Destiny Run

Destiny Run

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-07-18
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 360.09 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 711


Choose your destiny, make your life choices. Be Angel or be Devil! Then Go to Heaven! Or Go to Hell! It is your fate! So are you a good person or a naughty one? Divine decision is in your hands now. Use it wisely! This is the runner of your lifetime and after it! Where will you go in your afterlife? You will find it in this game! It is your judgement day and gods will judge your choices. Your soul will find its place! Being a celebrity or a student, an imposter or a doctor, rich or poor; they do not matter! There is only one important judgement: be merciful or be wicked. The holy justice calls for you!



  • Fun but why the money?

    By i like cat meow
    I love this game but like why can't you spend the money tho? I have over 1 mil and I can’t use the money in other games you can spend the money apart from that this game is great!
  • Needs some updating

    By Samantha-100
    Can you make it harder to get to the chest?
  • I love this

    By APhelps85
    I love this game because it keeps me entertained for days
  • Horrible

    By Cheetah girl5
    I hate the game it's a scam change it I hate it aLl
  • This game is so amazing I love it so much and I think more people should get this app.

    By ava/neil/george/chistine feola
  • Hope

    By blastbraydenfieldshd
    Hope is for Jesus Christ, not for fools
  • To many adds

    I would start to play or do something and there would be an add it gets annoying as you keep playing it and all there is is a lot of adds
  • And the Christians are at it again...

    By Rat2905
    With y’all’s misogyny! So a girl wearing flower dresses and covering herself is angelic but a girl owning her body and showing skin is a demon? Y’all really want to shove Christian misogyny down kids’ throats. There’s no hate like Christian love and propaganda.
  • Hello

    By brad247#$
    The app needs no ads that’s it

    Ok so I kinda don’t like it BECUSE ITS RIGGED I have tried so many times and I have had this app for a while but I never win so ya it’s rigged please change it so we can win
  • eh

    By explosive_pie
    it’s a good game i guess but you can’t even beat level 2 😐
  • I love being so good 😊 😇😇😇😇

    By BreeBri5
    So fun and easy to use and you need a lot to talk about bc this game is fun SO FUN I LOVE IT
  • Love this game but can we pay to remove ads like other games

    By LovelyGirl47
    Hey I really love the transformations, the aesthetic, and the themes but I would like to pay like $2.99 to remove ads like your other games please.
  • Meea good

    By TVs wuqywge
    Way to meny adds but it’s a really fun game. All my siblings have this game. I have a lot of siblings I have 3 sisters 5 brothers. We all hate each other but we all are in love with this game. Soo Crazy right. There might be allot of adds but the game is still really fun. 👍🏼😀
  • The best, just a bug

    Yes, I love this game you made! But I’m not being mean, but there are a few things you should fix. First off, there’s a bug that makes me go through the flying part. I was confused when this happned when I downloaded the app. So thank you for making this game, this is just a suggestion.
  • Great, but just two problems.

    By AnbuAAE
    I enjoy playing this game, but there’s just 2 problems in the game itself—when I get a new character skin after reaching 100%, it won’t let me see the video for it, and instead takes me back to the main area to start the next level. And sometimes, the video for increasing the amount of Angel or Devil coins doesn’t play, allowing me to get the normal amount after the multiplier the character landed on (or stayed the same if the character didn’t gain wings). Can you find a way to fix it, or is it something that my phone is doing? Let me know soon, but other than that, AWESOME game!!! 😈😇❤️😇😈
  • Mmm it’s ok

    By loveleyJacky
    It’s fun but kinda boring as you play it for a while ig
  • Good but not

    By bnartyyiokkmnhh
    It is ok but I keep having app’s 😒😞but I’m actually like it it’s just not me I like the angle of the game lol 😂 but it is a great game 😁😆🤣😗😙😗😘😘😘😘
  • nice

    By KiingCarlios
    it’s fun but it has too much ads and that gets me mad
  • I like being a angle this game is awesome

    By diiwufid
    So good
  • Just download it

    By hsidjjeis
    I rated it a 3 because I haven’t Played it yet
  • So good not much add as well

    By ash livy
    This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun
  • Why I like it but hate it at the same time

    By unfjnunjrnfhfnjnzojf
    I like it but it has way to many ads
  • Its kinda fun otherwise

    By rayrayrayrayarayaryataya
    You need to fix level 2
  • way too many glitches

    By 😏🥵Emma + Aubrey🥵😏
    i was stuck on the game in the air for about 30 minutes the game would not let me close out and i was just sitting stuck flying in no where but its a fun game without the glitches
  • Good game

    By joe123343443
    It’s awesome
  • Loves sir but...

