Truist accounts. * Upload receipts and attach to transactions. * Customized investment portfolio experience



  • Can’t log on

    By nina elizabeth tate
    This app is bull I can log on to BB&T. Then this app comes up and it goes in circles. If can’t log on easy. I am gonna close my account and move to first bank and trust. It’s bull ####.
  • Give me back Suntrust app

    By prettyyyguf
    Would give less than one star if I could.
  • Not impressed

    By itsucks2021
    I’m all for change, but this app looks cheap and unorganized! Super disappointed that they felt they needed to change the app! Go back to the SunTrust app please!!! It looks professional clean and neatly keep. Or don’t and I’ll bank somewhere else that doesn’t cheap out there new product!
  • Not a fan of this app

    By QAMgr
    Usability is not good Too much purple Developers must have designed this app
  • Visual Nightmare

    By mcbrownsfan
    This app is a visual nightmare and was designed incredibly poorly. The Suntrust App looked great and was so easy to use. As a user, logging onto this app and trying to use it is unpleasant at best from the screen layout to the obnoxious all purple background to missing features, this app feels incredibly rushed. Likely some development team promised senior leadership they would develop the app by some specific date and fell behind, and this is the minimum viable product we are left with. Will give them a month and then switch to USAA banking if they can’t make significant improvements.
  • So disappointed 😢

    By Khjahshd
    It’s was very slow and i can not even open to check my account. Its pause for many seconds then kick me out the Truist app🥵🥵🥵🥵 It’s Slow and inconvenient than the old app. I wish i can get back with the old one☹️☹️😞
  • Credit score

    By djranalli
    I use to be able to see my credit Score. Not happy that it’s gone or I can’t find it
  • Trash bank

    By BB&T failure
    Leaving soon, so should you
  • Why Suntrust Why??

    By alex x 22
    The Suntrust app, which is and has been excellent, now forced me onto this absolute piece of garbage app. I’m not prone to reviewing apps, and when I do, am not prone to hyperbole. So when I tell you this app looks like the beta version of an amateur app designer’s work for a credit union in a tiny town in Saskatoon, I’m not exaggerating. Aesthetically horrible, and functionally hopeless as well. I absolutely cannot figure out how to do something as basic as make a credit card payment! And this thing is so wonky and buggy looking I have no faith in its security either. I guess it’s back to the website for basic online banking like 2008, and I hope this isn’t a harbinger of what Truist is about, because this is a terrible first impression.
  • Deposit

    By alabamatinroof
    It keeps saying amount not matched when trying to deposit checks
  • Truist

    By JMark3
    This is CRAP. I'm going find a new bank because I can't figure is out. Complicated !

    By Shelnug
    This app blows. I miss the SunTrust app. I made a mobile deposit and it’s not registering it. I NEVER had an issue with SunTrust mobile deposits. The app used to be so easy. Why did you have to change it?! I am so angry right now. As someone who doesn’t handle change well to begin with, this is awful. I am almost in tears I am so frustrated. VERY unhappy.
  • Password Won’t Save

    By Zen2864815384926184737
    I already read the bad reviews and was expecting a bad app. The biggest issue for me is that it will not auto save my password. Why is this not a feature? I should be able to access my accounts quickly. Please fix this. This is a banking app that should be fast and efficient.
  • Account

    By O70113
    I wonder why you have such a NON-FUNCTIONAL app that does not equal the PRIOR APP? Who hired you??? The Suntrust App worked GREAT. This app doesn’t have Face Recognition, I have to sign up again, to even get to try Suntrust accounts. I WILL SWITCH MY BANK and move my “ several “ accounts somewhere else. IF ITS NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!!!
  • Unhappy

    By some change not good
    I really miss my BB&T.. it was very user friendly. This seems to be all over the place. I really am not happy with the change to truist...I don’t think they are biblical sound.
  • Horrible colors

    By A11smiles
    I enjoyed the pleasant white, orange, and blue of Suntrust. Even the maroon-ish color of BB&T wasn’t bad. But the purple interface is absolutely horrible. The greens and reds of credits and debits are hard on the eyes. UI designers beware…this is NOT a design you want to imitate.
  • Dissatisfied customer

