Run of Life

Run of Life

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-03-13
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 270.26 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 41 378


Experience a lifetime with every run! Collect items that make you younger and avoid the obstacles that make you grow older! Be careful not to get too old or it will be game over, literally!



  • I don’t now if I like it

    By mrs.Akinson (but a kid)
    So when I die there is a add I hate it sooo much so change it pls I hate so pls read this because I do not like that and my mom cannot buy stuff that has the price tag so
  • E

    By 🦶🖕👣👃🏼👂🦵🦻👣
    Bad gAme
  • Good game!🤪

    By swavecita69
  • Clickbaited

    By shaun koontz
    It wasn’t even like it was advertised, unsatisfied.
  • So

    By jelly 🍔🥨
    This game is pretty fun but THERES TO MANY ADS I just rated this 5 stars only so people can see this so yes there is many ads and also when it tries to give you a new character and you press no it keeps showing UP please fix this
  • Meh

    By usernamenonobody
    The game used to be okay till they updated it so you literally can’t win and it’s also false advertising..

    By Lemonchips25
    Ok so I saw this on a add so I am say to my mom “hey can I get it?” and I played it for awhile and then it got soooooooo BORING! WASTED MY TIME!! Oh and you know why they put sooooo much adds? TO GET MORE MONEY!$$ It look so fun but it is so boring I do not recommend it! So Yeah! So… peace out!✌🏽🕊
  • Gdhhehrhhejehej

    By iuduryrhruru

    By kkkaattttt
    what this This is a Ugly Game
  • Read

    By harryandpiggy
    Ok this was a fun game since I downloaded it but now I’m board of it and it’s not fun anymore and it’s boring and not fun and way to many ads. Ugh i give this game a bad rating.
  • trash

    By vexi🙂
  • Ads

    By kingdaddy davo
    There are way too many ads in this game
  • I want a non-binary person!

    By kittygirl10000
    One of the problems is they don’t have non binary people. Second,I think couples would be a good addition. Thank you.
  • I love it

    By Thepromised
    This game is so cool! Much more cooler than my tv
  • Good but 1 problem😕

    By Bella B❤️
    So I want to download a game I think back and say “well I remember not being able to find a fun kind of game” so then I see this ad .I like it! So I come to download it, I play it, and it’s fun. problematic part: I play I NEVER get to the heaven and on the spinning weal I ALWAYS get the scull 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Too many ads to play.

    By ThorOdinsSonOfAsgard
    Can’t even finish a level without watching an ad.
  • Why so many mean reviews?

    By Snowflake0842
    My mom said she would not get the game unless I deleted a app. So heartbreaking 💔 but I do not care because nice needs to be everywhere Even in heaven! So yeah why don’t you cool down your life. Thank you everyone!! And make sure to stay safe from the virus 🦠!
  • Lol

    By Contortionist25
    Cool game love it it’s really hard to get to get onto the bench but it’s really fun and I think all you guys out there can’t do it love y’all.
  • Great🤩🤩🤩but…

    By uhcychyhurrfhnfvrenyfrhy eny
    This game is awesome and if your stupid you would take this game wrong the point of the game is to choose witch in you think would make you younger, it’s really fun I can’t get over it and IM NOT LYING it’s annoying when people say that oh if others say it’s great then there lying we are not lying just saying because it’s really really rude. Now there’s a lot of adds but you can skip some so it’s not that bad but is annoying tho. Over all I think it’s GREAT 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩
  • I love running and life

    By randizzo
    Love to run and it’s very very nice
  • Pls read!!☺️

    By Maggpie500
    Okay so this game is great but hear me out. I loved this game at first but after a while, I just got kind of boring. The levels never repeated it self so that’s a plus. Also, you can change the age instead of it just being stuck at 80 years old. (I put mine a 96 years old) My suggestions are, you can pick the clothes the person is wearing. Also, pls add some black people. I played many round of the game and there was not one black person. We’re not all white hear. Anyway! I deleted the game because I wasn’t playing it any more cause it got boring!😕 I still think you should download it to see what it’s like!!!!!😊
  • BORING, BORING, BORING!!!!!!!!!!

