• Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2008-11-25
  • Current Version: 9.51.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 136.92 MB
  • Developer: Target
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 801 275


Whether you’re shopping in store or at home, get trip planning, exclusive savings and more with the Target app. Plus, the new Wallet feature is the fastest, easiest way to save and pay in store. Plan your next Target Run by checking out the Weekly Ad, Cartwheel offers and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your Run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals. Add your credit or debit REDcard to your Wallet to pay and redeem Cartwheel offers with a single scan at checkout. You can also redeem store coupons in Wallet! The app also makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home.



  • Good app. Need improvement in barcode scanning.

    By amsbmsse
    1 star for easy ordering. 1 star for pickup option. It's very convenient. 1 star for app ui. Very easy to navigate and the location of the item in the store. Barcode scanning need lot of improvement. Whenever I scan target gift card, it never reads the correct barcode. I believe this issue is due to two barcode at back of the card. If we remove one barcode, it will work. I usually cover the larger barcode and scan, it works perfectly. For online or online pick up orders, receipt are available in the app. Likewise, for store purchase receipt app should allow to scan the receipt and keep it in the account. This will help a lot in returns, exchange, discounts and no need of third-party app to scan receipt. When the item is out of stock, provide an option to notify when the item is available
  • Awesome

    By yowent123
    It’s like a portable target. Actually it is a portable target, you can pick it up in store, they can deliver your package to you, or you could drive to specific target and they’ll drop it off to your car.
  • Cumbersome checkout

    By Arvind Saddala
    Very slow and long steps for checkout
  • Awesome app

    By Boothanggggg
    I love the Target app. Makes it easy to find what I am looking for ahead of time before I go in and now we have the option to have them shop for us. It’s outstanding never had a wrong order. ❤️🥰
  • Useless on the iPad

    By MDva
    It shows on my iPad screen as the size if my iPhone.
  • Easy Shopping

    By customermj
    Love the prices and app makes it easy and convenient
  • App doesn’t support landscape mode

    By mbrown1129
    The majority of the time I’m using my iPad Pro with keyboard, but unfortunately the app doesn’t adjust to accommodate landscape mode. As such, I’ve continued to shop through the Target website. Please, please, PLEASE make the necessary adjustments to allow for landscape viewing because I would prefer to use the app. Thank you!
  • Tar-jayyyy

    By SMRIDE2
    Love the app
  • Gift buying

    By gift buying
    I am unable to do a gift purchase with the app
  • I love you Target

    By Tay-marah
    I love you Target. Especially online shopping. I just bought a dress that I saw another shopper wearing!!! It’s the second purchase I’ve made because of the photo sharing. It is marketing
  • Rude employee

    By sinor_sexy_pants
    The other day I went to target and and when I got home I realized I forgot to pick up cat food. So I drive up ordered it and the employee who brought it to my car was very rude. I said wow you guys are so fast and she rolled her eyes and said “well ya you said you were here so I had to bring it to you” and overall had a bad attitude. She had curly hair and a red plaid button up in on. I said uh well thank you and she said “mhm ya” and walked away. Like?? I didn’t even made her put it in my car she just had to hand it to me thru my window and it was a small bag?
  • Smart sort does not work for me

    By mnlh07
    I haven’t not been able to get smart sort to work for me not once. I’m not sure if it’s because I have items on there that are not sold in store but I wish it would still sort them and maybe just move those items to the bottom of the list that way I can just add them to my cart later. Some things I want to look at in person before buying so I add them to my shopping list and I always end up forgetting things I really do need because I have to dig around my shopping list with a toddler in tow.
  • I can’t sign in!

    By Giminia
    The app keeps signing me out & I haven’t been able to log back in! Makes it hard to use if I can’t get to my cartwheel app. PLEASE FIX
  • Amazing!!

    By Girl at the Bar
    I use this app weekly! Best thing for a busy mama!
  • Awesome

    By marybertha
    Easy and fast to navigate. The best retail app yet.
  • Makes shopping so convenient!

    By Navywifejessica
    The app makes shopping so convenient to know what is in stock, where the item is in the store, and what is available for pickup/drive up.
  • Awesome Savings

    By TGALH
    I LOVE the target app!! You can save so much money with cartwheel and not to mention that you can also combine the red card in with. Love it!! Highly recommend!!
  • Order Every Week

    By Butter Burns
    My family and I order every week and can’t say enough about store pick up and online selection!
  • SUPER fast and convenient!