    By bill and patsy
    I just tried to log in for the first time…doesn’t recognize account number, ss numbers, nothing to let me set up my account under Truist. I never had a single problem with SunTrust in over 20 years!! Now, I have never even gotten a chance to set it up! And I cannot check my SunTrust account at all! The number I was given for customer service won’t be available until October 11th, a month away! I will be at local bank first thing tomorrow…going to Ameris!!!
  • Give me my BB&T app back

    By zacfoo
    Why they didn’t just rebrand the BBT U app purple for Truist? This app is sadly lacking the polish and good experience we got with the BBT app. Please bring it back or incorporate the old one into the new one.
  • Cannot get into my account.

    By error try again please
    Completely fine with the banks merging, but now I cannot access my account. It wants me to go through suntrust to access my account, and vise versa but I can’t get to my suntrust because it sends me straight to truist. So I was making another account, and it will not let me. Not happy at all with any of this.
  • Review

    By jayfidd
    Great app
  • Worthless App

    By realdissatisfied
    Been watching the little app download circle spin for 20 minutes. Guess I’ll be on the phone half of tomorrow getting this fixed Why out this new app out till you have got it working properly
  • I thought BBT went bad

    By Bob Huffman
    While BBT got worse this is awful. Looking to move my businesses & personal accounts elsewhere.
  • Really bad app

    By paola-uriarte2
    This app it’s the worst banking banks, SunTrust bank app it was 200 times better, I can make transaction , the app always is freeze, the letters are in bad position one on top of other
  • Horrible Transition

    By MyReviewz
    The new app will not recognize my account information. The “send verification code” option doesn’t work when you attempt to click it and when you call the dedicated number it says “call back within business hours”. This is unacceptable. People need to have access to their bank accounts, make transfers, deposits etc. 24 hours a day. Not just during banking hours. This app is trash and I hope it gets deleted from the App Store!
  • So weird & tacky.

    By Concerned customer 98
    It looks like child play. It puts me off while I’m on online banking. What happened to our Well arranged SUNTRUST online banking. Please kindly go back to the former system/pattern of online banking. Everything is so scattered & confused. The color purple/black is so awful.
  • Horrible

    By bad app L L L
    Give me bbnt back
  • Zelle doesn’t recognize Truist and Mobile Deposit is in ‘Service Error’ always.

    By fun tracey
    I opened an account recently and instead of being able to use the BB&T app, I was forced to go directly to the Truist app. So far, I was unable to use Zelle because it will automatically open the BB&T app (which I don’t have) and doesn’t even recognize Truist in the list of banks. Not a great start. Next, I tried to use mobile deposit but receive an automatic ‘Service Error’ each time. Not even an option to try to use the camera for deposit. Does it not work yet? As a side note, I tried to deposit cash into the ATM yesterday and it couldn’t read it. IT COULDN’T READ CASH. Is the same programmer in charge of all of this, because you need to revisit that idea. So far this app (and ‘merger’) is a bust and I’m really rethinking doing business with Truist. In my opinion, none of the technical aspect of this move should have gone live until at least half of these kinks were worked out. Not a good foot to start off on and definitely not a good look.
  • Needs some work

    By smileykeib46
    The BB&T app was much easier and more accessible to maneuver. I also feel we lost certain things like the quick view balance that was really bonus. I don’t feel this new app is an improvement.
  • Time to change banks

    By Kimbo ice
    Well it looks like it’s time to start looking for a new bank with a better mobile app! Sorry BB&T you guys chose to sell out to a company that doesn’t care about their customers!
  • I’m done with BB&T, this app is terrible

    By Scubasteve7
    The BB&T app was so much better. This takes 10 times longer to do everything—no exaggeration. I have to click 3 steps to see which card is which because nicknames don’t show up. Depositing a check took 3 attempts, which never happened before. I do all banking on mobile, so all of this is a major problem. I hate everything about it, if it’s still like this in a month I’m taking all of my accounts out of BB&T. Update: I’ve learned this app and it’s still worse than online banking 20 years ago.
  • Horrible Design, Terrible App

