Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys

Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-07-03
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 251.70 MB
  • Developer: MagicLab
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 67 576


Want to pop ALL The Fidgets In The World? Then, Fidget Trading 3D is just for you! There are many relaxing games that makes you smiling :) Trade unique fidgets, Master reading the psychology of your opponent, Develop your trading techniques, Use notorious scam tactics or trade with honor! It all depends on you. Make profitable trades and become an expert of Fidget Toys. Play with a great number of fidgets. Are you ready to become the most relaxed fidget billionaire in the world? ▸Features: -Unique fidget toys to collect -Interact with fidget toys you own! -Different minigames to try out in “level mode” Fidgets are so relaxing and cool, they pack endless amount of fun just like Fidget Trading 3D! Can you collect ALL of the fidgets?



  • Eh I guess it fine

    By grate i gess
    It is grate without Wi Fi but after a while it gets really boring hopefully this helps 😀😀😀
  • T

    By Smithlady1221
    It has way to meny adds and it is not the real game
  • Why just why

    By bobby sanual
    Ok so I know it’s a game but the person your trading with is so dumb like I tried trading a switch and they only had a mini pop it and they got mad and declined because I wasn’t adding like a switch is worth way more than some flipping mini pop it
  • I dont understand.

    By bdbxsiakks djaisjnd
    the game is fun and all but i cannot even figure out how to do the scam feature and it is really annoying. also the ads could be cut down a little
  • Awesome game

    By tmva
    Amazing game
  • It won’t scammed people in game

    By kamkke
    Won’t scam people
  • Good but…

    By hdjehebebdndbdhw
    So I got the game
  • FUNNY I-

    By Ariana Bowles
    this is a dumb game for some but it’s HILARIOUS seeing that i get scammed or how many times i press the “add” button overall not bad it’s pretty good may be annoying but most the time it’s funny 😀👏🏽
  • Good but..

    By lady katyy
    This game is good but there is way to ads! After every level you get a ad! Also you barely get to do trading! You can’t scam but they can! But this game is kinda good still..
  • i hate this game 😤🤬😡

    By Anxrew 😇
    this game promised me free robux and i was scammed out of my time and money!! 😤😤 i will never play this again and it’s very bad DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! 😤😤😤🤬🤬😡 I HATE YOU THIS GAME AND I LOST MY IPHONE CAUSE OF AN AD 😡😤🙄🙄🥱🥱😡😡🤬🤬😶‍🌫️😤😤
  • So addicting! 😍🥰

    By the yeet girl
    I love the game and the sounds for the pop it’s! It’s very nice and I love how the bot get angry when you don’t accept their trade every single level is my favorite I don’t even know which one to choice but over all This is an amazing game it might have glitches me out a couple times but it’s perfectly fine! 🥰
  • too many ads

    not the best, too many ads, not enough figetting sadly 1/5
  • won’t let u see what u got and to many ads

    By emoriesparkles
    i love the game in all but if you get airpods or an iphone it won’t let you see what’s inside of the box and the trader who ur trading with if u hit add more the deny it and the us toooo many ads but i like the game an all
  • Boarding Now

    By 2021 is off to a great start
    Okay I have continued playing this game and it makes you do the same things over and over again it is now annoying!!! Don’t get this game!
  • Dont buy this stupid boring game

    By 9238748392921038
    terrible game bad idea stupid gameplay not fun too many ads
  • No

    By HututiEuybthf
    Too many adds😑
  • i meeeeeean

    By SRG Caitlin
    the trading part is fun but it ends so fast then you play all these irrelevant mini game things that are boring and there’s an ad every 10 seconds
  • baka

    By coolgirl_nice
    uwu it’s fun 👉🏼👈🏼🥺 i luvv it hehe anyways bai😍🥰🥺.
  • Why don’t play this

    By do. ot play this game
    I mean it’s not the best it said for scamming but you can’t scam and every time I want more fidgets so I can actually scam it just says no and there are way way to much ads and some of the things on this game are not even fidget fix it or don’t make it a game and delete it because no one is going to want to play this game when the ad is fake and the game is fake I’ve played better games even though I like fidgets there are way better games than this so I do not recommend if you think it’s going to be a waste of time but if your bored and have no other game to play which you should, then play it but other than that no just no!🤢🤮😕👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻will not be playing again and deleted it I’m not a fan two stars don’t play there is so much ways you can make this way better even YouTubers think this what do you think???😌🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😅😅😅🥲🤣🙃🙂
  • Not enough trading

    By ...oppo
    I like the game but I want there to be more trading. I don’t like that you have to do so much stuff before you can trade again. But overall good game
  • Figts

    By mistacoll
    I like it but there are so many adds on the game that is all complainShort because who is writing these long long long reviews not like if I were anybody I wouldn’t write those long long long long long long long long review so I need to try to make this shortAs I can and less I like the game a lotI’ll so I just started it today it’s currently I don’t know what it’s like 10 at night and I really I’m really liking it so far so that’s all I have to say
  • No

