Text or Die

Text or Die

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-17
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 191.15 MB
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 191


The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters! As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten! facebook.com/fullfatgames twitter.com/fullfatgames www.fullfat.com



  • Bruh

    By Lissy1112225
    One of the bots answered “bellpepper” to “name a green fruit” so later I answered “bellpepper” to “name a fruit” and it counted it wrong:( And apparently “Tilapia” is not an edible fish. Yall should make a button to report words that should count but were wrongly counted incorrect. Also, the ads are crazy. I dont mind watching an ad between games but they shouldn’t be randomly popping up in the middle
  • Rating

    By xcjcjffnfjncjcn
    To many adds but overall a great game
  • This app is so boring

    By mulitplayer game
    Ok this app would be fun but all the bots answers don’t make sense and I always win it makes no sense I don’t always want to win I want a challenge. Also the bots answer aren’t even real things. So I do not recommend this game don’t get it!!
  • Needs a tune up

    By Shellygordon
    Needs more questions. Some answers count as wrong but aren’t. Yes, rachmaninoff is a classical Composer. It’s all bots. Repeats questions.
  • This needs an update

    By Blingsh
    I love this game, but now when I’m playing it the other players get the answers wrong every single time so there is no competition

    By William's khloe
    I do not like this game at all it is one of the worst game that I have ever played. 😡
  • More time watching ads than playing

    By Applestate312
    Don’t get this game. It’s somewhat entertaining, but it gets old REALLY fast, and you’ll have to watch multiple ads to get through a single round. And sometimes watching ads for bonuses doesn’t give you credit, and you’re forced to watch another one. This “game” is clearly a cheap platform the devs use to milk users for ad revenue and nothing more.
  • Really starting to bug me

    By Oneorangeshoelaceyo
    I know it’s just a game but there really needs to be an option for my peace of mind where you can submit a word that the game rejected that you think shouldn’t have been rejected. In a round I just played, the game rejected my answer of “aluminum” for “metal” (and I know it’s not the way I spelled it because I’ve spelled it that way for other categories like “element” and it accepted it) and “penguin” for “flightless bird”—the latter of which I found ridiculous because penguins are probably the most iconic flightless bird, and because another “player” (almost certainly a bot) entered “JUNINGREBE” which I had to look up—it certainly is a flightless bird, but one only found in one specific lake in Peru. So it accepted that, and not penguin—and yes, I did a double and triple take to make sure I spelled it right in the game, and I did. It’s just not very fun to play when you can be penalized for having an answer that was perfectly adequate. Also, the bots are too easy—I don’t think I’ve ever lost to one. But I like the visuals of the game and I like unlocking new looks.
  • Good

    By hfjfnckxndj
  • BAD

    By cheese is the best
    I thought that this would help my spelling because I’m really bad but no the bots put ridiculous answers so you don’t even have a challenge I can’t even get up a level which is really annoying they really have make it so you can either play with real people or the bots are actually good this game is terrible
  • Limited vocabulary

    By Sher014man
    The could be a good game if they programmed it with more words. I have lost rounds because my vocabulary is better than the game’s.
  • This game is okay.

    By Bry M D
    The ads in this game are absolutely ridiculous.
  • So Many Ads not Worth The Time

    By Kellybphillips88
    There is an ad every single pause. Not worth the time.
  • Name a Breakfast drink

    By D3adlyCh1ck3n
    I said OrangeJuice. I was wrong. How is OrangeJuice not a breakfast drink? Please explain.
  • Basic Answers Only

    By IBeAlexis(;
    Apparently “phalanges” is not an acceptable answer for body part. “Atari” isn’t an acceptable answer for gaming console. Only basic answers like fingers or PlayStation are allowed.
  • Bug

    By Anonymous745736474
    Sometimes I do what it says and I counts it as wrong it said a hamster was not a common pet
  • Good idea, not so great execution

    By KokoBl
    I like the idea of the game - using the longest words you can. And I don’t mind simple art/animation; it’s totally okay as it is. HOWEVER, the number of ads is insane. I understand ads at the end of the game to get more coins, or maybe having to watch ONE ad to start a new game… But they make you watch one after almost every round :| Also, they make it seem like it’s a “multiplayer” game while it is most definitely not one of those. The bots pretending to be other players are either very bad or very good every round. Player “from UK” puts UK as a country in Europe, not even United Kingdom. Player “from Italy” lists a 3 letter city in Italy instead of ANY OTHER MORE FAMOUS BIGGER CITY IN ITALY. And during those rounds I played, the answers NEVER were repeated…
  • Don’t!!

    By Mzpennyman
    It ask the same question over and over and there are ads after EVERYTHING 🙄🙄🙄!! Don’t waste your time. I’ve done it enough for everyone!!
  • Good game

    By bethblit
    Good game
  • Why…

    By Antelope48400
    Why make this game, one play and your over it
  • Rigged

    By Bfdia_tree2929
    I can't even say a whole word because there is only one way
  • I got scammed

    By BlueDaFish
    I bought no adds for this game and i’m still getting adds. Don’t play this game and support scammers
  • A little fun

    By meememeemej
    To be honest this game is BAD I wanted to rejoin a match so I watched an add and I didn’t even get to rejoin the match and I lost so I left then I had to watch a add to LEAVE and to START way to many adds and it said things that live in the swamp so I put in alligator and it was WRONG I feel like this game was only made to make people download things and waist their time also WALMART IS A U.K STORE I do NOT recommend this very bad game here!
  • Incorrect spelling

    By Deathmaster4
    Multiple times a question is asked and you give the correct answer and it marks it wrong
  • Omg so fun

    By i give honest reviwes
    Omg how did you come up with this game I love it so much and I won’t ever dislike it and that’s a promise
  • Good but says answers are wrong when they are right

