Boingo Wi-Finder

Boingo Wi-Finder

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2008-12-07
  • Current Version: 6.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 80.74 MB
  • Developer: Boingo Wireless, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 336


Wi-Finder helps you stay connected at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide, at locations including airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes and more. Boingo is a Global Traveler Award Winner: Voted Best Wi-Fi Service — Eight Years and Counting! ---------------------- Access to Boingo Hotspots with a Boingo Account ---------------------- • You can connect to more than 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, including airports, hotels, coffee shops, stadiums, malls, inflight and more. • Use it with a Boingo subscription (Unlimited, Mobile, Global, Amex Preferred Plan, Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard Cardholders), Boingo transactional plan (AsYouGo or Hourly) or buy an iOS subscription through Wi-Finder. ---------------------- SUBSCRIBE USING THE ITUNES STORE ----------------------   • “Boingo iOS Monthly” recurring subscriptions are available from the App Store. • Enjoy unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi on your iOS devices for just $9.99 per month. • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Account will be charged $9.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Payments will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • To sign up, select Subscribe on the “Home” screen or go to “My Account” and select iTunes.   ---------------------- Wi-Fi Hotspot Maps ---------------------- • Search for Wi-Fi near you or around the globe using the hotspot maps in Wi-Finder! ---------------------- Getting Connected ---------------------- • In your device’s Wi-Fi settings, select a network from the list annotated with “Check for Boingo Wi-Fi” • Launch the Wi-Finder app, and tap "Get Online Now!" ---------------------- Terms and Conditions ---------------------- • Privacy Policy: • Boingo Customer Agreement: • Boingo Wireless, Inc. Web Site Boingo Wi-Finder Support Application License Agreement



  • Prevents login to hotel Wi-Fi

    By jwilli01
    Trouble is, ISS a hotel Wi-Fi is recognized by boingo as an available hotspot, the boingo pop up prevents the hotel login screen from opening. Struggled with this over three trips before I figured it out. No obvious way to disable auto login attempts in the app settings. So the app is deleted until this is fixed.
  • Nightmate

    By Lapulgaluterana
    Terrible. I installed this app and the only thing it proved able to do was to screw up every Wi-Fi connection in every hotel and every airport in Asia!!! what a nightmare !!! Hours of frustrating work configuring my phone over and over again trying to figure out why it wasn’t connecting to my free Wi-Fi signals ...finally somebody told me that Boingo App was the problem ...I deleted the app and Bingo ! my phone started working just fine again and picking up all WIFI signals everywhere. Lesson learned.
  • Prevents WiFi connections

    By Studlybmecoop
    I couldn’t figure out why I was connected to the WiFi at my hotel on my iPhone, but the phone was refusing to actually use the WiFi connection. A quick search revealed that this app actually prevents you from connecting to certain WiFi access points! Deleted the app and now I can connect just fine. This app is worse than useless, it is actually detrimental to your phone even when you’re not using it!
  • !

    By Anthony M. P.
    I want my refund you guys took $9.99 from my bank account and I did not ask for it
  • Prevents hotel WiFi landing pages from opening

    By jcbd7
    The title says it all, this issue had been dogging me for over a year, I finally figured out that the app wasn’t letting the landing page load. Deleted the app, now it works like a charm. I love being able to connect to hotspots at airports transparently, but I spend more time at hotels, so it’s staying uninstalled until they fix this.
  • Bug! It loops to WiFi settings when checking for WiFi

    By Nov24today
    I tried deleting and reinstalling. It’s been doing this for quite some time. Bionic doesn’t work on my iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows machine.
  • Don’t load this virus onto your phone

    By Annoyed Ang Moh
    Worse than garbage. It straight up doesn’t connect to ANY wi-fi . Does not work as advertised. Ever. Even worse, it intercepts legitimate attempts to connect to wi-fi and makes it impossible to log into the welcome screens in public places. So it both doesn’t work and interferes with normal operations. Just smash a big rock into your forehead until you pass out and bleed all over yourself. It’ll be more productive and more fun.
  • No longer opens WiFi settings

    By Favorite Game But Add Delete
    Terrible update. The app used to work on my iPhone but now it no longer opens the WiFi settings when you click “check for boingo WiFi” in the app. Instead it open the settings for WiFinder (the app itself) and you can’t connect to any WiFi network associated with Boingo.
  • Please create a better app...

