• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2008-07-11
  • Current Version: 199.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 498.37 MB
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 183 063


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  • Can’t identify 360 videos, only photos.

    By Nikita Mordasov
    Other app such as v360 can identify 360 videos in iOS Photo library, Facebook app still uploads those as regular videos, only photos can be identified to present 360 starting view selection. The only way 360 videos to upload is through iOS sharing to FB app option from outside of FB app.
  • Some video keep pausing in between.

    By Amod0017
    Video keep pausing in between even if you are on a fast network. It happens not only on cellular but also on WiFi. It’s kind of disappointing.
  • error

    By ajinomotto
    all of things white screen error
  • Terrible

    By noappleno
    Fb seems to be getting worse and worse. Often the newsfeed fails to display latest posts, only showing a single post. And now it seems like every third post is an ad - which are never relevant. Terrible. Can't wait for their replacement to come along soon.
  • Bad new version!

    By YST Gyi
    After update new version, totally shift my pages are white color all the way, cannot use whole the things!
  • Hackers.

    By gioface
    Facebook attracts hackers in full force. I get hacked every couple of months, now more often. Blocking friends, deleting images from thumbnails their favorites. TAP TO UNMUTE on all YouTube videos on ALL IPHONES covering the EXPAND BUTTON. The video will not wait for you to tat tap to unmute to play. Where is security? Am I writing to God? No answers ever, this is what I call service. Count your money, greed. Don’t make it a better place, just buy the competition. Absolutely wrong approach.
  • Tired

    By YesseBaby12
    I’m really tired of things not being showed in order!!!! I’m seeing things from Thursday on a freaking Sunday!! Even if you go to the most recent, everything is out of place!! Can’t we just go back to the original set up? Come on! Ya’ll are making billions, get it together
  • Facebook is a joke

    By talktodeez
    I honestly don't have a clue whats wrong, but my feed wont refresh, see the same posts over and over. Im over it at this point and im just going delete my account. Something stupid all the time and not worth it.
  • Not good!

    By Spiked-Philly
    I can only see 4 or 5 posts on my newsfeed and that’s the end of the page. I’ve tried force closing the app and that didn’t work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app a few times in the last 6 months hoping to reboot it. I should probably just delete the stupid app!!
  • Sick and tired!

    By Jackslippers
    It was working yesterday and all of a sudden it was taken off my phone showing the cloud symbol and to have to re download it and it’s not working so I deleted it. And having a messaging app that is separate from the app itself is still Ridiculous and takes up space. Plus this app updates on its on own without me going to the update section. Y’all just do it by y’all selves. It’s plain annoying! Fix the mess or just forget about anybody using this app!
  • Comments are not updated.

    By CyndyN
    When checking on new comments, you can tell they exist, but when choosing one, they don’t show up. Go back to new comments and click again and they show up. Every single one. Keep thinking this will be fixed with the next update but has been going on for over a month.
  • “Most Recent” News Feed crashes

    By Dagokidjr
    Every time i click on the “Most Recent” News Feed it try's to refresh then crashes. This is happening on my IPhone 8 Plus. Please fix.
  • Terrible app for iPad!

    By scotty321
    This app should get zero stars. The Facebook app for iPad has ALMOST NONE of the features that the Facebook app for iPhone has!! It's missing ALMOST EVERYTHING!! You are waaay better off just using Facebook in Safari on your iPad, instead of using this terrible, thoughtless, neglected, nearly defunct app. Why would they even release this app if it has no features??
  • Worse and worse

    By Debarela1979
    With each update the app becomes worse. This last update is horrible. Now I only see 3 or 4 stories and then my timeline goes blank. Also I continue to see stories from several days ago instead of the most recent posts. Please fix the problems.
  • Scrolling and Vid Problems

    By Holodeck 3
    All too often two or less posts show on my feed, unable to scroll. All other apps work fine and I've seen this problem posted too many times to count on forums years ago up-to now - not fixed??? Also videos stall/buffer badly. Other embedded videos play fine on other pages/apps except FB. Their video embedding format is also behind the curve. Guess that’s what you get when you’re a commodity to them rather than a customer. 👎
  • Freezing up

