Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2008-11-11
  • Current Version: 3.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 111.44 MB
  • Developer: Fuelly, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 768


Easily track your vehicle’s fuel economy and vehicle maintenance records. Set up reminders to keep on top of maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tire rotations. Fuelly makes it easy for you to save money with gas mileage calculations (MPG) and service reminders. The Fuelly app seamlessly integrates with Fuelly.com, the web’s most used gas mileage tracking website. Easily manage the cars in your garage and log each fuel-up. At each fuel-up, just add the miles, gallons and price per gallon and see your MPG data grow. All data is beautifully displayed and perfectly synchronized with your vehicle on Fuelly.com Features: • Tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance • Attachments to store photos and PDFs • Online sync to Fuelly.com • Charts: MPG, stats, gas price, gas expenses, service expenses • Customizable service reminders, with presets like oil changes, tire rotations, and more • Priority support via in app messaging • Supports multiple vehicles • Store vehicle data: VIN, License Plate, etc. • Excel compatible email reports (CSV attachment) • International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L "App Store Pick of the Week." —Apple "Gas Cubby makes its mark not only with its power, but with its flexibility." —Kyle Baxter - Macworld For more information visit: www.Fuelly.com For priority support, contact us via in app messaging. Or you can contact us at support@fuelly.com --- Also available from Fuelly: FUELLY PREMIUM • Remove ads • Add photos and PDFs to records • Auto completion of locations when adding fuel or services $0.99 monthly • $6.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. --- Privacy Policy: http://www.fuelly.com/privacy Terms of Service: http://www.fuelly.com/terms



  • Awesome review

    By Hghghggf
    I give this a awesome review. I have been keeping track of my fuel mileage for all of my vehicles very accurately with this app. It always helps me to remember when I need to do an oil change. Synchronizing the data. And downloading the data to my email. I have been able to keep track of everything. I even lost my at one time. With the new Mobile home. I contacted the app and they sent me the date it and everything was good. Even though I had everything printed by email. It’s always good to back up to iCloud. Thank you thank you thank you. Happy day to everyone.
  • Great tracking App

    By Donho98
    I've always tracked my gas and services manually. This is much better. However, I don’t need the upgrade so I wish I could turn off the ad in the beginning
  • Great app!

    By OnePleasedUser
    Track my fuel and services for a car and two motorcycles, love it. Logical and easy to use.
  • Notifications are inaccurate

    By Crazyivan1
    App is feature full, although sluggish on an iPhone 6 Plus. The biggest problem I have with it that the notifications are inaccurate, inconsistent and can’t be relied on. The dev should really fix this issue. It’s very easy to reproduce just by using the app and I see others have reported the same.
  • So good you'll also your momma

    By Jgxrhbfijvdeubxegbcxdg
    Great app. I love being able to track my fuel mileage so simply!
  • Doesn't work with Gboard or other keyboards

    By GaryQual
    I'm looking for a powerful auto expense tracker, and remember having used the predecessor, GasCubby some years ago. But when trying Fuelly out, I was shocked to see that it won't let me enter notes or such with GBoard or SwiftKey. I rely heavily on using such keyboards for faster and one handed entry, and have never before encountered an app that wouldn't work with them. That seems like really bad programming. Another problem I found is that it wouldn't let me enter a car wash with an odometer reading. That's silly. Car washing is an expense I want to track, but it's time related, not mileage. Sadly, I'll have to look elsewhere.
  • Great app but it has been charging me for premium without giving me the features

    By Beachesatnornandy
    So I love the app, for the most part it does exactly what I want. However I have been paying for premium but continue to not get the features. It worked fine for the first few months but the last three months I have seen ads and pop ups about upgrades despite paying every month. I have emailed support about this twice with no response. Maybe this will get a response. I have screenshots on the app asking me to upgrade and my monthly payments. I have emailed via the app, I have checked my spam folder.
  • It’s Handy

    By 36th parallel country dude
    I’ve been using Fuelly for many years, but only recently downloaded the App. The free version of the app is like a streamlined version of the website and is useful for logging fill-ups. The app does push for you to buy thing, but you can use those features for free through the website (so why purchase?). I use the app for the basics and the website for more detailed things.
  • Awesome App

    By kitten72
    I am one of those crazy record keeping people. I love this app. So easy for me to keep track of absolutely everything that I have done to my car from, maintenance to anything else that I can keep a note on.
  • Wonderful App!