    By love_Redd
    I don’t know if this happens for other games but it’s never happened to me my data wasn’t working and I tried to download the game but it ease my on WiFi or data so now it’s stuck in the loading phase and I got really sad cause I wanted to play this game 😢😢😢😢
  • No just no

    By addy/aa
    Im Highly disappointed!! I’ve played the game and way to many ads! I expected to fidget trade like the title said but there’s barely any of that?!? Like what? Even when I am trading they make me add a bunch and only accept if it’s a bad trade, confuesing right? I’ve only been playing for 5 minutes and I’m highly disappointed! I’ll update when I’m further in the game!
  • Not good at all

    By BriannalSchultz
    I thought it was just gonna be all about fidget trading but it’s not it has to many mini games and to many adds so there you go I am done now

    By figitlover2010....
    So I was reading the reviews and it was like “this game is horrible and blah blah blah” BUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT! I would definitely recommend it!
  • Trading game

    By seeaft
    I love it
  • Are you Kidding me

    By Eieiwiwiwi
    So I downloaded this app so I could have Somthing I could play when I was bored when it downloaded I was so excited and when I opened it glitched out my Ipad and it was nothing like the ad I tried to delete it and it wouldn't delete I was so mad and my Ipad cut off when it turned back on it was still there and when I pressed the delete button it deleted :( terrible app >:(

    By mamma-2
  • 2 ⭐️

    By dylan zippe luver
    The game is fun but there’s way too many adds back to back it’s really annoying
  • Best fidget app ever

    By Flavaflav 20
    Great app
  • To many ads

    By wowthatsnice??
    Just don’t install if you wanna play a game without advertisements because every time I beat a level there is a advertisement right after like literally every level you beat and it’s mostly ads than levels I only got to trade once
  • Worst

    By KellyOye
    The game dose not do what it dose in the Ads to many ads don’t download
  • About Fidget treads!

    By Tina/im tiana)
    Why do I not have the TIE-DYE Fidgets?
  • Ugh it’s ok

    By the butter girl12334568
    I would of expected this better then it is! I’m truly disappointed!!! I wanted this to be better! Pls do something...
  • Great but could be better

    By hhfjvdjdd
    So I just got this game yesterday and it is the best game ever. But I feel like after a while it will get really boring and I really don’t like how much ads that they put in the game like you say no to something in they’ll still give you add and it’s so annoying. Like I know they’re trying to get money but like you put 100 ads for no reason. Although on the good hand it has a bunch of like mini games in there and I think that’s really cool and fun also I like the sound that it makes it’s really fun. But on the downside this can get really boring and also sometimes it glitches so it’s like even worse. But this is a pretty good game so I would probably recommend buying it because at the end of the day I have nothing else better to do so😀
  • The Game look good but it’s not

    By Ravynn Farmer
    There are way to many adds like every times you hit or do something their is a add I do not recommend this app because it got annoying 3 minutes into playing the game .
  • Fidget make pp hard like brick

    By brian from chrurch
    Oooh fidget
  • Advertisements

    By lolzforlols
    Ive done more ad watching than getting to play the actual game.
  • Don’t

    By ظيفوني2041337
  • Horrible game.

    By puppyloverbox :)
    There’s a 30 second ad every 10 seconds. This game is a waste of time.
  • Hate this game

    I only did one trade and then it switched to different stuff :/ that’s not even trading more
  • Childish

    By Imagine Chi
    It was so full of ads and also it treated you like an absolute baby. Not to mention it being too easy and a complete waste of time. It was so boring. Don’t bother getting this.
  • .

    By omgitzmimi
    too many ads and i just want to trade. the little mini games should be optional. you shouldn’t automatically have to play them they should be saved for later.
  • It’s ok I guess…

    By gracefulscarlettz
    When I first got the game I was so excited and now you barley trade it’s just popping fidgets and cutting fruit if they made it to where you just traded then it would be fun
  • Wow

    By jdisjdje
    I got this game for my kid because she really wanted it, 10 minutes later she comes back and said that it was the best game ever. 5 star’s

    By HappyKitten4986
    this would be amazing with multiplayer to trade fidgets and very funny to fake scam friends with toys for people who cannot meet irl
  • Not enjoyable

    By Its_Robust_YT
    Game is not enjoyable at all as there are way to many ads. Otherwise would not download app and download a other similar app as the ads here are absolutely everywhere. Good app, bad ad placements
  • About the ads...

    By Enjoy commercials
    There is an ad every 15 seconds and I can barely play the game and have fun with the game and when there is a button that has an ad symbol and I press no thank you under the button with the ad symbol it shows an ad when I did not click on the ad button.
  • Wow great game...

    By HorseLoverBella🐴🐴
    NO NOT GREAT!! to many ads like what’s the point?!!? Also some ads look through your information sooooo BAD GAME LIKE IM UPSET 😭