Chatty Driver - Yes or No

Chatty Driver - Yes or No

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-29
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 364.47 MB
  • Developer: MagicLab
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 303


Chat away to convince your GF, BF, DAD or Teacher! Enjoy countless chatting scenarios. Choose what will happen next and don’t forget phone-care while chitchatting. Play and relax various mini-games. Show your driving skills and don’t forget to care about your car!



  • Meh i recommend just getting chat master

    By Gamecrazy2003
    Chat master u can lie and tell the truth and its less glitchy
  • Needs work

    By chic_baybay
    Cool game, good idea! But after the first few levels, it starts doing the same things. And WAYYYY too many ads.
  • This bad, even for a mobile game

    By G ghghugfrff
    You don’t even text and drive in the game besides like two levels, it’s false advertising
  • Meh

    By Cooper1357902468
    I haven’t ever played it before
  • It’s not fun at all

    By hunter huner glaser
    You literally do the text and drive one time do not recommend
  • It is ok

    By Omoge88
    It is kinda weird I mean what the heck
  • 135

    By jo1374
    Look up Child
  • terrible

    By kayleemegan
    ads after every single 5 second game
  • Don’t text and drive.

    By Raidah21
    Yeah, don’t text and drive please.
  • Kylah’s

    By kylahalljay
  • Don’t recommend it!

    By vixkayy
    I thought you would have the game they advertised in the ads play all the way through, but it only shows up like once! There are WAY too many ads. Every time I complete a level that takes 5 seconds, I get slapped with a 30 second ad. Don’t play this game unless you like wasting time.
  • Bad game.

    By roseabela200019
    If I could I would give this game 0 stars. This game is not s good game to play. 1 it teaches little kids to text and drive. They don’t know the consequences of it until they come to them. If a little child sees something like this in a game they think it’s ok to do in real life. It’s like showing a three year old a piece of chocolate, what do you think they are going to do with it eat it. So if they see this in a game they think they are ok to do it in real life. People that make games these days just don’t think. I think this is time to say I HATE this game0 stars if I could
  • Very boring…

    By Kyrah Playz YT
    I played the game for my YouTube channel and it was trash. They had ads every couple seconds and the levels were TOO easy and unnecessary. I was just 1 minute into the game and was already on level 5. That might be a good thing that I was going up fast in levels but not really as good as you think. Don’t waste your time on this game. Every single ad is like 30 minutes long and the stupidest ads you’ll ever see. I bet you have something else more valuable to do than play this boring old game…and this is coming from an 11-year-old. 😐
  • Sheila kings game

    By unnete
    Your a game is the best game ever
  • Horrible👎

    By mikasa_eren
    So I am 11 years old and I thought I should download this game for my five year old little sister I saw it in an ad and thought it was cool I played a level and then realized the bad side of this game i thought that this game was bad because you should never text while driving because u can hurt someone or yourself so I thought this was very bad.Also there are way to many adds and lots of them are inappropriate for kids my age and younger I advise you not to download this app and to get it remote bed from the App Store very messed up I wish I could give it 0 stars :(
  • Rip-off of chat master

    By obbies are hard
    I play a lot of chat master and it’s so FAMILIAR TO CHAT MASTER
  • It’s not bad.

    By HaileyLondon24
    It’s fun to play, just they don’t have many challenges. They have the same “texting messages” Over and over , they are all the same. They should add more of those
  • Horrible

    By Jackspazz
    Very ad heavy, almost unplayable with how often a 30 second unstoppable ad appeared. Do not give this app your attention.
  • Ok at first but then it got boring

    By Fun worker 2.0
    Well let me just start off with saying that this game is super fun when you first play it! But then after awhile, you get the same levels over and over and over. There are like ten ish levels that are actually different, but the rest are just a repeat. And lastly, yes, this game is fun but it is teaching kids how to text while you drive. This is not a good representation of real life.
  • Do not enjoy sort the apps

    By iphone627171
    Sort the apps I don’t understand and I sort them but won’t take me to the next level 3 stars bc that what this game deserves
  • 😎

    By poop_poop!
    So cool 😎 !you can text and drive at the same time! And not get arested!thank you for this app!
  • Could use sounds

    By axel_snowleopard
    So the game is lovely but I think it can yours some car sounds and sounds for texting and voice mail I think that will improve the game a lot more and get it more ratings.
  • Listen if your about to get the game and if you made the game pls listen

    By isabella 1237
    Ok at first it’s very fun and I’m going to be honest with you there is no glitches for me but after you play for like three minutes it’s just the same thing over and over again it just gets boring so if you could fix this in a update please do because it’s something That made me delete the game
  • Alright App

