PayPal: Mobile Cash

PayPal: Mobile Cash

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2008-07-11
  • Current Version: 7.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 297.22 MB
  • Developer: PayPal, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 298 648


The improved PayPal mobile app is the secure way to send, receive, and access your money from almost anywhere. With our improved app, you'll get the convenience you want, paired with the secure transactions you've come to trust from PayPal. Plus, there are no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account or balance. HELP KEEP YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION PRIVATE AND PROTECTED You can get peace of mind you deserve with: 24/7 transaction monitoring Secure encryption technology Fraud protection Fingerprint and two-factor authentication (activation required) SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR FREE It’s free to send money to Friends and Family in the U.S. using your bank account or PayPal balance. Settle up for your share of the bill, send a loved one the gift of money, or request money from a friend with ease. PAY FOR GOODS AND SERVICES WITH CONFIDENCE Sending money to someone you don't know? With PayPal, you can send it with confidence. When selecting Goods & Services, your eligible send money transactions can be protected by Purchase Protection. Terms and Limitations apply. And, if the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, can open one easily for free. ACCESS YOUR BALANCE INSTANTLY WITH THE PAYPAL CASH CARD Easily transfer funds from your bank to your PayPal account and access your balance with the PayPal Cash Card. Shop in-store, online or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Plus, withdraw your PayPal funds at ATMs worldwide. SEND MONEY TO PAYPAL ACCOUNTS AROUND THE WORLD* We make it easy to send money internationally. Choose from a range of currencies to help maximize the value of your dollar with our competitive fees. Sender and recipient must have a PayPal account.



  • Not working correctly

    By Lee Berto
    Someone sent me Monday but I never got it an it came from their account
  • Can’t use PayPal anymore.

    By Hayden Kloster
    Have been using this app for about 5 years but recently it cut off my access to send or receive money. The only way for it confirm my account other than already providing other information is specifically a picture of my social security number. Not a chance, sorry.
  • Always PayPal

    By Mlynnylynn
    If a place I’m shopping online with doesn’t have paypal I don’t buy. I feel safe with PayPal. My favorite
  • PayPal is great

    By Chuck Fiedler
    I buy and sell a lot of stuff over the ‘net and PayPal is by far my favorite medium of exchange. It’s quick allowing me to ship sooner—no trips to the bank, no waiting for payment to clear, and no credit card charges. Have already had two suppliers start using it.
  • WOW

    By Robby Manders
    It does not get better than PayPal.
  • No responsibility for duplicated transactions

    By squash99oo
    They don’t take responsibility for duplicated transactions caused by their own app that lead to an over-draft
  • Easy to use and well thought out

    By tannman70
    While the fees are more than I like, the app itself is very intuitive
  • Simple and safe way to exchange money with friends

    By be_the_lightM516
    Very efficient
  • Keeps kicking me out

    By Raterste
    Keep getting a error message
  • My app is freezing

    My app is freezing after each transaction
  • Frozen

    By Kylemanson
    They froze my first transaction cause they think I am suspicious? Think harder!
  • Pen Pal

    By USMC.1968
    Easy way to send money without making out checks.
  • Error

    By vhandr
    Getting an error “Retry” “Sorry about that....”
  • Sb

    By The new girl with a ipad
    Not sure why my social is needed to save money in my account. Not cool!
  • Broken Send Email Function

    By iGoosoft
    1. No notification before making a automatic payment. 2. After send button tapped, the email view is not dismissed nor by tapping the cancel button, which caused me sending 10 same emails to the receiver because I’m not sure if I tapped the button. 3. The retry modal was randomly popped up.
  • A lot of technical problems

    By camgxxx
    I suffer from technical problems in a daily basis. PayPal doesn’t let me do payments or add funds. Therefore, PayPal is worthless.
  • Hard to complete money transfers nowadays

    By usefulbeauty
    For some reason, recently, I have been having issues transferring money around. I’ve logged into my accounts from PayPal, and done the necessary verifications, and still waiting nearly a week for transfers to process. I have also linked my accounts several times and they keep disappearing from PayPal. I hate this process, but I have no other choices when trying to transfer from my credit card to my debit card.
  • The best, most reliable and secure

    By snazzykathy
    I have been A PayPal customer for years. I have the entire suite of products for my small business. I’ve never had any issues and if I’ve had problems they are quick to be resolved. Love Paypal!
  • Convenient!

    By 2potsofpasta
    Easy to use. Easy to navigate.
  • Get it fixed, PayPal!

    By AGMaddict
    I’ve used PayPal for years with no problem, linking to my MasterCard. Now I get an error message every time I try to use PP, telling me that the card issuer is denying the payment. MC insists there is no hold or problem with the card. It’s just ridiculous. There’s obviously some kind of communication problem between their computers. Just get it fixed!
  • Kinda sneaky

    By Kataydid
    Kept my money from a return rather than returning it to the account. Okay maybe, I don’t get your sneaky ways but at least transfer it when I ask for it please! They won’t even do that! There’s an “error”. Meanwhile my bank account is overdrawn because the original problem was PayPal took the money from the wrong bank account! LESS than pleased!
  • Ridiculous fees.

    By Bhunter627
    PayPal was great when I wasn’t constantly charged fees to send or deposit money. I’ll definitely be looking for a new payment app
  • Slow and pretty bad.

