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  • Release Date: 2019-01-31
  • Current Version: 6.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
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Buy, sell, and save with eBay. Explore offers on your favorite brands and save money on your online shopping today. Love eBay? Then you’ll love the eBay app! Use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes for easy and fast listing, and manage your account on the go. Simple. Top 3 eBay Features: 1. Buy and sell with ease 2. Access savings and daily deals 3. Earn cash on new or pre-owned items Whether you’re selling your car, looking for a quick fashion fix, or simply browsing, the eBay app is a shopping must-have. Download now to get started! BEST-SELLING TECH • Upgrade your cellphone to the latest model - browse deals on Apple and Samsung • Get your hands on the hottest deals for computers, smart watches, game consoles, TVs and more NEW-SEASON FASHION • Update your wardrobe with jeans, jackets, dresses, tops, shoes and accessories • Shop your favorite fashion brands at the best prices HOME & GARDEN • Access savings on furniture, home decor, and kitchen appliances • Shop DIY tools, craft supplies, and gardening tools AUTOMOTIVE • Sell your car in just a few steps • Shop vehicles, auto parts, accessories, and more Take eBay with you wherever you are. Just download now! KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS.



  • Be aware of added charges!

    By bbillie mmay
    Did not know that ebay would send me a bill for selling MY item. Doesn’t make any sense? I’ll buy and sell elsewhere.
  • I am always happy when purchasing from EBay !

    I have shopped almost 10 years of my life on this website. So far I have never had any issues with the company and my transactions. I wish everyone a happy shopping!
  • Can’t get views on listings

    By Fhfnfnfjeiemtbthrjrkrkejgfkwhf
    I list items all the times and every time I have to wait 24 hours to get views on my listings . This is annoying I should have to wait that long just for people to see my item . I recommend Mercari if you want to sell
  • Very helpful

    By roono11
    Very good
  • eBay’s managed payment ripoff

    By Chappx25
    Don’t waste your time (and money) selling on eBay anymore. All seller will be forced into their “managed payments” program after July 15, 2020. Managed payments means eBay holds ALL SELLER FUNDS for 3-4 days, then sends it too you, and tells you it takes 3-5 business days for it to hit your bank accounts. I had too wait 10-12 days too see ANY money, had too pay shipping out of my pocket and wait too be reimbursed. The buyers had the items 5-7 days BEFORE I EVER SAW A DIME. With PayPal I saw my money minus fees in minutes NOT DAYS OR WEEKS. Holding our money to invest in money markets too profit even more off of the sellers WHO MAKE ALL THE MONEY FOR EBAY BECAUSE EBAY DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING. I guess when the banks gambled in the markets with OUR MONEY and lost OUR MONEY and needed BILLIONS IN GOVERNMENT RELIEF TO SAVE THEM DIDN’T TEACH EBAY ANYTHING. When they lose the gamble THE SELLER WILL BE THE REAL LOSERS.
  • Bad update!!

    By Threedogeggs
    Constantly crashes when trying to upload pictures for new listings. This version is very inconsistent and rarely fully works.
  • Don't add to cart

    By ThunderousShift
    You can't remove something in your cart.
  • Constantly messes with listings

    By billlllllygost
    I have been using the eBay app for a month now and have had so many issues with it at this point that I’ve been considering no longer using it at all. The app constantly changes things from listing prices to shipping methods to package weights you can’t seem to ever get it to put in the correct values. And once it does don’t expect it to stay that. I’ve had a number of listing listed at 100 or more change to 10 or 30 once I hit done. They need to get this under control as it cause an issue with a buyer already that was extremely stressful and shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
  • Dark mode?

    By redcity11
    Love the app. No issues here but a dark mode would be nice for the iPhone. It’s works on my iPad Pro.
  • Don’t bother with eBay

    By damnpickanicknamealready
    eBay will allow people to steal from you and lie to you and ebay will still take the buyers side. There is nothing you can do to stop this as a seller other than to take your selling some where else. If you don’t want to be taken advantage of don’t use eBay. I am deleting my eBay account that I have had for 10 years because of this. I have had it. Save your self the time and trouble and sell locally. Screw eBay. If you use eBay you’re literally paying them to let people take advantage of you and abuse eBay money back guarantee. Your own return policy does not matter. eBay will force the return even when you get ripped off for both the item and your money from the sale!!!!
  • eBay4LiFe

    By Ambush175
    I have been A member of this team since 2002 -When shopping of any kind happens, it starts here at eBay... period. -God bless Ambush175
  • Always the best!

    By #1 Saintsgurl
    Easy navigation, great customer service, always my go-to for shopping and hard to find deals!
  • Bad business

    By Not right!!!!,
    I sent a customer a ACER computer product. Customer said it did not have the correct download. Customer send me back a SAMSUNG computer. Not the same, definitely. Also the Samsung is thrashed, but that’s not the point. EBay did not even read the information that I had sent. I want my Acer computer back, not some piece of other crap.! My point is I want back the same product that I refunded. You do it for the buyers side but not the seller. NOT RiGHT!
  • Glitches

    By Jomy Rls
    I can’t see all the messages I’ve sent recently. It closed while filing a returning report.
  • Black lives don’t matter

    By Iuuuyyttttrrr
    Really you made the stars black?
  • Ebay

    By johnny b quick
    Very easy to find items , easy to buy and save money to.
  • Total knock-off for selling stuff

    By NEVEC2149
    If you sell anything here, consider any money you get a donation to ebay because you won’t get much left after all the fees for this outdated platform. Never selling again.
  • Love this store