    By Dhjkiyfchhj
    After scrolling down my page for ten seconds this app freezes and crashes - i hate whe fb updates the app

    By scambook not facebook
    Facebook has changed their Algorithm so that business cant advertise well anymore without spending more money !!!!! They got greedy and now they have lost the money that I’ve been spending on my boosted posts. I’ll never advertise the same anymore!!! But yet Facebook allows those FAKE SALES POST all day selling fake items like the touch screen tables and scooters and all those other to good to be true sales!!! They do it because those scammers are paying them well for those boosted post adds. FACEBOOK YOU ARE LOSING MY BUSINESS FAST. I SPEND OVER $20,000 on advertising and now I see over half the likes and shares I’m used to seeing after you changed your algorithm stuff !!!! FIX IT BACK OR IM OUT COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!
  • K

    By momofthosewhoneed
    Here is the biggest problem families are breaking up all around the world because of affairs emotionally. Then you feel the need to add fire to the flame with adds that are directed to men with sexual content. The women it’s adds for shopping. please adjust your friend suggestions and adds to make it more family friendly. It’s not a porn sight.
  • App doesn’t function properly since latest update.

    By Mastertechrob
    App doesn’t function properly since update. Every since the last update when I open a photo it only displays in portrait mode and I always use my iPad in landscape mode. Please fix this.
  • Terrible

    By Kandyie
    Can’t type a post without it running together or deleting letters. Every since I updated it removed the share button on all posts. I’m strongly thinking about deleting Facebook altogether and just using the mobile internet version. It’s getting ridiculous. Then always having to connect to WiFi for a trash update.
  • Newsfeed is blank.

    By Fabricari
    Not sure what changed, but the newsfeed is entirely unusable, now. Most of the time, it’s blank. Sometimes it displays only a couple of articles. Impossible to go back and find an article you read earlier.
  • What's happening with this app...

    By Achilles_1069
    Newsfeed will end after I've scrolled through a few posts. Trying to refresh the app doesn't work. I'm continously having to kill the app and reopen it but even then that only sometimes works. If I'm logged in through a web page on a browser app, this doesn't occur at all. I've deleted the app, hard restarted my phone and reinstalled the app with no success. I'm on an IPhone-X with lots of spare memory. What's the problem here? It's been happening for months. I expect better from such a huge software company.
  • So irritating

    By BeckyG412
    Every time I turn around this stupid app is downloading or “updating”!! I don’t use WIFI so it won’t let me download until I get WiFi which is super inconvenient for me! I’m beginning to hate this app a lot. Not recommended to download!!
  • Can’t scroll newsfeed

    By ELF Rancho Relaxo
    Having terrible time scrolling down newsfeed. Stops after 2-3 posts. Uninstalled and reinstalled app. Cleared cache. No help. Frustrating!
  • Yo fix the issue with typing

    By Dominomma
    Hey, this is something I’ve noticed ONLY on Facebook when it comes to typing - autocorrect doesn’t work properly. Like it’ll correct your spelling, however if you press the space bar afterwards it doesn’t work. So once you start the new word it’s attached to the old one. This is not only when you misspell a word and it gets corrected for you, it happens other times concerning the space bar. And it also only happens on Facebook, no other social media app. It’s very annoying and makes me not want to use it. Please look into it.
  • Updates to make Facebook better? HA!

    By Knightrider51
    Just like the other reviews, update upon update and nothing is improved. You might get postings, you might get one or even none, each time you try to refresh. Have to close the app completely and restart to make it work again.
  • Gg

    By Alexamder Moha Tom
    why My Fb is Error?
  • Falla de aplicación en IOS. Ecuador

    By Joel Ramírez Espinoza EC
    Cierre de app en iOS. (IPhone 6s +) resido en Ecuador, y en la última actualización tanto de iOS como de la aplicación móvil se cierra. Revisar cuál puede ser el fallo. BigJoeDJ Ecuador.
  • Very poor

    By Magnum365
    App crashes everytime I get on it
  • Terrible Marketplace.