    By gatorsfan93
    This is the worst app I have ever used for banking. Its design is so plain and you have a terrible time finding anything on here. I still can’t find some features that the app claims it has (and I am not a senior citizen lol). And, even if I sign out of the app about ten minutes later I get a notification saying my session is about to expire, which makes me wonder how the app can still be signed in… This is a terrible app and I wish my bank had never switched to Truist. I hate this app. It needs a total redesign and the bugs need fixed immediately.
  • Bad app

    By fugup
    Put me in an update loop.
  • Absolutely terrible

    By wiseboye
    Forced to use this from suntrust. Besides it not working 75% of the time, every small detail about is aggravating, and many useful features from sun trust are gone. Even the useful “amount remaining” number that showed next to every purchase/transaction is gone, and it’s even harder to keep track of what purchases r affecting ur checking account the most. Very displeasing layout, colors, functionality, and most of all, upset that something that wasn’t broken (suntrust app) was replaced by something that actually was just significantly worse.
  • Nope

    By justingirusjxi
    Hard to do anything on this, shoulda hired your old team of devs and not the same company that got paid millions to think of the name “truist”
  • Alright but not bb&t app

    By the unknown xbox user.
    Needs the options to see your credit score, see your banker, in depth money flow, just overall needs to be more like bb&t.
  • Update

    By skipa_
    Can you guys just update the app pls? Whens the next update?

    By beeperpa
    Don’t like at all I used my BB&T’s quick view 2 times a day hate having to login to keep track on my balance very seriously thinking of changing bank
  • worst for mobile deposit

    By danistoner
    I miss myBB&T so much never ever had an issue with mobile deposits, but if the number amount isn’t CLEARLY written, this stupid app will tell you you don’t have the correct amount. Even if the number amount is spelled out clearly it’ll still say the amount isn’t correct 🙄 and ugly, eyesore interface. I’ve signed into this app so many times and it’s still giving me all those dumb first time use pop ups. Clunky and slow.
  • Serious Downgrade

    By seriouslyenteranickname
    This app is trash. It’s so monotone and hard to read/navigate. Introduce some contrasting colors? Also it took me so many times before it accepted my mobile deposits. Garbage app and I hate it.
  • RDLewis

    By Robert D Lewis
    Everything is all good! Very Happy!
  • Horrible transaction history

    By W2864
    I can only see all of my transaction history for the current month from the mobile app. Once the month ends, it just gives sporadic transactions through history. It may have a few days in a row and then skip an entire month.
  • Can’t See Payment History

    By mlutt1
    I don’t see the payment history for each of the places I have payments sent like I did in my BB&T app. Am I missing something?
  • I can’t make an account

    By SpeedWalker1908
    Haven’t been able to see my balance in a while lol
  • User experience is everything

    By LQLE0106
    Coming from the SunTrust app, this is a complete downgrade. Everything from the UI to the color themes is clumsy. The dark purple background is too distracting to the eyes. At least make the background white and you can keep the rest purple or give us an option to have a light/dark theme. I’m going to give the developers the benefit of the doubt for these issues as they are told to code it to these specifications. They need a new product owner who understand the UI from a user perspective.
  • why did suntrust switch??

    By ughcats
    the suntrust app worked fine, and i can’t even login to truist via my suntrust account. plus, there’s no way that i can find to deposit online? an absolute joke.
  • Functional and Distinctive

    By DrAndyLaB
    The new iPhone app is well organized, functional, and efficient. I like the very contemporary design. I am able to do everything pertaining to mobile deposits, account transfers, paying bills, and monitoring balances. Contrary to what another reviewer said, I find the FaceID and the Enable Deals work flawlessly. This mobile is easily as good as the BoA mobile app.
  • Can’t even log in

    By Ryanhahahahfjfjcjajbfjx
    The screen won’t even pull up in full screen to log in so I can’t even get on the app period. Absolutely horrible
  • No Widgets, Bad Experience

    By PhlowJaxx
    Read the title 🙄
  • Crap

    By hiddwntears
    This app is not working right and I need to see my account and only put a star cause I had to I give it a zero