    By shoshi the yoshi
    Ugh I hate this game all u do is walk and die! NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL.!.!.!.!
  • It’s bad

    By Super cookie crumbs
    It’s really laggy and so is my brothers game every where we go it’s tops and then replace
  • It’s just boring

    By ....holli?
    It was not anything like the ad. I would not get it
  • Game is boring

    By scarletmaxwell233
    This game is boring and on the commercials that advertise these kinds of games they are never accurate, but that’s because they lie to you so you can get the game. This game is not worth playing. Unless you like watching stupid commercials that lie to you about games then sure this game is for you. But bestie, it’s literally impossible to get to heaven! You need to be a baby or a kid which is setting really high standards for people who don’t have time to watch commercials. Also, the characters look so creepy. I also have complaints about some other stuff. Like if you spin the board and you land on the skeleton face you get older and the erasing you get older are stupid, like you started a junk food diet, (witch is not even a real thing) or you skip yoga or things like that, that dose not make you older or younger so don’t take this game the wrong way and please don’t think what you eat or do exercise way matter with your age cause it dose not. This game was probably invented by someone who knows nothing about life. So if you downloaded this game delete it because it’s just wasting your time and your room.
  • Bad

    By Pips🧜🏻‍♀️
    I don’t get it at all, and on the add it showed you go through the square thing and you never do
  • Games

    By d mom vdd
    I was really confused at first because I dident know what would make me old and not but I learned and I was confused also because I dident know if I WAS as post to get old or not but I learned I was a sport to go small and a little kid
  • Not that good but i like it.

    By Dogysinger
    It A fun but it is a little frustrating that that you cant get to the heaven part. Thus game has lots of questioning but it really isn't that bad if a game. I think you should get it but I sorta think you shouldn't get it to. It A not my favorite game though. -Ehhhh
  • it's too glitchy

    By zoey bird 2021
    it's way too glitchy and theirs to many adds
  • Waste of time

    By great good game :)
    This game is repetitive, has a ton of ads, and nothing like what is shown in the advertisements
  • This one part really bothers me

    By imknownx
    Ok so this game is kinda telling u that if ur old u don’t have to go a heaven ok so the game is fun but I realized that when ur old die and don’t make it to heaven and that’s a really bad message but this is just my opinion so please don’t get mad at this review
  • You can pay for no ads, but it will still push you to watch ads

    By Alina Michelle
    This is a cute premise for a game, but it’s a little janky. I don’t mind the clunky game play, I do mind that the game makes ads an integral part of the play whether you pay for no ads or not. Games that do this should be banned from the store.
  • Wonderful

    By julie jia
    The game is wonderful it’s also very easy to pass the level and get to heaven
  • Choose path wisely

    By mrjwolf
    Fun & addictive. If you play while connected to web you have more chances to earn dough & powerups but you can also play offline. High stairs ages you faster & you want to stay young to make it to heaven($$$) Tip: pick study not sleep
  • To many adds

    By no adds 45737$);:/63(8&$:?&539
    Ok so I like this game but ever 2 SECONDS THERE IS A ADD
  • CG

    By hfkfhdyfifuxbchsgfuyihorhfjfhx
    I just got this game and I love it so much!😍😍😍and the characters are so realistic of the stages of life. The only thing that Annoys me is that there are a lot of adds😔😩 but I love the game an all🥳🥳🥳 I give you 4 stars!!!
  • Wow

    By fvargg
    Wow cool
  • 4 stars

    This game was not what I expected, but it is a lot of fun. For anyone thinking about downloading the app the advertisements aren’t very accurate. It is a bit more like games like cube stack, hair challenge, or high heels! It is fun however.
  • Its pRetty gooD GamE

    By alliecat the cute name 13
    it good. but it gets boring and ages you up too fast. the little tunnel things that you go though that make u either older or younger is what i enjoy the most. i don’t think they should colour code it bc it makes it obvious on which one would make you older. but yeah that’s all i hope my review helps.
  • Want game with your ads?

    By ArtieSpooner
    Wow. The ads are atrocious. Every three seconds there’s an ad.
  • Obsurd.

    By Raysarethickndsbxbd
    This game is nothing like the ad. And it’s just flat out boring. If this game had more updates maybe I’d reconsider but for now I’m giving this a one star rating. Do better.
  • Eck

    By Dat 1 other guy
    Tbh the youtube shorts made it so weird so i downloaded it to see if it was trash or not and its actually good ngl
  • Hump me Daddy

    By okqwa
    Daddy chill
  • This is basically what this game is

    By yeetspagheet
    I don’t like how this game works. It makes you die quicker for every choice you make. Oh you like watching TV? YOURE GONNA DIE
  • If I could, I would give this zero hearts

    By karma1114
    This whole app is a scam, it’s nothing like the ad. All you get from this app is continuous pop up ads, anyone that says they love playing this game IS LYING!
  • Wrong age rating

    By Mateo De La Hoya
    There are sperm cells and yet this game is rated 4+
  • game goo

    By pp poo guy
    i liek the old man mechanic
  • 5 stars to this app

    By cheesedagreat
    I love this game it’s so fun to play but to much adds but that’s okay cuz now I don’t have them anymore 5 stars
  • Game

    By 💤😘😘💤😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😘
    I love it