• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2008-07-11
  • Current Version: 235.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 431.19 MB
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 298 883


Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you. Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community. On Facebook, keeping up with the people who matter most is easy. Discover, enjoy and do more together. Stay up to date with your loved ones: • Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts and celebrate the everyday moments with Stories. • Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact and stay in touch with your friends, throughout the day. Connect with people who share your interests with Groups: • With tens of millions of groups, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you. • Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content. Find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations. Become more involved with your community: • Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups and activities to be part of. • Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together. • Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals and, in the event of a local crisis, connect with other people to find or give supplies, food or shelter. Enjoy entertainment together with Watch: • Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment. • Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators and watch together like never before. Buy and sell with Marketplace: • Whether it's an everyday or one-of-a-kind item, you can discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment on Marketplace. • List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.



  • Still not working

    By Gyuddujcxdd
    It has been over a week and fb wont load most of the time!! Annoying!
  • Profile picture

    By bowlery
    I would like to see an update without the circle I’m not thrilled with the circle with the profile picture!! It’s not attracting if you can make it without the circle I think it would stand out more or you can give some options as well.
  • Crappy video playback

    By You've Heard It
    I literally can’t watch a video without it pausing every second. It’s so frustrating!!! Please fix ASAP
  • Complete Garbage

    By Stephen062185
    This app is getting worse and worse. Scrolling through marketplace and boom just closes out and starts all over again. Happens every single time I’m on the app! Pathetic to think they can’t get their stuff under control and develop a better update smh ridiculous!
  • Weird comment tracking

    By DiscordSucksNow
    The update a couple days ago made it so where when you comment on a post from a group, and then someone else comments on the same post, it gives you notifications for it, but then it just brings you to the main group page. And that’s not what we want the notifications for, we want it to be applicable to the post that is pertinent to the notifications.
  • Won’t open

    By Rexeroll
    This past update I had to restart my iPhone 3 times before it would open. The header came up and that’s it. I’m turning auto update off and I’ll wait till you get more bugs fixed. Most of the time it’s worse before it’s better.
  • NaziBook

    By Steve6721
    NaziBook is a far leftist garbage site that censors truth and conservatives .. They been selling users private data to other companies !! The Gov’t needs to strip their immunity from prosecution !! Let the massive class action lawsuits fly!!

    By Ahnanator
    On pages and forums where you’ll get an alert that someone also commented on a photo or post you’ve commented on, it is no longer taking you to that post. It’ll bring you to the page. But unless someone tags your name you’re not seeing their reply on the app anymore. STOP FUGGIN WITH THE APP EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!
  • Change the font sizes back to where they were!!!

    By Southern Shopper
    I know I’m not the only one, I mainly using Facebook on my small iPhone and the last update made it horrible to use with the large font sizes. Seeing my message not as a paragraph but as a tall stacked pile of words is ridiculous!!!!
  • Bias

    By lkvice
    This is the worst Bias App I’ve ever came across. If Facebook doesn’t like your opinion they will ban you. Facebook is obviously for Democrats cause any Republican views get shut down immediately. Go to MEWE it is a non bias app with no ads awesome & way better!
  • Facebook

    By jushhiiiii
    Good job mark
  • Not Working

    By ybsnoop
    My fb has been down for almost a WHOLE WEEK it doesn’t let me long into my account!! Keeps saying “unexpected error occurred please try again later” I tried deleting and reinstalling but it’s just not working!!
  • Facebook

    By shooting.master
    Most people or parents have had facebook since it first came out. that’s a long time. so when i have to go back to year 2010 or something i don’t want scroll back a thousand pictures. so if you had a search bar on everyone’s profile page that you could type the year that you want that would be nice.
  • Market Place Crash Pad

    By eddie nunn
    If I could give a zero star rating I would. EVERY TIME I try to use this feature the market place crashes. It seems the pictures of the adds or items for sale stutter slightly then it’s just gone... logged out and forced to log back I to the Facebook app and then back to the market place, where it happens again. What makes it worse, I report it this each time it happens (maybe 100 times). Nothing, not even an email asking for details. I think the market place has such great potential, it when on my iPad it is useless
  • Does not open with new update!!

    By eschaums
    After the new update, Facebook refreshes every time you open it. This becomes an issue when you’re mid comment, post, or reading something, and switch to a different app for 5 seconds and come back to lose your post and be brought back to the home screen. This makes Facebook almost unusable in today’s multitasking society.
  • Notifications

    By Howet3939
    For months now, every time I get a notification that someone commented or replied to me, I go to click on it and it sends me to the group page. This has been going on for months, I have latest update , new phone, everything . I figured it would have been fixed by now but it still has yet to be done .
  • No longer seeing the post for the notification

    By Becky1081
    When receiving a notification for a comment on a post on my ipad, you click the notification and it just brings you to the group and not the actual post. It is impossible in some groups to find which post the comment took place so then I have to go to safari or open the app on my phone. Makes the notifications useless.
  • Multi-tasking?