    By Chad Hirsch
    The filter function does not work, especially when filtering a price range. You used to be able to search car by owner only, as that's the only way I buy my cars. Now you can only search by dealer. Review Updated: 12/09/18
  • Old posts

    By Lin2915
    I’m sick AND tired of seeing posts from 3 or 4 days ago! Get with it!
  • Fix the caption bug

    By Thenameiwantistakendarn
    Issues when writing captions when sharing a post! Please fix the problem with text! My wordsneetoo stopcoming out lik this!
  • Room to improve

    By Alex_MMC
    I prefer FB on Safari. The app has too many bugs, eg if you watch videos the links in the description are not active, the like buttons are not optimized for the screen etc
  • Crashes

    By ohyeahmusic
    My Facebook was working fine now after the new update it is crashing almost every time I use it please fix this app
  • App size is over 150MB!!!!

    By e2htx
    Seriously - why has FB bloated this app to be so big? I had uninstalled and now cannot install using cellular given the app size. Fail.....
  • Facebook won’t load

    By FMLfrustrated
    Since last update nothing wants to load. Getting really tired of it.
  • Facebook

    By ricardo4059
    I got the new iPhone and I can’t use Facebook. Well works sometimes but mostly the times when I open Facebook on the app I can only see 3 or 4 posts Why? Is my iPhone or is the app? I also delete te app several times but still having this issue. Also delete my account and open another account and still having the same issues Please respond
  • iPad when viewing pics

    By Honey L B
    PUH-lease fix the situation where I have to have my iPad vertical to click and view pics !
  • Profile picture

    By Jen1813
    Can we go back to the square profile pictures so we can use any picture again? It’s a crock that I can’t use a picture I want without cutting someone out!!!
  • Hasn't worked for months despite updates

    By Aaronsjshenebundjushfj
    I use an iPhone 7+ Not that old of a phone and everything else works fine
  • Facebook

    By Prettypowerpuff
    I think Facebook is really cool a great way to communicate but here me how can you guys give facebook a dark mode like twitter that would be so cool
  • Ghostly Messenger Notification

    By Houndsbrey
    Keeps saying I have messages but when I search the Messenger App nothing is there.
  • Good grief!

    By anastasiamichelle98
    I’m SICK of this app. I try to check my feed of what my friends and family are posting and it will crash and say “posts cannot be loaded right now”, or it shows me things from a week or more ago! I just want to see new stuff without the darn thing crashing! Fix this!
  • Inverted Photo Viewing on iPad

    By gma3748
    Why can’t this be fixed?!
  • Only app on my phone that doesn’t work

    By Player1818
    It is rare my app works. It can’t refresh half the time and freezes.
  • Notifications bug

    By debi1013
    UPDATE - 7/5/17 Notification bug NOT fixed! Deleted and reinstalled app. Now it crashes!!! ☹️ 12/10/16 - Since the update the notifications are not working most of the time. I need to close and reopen app over and over. Please fix this bug... it's bugging me. 😳 UPDATE- 4/18/17 Bug still NOT fixed! !!! 12/8/17 Bug still not fixed. Notifications don’t load. And since today’s update, the app has crashed 5 Times watching short videos. 😐 10/14/17 STILL NOT FIXED! I can click on a notification to see what post or pic someone commented on for a few notices but then no others work. Still have to exit app and reopen it to read a few more, then repeat again! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Nope! THIS BUG IS BUGGING ME!!! 😠 12/8/18 Since the latest update there’s an issue with making a post. The words don’t space, or backspace and deletes last letter. It is seriously frustrating.
  • facebook marketing

    By Cenathegameup123
    you lost a user because my facebook marketing app icon has disappeared thanks to the new update
  • Starting to not like!

    By 770 962 490
    Did the update and the app crashes, won't even open! Crap!
  • Still can’t do the one basic thing

    By PKM
    How hard is for the timeline to work like a timeline and not an episode of Doctor Who? This basic principle doesn’t seem to be grasped by the developers, I do not want to go from one post 10 minutes ago than the next is from something from one day to a week ago. I want to go in a chronological order, or at least give me the option to, and before someone says it does have a recent, it lacks the function to do so and works the same as the main timeline. And one other thing, if a friend commented on a post that was started a week ago, unless I’m actively following the post, it shouldn’t be the first thing I see.