Food Cutting - Chopping Game

Food Cutting - Chopping Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-24
  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 276.38 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 014


Are you a food lover? Do you have good service skills and the ability to work with customers? Do you like cutting and weighing things? If you answered “YES” to these questions, then you must be in a game-heaven! Cut the food in the right proportions to make the customers happy and increase your sales! It must sound simple, but don’t let it trick you; it can be quite hard at times! Using a swipe or knife, cut the pieces of food according to the given weight, and in case you’re wrong, do your absolute best to correct your mistake and not make the impatient customers mad! There are many exciting new levels as you upgrade through the game to make intricate and challenging food cutting tasks! Sharpen your attention and train yourself to react quickly and fix the bugs in your job! The main features of the game include: ● Food Cutting Skills Use swipes and knives to cut the food to the required weight ● Service Skills Make customers happy with your excellent service skills and make them come back! ● Exciting new levels Level up through the game to try more challenging food-cutting tasks! ● Bug fixes Fix your bugs as you go and train your quick reaction skills! Come and cut the food! It’s waiting for you. Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;



  • Adds killed the fun

    By Manda9102
    Would have been a great game but the adds are way too overpowering! I don’t have time to sit through and add after everyyyy item.
  • adds

    By 898988888384
  • Too many ads right off the bat!

    By Knightrous1124!
    Too many ads
  • Ad overload

    By hdjdju26483
    Too many ads. After you accomplish a task an ad pops up.
  • To many adds!

    By andruw09
    Don’t play! They don’t care about entertainment. They are just making money off you watching the adds every minute!

    By Humpfy Pickle seed
    If you enjoy watching ads every 5 seconds then this is the game for you
  • Good Cutting

    By gobblinurpeter
    Way to many ads just like the rest of these games. But it’s fun
  • Too many ads

    By Foxyloxy90
    You have to watch an ad for anything, maybe just an ad for tips, or for new meats. That would be enough, not for every customer. I played the game through the tutorial and I just can’t with these 30 sec ads.
  • Too many ADDs

    By letha09
    Why to many adds, can even play 5 mins with out a 30 sec add piping up
  • Meat cutting awesomeness

    By Chiefken
    I’ve that off meats cutting is fun that off of its challenge that the game makes it’s fun that business games that off of cool!! Times that off of the business games that of off the chain on it that chainsaw it in it!! 10 out off 10!!
  • so many ads and it’s all about meat

    there are so many ads every round also when you get the app it has a meat symbol? the rounds are about cutting meat that is. cruel
  • Don’t waste your time

    By akramiiu
    I regret the megabytes i spent on this stupid games It’s literally force you to watch ads every 3 seconds. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
  • Meat cutting

    By jo097446
    Way too many ads
  • Ads make unplayable.

    By Splatteredcolors
    There is minimal game in this “game”- it’s basically just an ad machine. No point in downloading. Played for 30 min and no deleting.
  • i hate this game

    By N𝔬𝔱𝔦𝔡𝔨𝔥𝔢𝔥𝔥𝔢
    Dosent work when i use the knife.
  • Ads

    By Gelato163619649
    This game has the potential to be good. However, it is riddled with ads. Next level? Ads. Want to unlock something? Ads. This wouldn’t be an issue if the levels didn’t take like 10seconds then you have to watch like a 30 second ad in between them.

    By lynnnevejim
    you litterly can’t even enjoy the game due to all the ads that pop up every 3 seconds! It’s ridiculous… couldn’t even last 5 minutes playing the game
  • To many adds

    By kammuhlamb
    Very annoying

    I understand stand that ads are the way for game designers make money, but one little touch to play the game and you've got to watch an ad. Customer number 3 and I've already watched 4 minutes worth ads, & 3 minutes worth of game. Not good. 🤬😡😤
  • continually freezing

    By ***wickedmutha
    freezes and too many ads
  • I love it

    By Borin' cats be like
    Very satisfying and easy
  • Too many commercials!!!! You can’t enjoy the game!