    By Flexitron2000
    Update: had to delete the app as it was eating up 55% of my battery despite background activity being turned off... And yes I agree with the comment - non of that sounds right, but are the actual issues with the app... Similar issues as the other users: 1) app prevents you from logging into certain WiFis (I haven’t been able to find a solution) 2) it drains a LOT of your battery (35% on my iPhone over the past 10 days with “background activity”)
  • Is this updated?

    By gggiachiii
    Just changed to an iPhoneXS and I’ve been having problems detecting wifi available around me through the app, and it often redirects me to settings.
  • Boingo actually prevents me from connecting

    By eBob99
    The staff of the Marriott in San Ramon, CA told me that if I wanted to connect to their Wi-Fi I had to delete my Boingo app first. They were right. As soon as I deleted Boingo, my phone connected immediately. I’ve had this same experience in airports & hotels around the world for a couple years now. Makes me wonder how it could go on this long without the Boingo developers fixing this.
  • Caution

    By TW747
    The app clashes with other WiFi and prevents you from logging in. I find it is extremely problematic at Hotels (Hiltons, Marriott....). It typically results in deleting the app.
  • Horrible app

    By tracie310
    I wanted to try this out and the app is difficult to use it’s not straight forward at all I canceled my subscription right away like and hour later AND THEY STILL BILLED ME FOR THE WHOLE MONTH THE APP DOESN'T EVEN SHOW YOU THE HOTSPOTS RIDICULOUS!
  • Very disappointed

    By Unicornpoophere
    Not many hotspots
  • Worst app on the planet! Uninstall Wi-Finder!!

    By NotATechGeek
    What a crap of an app. Worst ever. It never does anything useful ... you can find WiFi networks just fine under “Settings —> WiFi “. But it actually PREVENTS you from getting on WiFi networks! That’s right! I now had been at several hotels, couldn’t figure out, why I could not log on. The check mark next to the WiFi symbol was there, but my IPhone won’t connect to the WiFi network. I spent HOURS trying to find a solution, resetting all passwords ( painful! ), etc ... nothing worked. I tried all the tricks I could find. Until ... I noticed that it said “look for Boingo WiFi” under that check mark. I open that app, now it connects me ... but I have no idea whether it is using its own plan to pay for it, or the plan I already paid for at the hotel. I went ahead and tried to delete it ... it is not under “Boingo WiFi Finder” but under “Wi-Finder”. Deleted it now, and now, everything works like a charm. But those lost hours of my life ... I never get them back. What a stupid, crappy app.
  • Breaks Other Free WiFi as other reviews. Developer’s purported fix is false.

    By qdlb
    It’s quite telling that this app apparently has received all 1-star reviews for more than a year. (Yet, oddly, still shows an overall high rating). I can attest that this app breaks at least 2 free WiFi spots with captive login verifications, as reviewer MrBen123 stated. One of them is certain Hilton HHonors WiFi, so fairly wide spread. It is a serious concern for frequent international travelers, as the breaks cause by the app are not easily identified and one is left to diagnose it in environments with no internet connections. The developer’s response (to MrBen123’s review) of a fix is irrelevant/inaccurate/incomprehensible at best, since, in their current version, pretty much none of the mentioned options were present. Avoid install/download!
  • CAUTION!!!!

    By DrPsych
    This App is NOT updated for latest OS 12 software. It will “latch on” to your Apple Wi-Fi app and “lock out” Wi-Fi all together! You will next spend hours if not days sorting it all out. Easiest solution: DELETE. Customer support (on this issue): NONE —unless you call repetitive responses saying, “Sorry, this is not the experience we want for our customers” etc. SORRY BOINGO — you’re R&D is lagging and you know it!
  • Drains battery

    By asdfghkloi
    This app was draining 40+% of my iPad battery based on iOS stats page. Removed the app and battery life improved a lot.
  • Piece of crap on iPhone

    By ridiculuosapp
    This doesn’t work on iPhone. It makes your WiFi connection crash and doesn’t help you connect at all! Whoever pays for its service on the iPhone is ripped off.
  • Interferes with WiFi connections

    By pendolino
    As other reviewers have mentioned, this app somehow prevents you from getting a connection on various WiFi networks at home, etc. Once I deleted the app everything went back to normal. This is unacceptable.
  • Doesn’t seem to work

    By DIDUEAT12
    When I click find boings wifi it takes me to system settings. Can figure out why...also, if I’m connected to WiFi it doesn’t search for boings WiFi spots...doesn’t seem to work.
  • Never works

    By Super Hybrid
    I had this app for a few years already and it used to connect fine but lately (about a year so far) it never connects. The app finds WiFi spot that allows connection but using this app it does not connect. I hope future update will fix this issue.
  • seems broken

