• Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2008-07-23
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.24 MB
  • Developer: MochaSoft
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 102


The AS/400 - also called the "IBM iSeries," is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world. TN5250 is a terminal emulator which provides access to an AS/400. Wants to receive print jobs from an AS/400, try Mocha TN3812 for iPhone/iPad. Before buying please try TN5250 Lite FEATURES: - Supports all standard 5250 emulation features. - Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132). - SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer). - Zoom and scroll as the Safari browser - Auto login. - Voice input. - Hardware barcode scanners from SocketMobile and Linea. - Support for Zebra LI3678 barcode scanner. - Camera as barcode scanner. - Clipboard. - Support for 10 different EBCDIC code pages. - Colors can be customized. - Device name support. - Hotspots.



  • This app is well worth the Money!!!

    By bcole8
    They did a great job and it works as expected
  • Can't use it

    By XaviXnake
    Can't use it for anything... Is there a way to get a refund?

    By Eric Bowen
  • Works the iSeries like a Pro!

    By Lteitelbaum
    This app works just as described. From the 24 function keys to macros, everything is there, page up & down you name it. This is the best App for AS/400!
  • has issues but ok

    By ""D""
    The support is horrible. If you loose your server it can be 20 min before you can log in again. The rest emulates the terminal well.
  • Director of Information Systems

    By ANevets
    If you need 5250, this is the app to have !
  • Great app if you need to emulate a 5250 terminal

    By Qsecofr 2nd
    We use it to access an as/400
  • AS400 access from the IPhone

    By RI Ts
    Great app saves me from kicking on the laptop for late-night issues as well as assigning tickets as well as approving requisitions great job guys
  • AS400 access from the IPhone

    By RI Ts
    Great app saves me from kicking on the laptop for late-night issues as well as assigning tickets as well as approving requisitions great job guys
  • Basically works. Has some issues

    By PilotK
    It works fine most of the time for basic emulation. However heavy users will be frustrated with it on mac or other devices. Does not work with system 36 help screens. Keyboard buffer doesn't work if you type before the screen appears. Keyboard mapping way to limited. Roll keys with two finger slide is so useless. I use it to get me out of a jam and that's about it
  • Great !!

    By Fliplink
    Really smooth it's great.
  • Works great!

    By Medfoam
    Straight-forward app without any issues.
  • Mocha TN5250

    By DanHazwood
    This is a great App! I use it everyday to log in remotely wherever I am to work! Can't imagine being without it !
  • Works ver well

    By JimAtVerizon
    This app works very well. You pretty much have to pay the $30 bucks for the full version. The lite version has very limited keyboard use and will drive you nuts with keyboard switching. Even with the full version, using the onscreen keyboard will drive you nuts in landscape mode. Use portrait and you get all the keys on the screen at the same time, then if you want to see 132 characters in a report, turn it to landscape. For fun, I tried a Logitech MX 5000 Bluetooth keyboard with it, and that makes the app almost as good as a regular pc access to the AS400, except I could not get the function keys on the physical keyboard to work. So I used the onscreen fx key board and the fx hotspots in landscape mode along with the physical keyboard, and that is workable. For the most part, use this app in the portrait mode with the onscreen keyboard when you need something to carry around the office. In your own office, use your pc terminal. Ideas for improvement. Let the user define keys as you can via a pc connection on Client Access, or give the user more buttons on the screen that can be defined by the user. Overall, an excellent app.
  • Buyer

    By Larrybeeler
    Just got it, so far pretty awesome! Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because I'm learning how to navigate the program!
  • I ❤ it this app & I don't say that easily

    By Roger Beard
    Connect with the standard VPN, launch TN5250, & you are set! No more scrambling for or having to carry my laptop all the time, running to the office when there's an issue, I can do everything directly from your iPad!! Couldn't live without it!
  • Works great, almost

    By Gunboy1
    I am down grading my rating to 1 star. After swapping 8-10 emails with tech support, I still have no answers. The question is simple, will this work over cellular as well as WIFI. The WIFI side of this is flawless. Cellular, not so much. I can not get it to connect. I can also not get a straight answer. If this is supposed to work over cellular, tech support should be able to help me set it up. WIFI was a breeze..... If help improves and straight answers are provided I will be happy to Raise my rating.
  • Full keyboard on landscape mode?

