FOX Sports: Watch Live

FOX Sports: Watch Live

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2008-11-24
  • Current Version: 4.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 164.28 MB
  • Developer: FOX Sports Interactive
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 20 784


FOX Sports is your home for exclusive sports content and live streaming. Tuning in to catch a game has never been easier. Live Sports: • Stream all your favorite sports: MLB, NFL, WWE, Boxing, NASCAR, Soccer, Bowling, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, and more. • Plus watch the biggest national sporting events. Trending News and real-time game Alerts: • Stay up-to-date with personalized news and score updates from your favorite teams. • Never miss a moment of news from sports biggest headlines. Must-see Video Highlights: • Get live game highlights from your point of view, plus key plays and stats, right on the scoreboard. • See highlights from the biggest moments across all your favorite sports: Football, Soccer, Boxing, NASCAR and more. FS1 Studio Shows: • Enjoy opinion and debate with top personalities on FS1 Studio Shows when you sign in with your TV Provider credentials—Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, First Things First, Speak For Yourself, Lock It In, and NASCAR Race Hub. Big Ten Network: • BTN is now available on the Fox Sports app • BTN is the premier network for coverage of America's most storied collegiate athletic conference, the Big Ten Conference. • Watch live BTN-televised games and events, as well as original BTN shows (such as The Journey, Big Ten Elite, Big Ten Icons and Campus Eats) when you log in with your TV Provider credentials. • Follow your favorite B1G schools on the Fox Sports app: Illinois Fighting Illini, Indiana Hoosiers, Iowa Hawkeyes, Maryland Terrapins, Michigan Wolverines , Michigan State Spartans, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Northwestern Wildcats , Ohio State Buckeyes, Penn State Nittany Lions, Purdue Boilermakers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Wisconsin Badgers Why FOX Sports is Different: * Live Video Whenever You Want – Tuning in to catch a game has never been easier. * Enhanced Home Screen - All your favorite teams, scores, news, and live video in one location, personalized to you. * New Game Summaries - Complete with game previews, box scores, play-by-play, recaps, and highlights. * Reimagined User Experience - Upgraded team selection and customizable navigation allows you to personalize your FOX Sports profile and delivers the information you care about most. EULA URL - Terms of Use URL - This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will measure your viewing for market research purposes, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information.



  • Doesn’t work

    By Russell Eustace
    You can’t sign in with a TV provider because it doesn’t actually let you tap on which one you have.
  • Can’t even watch live games and have a cable sub

    By Fryiscrazy55
    Just keeps pinging me back and forth between this app and fox sports go.
  • Bad bad

    By ebarham2
    This app is horrible. The UI is odd and the same issues consistently occur. Steam cuts out randomly, have to sign in again, it’s a mess. Also don’t see the ability to watch replays of full games like in the past. Horrible app
  • Please Provide a Zero Star Option

    By Pursuit_of_happiness
    The most misleading, user unfriendly app I’ve ever had to use. Non-clickable options and streaming buttons that leave you tapping your phone screen to oblivion for absolutely nothing. I don’t know where along the lines of production things went wrong, but I only use this app occasionally and every time I’m forced to (emphasis on the forced to) it’s an absolutely miserable experience. Listen to your abysmal reviews, F-I-X.
  • Very frustrating experience

    By LukasCX
    I am missing the game I want to watch. Why doesn’t just work? I open the Fox Sport Go app. I see the game I want. It then takes me to the Fox Sports app and it recognizes my cable provider and login, but the game never loads. Then it appears that there is no live content. 😡
  • Terrible since Disney buyout

    By Brim1031
    Ever since Disney bought out the Fox network they seem to have systemically destroyed the streaming platform Fox worked to build. Fox Sports Go was simple and worked. The switch to Fox Sports has been horrible. “Content not available” “Error streaming - try again later” or worse yet, mixed-up programming such as clicking on a soccer game and getting drag racing instead. Or as happened last night, 6.5hrs of a test screen sandwiched between 30min bumpers of Fra. v Kor. in what should have been the xfinity race. Way to ruin a good thing Disney. I’m sure the next thing will be subscription-only streaming.
  • Don’t download if you don’t have cable!!!!

