• Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2008-07-11
  • Current Version: 82.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 191.60 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 707 766


The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. Search and browse: • Nearby shops and restaurants • Live sports scores and schedules • Movies times, casts, and reviews • Videos and images • News, stock information, and more • Anything you’d find on the web Get personalized updates in Discover: • Stay in the know about topics that interest you • Start your morning with weather and top news • Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events • Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums • Get stories about your interests and hobbies • Follow interesting topics, right from Search results More ways to access Google: • Google Lens — Search what you see with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more. • iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation. • Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started. • Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started. • Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget. Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: Your feedback helps us create products you'll love. Join a user research study here:



  • New update 👎

    By Raman422
    Not good at all
  • Always been a 5 star app till recently

    By Darkaprilmoon
    I just updated and now doing an image search is a pain and impossible to do. You can’t just view pictures regularly and it has ads throughout the page. If I wanted to shop, I’d hit the ad page. Let us be able to view the image by tapping it.
  • Major bug

    By LemLim14
    Not able to access a site I need for schooling.....another performance bug needs to be squashed, thanks.
  • Criticise

    By mhnzbayat
    Hi dear seller, It’s been a long time when my lens hasn’t worked. I deleted and installed again, too. But does not makes me crazy.
  • Waste of an app! No dark theme

    By K.D.C
    Waste of an app! Being in market for so long, no dark theme!
  • Good app

    By rainyxnightshade
    Good to have access to all my google things on one device and very handy for when I want to know what something is.
  • Google dinked the app

    By TJM1066
    Can’t save images to camera roll any more. Major downgrade. Google used to be good. Those days are gone.
  • Direction and maps integration!

    By Artchuro
    Since the last update, someone messed up !!!, When you search for a business or place and then click on directions it takes you on a wild goose chase in order to get to a map app, even if you want to use Google Maps you will have to go through several more steps whereas before it was easy and streamlined and one click did it all * somebody who knows anybody at google please let them know this problem, it is no longer streamlined if you want to click on directions or maps through the Google app for a particular location or business* ☹️ this was my favorite app now it is the most frustrating
  • Google

    By XxAlexTheWolfyxX
    It so cool love it so much stuff to look up
  • Amazing I recommend it.

    By Alex is your boy
    This app is amazing i use it for background’s,wallpaper’s,photo’s. It’s like a dream app but i have an idea for it make a section for the poeple to make they’er own place and make they’er own google place that would be cool. But i just wanted to say i love this app! ❤️
  • It’s GOOGLE

    By Mama wren
    Why would anybody have a opinion on Google other than that it’s a search engine website that is number one in the world it’s great
  • New version really?

    By Jboard1904
    My favorite part of this new version is that it completely freezes. Nice job!
  • Constant Notifications even though they are all disabled in app

    By glibaltar
    The past three days it has started sending me notifications out of nowhere. I went into settings and disabled them all but it still spams me with them
  • Why do I have to

    By Solitaire fan 564
    Why al of a sudden, I have to type in my apple password to open up the google app. It has nothing to do with me reading stories on google. I will delete the app and stop using google before I give them my password. What a pile of feces!!!
  • J’aime cette application

    By c 'est moi même
    J’aime bien Google

    By Wanna laugh?
    I use the Google app to look up locations instead of Google Maps Because I want alot more information than just the location. As soon as I hit directions it usually took me to google maps just for the GPS part. Now it takes me to I guess the desktop version which isn’t good at all. So I’ve been having to jump through hoops. I got a click on like three more things just to get where I was. I use it a lot so it’s getting on my nerves. Very inconvenient anymore. Basically I want to google a location and be able to scroll up and down to see more information about it, then hit directions and it automatically take me to google maps for the GPS part and it doesn’t.
  • Jose

    By floydboy811
    Great guy. Very comfortable to ride with Would be happy to have take us all the time
  • virus

    By Kami 87
    I have gotten 2 virus notifications from google in the year alone. it is ridiculous that they cannot have somthing to scan to see if there is a virus, so everyone can be safe searching. But until somthing comes out to make searching the webb on my phone much safer.
  • Ayuda

    By Sanchez1842
    Nesesito ayuda
  • Google

    By gold boyd1234567890
    This is a good app
  • Problems with Collection Function

    By v2020v
    Browsers always display collection failures, unable to collect web pages.
  • Michelle

    By babo gee
    Best geico representative very helpful & respectful.answer all my questions & gave the best Customer service
  • Very bad