    By LH Justin
    So in the latest update Facebook has suddenly lost the ability to multitask? Now every time you switch apps Facebook restarts. What is this? 2009?
  • App not working

    By Mouseylilbear
    Since the last update the app is not working.l for me. The posts will not update and it only loads about twenty posts. The same exact posts since it updated. I get notifications alerts but when I go into the app they are not there. When I click on a post to see comments it will not load the comments. It has been this way for two days.
  • Fix messages

    By the_prophet_
    App and website share a huge issue. whenever you want to share something with anyone through messenger, all it does is open their news feed. And when you attempt to this through the website, the link is practically just an image. For social networking app, this is something that must be fixed.
  • notifications button not working

    By Nascarrunner71
    When I try to check my notifications, it takes forever, then when I try to click on one, it goes away :-( May2016: Why is this app suddenly 36% of my battery usage, even with background refresh turned off? I'm deleting. It's slowed down my whole iPad. 08/19: The new “someone commented on a photo you’re following in xxx” is useless! I’m trying to lessen my scrolling—instead now I have to guess which post?! Fail.
  • SEVERE LACK of FB customers service . There is not a e

    By Mrs. VMcNeil
    I have had TWO FB profiles for OVER 4 years .‼️ I originally made the FIRST FB Profile , mainly to keep in contact with close family & colleagues that are located in other states . Their lifestyles & JoBs hinder their abilities to take time to travel to stay “connected”~ I FirsT noticed a NeW Profile oF Myself , Made OVER 4 YEARS AGO ‼️ I have tried contacting FB countless times to take this SeConD Profile oFF , because my Original Profile I MADE WAS HACKed ‼️ FB has NoT ONE program or process to BLoCK Or TAKE oFF HACKed Profiles ‼️ FB Users CaNNoT directly notify FB either, to solve AnY serious issues that occur within their FB realm . Evasion of FB Privacy has ~BooMed”~ throughout the Years & can only be posted on personal profiles .~* Which never results in any Timely Corrections! ~AlSO ~ FB doesn’t OFFER any adequate RESOURCES 0r ReSoultions taking OFF HACKERs PROFiles Made illegally & wrongfully . Also , leaving hackers pRofiles on that have been Brantley REPORTed numerous times & for very LoNG Periods of TiMes :- without FB taking ANY Efforts in correcting . NOW I uRGE FB to Once AGAIN FoR their serious attention & HelP , that was NEVER Recieved by FB users that have REPORTed these SERIOUS ISSUES . Furthermore ~EVERY FB USER that has ENCOUNTERED & suffered From These continuous ABUSEs *** WHiCH FB has not Taken ANY Efforts to Resolve ‼️ ❓WHEN IS FB Going to APPLY FB Consumers Services that OFFER in CORRECTION Processes ❓ THaT would ENABLE FB USERs to directly Contact FB & Make Timely corrections with a FB Representative * (?❓? ) THiS iS Definitely FB SERVICE NeeDed NOW to HELP ALL FB Consumers to ACCess For needed ASSISTANCE-Protection & for installation of required SERVICE programs needed within FB . This NEW access would result in specific assistance in CORRECTING PERSONAL Profiles due to “HaCKERs” & Profile problems that EXSIST in FB Programs , EVERYDaY ‼️☹️ ?❓🤔~> FB ~CEO ... are You Listening 🤔❓
  • Facebook going crazy

    By Hantaywee
    For last couple months. Getting reported and blocked. Saying it’s what I post goes against policy. But I comment hoe crazy it is. They can show racism. But you comment saying that’s messed up and not right. Or f that. You get blocked from Facebook? Only reason why I go on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I don’t like the racism videos in my feed and I didn’t like the page or join in to see videos
  • Not working

    By annoyed family of 8
    I’ve updated and uninstalled then reinstalled and it still won’t work nothing will load and if it does it’s from days ago and I can’t see more than 3 posts and it’s like that for everyone in my house. We all have iPhones not sure if that matters. Already called my cell phone provider and it’s not on there end bc mi internet works for every other app I have
  • You want a photo ID?! You can’t be serious

    By Bee kiddo
    I disabled my account almost a year ago, maybe longer than that. But I wanted to log back in to grab some pictures from there. When I attempted to log back in, it said that account had been compromised?! I was super confused because shouldn’t you had notified me about that?! Anyways, Facebook asked me to either reach out to random friends on my list (four people I NEVER talk to or have talked to in years) for help to recover my account. I opted out of that and decided to go with the photo upload (not an ID, just a selfie) I wasn’t comfortable sending my license to Facebook, only for them to trust they would delete it. So I thought changing my password would help? Nope it didn’t. I’m good on Facebook. I definitely don’t want it anymore. If I could permanently delete that account, I would. 😑
  • Going backwards

    By P.mousse Esq.
    The most recent update is a mess, especially when it comes to groups. Notifications no longer go to the conversations, sometimes not even to the post. It just dumps you in the group. Search within groups is a total hodgepodge. The results are in no particular order; recent items are skipped in favor of random posts from 2014, 2017, and so forth. Then it says “no more results” in cases where I know there must be dozens more. More and more often I have to bail and use a browser version (which has its own problems). The app was working fairly well (comparatively speaking) until just recently. Now it seems to be reverting to the bad old days.
  • Market place

