Body Run 3D

Body Run 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-05-01
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 574.08 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 33 712


All sizes are wonderful and necessary to win! Choose your diet wisely to ensure you can clear the obstacles and reach the finish line. Sometime a burger is the right choice, but other times, the cucumber is king! Have fun.



  • So many things wrong

    By msmsjau
    I gave it 5 stars so people would read this. It’s an okay game but if the bear falls on the block there’s literally a vagina or something that looks like it. Like why??
  • Skins

    By Ty'eon
    Add new skins please
  • how i like this game

    By kdog479
    So this game is very fun and i think more people should play it is fun for all ages 👍🏾so ya more people should play it😀
  • Horrible

    By sjfndndsndnncncnf
    It’s so bad because it teaches kids to body shame and the game is body shameing like ur will say too fat and stuff like that do not recommend
  • a bad game just why

    By sbsoccerstar
    I ONLY rated this game 5 star because I wanted people to see it DO NOT download this game I downloaded it because I was in the car but this game is SO BORING. BUT WAIT A MINUTE that I could care less about it’s that it’s like body shaming I am not big but that is SO mean if you download this game for fun please re think your choice don’t be a bad person delete it! ❤️
  • Yep

    By CottonCandy604
    Good for when you have to take a dump. Has so many ads though, it’s ridiculous
  • Ads

    By user29215
    A lot of ads
  • Report

    By H / huley
    I give this 1 out 5 because this is really offensive and body shaming. For me while I play this game is toward how people are comparing themselves and judging themselves like have low self-esteem for that. I don’t like this game and eat a burger only one bite makes you bigger that’s totally not true. Who makes a game of people knowing what’s wrong and totally right. Happy with your own skin and body not who’s the best person is looking the best than all of them. Just do you.
  • Fun

    By pech tree
    But I can’t get over the wall but when it come to the glass I can’t Break it but I have to be fat to break it but how do I get over the wall but be fat but skinny like do It. it’s in possible to do so that’s a problem fix it now please you have 1 to fix it. if you don’t I will sue you I mean it 🤬🤬🤬so fix 1 day to fix Gosh people are so stupid gosh Be smart what is 12x67 you probably don’t know it because your stupid oh ok it’s a prank your smart I mean it I’m sorry
  • 🤣✌🏽👋🏽🙄😒😕HORRIBLE

    By aka little rallo
    Did someone blind create this? WHY THE ADS WHEN YOU RUN??. why did they a have bear to start out? THEY DONT SHOW THAT IN THE ADS! I only have 5 stars because I HAVE to make the review. DONT GET IT. ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS FIRST BEFORE GETTING A APP!!! Peace ✌🏽
  • 🤦🏽

    By thorlover75
    I would rate this 1 star, but it does encourage people to get skinny. However, eating one burger doesn’t make you that fat, and vice versa with the cucumber. Secondly, there are way too many ads! Even in the middle of a level, I get stopped on a yellow line. It’s complete bogus. If you download this app, get ready to watch more ads then actually playing the game.
  • Ads

    By sof👒🙏
    This game is fun but you get an ad every 5 seconds!! And I get sometimes having ads after you finish a round but you’ll literally get an ad in the middle of a round. Would be much better without them.
  • Body shaming 😡

    By Lia ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
    I deleted the app bc it horrible and lagging a lot and if u eat one burger u can die... Like what. And cucumber r healthy and everything but u don't get slim instantly. This is skinny and fat shaming pls get rid of all of it, or at this point THE WHOLE GAME.
  • horrible

    By Mosaical
    this game is, to put it simply, awful. it degrades you for not eating enough cucumbers if you fall in the water, has an option to ‘start fitter,’ and encourages thinness, which has the opportunity to trigger eating disorders in people who don’t feel like they look the way they should. it’s also not very fun in general. after playing a few rounds, i feel offended, shamed, and disgusted. you might think that i’m overreacting and that it’s just a fun game, which may well be true, but at the same time there are countless other ways to make a fun game that don’t include objectification and enforcement/encouragement of an already far-too-present stigma. thank you for reading.
  • Too many ads