    By DCS19141914
    Still waiting for a refund!! Tour guide never showed up. Chat agent did nothing to help. We still had to pay 84 Euros!
  • Cowards

    By DeplorableMatt
    Google is still hiding search results that don’t support their agenda.
  • Best application ever

    By ffhfyfhkcdkvrkz
    Best application ever i use him every day and it’s easy and fun
  • App

    By BDfalcon
    Great app. I use it a lot.
  • Trouble with update

    By Kraziify
    I can’t seem to download the new update on my iPhone XR.
  • Favorite pages have disappeared

    By Iwantmyfavoritepagesback
    Where did all my favorite pages go and I cannot add any since last update
  • Bad update.

    By Soccerloverrr
    No longer able to view my saved pages. It won’t even attempt just says try again. No loading or anything.
  • Great!

    By dawn riordan
    I’d be lost without this app, I use it everyday, but with this update on 9/10/19 it has some clutter and is slower
  • yey

    By Carmielicious
  • Love it but now.....

    By Emann07
    Ive used this app for years on my iPad and love it because it was always signed in. Now, over the last couple of days, I must log in to access my two email accounts. If I close the app, I have to sign in again to open, create, or just check my email and I have to do this for each account. Also have to sign in every time I check my google calendar. Is there something new I must do to keep it signed in? Is this a new security feature? If so, I don’t like it. Since I use my iPad for business, it’s highly important that I have quick access to my email. May have to go back to my resident mail app.
  • New update

    By toon71185
    Can’t get into my collections now, my bookmarked websites, just says try again with a blank page? Thanks
  • My thoughts on this app is

    By dc hadley
    I absolutely love google
  • Review

    By Dee Jay e8
    My family and I have used Google for many years and really like it! We are amazed at the wealth of knowledge and the large scope of topics you have explored to give us the fullest range of info we ever would want. Thank you for assisting us to obtain knowledge beyond our ability to find.
  • iPhone 8 Plus

    By iPhone_Leslie
    Thanks for the most recent update!
  • Bad

    By Rod2526
    Liberal jackoffs that cheat because they know that Democrats is the party of losers
  • Latest updates terrible

    By roger roundly
    Used to live and die by this app. Used it for everything Now with these latest update I’m not sure what happened. The microphone icon changed and now the functionality that I’ve depended on for years just goes blank and doesn’t do anything. Huge bummer
  • Biased in Google

    By Mike436557
    With the election coming up I know Google hates every Republican and conservative and they’ll probably remove my post and they will use their algorithms to steer voters the way they want obviously democratic and liberal I personally deleted this app I’m going to use Bing
  • Mattress Firm -Gary

    By Mel and Trish
    Gary is very knowledgeable and friendly to work with.
  • Skewed search results

    By BamBamjb1986
    I’m sorry but I don’t want my search results skewed based upon googles political opinion. I’ve switched to Bing
  • Agilidade porém não carregamento

    By Quero apenas qualidade
    A agilidade em encontrar as coisas na Web é incrível, porém se tu rola um pouco para baixo já vem uma tela branca e o app esquece de carregar o restante dos resultados
  • Google Customer

    It takes to long to download & I’m using a new phone with a great internet connection. Plus I love the original version due to it being more efficient & made your search more easier.
  • Works well

    By gfdryggdeddddfffddeqqqq
    The app works well but one problem I have is the image search after a few uses it stoped working
  • Bad update

    By Hurricane jo 4567
    The latest update this has is terrible. They limit your searches where you can basically get a max of 10 searches especially when it comes to food. It does not let you continue scrolling on a certain search. Also when I type an a location I want to then I hit directions, it no longer sends me to Apple Maps. I have to stay on google maps which doesn’t work well on here
  • New update is worst

    By Detcity
    The app was running good, now the voiceover is a mess it split the screen and you lose what you are searching for 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 go back to the old way please
  • Needs a small side keyboard

    By Chany27
    If this had a smaller size keyboard like iPhones built in one have keyboard and still had swipe texts then this would be the most perfect.
  • Woooo this da best

    By 😛😀😃
    Google is da best u better get it I get all mah back rounds there hehehehe!!!!!! 😁😁😁
  • Please Stop Randomly Changing Things

    By Sky3Fall
    Please just stop. Stop just completely changing the app, making it worse, and then changing it back with some terrible features added. It’s a search engine. Let’s keep it that way.