DNA Evolution 3D

DNA Evolution 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-08-23
  • Current Version: 1.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 255.05 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 19 284


► DNA Evolution 3D – Get evolved! Master the elements and smash the enemy in this fun, fast-paced adventure game where you have to run the gamut of obstacle courses to build up your character’s elemental superpowers before confronting equally evolved super villains in epic battles where only the fittest survive. Keep on running and keep on fighting to prove your evolutionary advantages and brawl your way to the top of the superpower food chain in this quirky, exciting game of elemental struggle and superhero action. ► A crash course in evolution • Get your rocks on – race to collect the elements you need to alter your runner’s DNA and turn them into a hulking superhero of mythical proportions. Other elements will drain their strength, so pick your way through the obstacle course carefully to ensure you have the power needed to take on your rival. • Constantly evolving – it’s a song of ice, fire, lightning, and a whole lot more in DNA Evolution 3D: as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock dozens of new elements that have awesome effects on your character’s DNA and abilities, imbuing them with the remarkable superpowers they need to smash their equally buff elemental opponents in battle. • Elemental, my dear Watson – each villain you face has their own elementary strengths, and if you have difficulty defeating them you can choose from your hero’s elements menu to create the DNA cocktail you think has the best chance of winning against them, then collect the maximum amount of your chosen elements as you race through the obstacle course to meet your foe. • Speed up evolution – earn cash for completing levels and spend it to improve your hero’s stats, ensuring they have the evolutionary advantages they need to survive and prosper in this race of supernatural selection. • A transformative experience – beautifully detailed graphics show your character’s genetic transformation from an ordinary human into a hyper-evolved superhero as they run each obstacle course. Each individual element and the elemental combination has its own unique effects that range from the awesome to the absolutely terrifying. ► Join the evolution revolution! Download DNA Evolution 3D and charge into action in this fast and furious running game that ends in awesome superhero battles.  Crazy genre-crossing fun is guaranteed as you summon the elements, evolve your character from a puny human into an elemental titan, and clash with the enemy in epic fast-tapping brawls. Dive into the evolutionary soup and smash your way to the top in this epic Darwinian adventure.



  • It is good

    By Alexander12356
    It’s good how eve I do wish there was a tiger skin that would make it complete 😁😅
  • Review by Dariel

    By Dariel C.
    It is an good game gets me stressed some times but over all it is an good
  • Spreen

    By nanshejs
    Gracias spreen me hiciste descargar esta poronga 💕🏃‍♀️
  • Form Kamari

    By thxjtcaf
    I love the game
  • Good kind of crazy...

    By Quixotic Kaya
    How are the animals humans oh crazy
  • C

    By wally101012
    Loveeeeee this game prefore this game then others
  • meh

    By Krystal2.o
    not very interesting or captivating. its the same thing over and over again and really isnt worth playing
  • Gg

    By this should update
    It means good game that’s all.
  • SCAM

    By Small Potatos Are Swaggy
  • It’s getting too easy

    By Buf716!!!
    If you’re at 500 you can get 2K which I just gets too easy Roblox in tower defense is very hard to do by yourself and with other people
  • My name is Taven I’m in 7th grade

    By super duper funny
    Supple and few minutes on the game but when you get to level 1,000 like I’m in it gets super hard
  • Not like the ad

    By nnnnninnninnnnninnninnnnn
    I played so I can explore different elements and their power but I was forced to pick certain elements
  • Bye Rex

    By sketchkong_20
    I love it I can get new Character
  • awsum skeens

    By fix the hands cannot move bug
    the shark man is cool
  • Bad game

    By it so so so so so good
    This game is horrible its so laggy all my elements turn into black balls then when it loads it doesn’t give me my powers in the game don’t install it am going to delete the game it so bad and horeble 1 star
  • Please fix more bugs

    By Beepbop538
    On level 7 I couldn’t collect any elements,that’s why I put 1 star
  • So much fun but

    By chillin269
    I am a kid and I love it.

    By hyikggk,yfjmfgum
  • This is alsome Love it keep up the good work

    By Nine_tails_naruto
    This is the most good game ever made in humanity
  • its cool

    By Tero Akuma
    I like cheese
  • Game

    By fhdvfhxhfb
    So I uninstalled the game after I said what they should do and then a month later I reinstalled it and it is so much better than before!!!
  • Add a girl skin

    By Gerardo origami ninja
    I want to see a fire girl
  • Bad

    By spum that
    Bad graphics, poor design, and blatant cash grab with fake reviews
  • Epic

    By tier 11
  • You can’t even merge the powers you have to stick with one 😒🤬

    By she gsyshs
    This game is trash you can’t even merge the powers you have to stick with one 👎🏾👎🏾
  • Just needs more elements

    By ryanreynoldsasshair
    Or not but I'd like it better
  • Gotta add more

    By treyap9
    You have to add more please this was my favorite game
  • It’s good but.l

    By Best Gs
    It’s a good game but when you get to like level 93 the percentage you know the percentage where i shows how much you need to get to the next element for me is gone and it says I can still collect a lot of elements but it’s not showing up
  • Cool game needs more animation

    By RichRang
    I wish with the elements that you have and the boss level you get to use your Flame Abilities or ICE, stone etc but you just do the same moves, that doesn’t even correlate when you have powers
  • Cool game but the only problem is WAY TOO MANY ADS

    By knightmare1983
    Ads ads ads ads ads and more ads
  • Love it…

    By victimoflove
    But there’s way too many ads. Add a “NO ADS” button and I’ll give you 5 stars.
  • the game

    By uhdhhdsydtgddgdgdtdg
    i love it
  • Great

    By gorillafart69
    Just some fun simple few minutes.
  • Difficulty

    By yeetmonsterlegendsucks
    This game is super fun and I love all the characters and elements but it’s so hard to beat the bosses and no matter how much health and power you purchase you still gonna lose
  • It’s ok but..

    By i love roblox nolan
    I love the game to be onest but it’s a little laggy and every tim i play a round it goes straight to an ad cind of annoying and I don’t like how I have to update it to get more Eli nets but most lay it is a good game.
  • It’s ok

    By Chan the Mann
    There’s a lot of ads&lagging and its only a men
  • Pls fix

    By Underwater_ant
    I love the game but my stats are messed up
  • How much I love this game

    By jzjchjakvmvkLhdjdikc
    I Love this game I stopped playing fortnite because of this game I love it
  • Conplain

    By Brevwhit
    Don’t like how the enemies are stronger than you
  • Good game but...

    By dixieluna
    Good game I should say I do love it but.... there’s and ad after every time you play a round and it’s kind of annoying
  • Great game but laggy

    By hiimviet
    When i got this game i hoped it was good. Then every time it got an element thing it froze for a while. Other than that its pretty good.
  • Ok

    By haberbergersj
    It is so fun but kind of gross
  • Trash

    By Vdhjddnbdbdbdbdbdhdhhd
    This isn’t even the right game I was hoping for
  • Bf$t Gam evererererer!1!1!1!

    I sow Danos
  • What it this?!?

    By car.bear
    This is not what I saw on one of your adds on Tiktok. I’m pretty upset. Before you download, if you think that you are a skeleton, you run to get DNA, and build a body, it is not like that. I am angry 🤬
  • I love this game and I want to have more games like this thanks

    By jfjdudkdickdd
    Love this game