    By HappyLambo43
    I went to download FOX Sports to watch the first NASCAR race after they reopened events for COVID-19 and the app won’t let you watch live TV for anything I am extremely disappointed and my day is ruined lol
  • How disappointing

    By mmmm9999889
    If streaming sports is your usual go to, but you have a cable subscription for FOX- I recommend just cutting the cord and getting YouTube TV or Hulu for sports. This app is incredibly disappointing, the very worst on the marketplace for sports. Very rarely does it ever work properly. How can one of the world’s leading network companies have such a garbage app?
  • Texas Ranger Baseball

    By rdcakajethro
    Since you stopped the FSSW channel on Dish in the heart of the Southwest from viewing Texas Ranger Baseball and the Dallas Mavericks basketball i am extremely upset. I liked FSSW and watched it all the time. in 2019 you decided it wasn’t worth it on Dish and you pulled the plug. and don’t tell me it is a blackout thing because Directv has it in my area. Dallas and Waco
  • Confusing set of apps

    By Body Positive
    The ecosystem of Fox apps is confusing. Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go and Fox Now along with web based entities make for a convoluted viewing experience. I appreciate the free preview but would prefer an easy sign up and activation experience. Syncing across AppleTV, the apps and providers creates a poor customer experience. The Fox Sports app displays a “watch live” button that when tapped does nothing.
  • Shannon Sharpe!

    By A guy on Twitter! Big Jay
    Why can’t I watch undisputed at my own convenience, it always give me a “program not available” message
  • Frustrating

    By User12121212
    You cannot pause, rewind, or skip forward like you could in fox sports go. Want to start a show from the beginning? Too bad! You’ll simply be hit with an obscene amount of ads only to have the show start right in the middle. Bring back the classic functionality of fox spots go.
  • Why no Spectrum?

    By fybdrhjcrtufdyu
    I have Spectrum, but I’m not able to watch any of the games being broadcasted at any time, no matter where I am. Even the talk shows, like wwe backstage, I can’t watch. It’s just a very angering experience, and I hope that you can fix this.
  • Used to be good...

    By User758426
    Why are you no longer allowing replays on this app... that makes this app completely useless... you might as well remove it from the App Store.. used to be an amazing app for when you missed a game or race.. I never though I’d say this but now when I miss a race I hope it was on NBC so I can actually watch a replay... Huge disappointment FOX, your going in the completely wrong direction... if I had wanted to see who won I would of just looked it up...
  • Horrible excuse for an App

    By BigJohnson1977
    I downloaded the Fox Sports 1 app and the Fox Now app to try to watch WWE Smackdown after an hour the app finally allowed me to sign in to my tv provided but low and behold after I wasted an hour it says this content isn’t currently available. Isn’t that the purpose of the Fox apps to watch tv. What a poor excuse for an app!!!!!Don't waste your time!!!
  • Replays don’t work

    By German Soccer fan
    This is the worst App to watch Bundesliga soccer games. The replays never work!
  • Difference???

    By missing nascar
    Fox Sports & Fox Sports Go...what’s the difference? I can’t seem to get either to watch NASCAR when I’m away from home!
  • Ripoff - don’t subscribe

    By 1kb20
    Fox Soccer Matchpass stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Now Fox removed the app from the store. I prepaid for the year, yet the service silently disappeared. We need our money back.
  • Maybe I just don’t get it

    By Davo Taco
    Tried and tried to reset user id and password. Never worked.
  • F

    By dad fro
    Far from expected
  • Horrible

    By svenspen
    Why is it every god dam time I select watch live it takes me to the App Store to download an app that I have already downloaded and had selected watch live button from?! Every single time. App is trash, company is trash. Cancelling service immediately!
  • Figure It Out

    By EmDeey1090
    I want to watch Bundesliga. So I open Fox Sports Go app to watch. It redirects me to this app. I click on “watch live” within this app, and it redirects me to download this exact same app through thr app store. Figure it out!
  • App hangs, freezes, multiple voice channels play over each other

    By chplaw
    But the best part- having to update the app at half time of a game.
  • Forced updates during games

    By GRR Cubfan
    If you are going to use this app, know that you might be forced to update even if it’s in the middle of a game you want to watch. This is stupid. One star.
  • They don’t compare to other sports streaming

    By Josiah. S
    Nothing about this app can compare to other streaming services, between being told to download the app you already have open to watch the game, or it just deciding to crash during the whole 4th quarter, Fox sports app will find a way to let you down. They need to strip it and remake it.
  • Terrible

    By Splashy Whale
    I try watching an NBA game, I click watch live, and it says to download the fox sports app. IM ON THE FOX SPORTS APP! I try updating it and the same thing happens. Don’t know what to do.
  • Won’t let me watch big ten basketball

