Paper Fold

Paper Fold

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-03-14
  • Current Version: 1.22
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 175.52 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 101 907


Fold and Create Pictures Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold. Once you start, it will be hard to stop. This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.



  • Pretty nice but not really like the adds that they add music😁

  • No music

    By jsbdiejeowkd
    Breh where da music at 😞
  • Fake

    By Hate when my friends
    The ads are fake there is no music

    By fgcafg
    I saw multiple ads in other apps which said they included music so I bought it and there was absolutely no music there were way too many ads I do not recommend this app unless they hopefully fix these things the main issue for me is the false advertising of having music
  • Worst app I’ve downloaded

    By cwbwcwvnecrcnejs
    This app is nothing like the ads it has way too many ads and it gets boring very fast I do not recommend this app but if you don’t get bored easily I recommend it or for car trips but over all I don’t recommend this app
  • Ads

    By 7479-74774948478484892
    I only had it for a while and I had 50 something ads😑
  • I got this app

    By so relaxing eeee
    I got this app because I saw the ad and thought there would be music that fits how you fold the sticker. but no! If ur gonna put out an ad, at least make it realistic
  • Misleading marketing

    By Slyfoxstox
    The concept is good, it's just that the marketing is misleading. They claim that there is audio in the round that plays a song depending on which part you fold but there is no songs that play when you fold something.
  • Music

    By blodvclott
    Where’s the music I see it in ads and I thought it would be cool so I downloaded it now I literally see no music
  • No music

    By Ziya1
    Idk if anybody else saw the ad that said it played music in the ad when you fold but that’s why I downloaded it and there’s no music... and I looked in settings it says it’s on but it doesn’t play false advertisement
  • what i love about paper fold

    By parents fav child
    This game is so fun i can’t stop playing this game it’s so cool omg i can’t ever stop playing this app
  • False advertising

    By cndjhcfuhcu
    It did not have songs when you fold the paper as the advertisement shows
  • Low Quality

    By jason.sheesh
    Another low quality time waster game. If you want a paper folding game then go ahead, this is for you. But for anyone who doesn’t like repetitive, ad ridden, buggy, and just overall annoying games, then don’t get this.
  • Paid

    By tj123_
    I decided to pay the $3 for the ad free version of the game, but they still want you to watch ads to get the rewards you earn??? you lose your rewards if you don’t watch the ad, even though i paid to remove them…?
  • Ads

    By Caskit Kat
    This app has WAY too many ads its to the point i cant even play the game
  • Hi

    By shadow bonds boy
  • Too much ads

    By Itswolfing
    When I started and finished ONE I got an ad and then it just started giving me so much ads ;-;
  • Here’s a problem solver

    By Good App Reviewer 3.0
    If you don’t like the ads just put on airplane mode also I’m sick and tired of the ads for this game there’s one that says “lol they added songs to the game” but guess what there is no songs this game is terrible and I would not recommend playing it
  • It’s a fun game

    By Paige_35
    I thought there would be music but it turned out no but it’s still a fun game
  • Why

    By theyeatthebaby
    I want the music in the adds
  • Whorst app I’ve ever downloaded

    By i am gianna
    This app has so many bugs I would get kicked off every time there was an add I downloaded for a challenge but this was so easy I do not recommend this game at all the only reason I gave it five stars so it would be closer to the top and the game would glitch all of a sudden and not let me move any thing until I had to reset my whole iPad horrible do not recommend and there so many ads
  • It lies

    By lemalyn
  • Meh

    By Min.Suga
    There are a lot of ads and it doesn’t play the music it says it does so pretty disappointed that they lied but other than that the game is alright.
  • Cool

    By minihull
    It’s not it’s not offensive it’s about how it’s fun
  • Ok we need to talk

    By mr. bubooshki
    Don’t get me wrong I had so much hope in this game. So before I downloaded this game I looked at the ratings and every one was saying how many adds there were. I believed the people in the comments because in most of mobile games have allot of adds but this game was on another level!😭🤢🤮 almost every level you beat you get an add it’s ridiculous. If you hate getting a lot of adds I don’t recommend this game.
  • Hh

    By B!!!!!!!!!!
    To easy
  • No music

    By Calwyd
    In all the ads it had music with each fold as like a hint to find out the pattern but that’s not actually in the game
  • Yo why y’all bribe me with saying in the add for this game it added music

    By blackpink4eve
    K so my phone has a lot of stuff for bts and Blackpink and in the stoopid ad it was them folding the paper and butter bts song was playing so I thought wow that’s cool and downloaded it and second of all there are to many ads for a game I’m out.
  • Don’t get

    By gaven goodman
    Dose not play music like showed in ad which makes me very mad
  • No music

    By kein12420
    Unlike the add theirs no music
  • Fake

    By Deku🥦:|
    The ad said the had music on the game so I got and there was NO MUSIC!
  • Amazing

    By elzia hamilton-schuyler
    Ok I’m addicted I downloaded it today and now I’m on level 201 it’s so addicting
  • Stop ruining my childhood

    By darrin Til
  • False ads

    By bruh fake ads are bad
    The ads are fake in the ads it says it has music but it doesn’t I hate this game
  • Clickbait

    Humongous clickbait. I downloaded this game from an ad I saw and thought it would be music based! Complete opposite actually.
  • smh

    By ZS❤️🤪
    false advertisement and way too many ads…
  • this game is ok but they false Advertise

    By Sharky🦈🦈🦈
    the game isn’t bad but it’s just it false advertise like i thought they added music but they clearly lied i’ll play this game once they add music
  • Nude?????

    By mother of 8yr old
    Why does this contain nudity advertisements. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY OR DOWNLOAD FREE APPS FROM YALL AFTER THIS. This app is for kids. Be responsible
  • Stupid

    By fedsayree
    Ads after every level
  • Boring

    By 😍🥰😘😋😛😝😎🤩🥳😜🤪
    It’s just folding paper and there’s no music like in the adds
  • App

    By Michele Worth
    So simple I love it
  • Where is the music I was promised

    By Karkar0825
    No music they said they had music but noooooo they don’t like what the heck
  • Cant get past the 3rd stage

    By Ioo noobs
    You can’t even get to the 4th stage, the paper just folds in the same way each time.
  • False Advertising

    By Mr.jellybelly237
    In the (many) ads I got for this game, it has music that would play whenever you folded a piece, essentially giving you a clue as to what part of the picture that fold was. But this time doesn’t actually have that..? Like, in one of the ads it literally says “lol they added more songs and I can’t stop playing” but in reality there aren’t any songs. Also, there’s WAY too many ads (as to be expected from one of these soulless cashgrab mobile games, I suppose).
  • No music

    By kbajajaja
    thdxtruxfxxxtjf jhvujgchyfxuygcjhgcjgvxnvcz

    By Aaliyah bonilla
    This game is a good children’s game super friendly and educational to help a child put together a simple puzzle. I swear though if I see the “smooth like butter” add one more time I’m gonna go crazy, it is so simple. How can you possible mess it up!!! My head hurts that I don’t even want to open YouTube to watch a simple video of coryXkenshin!!!!! It’s good just please fix your adds!
  • Freaky

    By Jonathan33055
    I trust Apple and there security, but when I was playing this game the place where my front facing camera is started to get quite warm
  • too many ads

    By kinshuie
    i was seriously getting an ad for every level i passed. that is no way to live. i deleted the app.
  • Ooo

    By Crhopper
    In the ad or advertisement is it shows it playing songs but it’s not playing songs and it’s just very bored.