Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-06-07
  • Current Version: 1.7.9
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 363.53 MB
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 102


It is time to control your arrows, pick the best gates, and destroy everyone on your way! Collect lots of coins and upgrade your arrows and income! Try to reach a maximum number of arrows to kill all the enemies and giants! Become the master of arrow control! === HOW TO PLAY === ◉ Simple and intuitive game with easy-to-remember controls ◉ Just swipe to control your arrows ◉ Pass through the best gates to increase your arrows ◉ Destroy your enemies and giants to earn lots of coins === GAME FEATURES === ◉ FREE and EASY to play! ◉ Lots of UNIQUE LEVELS to play! ◉ Lots of ENEMIES and GIANTS to destroy! ◉ Lots of GATES to decide! ◉ Lots of COINS to collect and upgrade your arrows and income!



  • Another garbage rollic game

    By anonymous12456546456563244324343
    I have a mental illness where I see ads for these games on Instagram, know that they’re going to be garbage, and download them anyway. Then when they are garbage, I ask myself why did I download this garbage game knowing it would be garbage, and the only answer I can ascertain is that I have a condition. Whoever made this game, congratulations on making perhaps the least fun and most brain dead excuse of a game I can imagine. Remember when games were fun? Or at least remotely engaging? Rollic doesn’t. They don’t know what “fun” or “engaging” mean.
  • Great game but I think you forgot something with the new update

    By krdubslol
    I love this game I would suggest it to anyone but in the new update where there are rows that multiply money as you go you can still change your width meaning you can cheat and get to the end by using less arrows
  • Is it Ads or a game

    By black raven940
    The game is good, but the rounds are less than 10 seconds and after every round there is a 30 second ad. You will spend more time watching ads than actual playing anything.
  • Bad

    By Kdawg leekert
    Bad game with ads

    By Reviewbot629
    Literally an ad after ever level or play. Waste of time.
  • Ads

    By fqc7343
    Ads after every level, uninstalled
  • Ads are longer than gameplay

    By Bible__Student
    The ads consume more screen time than the actual game.
  • Ads make it awful

    By Piggy pig pig pig pig pig
    I understand app developers have to make money but having an almost 1 minute ad after every two levels is a nuisance. I know you can use airplane mode to turn them off but it’s still so annoying.
  • Too many ads

    By Abdullah Ove
    The game is ok but too many long ads, totally a waste of time.
  • Amazing game for boredom

    By Staralina 🌟
    If you’re bored, or have time on your hands that you need to kill, then this is literally the game for you. It’s really good. Super fun concept, really great game design. Lots of people in the reviews complain about too many ads, but guys, there’s a simple fix to that. Turn airplane mode on, and no ads will be able to come through! That’s what I do, because the amount of ads is ridiculous in some of these games. So the reason why it’s only 4 stars? Because of the little guys in the middle of the track when your arrows are on the track. If you hit these little guys, you will get a minimal amount of coins (1 coin, 2 coins, etc) and lose 2 or 3 of your arrows. I don’t want to lose my arrows so I TRY to avoid them. But I can’t sometimes because the game makes them bunched up so much that I can’t, so I lose up to 50 of my arrows!!! That’s my only complaint, bye! ❤️
  • Ads galore!!

    By Mors108
    Way way way to many ads.
  • Downloaded-played 2 levels-deleted

    By ANICT
    So I gave it a shot, I knew it would be an ad infested game like any of these free games are nowadays. Downloaded it, played 2 levels and then got hit with an ad so in the trash it goes. Honestly kinda surprised it didn’t have an ad load into the game. It’s actually taking longer to write this review than the time I played the game but hey games gotta make their money somehow supposedly.
  • Ads

    By 🤴👸🧑‍🎄
    There are so many ads but the game isn’t too bad
  • Ad after each level

    By morenIa10
    I understand the need for revenue but man an ad for each level is so annoying
  • Ads it’s just ads

    By belt372
    Ads for days
  • Unplayable

    By Lamb1083
    Do you like watching ads? Tired of games that let you play for more than 15 seconds without seeing an ad? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this is the game for you. . . . It’s a no for me dawg.
  • I refuse to watch an ad after every level

    By Christian Hain
    45 seconds in and had to watch two ads. I’m good
  • Unplayable because of ads

    By incapuat
    Games not difficult. Lazy built with an ad after every level. Not short ads. Playing this just makes them money.
  • Not worth it

    By DJ Master Hulk
    After every run you need to watch an add. Not worth the time spent actually playing.
  • I love it

    By aideney
    This is a great great game I wish you could do more to it please it was so fun to play it
  • Cute but ad-heavy

    By FosterBass
    I like the concept and wanted my kids to play it, but a 30 second ad after every ten seconds of gameplay is just way too much.
  • Ads

    By schrisb
    Deleted after the first ad.
  • Blah

    By Fhsuicjdjkdkka
    Repetitive ad infested game
  • Ads galore

    By johnnyman14
    The amount of ads is brutal.. roughly one ad per 2 levels
  • Ads

    By SikPony
    Ads after everything you do. It’s stupid and a clear money grab.
  • Unplayable

    By Big booty dumper plumper
    Constant ads make the game virtually unplayable
  • Среди рекламы есть немного простой игры

    By Vitaliy russia
    Одна сплошная реклама, которая включается все время автоматически. Отвратительное приложение. Сама игра не вызывает никакого интереса в виду отсутствия какой либо сложности. Все сделано только чтобы вы минутами смотрели рекламу между секундами игры
  • Too many adds

    By nelson0394230948098
    A level is about 10 seconds long. You have to watch a 30+ second add inbetween EVERY level. Way too many ads compared to gameplay. I played two levels and uninstalled. Its a shame cause the game is very fun and clever.
  • Way too many ads

    By Oats14
    Unplayable with the amount of ads they throw at you
  • Fun game, clearly just a quick way for the developers to make money.