    This is an awesome app! Had it for years and love it!
  • Gray app

    By Denverlovesit
    Very useful for keeping track of everything for my car, gas, maintenance, etc.
  • Would be better if....

    By sammy34429
    So I recently bought a vehicle from a family member who uses Fuelly thinking I would be able to import their data on that vehicle, because they exported it. Sadly this wasn’t the case at all. Even paid for the premium, thinking maybe it wasn’t available on the free version. Have to say that I’m EXTREMELY disappointed! Not worth the $6.99 at all. I can track the mileage and maintenance myself...it would be so much better/easier if I could import that data. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Must Have App for Every Car

    By Sundeep Thotey
    Tracks time, mileage and cost per gallon of every fuel. Also, it automatically tracks the Details of Gas Stations based on location. All I need for Fuel Tracking At One Place. P.S : It Offer More than Fuel.
  • Getting worse, not better.

    By Geo-Carl
    I’ve been using Fuelly for years (and it’s predecessor) with generally good results, but now...? I have to use a password?? To boot it regularly doesn’t recognize my current one. Heaven help you if you miss recording a fill up and later try to correct it, problems abound. Did I mention the stupid password; just to record mileage?? Cmon, what needs to be protected here? How about an option to bypass the password, at least? Each rev. seems to add something, and take something away. Unhappy.
  • Nice free functionality but please back down on the push to the paid service.

    By Gccvhhfdkkfghh
    Nice free functionality but please back down on the push to the paid service.
  • Great app, great service.

    By TCapple
    I’ve been using Fuelly for years, and it’s steadily gotten better over time. Never had any real issues to complain of, and it’s mostly been smooth sailing. Very happy with the data logging and overall interface. Definitely room for some future improvements, but there’s no better mileage tracking app available
  • Fuelly

    By pilotflying1
    App is easy to use and captures all necessary info still using free version but looks like for .99 you can get everything u need to satisfy the IRS
  • You deserve -20 stars

    By groupeone
    What on earth have you done with your app?!!?? You’ve destroyed it. I am so angry with your app and your company. I have been using your app as a paid customer since the first version of Gas Cubby (before it became Fuelly). Once you changed the app to Fuelly, your app has gone down the tubes. Recently, I discovered my password no longer worked and I have had to register a new password for the third time. Syncing constantly stalls and fails. I’m constantly forced to log in. And today, after having to re-register for a third time (and being greeted with what appears to be a phishing pop-up ad on your website), I learned that your app and server have not recorded any of my entries since March 2016. More than a year of data has been lost including major service I had on my car. You have the temerity to push me to upgrade without showing what benefits doing so would offer. I’m furious. Pencil and paper would be more effective than your app. Consider me to be an ex-customer.
  • Data

    By Simsq
    I recently lost some data that we were in putting on Fuelly. I received a email on the matter and it was restored. The data that we need is from December 2017 to current month we did not get that data. Jerry
  • Great app

    By Saabspg
    The best app for keeping track of my fuel costs
  • Good app

    By jaxzn
    The earlier version was more clear & intuitive to use, but overall still a good & useful app.
  • So, so Useful

    By caseyfriday
    I have been using Fuelly since 2013, and as a person who loves data, this app is fantastic. I not only store fuel-ups, but I also store every bit of maintenance I do on my cars here. Whether it’s an oil change, intake hose replacement, differential fluid, etc - the reminders work WONDERS for letting me know that it’s time to perform routine maintenance again. I love being able to see how many miles I’ve driven my car, and combined with Blackstone Labs Oil analysis tests, this combo will keep my car running great for many, many years. This is one of the top 4 apps that I suggest to other people (along with ScannerPro, Last.fm/Spotify, and Wunderlist), because it provides so much utility to me. I happily pay for premium, because I just love this service!
  • Constantly asks me to upgrade to their subscription