    By shogoni
    Whenever I click to look for a network it just takes me to the Settings screen. I already have it set to Allow everything for the app, but still keeps sending me there.
  • Absolutely the worst

    By cynicalmusic
    In an airport with several hotspots, didn’t log into one of them. Also seems shady that you can’t cancel the strong armed subscription within the ap. I could have downloaded a PDF faster with two tin cans and a piece of string. Just terrible
  • Breaks login pages

    By rob1131
    App breaks a majority of login pages it claims to have access to.
  • Can’t use many WiFi connections when installed

    By MrBen123
    Update to developer re fix: the problem is not that it doesn’t work when you try to connect thro the app. The problem is the iPhone will not connect to certain networks because the app is on the phone, but there is zero indication that this is anything to do with Boingo. No mention of it appears in the wi-fi connection screen. You just see a check mark next to network as though it’s trying to connect but you never get the WiFi 3 arcs in the top right; it never fully connects. How are people supposed to know to go to the boingo app to fix this in the first place? ——- I’ve had this app for 2 or 3 years and only just discovered it’s the cause of an inability to login to some networks. I see from other reviews now that it’s not just me. In many hotels I simply cannot log in to their networks, I get no indication that it’s because of the boingo app, instead it just hangs trying to connect with a check mark on the network but never actually getting any further. Only recently did I discover if I go into the app I can connect, but I had no idea the app was even something to consider, there was no indication I should be using it - I already was given free WiFi but the hotel. Same thing has just happened now in another hotel chain, although in this case I need to set the app to ignore the network as it can’t connect to it. So frustrating as there was no way to tell what was causing this for such a long time.
  • Boingo WiFi Hijacks Hotel Logins

    By CorpSuit
    I can attest it still is an issue even in the newest version. I uninstalled the app and it works fine now. For some reason the app conflicts with Apple’s WiFi and you never get the login splash page for the hotel. So you can’t even get high speed internet, because you can’t login. It’s definitely not a one off. So many people have complained of the same issue.
  • Boingo WiFi Hijacks Hotel Logins

    By CorpSuit
    I can attest it still is an issue even in the newest version. I uninstalled the app and it works fine now. For some reason the app conflicts with Apple’s WiFi and you never get the login splash page for the hotel. So you can’t even get high speed internet, because you can’t login. It’s definitely not a one off. So many people have complained of the same issue.
  • Breaks Hotel Logins

    By CorpSuit
    So just to echo what everyone has said if you install the app, there is a very good chance it will break the ability to login to a Marriott property. And you definitely won’t be able to add your iPhone if you have high speed internet as part of the Marriott Rewards program. Spent an hour trouble shooting and the tech said “do you happen to have Boingo?” And then explained that the app interferes with the login page. So I had to uninstall and it works now. New update from 6 days ago didn’t seem to fix it. Oh well.
  • Breaks Hotel Logins

    By CorpSuit
    So just to echo what everyone has said if you install the app, there is a very good chance it will break the ability to login to a Marriott property. And you definitely won’t be able to add your iPhone if you have high speed internet as part of the Marriott Rewards program. Spent an hour trouble shooting and the tech said “do you happen to have Boingo?” And then explained that the app interferes with the login page. So I had to uninstall and it works now. New update from 6 days ago didn’t seem to fix it. Oh well.
  • Broke my WiFi connection.

    By Rob2431
    This app disabled the WiFi connection on my iPhone X during my stay at two different Marriott hotels. Using the app to connect to WiFi only worked for a few minutes before returning to cellular data. Uninstalling the app fixed my WiFi issues completely.
  • Very easy to start a subscription by mistake.

    By Fat_Angus
    Accidentally installed and started a subscription. Can not get my $10 back now. Reported the problem to Apple several times with no results.
  • Blocks WiFi with login page (hotels, airports, etc)

    By obueno
    DON’T INSTALL THIS CRAP!!! After installing this app, I couldn’t use WiFi in hotels, airports or any other hotspot with a login page. Everything returned to work after I removed it from my phone.
  • Billing

    By Kool1980
    I was erroneously billed after I cancelled the subscription! I’m reporting this to Apple and contacting my bank to dispute these charges. Horrible app, don't download 😣.
  • Hotel Log-in BROKEN

    By Stokar
    When traveling through UK and France last week my iphone would never allow hotel WiFi log ins. In my settings screen, I can connect to a hotel network, but the WiFi signal strength bars on the upper left of my iphone are missing, I am never offered the pop-up hotel log-in screen at Marriott properties. Avoid this app until this bug is fixed.
  • Horrible