    By Waltrv8
    Market place continues to crash Facebook app. 22 Aug 19
  • Disabled account for no reason

    By noob siborg
    Hi you disabled my account after I was just trying to log in to poke somebody back give me back my account immediately 😠
  • August Birthday

    By goofygrl1953
    I miss the list of my friends Birthdays it is not there anymore since you updated Facebook please bring this back so I know when their birthdays are coming.👍🏻
  • Trouble loading the app and uploading within

    By Nathpur
    Same problem as the last eater, about notifications and getting to the post in a group
  • Notification don’t take you to posting

    By WDT1984
    Notification doesn’t take you directly back to posting for which you received the notification. Just to group page etc
  • App keeps bringing me back to my news feed

    By k12345r
    Whenever I exit out of the app (literally just press the home button to use another app) and then go back to Facebook it brings me back to my news feed. So instead of staying on the profile I was looking at or the group I was in when I open the app up it will bring me right back to news feed.
  • Disabled

    By 7mood9115
    I use Facebook with all another app and games after that they disabled my account and can’t open all my account Some app very important to me I send many messages to help center no body answering me My advice not connect any program with your Facebook account because you will lose everything anytime
  • Near useless app

    By Dreadmaul
    Just keeps getting worse and worse. Is there no QA before this thing gets released? For instance: clicking on a notification never brings you to the item it was notifying you about. Forget the app and just use the web.
  • Comments

    By Nuxdrozd
    Facebook filters, and by doing so censors, comments based upon it own determination of “relevance.” It claims one can fix this, but one can only do so for each individual post instead of globally, and one cannot fix it if all the comments have been filtered out. Facebook is too heavy-handed in its efforts to control free speech and public discourse.
  • Comment notification issues and timeline freezing

    By jackiekrupa
    Whenever I click on Facebook, I now get a blank screen for about a full minute before anything comes up. Also, I get comment notifications, but when I click on it, I’m lead to the page of the comment, not the post. So I have no idea what post the comment is from!! My phone and app is up to date, which seems to be the issue since this didn’t use to happen.
  • Good for desktop

    By A_Reza1
    When I'm using Mac or Win on desktop, it works perfectly! But on my iPhone it almost doesn't work.
  • Face book

    By Fred7753
    Great to keep family n friends in touch
  • Posts not linked

    By Cjcjcjcjcjjc
    After last update I get notifications that someone commented on my post in a group or on something I wrote on but when I click that notifications it no longer brings me to the post just the group.
  • Online photo album current iOS iPhone

    By Leechie112127
    Where the hell is this on the GUI???
  • Tf?

    By mr.$bags
    Not sure why but when I open the Facebook app on my I phone it says refresh over and over again.
  • Updates don’t seem to be fixing problems

    By Farm Girl 47
    On my iOS device, I can’t see any comments on live videos. Even on my android device, the comments disappear unless I constantly swipe up to see them. This is frustrating and I have reported this multiple times but it doesn’t ever get fixed. Maybe testing of your so called updates should be done before it is rolled out to everyone.
  • Facebook problem

    By Totboy3691
    In my Facebook I can’t post on Facebook and my story at the same time, I had to post one by one
  • Trash

    By Tim808080
    Liberal Facebook blocking people for voicing their opinions something needs to be done with Facebook it is out of control!
  • App keeps crashing

    By rjns2001
    Over the last week the app has been crashing on my iPad. I can only be on it a min or two before it closes my iPad and I have to enter my password to unlock it. I’ve made sure the app and iPad are updated to the current version. I haven’t had this issue with any other app.
  • Buggy Marketplace

    By Vizual Ops
    I get bored on Facebook from time to time, I find myself surfing the marketplace, scrolling down the smooth scrolling isn’t so smooth and just today I’ve experienced on both my iPad and iPhone Facebook crashes and kicks me back to my lock screen, also takes a second to reload after I short black screen and a rotating loading circle. Not the best description but basically it’s not doing what it should.
  • Notifications not pointing to actual messages but to group frontpage.

    By Cyanyx
    One or two releases ago, something got changed in the way notifications are handled. When i post in a group' and people do answer this post, i am supposed to receive a notification as expected, and this is the working part. However, when i review my notifications, and i select one, it always leads to the group main page. Not to my post. Not to the thread. Not to any possible answer to my post. Just to the group mainpage, which makes any communication impossible since i dont want to scroll through hundreds of threads/posts. This is a deal breaker, and im not the only one affected.
  • Problems

    By Jimlazz1
    I have 2 FB pages, one is business. I can go all over on FB except my business page. Desktop computer works fine. I delete FB app and reinstall it and can go to my business page 1 time then it errors out after. What’s going on? Just started this week.
  • New Design?

    By gibby1529
    I have forced closed and logged out too many times to count but my app won’t update to the new design? I even login into a different account and it updated to the new design for that account, then logged out and login back into my account and the new design still didn’t happen for my account. What the heck?