    By Jmeyer101
    Worst app to watch games on
  • Fox has no clue

    By Holland2012
    Fox sports is one very convoluted and bad set of applications. Not worth the time or effort to use.
  • Garbage

    By Hawks Nation
    The app does not work. When I attempt to watch live TV it directs me to download this app. I go to this screen the app says “Open.” I click “Open” it takes me to the same screen that then directs me to download this app. It’s a waste of time. Fox Sports is garbage. You would probably have better reliability using the steaming websites.
  • Doesn’t have live shows anymore

    By Cjenner1012
    It used to work great, but now it doesn’t let you stream shows like undisputed and the herd
  • Can’t see my favorites on the home screen

    By Blaze2481
    I remember when I first downloaded this app. And I was able to have favorite teams so I could follow them through out the season. But it’s sad that it’s been more than a year if not 2 years since they updated it and some how they haven’t figured it out on how to fix such a simple problem. I just want to be able to see my favorites with out having to see the rest of the teams I’m not interested in. Get it together already and fix the simple issue here. Smh
  • Good app but doesn’t always work right

    By Pooj24
    Usually I have no issues with watching my teams on this app but today whenever I click to watch live it tells me I need to download the app. THE APP THAT IM ALREADY ON. Keeps sending me in a loop and won’t broadcast the game it said it would.
  • Lots of help to catch espn app

    By Oakenshield 82
    I love Fox Sports but I could never find what I’m really looking for on here even when I customize it. Prefer them over ESPN but that ESPN seems to have a better app I will not get ESPN because I like Fox sports but I wish the app was more usable.
  • App is trash. Disappointed

    By theklr88
    The app doesn’t load consistently. It still requires oauth Instead of Apple TV sign in. Plus the live content consistently doesn’t stay in sync with real time. Going to ESPN until they fix this mess.
  • BTN

    By Yolo73Liz
    Can’t watch BTN on phone. Says I need to download fox app that I already have, so fix it
  • Logged in

    By 90ruth
    Won't keep me logged in. Tired of Everytime I go to watch I have to connect with DirecTV again.
  • Replays don’t work, app is garbag

    By Booshnikums
    There’s no point having this app because if you want to watch a replay, half the time it makes you download another Fox app, and you still can’t view the replay. Don’t waste your time.
  • App hates XFL

    By Bill bp
    Every attempt to go into the XFL section results in app crashing. Has been this way since beginning of season, and across last 3 updates... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Glitchy

    By Djb850
    Stream quality was garbage and the app charged me twice and they won’t refund me.. they said I could’ve been streaming both off one device.
  • Crashes, freezes, bugs

    By Pat7689045
    This app stinks. Freezes/crashes at several points trying to sign in and watch content. Clearly QA only tested one path. Even when it does work, streamed video is low quality. Fox is the clear laggard among networks and apps in many ways.
  • Why I hate this app

    By we take L'S
    I hate this app because when I try to watch a game and I click on watch live I get directed to the App Store to download the app even though I already have the app
  • The app is horrible

    By nicknamewastaken69
    This app is horrible. It never lets me watch the games it just tells me that there is an error.
  • Fox Sports App is the worst

    By GangstaRobot#1
    I’ve tried to watch sporting events on the Fox Sports app and it’s impossible. I click on the game I want to watch and login through my provider and then nothing happens. The link to watch the game I want goes away and I’m left unable to watch the game. This is yet another reason why all major sports from around the world should sign contracts with ESPN.
  • Awful

    The absolute WORST app. The app never lets me watch live TV despite my provider being available for it. I even talked to customer service, and they weren't helpful at all.
  • App freezes constantly

    By zoltrac
    Every few minutes the app freezes and requires a restart. Especially at EVERY single commercial break. This app is worthless.
  • The app

    By Randomcontentyt
    Love it helps me to watch Atlanta United when they don’t have it on tv
  • Don’t bother

    By Falconjet Driver
    Down loading this app is a waist of time, you can not watch anything unless you pay for cable or a subscription. Pure greed is all it is. It is not enough that the network collects millions of dollars in advertisement fees, they want to gouge the customers that they force to watch the adds too
  • Worst Streaming App Ever

    By 0705NM
    This app is constantly going in and out...The live feed is horrible it always buffers at the wrong times. I never leave reviews but I just can’t take it anymore this app needs re-development or something to correct the many issues it has.
  • App does not work.

    By f%*kstick
    Have gotten this app twice. Will not give me live access to the Daytona race. How do I get my money back?