    Can you show full keyboard (with function and numeric keys) on landscape mode? It only shows on portrait.
  • Great 5250 emulator

    By chad_mem
    If you know what this app is for, then you already know you need it. Perfect, simple 5250 emulation with SSL support.
  • Great for iSeries app admins.

    By Flacogordo
    I used to use this app on my previous job an it saved me a lot of time by not going to my pc... Open emulator... Etc.. Etc.. Also good to troubleshoot as400 software issues.. Just love it... I just wish I can get my old job back to use it again...
  • Almost there

    By Generalos
    This app would be great if it kept the session alive when u navigate away from the app to check email. Once that's fixed, it's an easy 5 star.
  • Just ok.

    By Galnar
    This tool is sorely lacking when compared to pretty much any pc-based (or even Mac-based) 5250 client. It needs multiple session support. It needs better keyboard options. Most of all, it needs multi tasking support. It drives me nuts to have this app dump me out of my session when I swipe over to Mail or Safari. It's better than nothing, but IMO it isn't worth $30.
  • Must have for admins!

    By mabhatter
    This is a must have for System i admins. Has saved me many times on the road or out on the town to answer fix a problem on the go. No need to pull out a laptop and find wifi. On AT&T you can talk to a user while shopping for groceries and type at the same on 3G:) .. (of course that is painful on a 3.5" screen... But beats going home) It doesn't have VPN options, so for 3G use you need a connection facing the Internet. (security gurus don't like that) It is Very nice on iPad with the BT keyboard... I have a coworker that uses it a lot.
  • Good app

    By Whatapain999
    The app is good. The disappointing thing is that none of the function and arrow buttons work with any Bluetooth keyboards.
  • AWESOME app ....

    By j-biddy
    AWESOME app! It sits prominently on my dock, as I use it every day. .... it was broken by the dec 12th update. I reverted to the previous version (thank you time machine).
  • Poor Update in Dec

    By ScottyKat
    TN5250 has been reliable but the recent update has not allowed me to connect anymore. The connection responds with 'AS/400 has ended connection.' This not due to any system changes disallowing SSL connections because normal PC connection via Client Access via SSL still is allowed. Please update the product quickly to allow connectivity again. Several co-workers are experiencing the same issues after updating the App.
  • Only missing one thing!

    By bluetooth fail
    I was so hesitant to spend $30 on this app, price point is kind of high I Feel. Paid version does everything I need except pasting from the clipboard. Other than not being able to paste from clipboard, the app is fully functional and I am going to recommend the app for my co-workers. Volume licenses would be great, if they can do that with apps.
  • Doesn't work on 3g

    By Bushwick Chris
    Nobody---Apple or Att can help me. App works great on wifi but fails on 3G. Hopefully someone will read this and have a fix for me. Thanks
  • 5250 emulation

    By Midranger4
    I purchased this application already having seen it in action on a few mobile phones. The iPad version is naturally a much better experience with the additional real estate afforded it on the iPad display. However I don't think much effort was put into utilizing the iPad to it's fullest potential. The limited wireless keyboard support is overstated as the lack of fn keys and other 5250 highly used keys make nit useless to me and reminds me of the lite version of the app. I also had a devil of a time keeping the keyboard connection alive while on VPN. Bluetooth keyboard performs flawlessly in all other apps. The other knock I would express is no fully functional keyboard in landscape mode. I am constantly switching between the qwerty, fn, navigational, and numpad keyboards. All of these keyboards can be made active in portrait mode but session display is too small to be used on long term basis. You can zoom the session while in portrait which is somewhat of a help but I would much prefer qwerty, fn, and navigational keys all be available in landscape mode. All in all though the app is useful, stable, and makes mobile support so much nicer than toting around my brick of a laptop, Oh and one more multitask support. Session drops when exiting app. This function wasn't available when app was released so hoping for an update that does. Still a four star app if only because at least someone remembered us dinosaurs on the iSeries. The platform with uptime stats that cannot be surpassed IMHO.
  • Great app!