    By KassandraKinalia
    At first, it’s driving and texting like it said on the ad, but once you progress in the game, it’s not about texting and driving. And whenever you decline the offer for more cash by watching the add, most of the time you still watch it anyways. But I LOOVEEEEE the texting and driving. I find it oddly hilarious running over the people and watching them fly!! It makes my day! 🤩🤩🤩
  • Best game ever how am I going to live without it

    By your game is so stupid
    Best game ever How am I going to live without it
  • :mThe game is good

    By ;n( Zs. 1212
  • Who in their right mind would make this

    This is a terrible game. Aside from the fact that it encourages texting and driving, there are way too many ads, it barely even lets you finish the levels, and only about 5% of the game is shown in the ads. Terrible game.
  • Pointless stupid game

    By BrittBVB
    No matter what you do you always finish the level and get $200. You don’t even do anything with the money? I purposely crashed into multiple cars and it still said “level completed! $200”. There’s like 10 random mini games. And the same few texting levels. Dumb pointless game

    By ashleyxn
    This game teaches kids about murder and car crashes and is illegal and should be banned 🤬
  • Awful lol

    By sports weiner dog cigarets
    You don’t even drive most the time and when you do you get an ad in the middle of it. One of the games is literally a captcha. Spent more time watching Ads than playing.
  • Not like the ad

    By Da Sniper 406
    All i wanted to do was reckless driving. But all it is, is dumb tasks like charge your phone, Guess the app logo and etc.
  • Terrible

    This game is fake. The first level is like the ad shown but the rest is like all the other simulator games, this app is a scam.
  • Good but...

    By gypsymoon11
    Ok I do like this game but it’s not all just texting and driving.You do other things like deleting e-mails one geussing logos.Overall it’s fun and at the beginning of each level Is when you text and drive.I hope you and others like this game like I do

    By fanar benjamin
    On level 9 you get stuck and that’s it. There isn’t even any texting and driving it’s just some dumb mini games.

    By another110011100
    30 second ads pop up during most stages. Shorter ads pop up at the end of the stage after a long ad. Almost no gameplay
  • idk

    By Love00pitt
    to many adds
  • Absolutely Horrible

    By iamkindafunny
    First of I would have given it zero stars if I could. It promotes texting and driving which is not okay. Then they make you think it’s about texting and driving, but really that’s only the first level! The rest of the levels are random things they make you do. Honestly horrible game. 👎
  • This game is awful

    By alyssag1223447
    In the add, it was text and drive but you do that once every 10 levels and the other times it’s just weird games on your phone, but you’re not actually driving while playing them. Plus there’s an add after every short level. The adds take longer than the game. Don’t recommend.

    By 12338572847gecko8375729473747

    By #pig lover for life
    This game first of all doesn’t include the “chatty driving” yes, the first level is that but that’s it. It is just random crap after that. I don’t recommend getting this at all.
  • Crap

    By Ihuhffffhhhh
    Lol, why is this game rated 4+ stars. This game is crap. The ad is super misleading. You text and drive once. Majority of the game is nonsense. Maybe the game would be better if you didn’t have so many ads.
  • Bad game

    By allen grace bell
    This game is not a game that needs to be made because teaching younger kids that playing this game and they’ll think texting and driving is good
  • Very stupid game

    By Fjffydbhfsggd
    I thought it would be fun to test my skills. You don’t text you press a phrase and drive. Then you play games then drive afterwards. Literally every time you do something in game there is an ad. You click start ad, finish a level ad, open the game ad. Would not recommend
  • Why i kinda like this app

    By Andrew Buono
    Kinda fun but way too many ads
  • This is a ripoff

    By JJ McCool awsome
    If you are a human, do not get dis app, cuz it ain’t good.
  • trash

    By rhis nickname was taken
    This is gonna be just like how everyone else reviewed it with one star.. IT LITERALLY DOESNT EVEN MAKE U DRIVE. On the first level it tricks u to think ur gonna drive and do other things, but actually it’s just about texting. Second, y’all promoting texting and driving? Cmon srsly? It’s bad enough that y’all have a game that’s about texting and is supposedly supposed to be about driving too. I’d like to rate it zero stars
  • Love it

    By pscwaters
  • Inappropriate ads

    By Miles D Man
    It’s a great game. But the ads are very inappropriate! The game is for young children! You can’t put these kind of ads in a game for kids.
  • A little bit annoying.

    By list robuck
    Okay so First it’s a decent game but it’s very annoying when it comes to the continuous ad’s not even after every task I did , I would get a ad in the middle and after it but thats not only it… THE AD’S WHERE VERY EXPLICIT ! I kept Getting inappropriate ad’s and I am very sick of the fact that the ad’s on this game Are not not controlled , also you should do more driving than phone idea.. the game recently changed their name , The older version was named “ Text and Drive “ which is a good name but changing it to “ Chatty Driver “ was a bit stupid if you don’t really chat while trying to drive I mean you don’t wanna keep doing the same thing over and over but just please do something for your app.