    By Macchiato1995
    I love the app so much, it’s easy to find everything and add to cart and if your a list maker like me and always forget it it when you head out, lol you will LOVE. This built in list tracker they have. Stay awesome Target! Ooooh P.S. I wish we could add milk and stuff like that on the pick up orders.
  • Online

    By msbeh8ven
    Target online and app is always easy to use
  • Excelentes precios

    By Wandela18
    Me gusta comprar en Target online. Soy de Puerto Rico. Deben poner varias tiendas acá.
  • Best App For Shopping

    By Neryssa.
    I am grateful that the app tells you where items are located in the store. I’m usually confused and in a rush to find items at a non local Target. Since all Targets are arranged differently I struggle to find items, but luckily the app tell you where to find the item. I love the Cartwheel Offers as the amount of variety allow me to save in items I was already going to purchase.
  • WHERE IS APPLE PAY? - New Update

    By Shilohnator
    New update took away the option of Apple Pay. Will not use until it is fixed!
  • Frustrating. Can’t sign in.

    By ibelistenin
    I’ve just deleted and reinstalled this app 3 times and I still can’t sign in.
  • Time Saver!

    By kristinbstad
    I love that I can use to app to find products and I’m looking for and check availability at other Target locations. I can place orders for pickup or delivery and it shows discounts available.
  • Makes you log in even with touch ID turned on

    By mbumb
    🤬 Target! They suggested I add my red card to the app so I could just scan the barcode in the app to pay in store, so I did, and took the physical card out of my wallet because I no longer needed to carry it. I turned on Touch ID because I don’t want to memorize my password and type it in every time I check out. But the app still asks me for my password sometimes, and I have no idea what it is, and I only try to use it when I’m at the front of the line and all my items have been scanned and it’s time for me to pay. Aka, The absolute worst time to ask someone for a password that they do not know. In conclusion, 🤬 Target.
  • Airy

    By Boombobi
    Me encanta los precios que tienen son muy bajos
  • Inaccurate counts

    By Grace019283
    I’ve been trying to order some hooks on my app and it says that both Madison and Huntsville west stores have them yet when I place a pick up orders it comes back and says that’s they were out of stock yet the app still says their available at these stores, this has been a huge inconvenience since shipping them they won’t get here in time. Please try and have your counts more accurate as it is very very frustrating!!!
  • Availability

    By Carcarlovetaco
    Many items listed as available and ordered are then not available. So far this has happened on 3 out of 3 orders. Waiting to see if my next order is the same.
  • New update-No Apple Pay

    By Spinkilink
    I miss the convenience of Apple Pay in checkout. It was so sudden that it was removed.
  • Get rid of safari

    By sam73112
    Please update your links in the app to allow the user to use a browser other than safari.
  • Be a leader in ending plastic packaging

    By Pick Up Trash
    I love Target. Target sells things I want and I almost always find what I’m looking for. The emphasis on great design is evident and sets Target apart. I .very much appreciate the new Ever Spring line of products and find these are a REASON to shop at Target over other stores. I love that the Ever Spring toilet paper and paper towels are made from 100% recycled content. ALL paper products should be made this way. Chop down trees to wipe your behind. Really? Put some though into it. It’s great Ever Spring cleaning wipes are plant based and the packaging has high content of post consumer waste. Tho, the packaging SHOULD be 100% PCW it plastic free. To Target credit, some Ever Spring packaging IS 100% PCW. I’m surprised Target doesn’t make a big deal out of the PCW content of the packaging. For me, that alone is a reason to buy those products over alternatives. But the print to tell consumer packaging content is ULTRA small print. I had to look hard to find it. But most everything else at Target is packaged in thick, heavy, hard plastic. If someone cares about life on Planet Earth, it’s enough to induce a panic attack. In fact, stores like Target filled with plastic SHOULD produce panic attacks in all of us. The vast majority of all that plastic will be here polluting earth far beyond when our great great great grandchildren are dead. Is that REALLY what we want to leave behind for a container of laundry detergent? However, people still need laundry detergent and how else can we buy it than from the shelf of a store? Laundry detergent (and everything else) is mostly only available in plastic. A store like Target could make great progress in this, with emphasis on great design. Target could be a leader in advanced Eco Friendly packaging design: plastic free, paper free, or made from 100% Post Consumer Waste. If Target leads the way, others will follow. If Target demands suppliers innovate their packaging to be Eco Friendly, plastic free, paper free, or made from 100% Post Consumer Waste, those suppliers would comply. While you are at it, demand the contents of the packaging not pollute (like the Ever Spring products). While you are at it, manufacturing should be done using sustainable energy and with practices that don’t pollute. Target can help create demand from public to want those things and make it fashionable to buy them? Why not? It SHOULD be done. It’s the right thing to do for ourselves and those who come after us.
  • Target your customer

    By stassz
    Easy way to order and do order pickup I don’t have to even walk in.
  • Target is lit