    By Wilaysha15
    Deceiving, I’m thinking I’m going to get WiFi. It shows me where there’s WiFi already.. I need hotspot.!!
  • Garbage

    By DraftDodger
    I still can’t believe they refuse to address the hotel login issue. It should be simple to be able to just temporarily what the app does or ignore it for some networks rather than having to uninstall. But that’s what I’m going to do because this is garbage
  • Blocks Wi-Fi on iOS

    By Jaa6921
    So rather than make excuses and apologies why didn’t someone actually fix this. Seems multiple users have the identical problem - isn’t that a clue? Go to your nearest Marriott and experience this for yourself. ================== I thought this was good at one time but now it’s impossible to log onto any Marriott hotel free Wi-Fi service or IHG Wi-Fi service from my iPhone 7Plus using iOS 10 and iOS 11 Caused me to consume excessive wireless data when I thought Wi-Fi was connected. The app seems to hijack the Wi-Fi connection I hope this will be fixed and then maintained across future iOS upgrades I removed the app and rebooted and now Wi-Fi always connects.
  • Finally figured out why I couldn’t login to Marriott Hotel WiFi! It was this app! Uninstalled.

    By DR172
    For awhile when I travel I had trouble at various Marriott properties with the WiFi login not popping up. It wasn’t too much of a challenge since I am mostly a Hilton person. A few months ago I was at two different international destinations and had to use my LTE data which was a bit of a problem. I did notice that that the Marriott properties had the Boingo WiFi here text. Then I realized that it also happened on my iPad. Hmm why would both devices have a problem? Clearly it had to be an app that was installed. Yesterday same problem while in a Marriott. Thought that may be issue and did some googling. Sure enough others had reported problem. Removed this app and voila, the Marriott Hotel WiFi login popped right up. Uninstalled.
  • Delete this app

    By BenChDC
    I have had similar issues to Lgrtgfd. I didn’t realize it was the boingo app that was preventing me from logging on to hotel Wifi networks. This happens more often than not when staying at hotels and is incredibly annoying. Happened to me today at the Radisson Blu Gautrain. Deleted the app and am now connected to WiFi.
  • Blocks Wi-Fi loginnon iOS

    By usalegin
    With this app loaded, I cannot get hotel Wi-Fi login pages to load. When I delete the app, the pages load straight away. Conclusion: the app is blocking the hotel login pages from loading.
  • Scam

    By Gun Six
    This is a joke and a scam. You won’t have internet service at all it’s ridiculous and they won’t refund your money. This company is a scam and joke don’t waste your money. They need to be reported for their lies!
  • ????

    By loopylena33
    I haven’t used this app yet but most people give it one star so lets see if what this app really is
  • Impossible to cancel

    By rickv5
    Cancel button missing from account page, poor connection in nearly every airport—ATL in particular. LTE is much faster
  • Seriously.. no Apple Pay?????

    By Vascaino1979
    No Apple Pay??????
  • This is a bad joke, right?

    By cyclosaurus
    This app is supposed to help the user locate Boingo WiFi locations. But it only works with a WiFi connection. If you don’t have an internet connection then the app can’t help you, and if you do then it serves no purpose. Not sure how so many 1 star ratings worked out to an almost 5 star average on the App Store? Completely useless.
  • Prevents me from accessing to WiFi

    By matt922w
    I just started to use this app and I think this app is preventing me from accessing free WiFi because it’s unsecured. I think the idea is great that we can access from anywhere. But it’s not working or it’s making worth now. Please fix this as soon as possible before I delete this app
  • Takes over hotel Wi-Fi and then needs constant reconnect

    By anupnair
    Updates have made this app really bad. To maintain continuous connection with hotel Wi-Fi, I’ve had to uninstall the app. Once uninstalled, connection is perfect. Install it again and the same issue. Not going to renew the service.
  • DO NOT INSTALL-Kills your WiFi connection capabilities!!!

    By Eodtsgt
    This app made it nearly impossible to connect to any WiFi connection without using the Boingo app. I could see WiFi connections, and my iPad Pro would say connected, but the connection would not show in the top left of on the iPad and I would not have connection. Then after a few minutes I would get a pop up notification from Boingo that there is a Boingo connection available near me, once I opened the app and connected through the app my WiFi connection would work. Also, when connected through the Boingo app every time my iPad went to sleep or I locked the screen it would drop my connection and any VPN if that was connection. I was getting super frustrated with my iPad until I saw a post about this on the Apple forums. I don’t recommend anyone use this app or install it until they figure this issue out.