    By Candy Esquivel Asdfghjkl
    It’s not fun when there’s an ad each minute
  • The definition of adware

    By DB GoPRo
    Game would be a fun time killer although not fun for more than 20 mins. Every level has “checkpoints” and they’re just an excuse to give you an ad mid level. You will no joke have 10 seconds of gameplay followed by an ad skippable after 10 seconds. Oh and the checkpoints DONT EVEN FUNCTION. If you fail the level you have to restart it from the beginning regardless of the checkpoints just so you can watch mire ads. Absolute garbage and I really wish apple would do something about these games running rampant on the App Store.
  • my neighbor is hates me

    By DepressedSushi
    after downloading this life changing game i immediately threw all my burgers at my ugly neighbor and bought all the pickles in a 500 mile radius. now i’m thin and happy bc i ate 1,046,988,632 pickles. unfortunately my neighbor started screaming and throwing poop at me so i can only give 4 stars and 2 pickles.
  • I love this but

    By swagggytiktokkk
    I really love this game I saw it on tik tok and fell in love I play literally every day it’s so fun but I love Collecting all the food and the skins but i’ve gotten all the skins and all of the foods and it’s kind of boring that’s only downside but I really do love this game you should download it
  • Greta app! But..

    By PanicAtTheDisco19199
    Hi! This is a great app! But the saying is just a no. Honestly, this game basically is saying you need to have that good body everyone wants, which is not true. But besides that its great! Thanks for reading!
  • A timeless masterpiece

    By Dequarius Johnson III
    This game is the peak of human evolution. This game is up there with the creation of the universe. My outlook on life changed spectacularly after playing this game for even a few seconds. And to be honest I don’t know how much longer I can live knowing that not everyone will experience this true bliss, this harmony with the universe. Once playing this game for a little longer I believe I will transcend into another plane of existence. So anyway I’d recommend it.
  • No

    By i love pink dogs
    No because I had to pay for it
  • Wrong

    By bhad bhabie super fan
    So I put it on eggplants and hot dogs and when I died it said too many burgers or eat more cucumbers and it wasn’t burgers or cucumbers so that was just weird
  • Ads in the middle of the level

    By Choir girl 5432
    The fact that you gets ads while playing the game is ridiculous .
  • More ads than game

    By bamboozalicious
    It even has mid-gameplay ads. Don’t waste your time.
  • Crap

    By Luvvvsweetie
    (5 star so ppl could see this) This game is body shaming like the freak this is a good game but THINK BEFORE U DO THINGS
  • so many ads

    By abccococo12
    so so so many ads it makes me want to delete the game im ok with a few but the amount of ads is so bad
  • Another trash game

    By PlantedPlague
    Not even a few levels in I glitched through the checkpoint floor and lost. Not to mention it’s another poorly made Voodoo game that is just begging to be a cash cow.

    By Lottieee~
    I have 2 children and they love playing this game!!!! This game has influenced our household for the better! We ONLY eat cucumbers. We actually had a few children before my other two, but they ate a burger, so we disowned them. We had glass floors installed too! Just to gage how phat we get every time we eat our cucumbers. We are a very isolated family because the last time we went to my sisters house, her and her husband cooked BURGERS!!! NO CUCUMBERS WERE IN THE MEAL! It pained me so we ran away and stole my fathers cucumber plant for our own. I am currently a millionaire living off of the money that I get from selling cucumber products. Great game with a lovely message. It helped us for the better. <3
  • Body run 3-D

    By prinnses s
    I do not like this game the reason why is because every single time when I’m playing at ad pops up so that’s why I don’t like it
  • No, just no

    By jibby000000
    I find this game horrible and giving a terrible impression of the world. As a skinny woman, I have had challenges that I have had to face that couldn’t be represented. The image we have is; if you are not skinny you don’t get anywhere in life. It is giving people an idea of a false reality of +size bad, Skinny good. What kind of model is this showing for young kids? I expected more from you Voodoo, but apparently you just only make things for money, and you think it’s ironic to make, not one but 2 apps like this. This is horrible. Help me stand against voodoo, by deleting the app, and putting a review that makes this app sink. This shouldn’t be put into the world as something people should enjoy or recommend!! #voodoostand
  • Yo bro you got some game in your ads

    By Zingerific
    I was just sitting there enjoying my ad simulator when I was shocked to find that there was some gameplay in the middle of it. The nerve…
  • Food

    By mary 43578
    I like this game it’s very cool i like to eat pickles I only eat pickles yeah but when glass is coming i need to eat birgers
  • I Don’t Like it

    By Mikiman2
    It so o don’t know how to say it but is bad
  • Ahhhh here's a rating

    By DarkSilence7814
    If there was more characters I'd definitely play alot more
  • Not bad game!