    By blepped
    The game is fun. It requires some form of intellect, which I highly endorse. While playing the game I have 3 big problems. The lack of sound, and new activity makes the game get boring really quick, but this can be looked past. Also a small game mechanic that I noticed, and I do not like is this. When playing, you are often presented with the choice to choose the left or the right path. You have to choose one of these paths. Sometimes they are both good, sometimes they are both bad, and sometimes they are good and bad. It is your choice. But when put in a situation where there are 2 bad doors, and you have to choose the less bad one, it is possible that you can touch both and be affected by both doors. For example, if one of the doors says divide by 2, and the other says -50, you can be effected by both. This in itself isnt a problem. It is when you are put in the same situation, but both doors are good. For example, you have a door that says multiply by 2 and a door that says +50. You cannot be effected by both doors. I think that is really stupid. The last and final issue I have with the game are the ads. I personally turn off my wifi/data, this prevents the ads, and even then the delay because of the ad still exists. Obviously the game developers don't care for their player enjoyment, and are just looking to make money, but still. If I was going to develope a game, I wouldn't force ads on a user. It is annoying. But thats just me, and my opinion.
  • Lacks creativity

    By kasimalas
    The level payout maxes out at 5088 after you upgrade your income a couple times and gets stuck at 5088. The levels are very much the same andyhe game gets boring very quickly
  • Misleading advertisement

    By CowboysFan3131
    They advertised an app that helps with quick math. When this is really just a super easy game.
  • Slow your roll

    By ajd ssllfc
    Maybe wait more than two levels before asking for a review.
  • No way to remove ads

    By wowdru
    this game is actually really fun! but there's too many ads. you go through two stages that take a minute and there's an ad. I would give this 5 star for sure if there was an actual payment wall to remove them
  • Time Waster Game

    By ReeseG2211
    Nice concept but despite the amount of arrows your earn or amount of cash level ups you earn, I notice 15,264 (Approx) is the most you can earn. I played over 100 rounds to confirm this. As I stared earlier solid concept just not well developed.
  • Gets boring

    By allnamesaretaken42069
    The amount of money you can make per level is capped. Meaning you start wasting credits by buying extra income. Game gets boring after awhile tbh
  • Rather boorish

    By Missyingrovecity
    The levels repeat themselves at almost a ridiculous rate. I’m on level 577 at the time of this review with 6500 arrows and an income level of 8176. You earn the most coins by hitting the people. Unless you watch ads the highest score you can get at the end is 5088, no matter how many arrows you end with. Every now and then it glitches and you can upgrade while going into the negative (my highest negative score is -22 million). No matter how high a level you get though the upgrade is only 12,500 which is nothing once the income is up. A trick around the ads is simple, on my phone I turn off cell data to the game. When I want to play I turn off my wi-fi. I still get my messages and calls, but do not need to deal with pesky ads.
  • What a surprise

    By Kerfombula
    Another really good addicting game but I lose interest again because of the abused amount of ads each level. This game truly could have been something and I understand they need it for the money but 30 seconds add after finishing a level in less than 10 seconds. Can’t say I’m surprised.
  • TOO many ads

    By Civillian Boon
    All these great games are ruined by drowning you in ads.
  • To many ads

    By dougritt
    The game is fun. However there’s an add after every two levels. The add is around 15-30 seconds long and the two levels amount to 15-30 secs of gameplay. Not fun enough to have 50/50 game and ads. No game is that fun…
  • ads

    By fusjjdjdndjdj
    lousy with ads. ads after everything. decide not to watch an ad to get the bonus? too bad here’s an ad anyway but now without a bonus. ads ads ads
  • Too many ads

    By Superckemdckdmmd
    Obscene amount of ads. Ruins the fun.
  • You have to really love 30 second unskippable ads to enjoy this game

    By Chief commando
    Also the game is boring after about 60 seconds
  • Should be called “Ad Simulator”

    By NakedTown
    70% of this game is watching ads… even if you skip the optional ones, you’re forced to watch even more. Reason #749 why I stick to the Apple Arcade games instead.
  • Very good

    By a boy who learns
    I just started the game and I all ready love it
  • 10 seconds of play = 30 seconds ad

    By Titan90_27
  • Endless adds

    By Tomas 199777
    Add every 5 seconds
  • Waste of time

    By MVPBrady
    Fun game, but after every 10 second level you have to wait through a 30 second ad. I want to play the game not watch ads.
  • Gets boring quick!!!

    By may-u -please
    Downloaded and played for about 15mins then got bored. Uninstalling now. Same levels just repeats. LOTS of ads. No sounds. Just really Boring.