    By vacation destroyed
    8 months ago I used the Paypal service to rent a car in order to drive and have my money safe for vacation. Finally the vacations for my family showed up but I had to cancel the reservation with the rental company. It was a bad decision guys because the hold the money to pay the car for more than 7 days. My account is from USA. Any bank process stay only 3 business day. And I still waiting for the money. Because the bank doesn’t have it, Paypal doesn’t have it and the institution who I rented the car even doesn’t have it. It is like my money is gone. So, I use PayPal because I thought that you have control about your money, I thought about security and other more stuff but is not true. The only think I get using PayPal was problems with my vacation. I don’t see the reason why I used this service. You call and all of them give you a different information about the service. 😞🤯😭😡
  • Delay in payment

    By camba73
    Payment are now taking 3 days to complete.
  • PAYPAL offers a magnificent Service in many areas

    By HermesDeCaduceus
    Whatever your financial needs are, PAYPAL has them for you covered. It’s additionally easy, convenient and a very supportive system, that never seizes to recognize your individual needs.
  • No customer service

    By Michaela303
    If you do have issues the customer service is pointless and won’t even look into the issue.
  • Cost too much

    By dclev22
    Cost too much cash app is better
  • All White Background, Seriously?

    By Griffisu
    In a world where we are headed toward Dark Mode, someone on Paypal's design team thought it was a good idea to make the app background bright white. It is so ugly, I don't even want to open the app. Like I can feel my future eye damage as I look at it. On top of that you have forced me to look at all my recent paypal contacts, it's like staring at your bills EVERYDAY. I design apps, your app looks TERRIBLE. Thanks for messing up a great thing.
  • Fast and convenient

    By Maryellen3477
    Of all the cash apps I’ve tried, this one is the easiest, fastest and best!!
  • Money

    By jpricey6191
    It charges money but cash app doesn’t.
  • App isn’t processing anything

    By gabeoliveira
    App is working very slow
  • The worst money transaction service.

    By pixiemal
    Okay so depending on what you use it for it may be okay to some people. But I don’t recommend this if you sell things online. It’s so easy for people to scam you out of a product and you never receive your money because fake emails and accounts are used. Also, customer service is absolute trash. If you report a problem with money transactions they do nothing to help. And they can’t reimburse you for whatever money you lost during fake transactions. I deleted my account as soon as this happened. Again if your using for personal reasons like shopping online with your own money I guess you’ll be fine, but be wary when transferring money to people and vice versa.
  • Quick and convenient.

    By organicandi
    Great way to pay for almost anything.
  • Paypal

    By Wuudy5555
    Paypal cards should be issued for everyone using the app so you can pay at the store with it .
  • Love Paypal

    By zeusmommy
    I use PayPal all the time. For everything I buy. Love it, so easy, never had a bad experience. Keep up the excellent job guys!!
  • overcharge

    By AlanMDorton
    why did i get charged for monthly service in july???? i want to be credited for being charged for netflix services.
  • Feeling Safe

    By Jed4354!
    I love this app. I feel safe when I order something. Thanks!

    By annay30*
    I have been with PayPal for awhile now and ever since I got their debit cash card everything turned downward. I been using the account the same the whole time and the time I decided to start my direct deposit with them they just out of nowhere just canceled my account. I been using the account through the app and before the account was closed I have never got a warning or any message regarding my account being limited before fully being closed. But when I decided to log in on the main website page I see a message saying my account is being closed without any specific explanation. I called them trying to get the account reopened and nothing they didn’t want to do anything about it and said they could not tell me why. PLEASE BEWARE DO NOT GET PAYPAL!!! They will randomly close your account, they cannot be trusted. Only use it to carry little change or use it hardly because your money will be held for 180 days if they close it. SO DISAPPOINTED!
  • Flexibility

    By MeekaJaySam
    I just love the flexibility that PayPal offers. Thank you!
  • Highly convenient !!

    By fazlulbmb
    Wonderful transaction method. So fast and reliable. Keep spreading.!
  • A trustworthy service

    By Beetleskids
    PayPal has been a wonderful tool to send my child support money to my boy! It’s secure, fast and reliable. Thank you so much much.
  • PayPal

    By Bo Brymer
    Error receiving money from requesting from a contact
  • Currently Stuck in a Login “Loop”

    By mojodiscontinuity
    When I was able to properly login to this app, it was very useful, but as of the most recent update and several updates prior, the Papal App for iOS has been stuck in a login loop. Whether I use the Touch ID or I hit “cancel” and type in my PW, it kicks me right back to the Touch ID request, no matter what. I thought it may have something to do with me not updating to the latest version of iOS, but I’m up to the current version of both iOS 12 and the app, and still no joy. I’ve been working around this “issue” by simply logging in from my laptop, but I miss the convenience of being able to send/receive payments and manage my Paypal account from my phone. Hopefully the devs in charge of this app will be able to address this soon. If so I’ll update my review and change the rating!
  • Wonderful!

    By Easy breezy773!^
    I love that you can transfer funds into your account in minutes! Love Paypal!
  • Fee!

    By Ox99
    Charging to send money! The more money you send the more the charge!! TRASH!!!
  • Landscape

    By Verny55
    Love the app. Please offer landscape view for IPad users.
  • Amzing!!

    By Donskull
    Great app!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀💯🤙🏼
  • The easiest way to pay on the internet period!

    By Dannster7
    I have been using PayPal for approximately 18 years. I started using it when I first started doing auctions on EBay. Over the years more and more vendors have started using PayPal for their customers. In my view, if your online business is worth a crap and you want your patrons to have a hassle free paying experience then you accept PayPal. If you don’t accept it.....well you get the idea. Thanks PayPal. On average I use PayPal at least once a day. Dan
  • Worst app I’ve used to do online transactions

    By Akzaremba
    I got screwed earlier this year for about 2000 and when I tried contacting PayPal they said they would investigate and never got back to me as of this day. My girlfriend uses this app as well and about 20 minutes ago she just about got screwed by the same person. So it’s safe to say that PayPal doesn’t care about the people that use their app to scam others. I highly recommend using a different app.