    By Letter to celebrity shaving
    It’s kinda boring but it’s makes me hungry sometimes 😂 Soooo I kinda Recommend it! 🙂

    By -Joanna Yan
    this game makes kids think if you're fat you're going to die NO. first of all everyone has different bones sizes and different health its normal. eating hamburgers will not make you fat there healty. why? eating hamburger has the nutriets of lettuce meat and tomato thats good. pickle is just for a salad thats not healty PLEASE take down this game if not I mighte have to report this to the app store maker
  • Shame

    By vdjdgxgdhdy
    Body shaming game
  • Love it but 1 promblem

    This is one of the best games in the world but, it has a lil to much adds I wish it had less adds like after each level it has an add
  • Body shame

    By iplayrobloxalldayfreee
    This game is body shameful this beat used to be a woman just basically body shaming
  • I can’t figure it out!

    By unvoirenkdhvwbnnihni
    I am so angry!
  • Just no and my most important question is why???

    By wzup!!!
    (I put five stars so people can read) so my thing is why.Why did you make a game that's so body shaming and lame.First thing is ads adds after a level before a level and during the level.Why so many ads if you need to make money THAT bad than I suggest you make a lemonade stand.Second this game is extremely body shaming.This game is very rude and body shaming first off eating burgers with not make you gain 300-350 pounds.Another thing eating cucumbers will not make you lose 70-90 pounds.Come on now you can do so much better than this. This makes me sad because I am big and I'm not talking about fat I'm talking about chubby.So what your saying is that fat/cubby people are ugly and nasty and skinny are not.This game sets a horrible example too people.Cucumbers are not the only thing that makes you skinny and burgers don't make you fat.This game is stupid dumb and horrible I don't recommend this.This is extremely body shaming.
  • Really fun but too many ads

    By LPS Blue Diamonds
    Im always in a middle of game, like when i get to checkpoint, an add plays. Its just kinda gets annoying, you can at least put an add after each round
  • Adds

    By GHOUL04
    Way to many adds
  • seriously?!?

    By review_livy
    it’s a really fun game but when i’m trying to enjoy it literally in the middle of the round it gives me an ad! like cant you just wait 5 seconds
  • Ok

    By born2010
    The only thing I do not like is there are so so many ads 😥
  • Body run 3

    By tbnr puggo
    It’s fun but there are adds everywhere

    By SwaggXYZ
    I get the sponsorship as far as the ads go. But to have them pop up in the middle of the game play is very annoying and makes the game un-enjoyable. I can see the ads being shown after I’ve passed or failed the level but not during when I’m in active play
  • Please stop and read

    (only gave 5 stars so it will be at the top) First of all, this game is soooo offensive the ad was a human girl where there are pickles and then burgers and obstacles and when you eat the burger you gain weight and then you can’t do the obstacles because she is to “fat”. A lot of people got offended and complained to apple games and they requested that they change it, but it hasn’t changed much they just changed the girl into a bear and it’s still offensive. I forgot to mention that at the end of the ad they weighted the girl and in the ad she broke the scale. I would give this a one star for being offensive . Please help take down this game.
  • Body shaming game

    By PolaBo
    This game is clearly glorifying skinny bodies and acting as if obesity has the simplicity of choosing either a cucumber or a burger. It could make overweight people and children insecure. Especially if a child plays this, it’s not beneficial at all. Really? The glass breaks? The skinny girl gains 200 pounds from ONE burger? There are people with eating disorders that actually think this way. Hope you’re having your fatphobic and eating disorder insensitive fun.