    By Natalyyyyy
    Don’t download
  • Not Good Quality

    By Allisonfm
    Very glitchy and buggy. Needs major fixing. And asking for money right off the bat knowing that to actually play the game you’d have to pay it. Also making the player watch an ad every 5 seconds ON TOP of having to watch an ad just to play levels is ridiculous. Do better before this is just another piece of trash.
  • Don't waste your time

    By Sina.hero30
    Very bad, full of bugs and ads ads ads.
  • Too many ads

    By 173737747473738383838
  • Bad

    By erin u boyy what u talkin bout
    Nothing like the adds. The adds look fun but they are faking what the game really is. And to many adds 🤮🤮👎👎 bad don’t get it
  • cutting problems and ads

    By niuniuniuhunu
    when i get to the cutting stage it wont let me cut, it tells me to "swipe to cut" but it really does nothing. the customers ask for a kind of meat or cheese and half of the time you have to watch an AD!!!
  • Boring and 95% ads

    By stormtrooperchick
    This was really boring and 95% of your time is watching stupid ads
  • Too Many Ads

    By CleverlyCaron
    I thought I would enjoy this game and was excited to try it. After less than 30 minutes trying to play with more ad time then game time with me not accepting extra for additional ads I had to delete it. Great concept but with ads that forced you to listen to them it wasn’t worth the time.
  • Fun but too many ads

    By LorrainePezz
    This game is pretty fun, except for the amount of ads. You have to watch one after every customer! Love the game, but might have to uninstall with the amount of ads.
  • Bad game

    By jshajcnutak
    Worst game I ever play
  • Nike w

    By Keisha wilson
    This game is a scam and you should be ashamed taking money . I paid for no ads and yet I still have ads I highly do not recommend
  • Nothing about this game is fun or entertaining

    By 1234Meeka
    Way too many ads, when the app is boring
  • Apple cutting

    By Erin Voyer
    Realistically you wouldn’t give the customer the core of the Apple just the slices.
  • trash

    By Saudi Mohammed B
    Unskippable 45 second ads that pop up every 25 seconds, bad gameplay, trash graphics, no sounds.
  • So many ads

    By Brezzie18
    You literally get forced through an add to get asked to watch another one right away. Absolutely ridiculous makes it impossible to enjoy the game for more than 45 seconds before there’s another ad.
  • Slow

    By Shshsjsdgdhsjshx
    The game is really slow and laggy, there’s a lot of advertisements!
  • Frustrating

    By jocelyn-0perez
    Has to many ads
  • Too many ads!

    By Jazmind96
    I really enjoyed the game, but the there are way too many ads.
  • Pure advertisement 🙄

    All I did was watching advertisements. Not worth downloading at all. Waste of time
  • Annoying ads

    By 𝐽𝑖𝑦𝑎
    Ads are so annoying that’s why I m giving 3 stars only
  • Nah Fam

    By AlaskanSavage907
    Too many ads… only female customers? I get the concept, but you’ve gotta put a little more time into creating something people are going to enjoy… “people” as in adults too. Feels like a 6 year old girl created this game. Nothing wrong with that… if you’re a 6-y/o girl.
  • Game feeling

    By 7337436435788
    I don’t know yet
  • Paid for no ads but still seeing ads

    By jas1225!
    I wanted to play this game but it was pretty impossible with all the ads. So I paid the $4.99 for no ads for life and a bundle and the game is still giving me banner ads on the bottom of the screen?! So frustrating. So I paid money for what??
  • too many ads

    By carl3602
    literally one ad every 5 seconds in this game
  • too many ads!

    By ash773877
    Ive never played a game that had so many ads, after every slice there's an ad
  • 4 ads per one round

    By Lkas1324
    Literally spent 5 mins watching ads just to play one level.
  • Fun but too many ads

    By Willietheshu
    I don’t pay for games. Don t go here. Too many ads
  • Don’t download

    By dkcjsgzofksbz
    All ads. Deleted.