    By azul2355
    Honestly they have amazing prices and the items are good quality. I recently had an issue with one of my deliveries which it has never happened before but target solved my problem right away and my items got here within a day. I was amazed. Target is my number one shopping store and I literally order every week.
  • Major issue

    By Rosegoldstar
    The most recent update took away Apple Pay as a payment option, which how I prefer to pay when I order. Until that is resolved, I will not be ordering anything from Target It seems this was a popular feature and people want it back so I’m not sure why Target is not listening to what shoppers want.
  • Target

    By King lljf
    Had a blast
  • Don’t buy gift cards to use on-line

    By Ere010
    Very difficult to use on-line. Made 7 calls to figure out issue and to resolve I had to move 30 of my 60 items out of cart to have gift card exactly match purchase. Target used to be so consumer friendly, have noticed a big decline over the years. Learn from Amazon, make things easy or people will shop elsewhere. There are now so many better options.
  • Terrific Target

    By MexiB is the easiest and fastest way to shop for quality items. The website is user friendly and I can find exactly what I am looking for at a reasonable price. I even save extra with the Redcard.
  • Not very helpful

    By disabled target customer
    Hard to pay bill. Won’t send us email to enroll card to pay bill. Also, can’t buy paper plates & towels for delivery when I am disabled. And last, tried to add paper plates to my order and it said it can’t be added
  • I used to love this app until...

    By SAHMof2babies
    As a stay at home mom I never get the chance to buy myself new makeup. So after 3 years of the same makeup I was finally able to spend over $50 on makeup for myself. I thought “why not get more for my money with the cartwheel app?” I had used the pick up option as well as the delivery option. I chose a Milani promotion for spend $15 on this brand and get a free (worth $20) makeup bag. Everything I got delivered had been sent to my new address as it was the shipping address I had listed in the app - EXCEPT for the free bag that I was extremely excited about. This got sent to my BILLING address instead of my SHIPPING address even though the app still stated that it got delivered to my shipping address. I had no reason to think the address on my confirmation email would be any different than the address all my other orders got shipped to especially since the app confirmed this. But since the confirmation email was the only indication that my bag got delivered to my old address I was told it was my fault. I had previously called customer service to see what could be done about this address error (because I put in all the correct information on my end) and was told I would get refunded for the $20 to order the bag again. Following this, I was only refunded $12.75 in target gift cards, so I called back. I was told that since this was a promotional item I could either pay for remaining balance of the bag +shipping, or return my other items to get the full amount for the bag. So in closing, I’m just extremely disappointed that because of an error that I did not make, I’m unable to get the items that I ordered and so carefully picked out for this promotion. I was really enjoying the app and even looking for ways to continue to use it on purchases needed for my kids but because of this I’m not going to risk the same thing happening with items that I need for my family.
  • You’re a billion dollar company

    By Randybowling2593
    Make an iPad version of the app it’s so annoying using the iPhone app on an iPad.
  • Great, but...

    By LekaSasafras
    This site/app is nice except if you need to update/change your email address. The app doesn’t allow you to do that at all. When you go online, the site only allow a change if you are able to confirm your new email via your old email address. If the old account is closed and deleted, you are out of luck! Target’s solution is that you must now create a whole new account. Don’t bother calling customer service. They are the ones who told me to create the new account. Get with the times Target!
  • Love this app!

    By Jenn0917
    This app makes my life 10x easier with a baby! I don’t have to go inside, I can choose how I want it delivered or picked up. Recommend 10/10!
  • This is a good app

    By kay4u2
    I only had something delivered to my home one time but i like to pick my items up nice app.
  • Great App! 👍🏾

    By luv_my_mac
    I use the app all the time when in the physical store. I price check and check for cartwheel deals as well as coupons. I recently used the app to order a new Apple Watch via customer service pick up. The app is quick and efficient. Target is one of my favorite retailers. Their customer service is the best and so is the app.
  • Really friendly user app, wish they had redcard services.

    By purplesauce
    I love using drive up instead of wasting time at the store looking and lining up for my stuff. Definitely a huge fan of that. The app is friendly and the necessities is laid out for you, you can even scan/save deals while you shop in store/drive up. The only thing that bums me out is that I wish it also provided you with redcard services where you can log in and pay your redcard through the app itself. Instead I’m redirected to their redcard website on my browser and the mobile site is more outdated than this one with texts floating in the middle of my browser. The target app uses touch-ID to authenticate any redcard services, so I think it’s time to implement being able to actually pay it on here now. Because I honestly trust the app more than I do being redirected out of nowhere.
  • My favorite store!

    By Ummlaila
    Easy app to navigate and purchase
  • Needs some additions

    By Amandalee55
    Can’t add to or create registries on the app which seems silly. Otherwise I like it.
  • Queen Headboards!

    By Omadee
    Just exactly what I was searching for and great price!