    By Tyfisted
    I love it because it is fun but it takes forever to download
  • Good

    By sweetgirl💗💟💟💟1376
    It’s fun.
  • Hhccc

    By keyoir
  • Not for kids

    By Mrfsniper
    This should be 17+ Very inappropriate for younger kids Sexual innuendo
  • Fun but one problem

    By * Girl *
    This is an amazing app! I love this so much, yet you have to watch a ad to unlock skins, and if you don’t wanna, you have to earn the same skin again! But it is very fun.
  • ADS

    By ahebrsjrndhd
    I don’t like this game because it has ADS and don’t even make sense!!!
  • Good

    By anime-UWU
    I like the game I just don’t like all the adds
  • Fake reviews SCAM

    By Bmjaadams
    Stupid scam
  • The worst thing I have ever played

    By sloverainbowunicorn
  • I’m confused

    By hehehsjd
    It won’t let me download the game??
  • Too Many ADS!!!

    By DJDaleDeeny
    You spend literally more time watching ads than playing a game. Not that there’s much of a game.
  • Love

    By 👄💋🫁👁🗣🗣
    I love this game omg the best of the year
  • Fun!

    By #Evoqueen!
    This game is very fun and even though you don’t do much, just the same thing over and over again, it’s so addicting! I haven’t done much other things when I got this. My friend played this and told me she got it, so I checked it out and I’m obsessed. There aren’t really many bugs or glitches but there is a few. One glitch is that sometimes if you collect something that is for angel, it will give you demon. Same way the other way around. Another glitch is sometimes at the end when you are flying, when you land you’ll go through the ground and the only way to get out of that is to exit out of the game. This doesn’t happen often but it’s happened twice to me. One more is that it’s possible to just be flying over the map then I started falling back down but went back under the map. This has only happened once, and I have no idea if this has happened to anyone else. Other than those three glitches, this game is so fun and I recommend it! If you don’t know what to do and have nothing to do, in your free time you should definitely play this!
  • Good game but…

    By Pro_1234gamer
    So I was flying as a devil and landed on x5 THEN I went soooooooooooooooo far down in the map and didn’t get my points!
  • ADS

    By moonfairy5829
    Okay so any app that’s like the ones you play on a plane have ads don’t listen to that top one, it’s stupid that if you want a reward you have to watch an ad but if you skip it YOU STILL GET AN AD
  • Why the high rating??

    By ahakdhskakaj
    Yea I have no idea why this is highly rated by people...just ultra repetitive, one game lasts about 20 seconds, bad graphics...rating so people wont bother downloading it.
  • Trash

    This game right here is trash. The Ads are very disgusting and very groom like ads is how I see it. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY THIS GAME. My kids phone started glitching after playing this game. Very inappropriate!!
  • Five to be at to actually 0 😡

    By Smileattheboys
    Is this a good influence on my children no and this ad is so revealing
  • What’s wrong with driving a car eating food that you like and like rock

    By jaingn
    This game is a light what the problem is why is it bad to like rock and ride a car most people don’t like kpop
  • Hdj

    By hdhsjcjdja
    I love this game it is fun but I like the angel more
  • Amazing

    By fgfgkhfcff
    I love this so much I’m gonna bleed every day
  • Fix this pls

    By toresso
    When you finish the level there’s a add at the bottom and you go on to the next level pls fix this
  • Ummm i love it

    By Jayzj1982
    It’s a good game but I don’t want it too give me more ads cuz it’s annoying but it is ok plus I like how the outfits are cool but I’m 17 playing this game it’s awesome game but some kids I saw are like 4 and I saw the girl on this game and it’s 12+ but she 4+