    By michael_cassella
    Love this store
  • 28 Chevy Coupe

    By f4bmw
    When I put a description of my preferences such as 28 Chevy, that’s the feedback I would like on my page to be sent from E Bay. I look at a lot of different makes and models to see the description because sometimes those parts interchange. I need to focus on my make and model not what you see me looking at from your end. 😊👍
  • Getting better

    By Nursey-nurse
    It’s annoying to be forced to open items on a search list in order to see the shipping costs. Why do some items show the shipping cost, while many many others say “see description” where the shipping should be? Please make all of the cost and shipping info visible on the lists! This app used to work that way. I don’t understand why it changed.
  • Bugs

    By Twigz29
    It keeps crashing
  • Great Deals

    By Alejocastor
    I find here lot of stuff and best prices than other web sites!!
  • Would not recommend

    By lucy123.lmmv
    I just made a purchased and got charged more than what my total was. Tried to contact costumer service and no agent is available. Will not buy again.
  • La mejor

    By ebm3260
    Muy buena
  • Love eBay. Fees could be a little lower though

    By bobsthriftshoppe
    Pulled me through when I was off for two months of work during covid shut down
  • Better Than Amazon

    By Vito.7
    Better than Amazon
  • Pride comes before the fall...

    By YeshuaWonEternity
    Humility before honor.
  • Terrible

    By JuliaB1415
    Extremely terrible application to use, first it’s very confusing to anybody who is not completely familiar with it, it sells things for you without confirmation that you wanted to sell that item to that person, after trying to delete my account i got many bad excuses why I could not delete it and then after not selling anything through the app and not getting money from anyone I had to pay EBAY!!!! Do not recommend.
  • Disappointed

    By duigeijdy
    I was looking forward to selling a lot of high value items I came across due to a family member passing, but discovered as I was listing my first item that they require you to have a PayPal account to receive payment for anything sold. I refuse to sign up with PayPal after I ended up in NUMEROUS battles with them over money they practically stole. Because eBay has no other way to give you your money, I am unable to sell here, therefore I will no longer be spending my money here either.
  • EBAY

    By goodebay
    It is good everything that I have ordered has arrived so much time of good vdd 👍.
  • No support to seller

    By licatlicat
    No support to seller . Only good for buyer . Don’t use eBay to sell . Moving to other markets . Don’t waste time here .
  • Buying on line

    By Qwik Fox
    The security in buying through E-Bay and PayPal takes all anxiety from online purchasing
  • What a trip

    By ghetto steve
    I used to spend all day running around picking up various products from car-fishing you name it, now I just click and go about my way. Thanks to all the contributors who make it easier to make a decision about someone I don’t know. Especially in these times of safe social distancing you all stay safe and stay home. Be medicated and well caffeinated. Bob Marley
  • eBay rocks

    By 19reyna89
    I love shopping on eBay everything I buy comes out to be what I want I recommend eBay all the time
  • Dark mode

    By MakuroX
    Love the app, glad it got improved. Please add a setting within the app to choose between Dark and light mode. My phone is on dark mode but prefer my apps in light mode. Fix this and I’ll give it a 5.
  • ebay sells stolen or broken items

    By Maaaaddd person
    Even when it says it’s new it could be just stolen. Do not buy anything from eBay as sellers with good review could be scammers, or thieves and eBay will be on the side of scammer sellers, no costumer service at all.
  • Filters issues

    By La Blatte US
    Can’t apply any (60-day) filter on the purchased objets list anymore, it’s everything or nothing. Also, no way to hide purchased transactions. Have to go on the website for that now.
  • Unique items

    By Alicia510
    A good place to find products made in USA and unique items from other countries.
  • Good review

    By shipley_jeremy
    Have good help with a refund. But over all it’s a good place to buy and sell.
  • Keep saying oops something went wrong

    By LoriRafn34827
    I signed in to eBay and a box says oops something went wrong. No matter what I try to do
  • Norton parts

    By c a mon
    Not here ‘ Not happy! It’s paid for?
  • Nothing like it.

    By faceres
    Love live Ebay! The way that Ebay has curated its app... such a uniquely fluid and user-focused experience. From the alerts to search filters to the messaging system; bravo!
  • EBay

    By Ms.Frank"01"
    I loveeeeeeeeee eBay
  • Fun, Value, Handy

    By Michael The Pilot
    Ebay has been our go to for over 15 years it’s such a great system for quality items and value. Thank You ebay !
  • A great marketplace full of hard to find items

    By UptownBrown8
    I’ve been a user of eBay for 18 years, I believe, and the scope of sellers and products (especially new or unopened products) has only continued to expand. The services and reliability have also improved with reminder emails and Best Offer capability. During the COVID period and staying at home, I have actually utilized eBay MORE than usual, especially as a Buyer. And the Saved Search feature has been wonderful in my ability to find tennis shoes that have been discontinued for 6-7 years. EBay does the work, I get that email saying a pair has been listed.i buy them at excellent value prices and I have been able to keep 1-2 in inventory. Fantastic experience. Thanks eBay!
  • full of ads

    By TinTin858585
    And stop interfering with my listings! They keep turning on offers!
  • Crashing

    By App Rater Dan
    The app is good, but there’s some issues that need to be addressed. I’m a top rated and power seller that sells about 100 items a day. There’s a lot of items that never get delivered to my buyers, so i like to check through my sold history what didn’t get delivered. So when I go through my sold history eventually after continuously scrolling down the app crashes. Maybe they can add a shipped option, and exempt delivered option to prevent the overload/crash. Also there used to be a option to search a order by username in search section under search history but now it doesn’t work. Would like that feature back as well.
  • Email

    By Pat's apple
    Cut back!
  • Great and extremely friendly App

    By humbrula
    Easy to find, easy to pay, never lost one of hundreds of different things l’ve ordered during several years that I’m buying @ eBay Excellent job and App!