Queen Bee!

Queen Bee!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-29
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 425.55 MB
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 41 415


Your choices will make you a Queen Bee or a Loser. Take care yourself, stay trendy and be the most popular girl in the school. But be careful fame is hard to gain, easy to lose.



  • Pretty fun

    By Chloehorselover200
    I think it is great totally recommend it
  • very glitchy

    By Maddy 223682😛
    i decided to right this review today because i’m am very un satisfied with how glitchy it is! i am so mad and frustrated that i took a whole 10 minutes out of my day to play this and now my mom got cancer
  • Fun but laggy

    By Katmeg05
    This Is a fun game but really, really laggy. I had to stop playing because it was really laggy.
  • It okay

    By auqamaplle27
    It is a fun game to play but there are bugs like I can’t press the ads so I can’t wear a new dress or anything, also girls don’t have to wear makeup, wear dresses, or eat salad to be pretty. Again I still can’t watch ads and get new dresses shoes and bags which is really annoying you need to fix that

    By I hate that game so much >:(
    This can hurt a LOT of people and this game is sexist, judge mental and it’s horrible this game should be deleted it’s my honest opinion I am just writing a review but if you like this game thats perfectly fine that’s you but a lot of people do NOT like this game A lot of people can take this game seriously and change their self because of it they shouldn’t be doing that because of the game

    By kaifofi
    Who ever made this should be ashamed of them selfs y’all nasty pigs
  • Gameplay is ok but the message isn’t great

    By OllieTheRainbow
    Apparently these things make you popular, you have to be looking a certain way to be popular. That is true in school, and sadly we can’t do much about it. There was this person foaming at the mouth saying that Disney isn’t any different from this, and they’re so wrong. Disney doesn’t portray every female as this, and usually portrays the popular female as mean or a bully. Which I don’t agree with but whatever. The thing this game doesn’t have is a good message, while Disney does give a good message at the end of the story. Anyways, I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone, just go play Love Nikki.
  • Could be better

    By kamjam5893
    This game is pretty good but it could be way better less ads and less water on the ground better outfits could be better and harder levels but overall this game is pretty good not my favorite but.
  • terrible

    By tdbeaute&irl
    it won’t even let me log into the app
  • Wrong Rating

    By laura savereide
    It’s A Fun Game, But You Shouldn’t Have Given It The 4+ Rating. It Should’ve Been 13+ Because It Gives Small Children The Wrong Idea Of High School Like Everything In The Media These Days.
  • Pls read!

    By CareBearLife12276859
    it’s an okay game. But why can’t you have brown hair? You have to have blonde?! also a lot of people where offended by this game and I totally agree and if it’s for 12+ then why did it come on for kids. I don’t like this game very much and a lot of people probably can agree. and you don’t need to be popular like bruh.. (not tryna be a karen. 😂)
  • Hm what a game?!?!?!??

    By Larcelle Aldridge
    So I got a in when I first got in here I thought people were over exaggerating when I got here I though there was many boys and there was hundreds of girls trying to get one guy and a kiss it doesn’t make sense then lipstick over just books that doesn’t make any sense not to mention this game isn’t fun either yeah I don’t appreciate that you have to eat salad other than fries “like fires are going totally change your body” it doesn’t make sense and potatoes a good for you so that doesn’t make sense what matters you being yourself and not worrying about popularity and I’ve already dealt popularity at my school and I hate it popular is nothing but a trash to your life they put you down mentally and physically so this game is absolutely horrible I don’t agree with one of the comments saying that they thought this was a boy maybe but please do not assume like a persons and gender that’s very offending but the rest of it is trash game shares in absolute trash.
  • Sorry for all the bad reviews and I really like it!

    Stop hating on this game it is fine you need to treat people how you want to be treated ! It is so fun tho!
  • :)

    By Rosie Hurd
    I like how you pretty much called me and my friends s loser. Just because we eat unhealthy doesn’t mean we are losers. I bet one of the developers are too. So what I don’t have blonde hair? Am I useless? Am I pointless? And I bad? Listen, games like these are the reason that I have depression. I have suicidal thoughts every night, and this isn’t helping. Take this down. Take some consideration into what I said.
  • Bug bug it won’t let me into the app the screen went black

    By MoLoHi
    !!!!!!Do not purchase this game
  • Love it

    By ref'
    I like this game because it’s not too expensive and it’s the right one keep it up making this cool games
  • It’s ok

    By Googopoooo
    I like it would not perfure it
  • Why this is not “perfect”

    By AliceOcean09
    In the ad it says “do u want to be a Queen Bee or a loser” that is not a great concept for a game because little kids are playing this game and they may think that they have to be popular instead of studying. That is why this game is not “perfect” like people say it is.
  • What the…..