    By The Habester
    Just needs the ability to connect 5250 session as a remote console.
  • Needs F-key support

    By CForq
    Much more usable from the iPad, but what stops this from being a killer app is support for F-keys on a wireless keyboard. If this gets updated it will get 5 stars and make my things much more convenient for me.
  • Amazing app!

    By Jagzboy
    With the latest update, which has added a single, complete on-screen keyboard as well as support for a wireless keyboard, this app now has everything I need to do my job from anywhere. Check it out!
  • Wonderful

    By E-Draven
    This app works great, especially since they've added the additional keyboard layout on iPad. Every key you need on a single screen !
  • No keyboard/doc support

    By BobComer
    This would be a great if it just supported using an the keyboard/doc. You have to flip among the onscreen keyboards so much that it's VERY slow going, so if it supports at least the alpha and numbers characters on the keyboard, it would make my remote support so much easier. As it it's just good for very light usage.
  • Great app

    By unitedjacket
    Really enjoy this app and it does everything I need. I do wish this app had better keyboards for iPad. I wish the keyboards would act similar to the ones in Numbers or another app called Jump.
  • No Bluetooth Keyboard Support

    By JMD99
    This app works great with the Ipad. However, it does not support the use of a bluetooth keyboard which makes it much harder to use. If it had that support it would be five stars.
  • Awesome

    By Hemi Fan
    This is an unbelievably good app. I use it to connect to multiple AS/400s using the VPN tool included with the iPhone. My laptop is seldom used when traveling.
  • Excellent

    By boar-slym
    Worked great first try. I was able to remotely fix user issues and run backups from my handset.
  • TN5250

    By golfman2k3
    I have been checking out the LIte version for for a few weeks now and I must say I was impressed. There were only limitations in functions, but it worked very well. Today I bought the full version and WOW ! There are no functions I can not do. I suggest all try the Lite version 1st, however the full version is well worth the bucks. With the lite version I had questions. MochaSoft E-mail Support was very quick and helpful in their response. I was very impressed with that type of customer service. If you use an AS400 system you need this APP ! So Get It ! golfman2k3
  • This is great!

    By BQ '91
    This makes life so much easier I can work amytime anywhere
  • Happy user

    By 40somethinggirl
    I am a 20 year user of as400 system and I love this app! I no longer have to carry my laptop into meetings "just in case" I need to look up information from the as400 system at the office. The 30$ is worth it's weight, literally. I gave it four stars because I do not like that it returns to login screen before I sign off. Still very satisfied with it overall.
  • Groovy gravy

    By Happy now
    I hesitated on iPhone 2.0 until I saw this app. Very happy now!
  • Great if you're an iSeries user

    By PHop67
    I'm no computer guru, but my employer has a lot of "back office" systems (Accounting, HR systems, etc.) on the iSeries and from the little bit of messing around I've done on this on the last few hours, this MochaSoft app does everything it's advertised to do. I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't put me back at the login screen each time I went to the home screen or to other apps. For those of you who are trashing this app even though they have no idea what it is or what it's functionality is, why? This app is great for a niche market of iSeries users who want to access the system remotely. If you don't use it or know what it is, save your keyboard strokes and don't review it. This seems like a common problem in the App Store. Why doesn't Apple prevent users from reviewing apps they haven't actually downloaded?
  • The greatest app ever!

    By Julie0317
    This app does everything it says. I seamlessly connected in a matter of seconds. It is well thought out and easy to navigate within.