    By Thegreatstate
    Bought this app before they had a subscription service and though the app works well enough I’m constantly asked to upgrade to their subscription service. The only options are to subscribe, review plans or “skip for now”. That means they intend to keep asking in perpetuity.
  • Will not restore purchase

    By JohnBoy5562
    I’ve been using this app I know 6 years never had a problem. But last year I got bit by mosquito and contracted West Nile Virus. I almost died I was in the hospital unconscious for 6 weeks my brother said I put in the wrong code to open my iPhone while I was in the hospital and got locked out of my iPhone and could not unlocked until I got home to hook it up to my iMac to restore it. After that I did reinstall a lot of app but not this one because I couldn’t drive. Fast forward to today when I was wondering when the last time I filled up my vehicle it synced all my data but said I had to pay for the app again. Said could not restore purchases. I emailed support today maybe they can help me. This is really a great app but now it’s wanting me to pay again. Oh and it was August 10 2017 the last time I filled up. As of the date of this review is December 13 2018.
  • A simple money grab, don’t buy

    By Jknight611
    I used the original app, and it works fine. This new business model is terrible. I was supposed to be grandfathered but when I tried to transfer my vehicles, all my data is gone. Very disappointed to loose all the data.
  • Best Fuel App

    By wdprice10
    I’ve tried at least 10 fuel/maintenance log apps. I’m crazy obsessive when it come to tracking maintenance and fuel costs. This is by far the best app I’ve used. The interface and especially the ability to store in the cloud separate from iCloud. Thank you to developers for creating such an amazing app.
  • Good

    By Lonolsen
    Have used for several years. Good gas mileage and maintenance record keeping
  • This app is amazing

    By Wgsbebehehbebehenen
    The easiest way to track your fuel cost
  • Love my MPGs

    By Dr.tehill
    This app allows me to keep track of my spending on gas and see how efficient my driving is. Love the fact that I can add multiple vehicles and get service reminders.
  • doesn’t Total

    By pt commuter
    when i come to the end of the year it shows me how much i’ve spent but it doesn’t total all amounts. other than that it serves as a good record keeper
  • Arbitrary “upgrades,” turn your data into their cash crop

    By MisterFox
    “Upgrades,” that offer no additional features and force my data into their hands are both creepy and unwelcome. Ads mean the user is their cow. They use the data you generate to make money. And if they claim they aren’t doing that today, it is presumably in the works. Why else would they want to “sync and store,” my personal data. Unless the whole point of that is to hold my data hostage for their subscription fee. Maybe it’s both. Update Nov 2018: Every iteration is another iteration of fewer features while still holding our data. I reiterate that their support and customer service is (at best) dodgy. This could have been a fantastic product that I’d have gladly given money to, if it didn’t feel like extortion. I am looking for alternatives. I do NOT recommend this product.
  • Where’s Fuelly Fillup?

    By dave729
    Android has a quick record Fuelly app that is super easy. Where is the iOS version?
  • The Best Little App

    By Looney in Georgia
    Fuelly is the best way to keep up with all your family’s needs to track their auto records. From fuel ups to oil changes and tune ups, it’s the easiest way to keep your info at your fingertips! You’ll love it!!
  • Siri Shortcut Integration

    By Asif Nabi
    Will it ever be possible? There are hundreds of of that are either free or one time payment where we’re paying yearly subscription to keep records of our fuel usage yet I see developers do not update this apps in months!
  • Basic functions only

    By GoldAsh
    Must upgrade to get anything above very basic.
  • This app is not easy nor convenient

    By Jentz
    If you enjoy milking mice this is the app for you. It’s not as simple as most and has poor layout
  • Satisfied

    By all-natural-nut
    Very easy to use, yet comprehensive
  • Reminders

    By Kevinmatth
    I purchased this app before it changed to Fuelly. After migrating to Fuelly the ads came back and the app will not send me an alert for my oil changes. I set a reminder for an oil change by distance every 5000 miles and it does not pop up with anything. I even tried creating a new test vehicle and entered fake records just to test the remind function. Still nothing. I cannot find anywhere to email or call for support only a forum that you have to create an account so you can post your questions only to have a bunch of other users just like myself who know nothing and are trying to figure this app out.
  • Fuelly is a great fuel log!!!