    By Hello im pig
    So I was casually Playing when I reached the Beach Level. I find it so weird that the girl would need a whole TEAM to get the man + It gets even Weirder. I saw that some men with Instruments Were their to. Like it’s a beach why would u need a football helmet? Also I did all the good stuff I just lost my whole team I don’t Get the ending the man refuses. It’s so horrible like girls are going through this kind of stuff and all this game cares about is making it even worse, by telling u what’s good and what’s bad.
  • I’m level 80

    By Depressed child
    It kinda just repeats but if you want something mind numbing, it works. I’m at 13,965 diamonds so yeah
  • Terrible

    By super nerd🤓
    This game sets off such a bad message like you must eat salad,be blonde,have make up,just to get a boy

    By gina <3 <3
    It’s sexist. This games says you have to have blond hair wear makeup and wear Soto be pretty. And your doing all of that to make people like you and to have a boyfriend! You need to impress man! Us queens don’t need to impress men. We are perfect the way we are!
  • Don’t Waste your time girls

    By ladybug.lia
    It makes you feel like your not pretty 🙄wich you are♥️ and you don’t need make up and salads to make you feel pretty😑 and we do not need boys🤮 we arePerfectly fine by our selves💅🏽 and don’t let this game change you😁
  • I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By anora anne bindl
    I hate it because it wants you to be popular. And people can be how they want. I got this game because it looked fun but it is not fun. So do not play this game!!!
  • Queen bee

    By cdyxvvdhcvkc gf
    I hate your game
  • Not a ok game

    By alien girrl
    This game has the wrong information you need to be smart I don’t care if I’m popular don’t waste your time it’s a bad game nobody should like this game young girls like me need to know that this is not good
  • Good Game 🤩

    By Grooms Serena
    I literally just got this game today and when you pick all the good selections you get more people with you. When you also get to the end, the guy hugs you. This is a super fun game to play. So addictive... I love it! 😍❤️💕
  • Cass

    By Rosw234
    Will this is good and bad they make you feel like your not pretty. It so fun that is the good part .
  • Bueno pero...

    By pasta pop in the space
    Es diverting y me gusta per es demasiado facil en 5 minutos ya pass como 10 niveles y again porfavor los niveles mas large
  • Boring

    By m&m maddy
    This game is boring and it sends a message about being perfect and eating bad things and that’s just wrong because we are loved no matter what I am not perfect and my family loves me and this game is stupid
  • NO!

    By emma lily playz
    This game is not good at all! I hate it so much it makes girls feel alone and it makes you eat only good stuff you don’t always have to and you don’t have to wear makeup to look pretty your always pretty without lipstick to and you can read books and the guy at the end hits you if you don’t look good like he hits you you are amazing this game is a no!
  • Disappointed

    By ♡︎Kᴏᴄʜɪ Bᴇʀʀʏ♡︎
    I mean it’s not horrible but, it could definitely be better. Aka less ads, more characters and options and better graphics I rate it a 1.5-.
  • What an awful game

    By books and school 4 ever
    This game teaches young girls like myself that you only where what the public thinks is cute to get a guys. It also has a lot of bugs in it. Learn from my mistake and do not download
  • Sexist disapproving message

    By Cloud_playz
    You have to be popular in order to win the game and kiss the boy at the end. I am only 12 and I know it sends a horrible message. For example to be popular you have to do everything that you might not want to do, like the clothing has to be a dress not comfortable for a normal person. The first time I played I went and deleted it since it’s so sexist. I do NOT recommend this game!!!
  • 1
    By .........).
    This game is absolutely disgusting it shows kids that popularity matters and that you have to be “fit” for someone to take interest in you. It’s also showing kids that you have to give up the many things you may enjoy eating to be “fit”
  • The game is mean and the bullys toughtiger.