    By Tomboybella4life
    This game is fun and entertaining but it says answers are wrong when I know they are right. For example, it asked me to name one of the seven continents and I said Antarctica but it said it was wrong. I assumed I typed it wrong but then I know I typed something right and it said it was wrong but it fit the question it asked me.
  • dumb

    By cacs2222
    doesn't let you enter uncommon answers, enter in a correct answer with correct spelling and it doesn't take it
  • Text or die

    By @k_money
    I love this game so much I give this five stars
  • I don’t like it

    By 😧📸
    I just don’t like it I put in a good answer and it made me die?.. and over all there’s bots which I really thought there was gonna be people in there for a competition cause I take things competitive sometimes and with writing . I absolutely do not like it and not a fan of it PERIOD
  • 🤩

    By aty pary
    I think everyone should have this app because I love it 😻
  • Wrong answer

    By himenta
    I typed in “blue” because it stayed name a color it said it was wrong and many more of these
  • Too many ads!!!

    By Kai2019
    I couldn’t even get through one level without watching at least 4 ads. And then even MORE ads after the game. Deleted it right away.
  • Too many ads

    By latswfl
    I enjoyed this game, but couldn’t take all the ads. They popped up every time I tapped on a function in the game. I finally had to delete the app.
  • Absolutely Awful

    By Someone not enjoying spotify
    Don’t waste your time, the further you get, the more ads you get. Took me 10 minutes and I started getting an ad every question. Had 7 ads before I could finish a round. I suggest the developers add Bojangles to the fast food restaurants answers.
  • not sure why this happened…

    By kayla.x12
    i will play and win the rounds, then i will pay the 100 coins to do the bonus round. i got simple subjects like “ name a color “ and “ name planets in our solar system” and if answer them ( spelled correctly ) and it would still count them wrong. it made me mad cause i spent my only 100 coins to play it and i did it right and was still wrong, definitely is something that needs looked at.
  • Not getting rid of the ads

    By T1D1989
    Not happy with the purchase of no ads! Still gives me ads, after I paid $2.99 to get rid of the ads! I want my money back!!!!!!
  • Things that are real yet not valid?

    By femboy0617
    I tried this game but you can’t put answers that are actual answers yet they are “suddenly” not an actual thing. You cant be specific. It’s honestly annoying.
  • Name something you can hang

    By AnnaAdriana
    Name Something you can hang The person:myself Game: ✅
  • Too Many Ads

    By Amyl Nitrate
    It was fun but every 30 seconds I had to watch a repetitive 40 second ad. It became old fast. Good luck because it is not worth paying to get ads out. Let me know if you taper the ads.
  • Way too many ads

    By Dr. LeeLee
    Seriously a one minute ad between EACH move??’ You’ve got To be kidding. I let getting eaten even this I had highest scores. Hmmm
  • Poopy

    By apples::$21
    This game is so garbage and is rigged that u always win
  • Move on

    By narckist
    Way way way way way way (you get the idea) too many ads…..you can give correct answers and not get credit. Sabrina is apparently not a girls name that starts with “s”. Saudi Arabian flag does not have green in it….wrong it most certainly does. As I said, not worth your time.
  • Ads

    By LumberDaddy69
    Makes the game unplayable
  • Has potential if they actually tried

    By Boi every name is taken
    This game has many things wrong with it. 1. Too many ads 2. You are going against bots 3. The questions they ask you arent even based off of facts. For example: name a breakfast drink. There are no fact answers based off of this. Another one is name some consoles. Only PlayStation 3-5 works and Xbox series x is the only one that works. And any other console from Nintendo other than the switch works. Plus if you are going against bots from different countries why do they speak the same language. If they fix their questions and answers, make this game online, and stop the amount of ads they bombard you with I will most definitely play this game. But for now this game is terrible.
  • Saying certain things aren’t things.

    By Kitkat31401
    I typed black cherry and it crossed it out saying it wasn’t a fruit.
  • Not working since I bought it

    By JD2Sassy4u
    Well not surprised I bought the game so I didn’t have to watch ads and now it doesn’t work!! Give me money back or fix it!
  • It’s OK.

    By legends214
    Honestly, I play this game all the time. I like this game and I think it’s fun. But I do have a few complaints. 1. On the special level, the question that says something about animals living in the swamp, but I put in “worm” “alligator” “frog”….Apparently that’s ALL wrong! The only answer that’s right for me is “fish.” This makes me really angry and frustrated.. 2. Bots put in ridiculous things. I was on a animal that starts with L and the bot put “Leap”. I GUESS LEAP IS A ANIMAL! And the game is kind of unfair because names that start with an a? Alex isn’t one, and Addison isn’t one either. Not to mention that the level was easy because Addison is my name. Actually Addisyn but still it’s fair because my name is spelt different.. 3. The thing that frustrates me the most… WHY ARE THERE ONLY BOY SKINS?!?! Besides the default skin, this makes me angry because only the free default skin is the only girl skin in the WHOLE game!! Thank you for reading to the end. Please fix all of these. I would f be really happy for a fix or a reply.
  • Out of Date

    By Door58
    I enjoy the game…. but grapefruit is not considered a yellow fruit, Classical is not considered a music genre. I think we need a review area. There were several others but please look into this.
  • Meh

    By Adam_Iconography
    A fun game, but substantially lacking. Multiple answers that are correct are marked incorrect. For example, “name a color” and I answered “blue” and it was wrong. According to this game also Pachelbel is not a famous composer either. There’s no option for this game to submit correct answers or to challenge them. Rather obnoxious. The bots answers are waaaay too easy and over time it loses the competitive edge. Hopefully the developers look at this and fix it. Way too many correct answers marked incorrect and after about 10 rounds it just loses its luster and challenge.