    By orchman
    We use this application to log all of the fuel that we use in our motorhome and all of our other cars. We like to keep track of what it cost for us to travel across the country and what we use locally. It has been flawless ever since they put the information on the cloud. I love this app works beautifully.
  • Liked the GPS Location station identifier - Until free version no longer caters for it

    By VuvuzelaSA
    Liked the GPS Location station identifier - Until free version no longer caters for it therefore 4-stars... I like to recommend the application to all my family and friends because I love using it! Excellent for logging my vehicle records against it as well have the safety of the backup in the cloud should I lose my phone - I can restore logs going forward... Thanks for a great app!!
  • No mileage in title menu

    By wdckellogg
    Really like the android version of just using this until I get rid of this iPhone.
  • Greedy Developers

    By Zippyzip6767
    I have no problem paying for an app, and depending on what type of service or tool, a subscription as well. I don’t, however, believe that something as basic as fuel tracking (even with attachment options) rises to the level of requiring an annual subscription. A $6 annual subscription (assuming no growth in the subscription) at 3% inflation in perpetuity has a present value of $200, which is a bit steep for me. Subscription for Spotify or Netflix with constant value-added, new programming is justified; fuel tracking - not so much... Recommendation: charge a reasonable one-time fee for the app instead.
  • Does not care that notifications are broken

    By A.J. Mac
    Update 2: Apparently we are at the end of the troubleshooting stage for finding out why notifications are not working for the app. What was suggested to fix it? ‘Delete and redownload the app. Oh, that didn’t work? Nothing else we can do.’ My impression: we don’t know or care enough to actually sort out your issue. I asked if they were going to do anything else we can do to try and resolve the problem, but they said this is all they can think of. Also, as a response to the developers ‘check your spam folder’ comment. I check my spam folder every day. I never received a response to my first request for help on this issue. Thanks. Update: After going to their website and submitting a request for feedback to another product, I was directed to submit through the app. After that I did receive a reply. There is hardly any access to control settings within the app. It has an option to provide feedback in the app, it uses your email but I have tried many times and never heard anything back. I do not see an option to see how long I have remaining for my subscription, I thought this was a decent product and wanted to support that, but it now seems I was incorrect. One of my biggest issues is that the notifications for service reminders do not work on the app, I only see that it hasn’t told me when logging into the desktop/web version to read the forums for a solution. Not acceptable.
  • No maintenance notifications...

    By D_Clark
    This app is helps me keep track of my mileage, and is supposed to produce maintenance reminders, but it doesn’t anymore.
  • Keeps opening app store for Shein fashion online

    By yonip1
    Unusable. I cannot enter data on the app because it keeps opening the app store asking me to download Shein fashion online app. Used to be great now it’s full of ads.
  • Redirects to porn ads

    By Davidluko
    Recently Fuelly started, at random times, redirecting me to apps in the App Store or to websites in Safari. It’ll redirect 5+ times in a row (as soon as I go back into Fuelly, it’ll redirect again, making the app temporarily unusable). And on top of that, sometimes it redirects me to porn ads in Safari. Seriously?!
  • Nice app to track mileage and fuel consumption

    By Jason901
    Been using this app for years. Wish it had more stats like it use to but it’s been a reliable app. One of my favorites. Keep up the good work dev team!
  • Was a great app

    By Abarth Driver
    But the constant pestering to subscribe gets old after the third or hundredth time. The subscription option needs to back the heck off on the repetitive appearances. All it's done is get me started looking for a replacement app. I purchased one of the original license versions and honestly do not appreciate my license being changed to where an ad (for the subscription) is pushed so heavily. The developers need to seriously rethink this. It's bad enough they share your data that gets uploaded to their website for sync purposes.
  • They Sell Your Info to Your Insurance

    By mypupdaisy
    My Insurance company contacted me and tells me they know how many miles I’m driving per year on my vehicle. When I tell them I was using Fuelly, they said that the Developer sells my information to third party companies and thats how Insurance companies get it. I will delete and stop using this stupid app. The developer denies this but its interesting that my insurance company knew the miles I logged in the app. I also did not have sharing features on. I no longer use the app. I have no idea who’s doing what.