    By Rmac53
    The game says that glasses are bad and you will be bulled if we’re them. And you have to were a skirt to be pretty and popular. And then you need to have white hair to be cute. And fries make you bad but salad makes you good. YOU MITE BE GETING BULLYED BY THIS. Do not play if you do not like this text. And by the way the guy at the end will punch you if you don’t have these things .
  • Terrible graphics terrible message

    By Maryann321
    All around terrible game
  • Terrible

    By M1nty the g1i+ch F*c
    I hate this the only reason you get five stars is because the people know it’s the only way you will read it or it’s bots. This game made me so incecure. I hope the developers drive a car off a cliff into a valocano
  • Love

    By leach123;5
    I love it soooooooooooooooo
  • Perfect

    By unicorn567812345678
    I know this game might make people feel like their not good enough because they might not like salad or you might not have makeup but you’re perfect just the way you are.
  • ⚠️SEXIST, TOXIC, and tells you HAVE to be PRETTY to be LOVED.⚠️

    By Cookie_Games11
    I don’t think this game deserves to be the 12th best free game! This game gives give you the thought that you have to be pretty, and trendy for people to love you, it sends a terrible message, and I think it should be token off of the App Store. It also says that if you don’t eat healthy no one will love you, but look at me I eat candy all the time and my family still loves me. It makes you feel bad about yourself, when you shouldn’t, because no one’s perfect, and it really matters of what’s on the inside. So if you want to try a terrible and offensive game, go ahead. But I honestly don’t reconditioned this game at all, it doesn’t have any good quality’s either. It is sexist and that is not setting a good example. I don’t think this was meant to be a joke, because, in the description of the game, there was nothing saying “also this is just meant to be a joke, this is not meant to harm anyone”, but some one could be offended of this game, and no one’s doing anything about it! If you get offended easily, I don’t recommend this game for you, but if you’re playing this game just for a joke, or for a YouTube video go ahead and play it, also whoever says that the game is fine, or why are you being so rude, don’t listen to them, because this game was obviously made by some sexist men, that just want to make money! Also I’m not just criticizing this game, it’s just my opinion. If some one being their happy selves, and playing a game, and just saw the add on this game, and they downloaded the game, they actually might feel sad, that they don’t look OR act like the girls “you’re supposed to be” in the game, and I think that game developers should make a video game, that everyone loves and that sets a good example, so not everyone talks crap about the game, and one last thing, I know the phrase if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say it, but I think that in situations like this (where there’s something offensive or bad) we have to do everything we can to make it not exist, I’m really sorry, if you love this game, and I just offended YOU, but I believe that everyone deserves to be heard. I hope I was helpful!!! ♥️
  • This game is H-O-R-R-E-N-D-U-S

    By girl ohhghffh
    Why do it show black girls like me looking poor and wearing an AFRO?!?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING?! Your making lady African Americans feel really bad like me! I’m a African American and when i was younger I saw this and felt really bad and unconfident Second this game is really upsetting and if the boy doesn’t think you’re hot enough he’ll punch you like seriously!? Last you have to eat salads and put on makeup and put on skirts and dresses to be hot like what?! Whoever made this should have known that was wrong! Bye
  • Good but terrible

    By nope no way no time
    Teaches us to do things even if we don't like it,It teaches kids that doing what makes you happy is bad
  • Best game ever

    By princessbublegun12
    Love the game it’s the best
  • Glitch.

    By Animatronic4539
    Cant play the game. 1 star. I get into the game, it sends me to a blank black screen, and I’m back on my home page. No one else is having this problem. My internet and wife is fine. My iPad is charged. I’ve restarted it. I’ve deleted tabs, deleted apps, and STILL it won’t work. Please fix.
  • Horrible message, horrible quality, horrible ads

    By -bruh i
    First off I rated this game a 1 star because of the message it gives out to kids including women. When I first saw the ads of it it said be popular or be a loser so it teaches you have to be popular and if you aren’t you’re a loser. And it also makes you do all these things like wearing lipstick, being skinny, being blonde(etc.).and at the end if you aren’t you don’t get to kiss a boy.🙄second Is the quality it is so bad that it’s so laggy the peoples faces are not ok I can telll it was ,add by a man because of the sexist message and the lazy quality.second, there are so many horrible ads every time in one round there is like 2-3 ads 🤮🙄,thanks for reading💓

    By dscaggs
    To laggy needs more levels Just bad ok don’t waste your time/money on this trashy game
  • Stop doing this

    By Izzzzzy2011
    Stop making girls feel bad about them selfs😌
  • I agree

    By mad and kenzie
    This game is bad for girls and my little sister thinks she needs to wear dresses and skirts she won’t wear pants or shorts this game is a bad influence on little girls