Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2008-12-03
  • Current Version: 15.15.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 119.44 MB
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 141 353


International Shopping Browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products with Amazon International Shopping – now available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. Amazon packs a variety of features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping. Tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and more. Convenient Sign in with your existing Amazon account to access your cart, payment preferences, and shipping options. Pay in your local currency with international credit or debit cards. Create or find a baby or wedding registry. No need to create a new account to manage your 1-Click settings, wish lists, or track your orders. Shop just as you do on the web. Fast Instantly compare prices and check availability by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture or typing your search. Secure All purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers, protecting your personal, payment, and order information. International Delivery Amazon now delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days. Universal In addition to International Shopping, you can change your settings in this single app to shop,,,,,,,, or In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, shipping notifications, visual search, customer reviews, and authentication this app may request permission to access contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth.



  • Password savings

    By Hrheihxa
    They can’t even save new password? That bad if anyone want to go to different account
  • Remove the “back to top” button, allow copying text

    By dhorizon
    The latest update added a “back to top” button which is redundant to the standard iOS feature where a tap at the top of the screen scrolls back to the top. This occupies a decent amount of screen real-estate and there is no way to turn it off. Please remove this. The ability to copy-paste text was also recently taken away. Please bring this back. The newest versions of the app are much more sluggish than the old versions. Not sure what changed but everything seems to load more slowly in the last 3 months.
  • Review of Amazon!

    By Eggleggs
    This is the best thing since sliced bread! I have ordered what I needed and what I have not thought I needed! Great place! Only complaint I have is when I order something sometimes it says it will be delivered very fast! I know it will most of the time but, Amazon needs to be a little more truthful on when to expect it to arrive. I have no issue it it does not come the next day just be truthful!
  • ( ̄^ ̄)

    By 神賏
    It was ok until I updated it ╭(╯^╰)╮
  • Fabulous job!!!!

    By joselyn114
    Very good app the best I’ve shopped at online!!! Impressed too
  • packages get undeliverable!

    By do challenges
    never got our engine oil SAE 10w30, and ambika appalams!
  • Late with my package 😠

    By Lulifuly😋
    I ordered a package last week it was supose come today (July /27/) and it did not come I was realy looking forward to the package I am really disappointed 😔 📦🥺😢😠
  • It’s Amazon

    By amazonuserxyz
    You can find just about anything on here and most of the time you get a better deal. Sometimes it’s significantly higher in cost to shop through them but if you’re savvy it can save you time and money. For example carpet cleaner A is on amazon for $115, carpet cleaner A is also at Walmart but it’s only $75 there. But you get the same catch where carpet cleaner B is cheaper on amazon. Most of the time prime shipping is great but when it’s bad it’s really bad.
  • Best app

    By Walker42157
    This website is amazing and gets the orders delivered within 1-3 days after ordering.
  • Amazon Is Awesome

    By Cracksquirrel
    I don’t live near any of the all purpose super stores. Amazon with Prime allows me to order nearly anything and usually get it within 2 days. The addition of Music, Video and Whole Foods makes Amazon a shopping lifesaver for me!
  • Scrolling malfunction

    By RAWcontraire
    Ever since this latest update (Jul ‘20), I have trouble scrolling in the app. It stops as though it’s scrolled to the end of the page but you can clearly see that there are more items on the page. If I pull and hold it, I can see more items but if I release it, it will return back to the first place that it stopped scrolling.
  • Needs a lot of work, especially Search

    By nckitkat
    I have a fire stick,, and am having trouble with the apps. It says to go to the website, but I cannot find anything that will help me troubleshoot. There should be a whole section to troubleshoot that product!
  • Aa

    By asdjdhdhhdhdhgd
    I wish I could get
  • No way to disable 1-click

    By ignacio axul
    Do not drink and shop with this app!
  • Review

    By the hypebeast 911
    The app is good but the problem is that once i bought stickers and everything normal i payed and they shipped them but then the next day i was checking on the shipping process and it asked me for my account email and password I putted them and for no reason they banned my account and they told me that to put the info of the giftcard i payed with and they told me to wait 90 days and it has been for more then 90 days and it still hasn’t been unlocked
  • awful Amazon app

    By uisce2
    I am sorry that I ever downloaded the app. Now, if I click on an ad for Amazon for something I actually might want to buy, instead of going to Amazon it tries to reload the app on my iPad. There is no escaping it. So if I want to get the Amazon deals I have to go to Safari and type in what I saw on Facebook that I was interested in. Really annoying.
  • Amazing

    By Jburke75
    My go to place for just about anything!!!
  • New colors are ugly

    By Job 3:14
    Amazon has such a HUGE $$$$$valuation make the app so users can have dark mode or at least the ability to change the colors.
  • No Amazon Smile through app

    By texasn8tive
    I have the option for Amazon Smile on my phone, but it won’t come up as an option on my iPad.
  • Great

    By hunger ganes fan
    Love the coupons
  • Not iPad Pro Compatible

    By George Bellen
    After opening the Amazon App on my new iPad Pro, everything seems to work fine but I’m unable send questions on products I’m the market for. I was on the phone with Amazon on this for about an hour with no resolution. The matter was escalated and I’m still waiting for call back. Amazon did forward a question to one of their sellers, and I did get an email from him. He asked me to send him “the link” of the product’s webpage to see what’s wrong. When I looked for this link, I couldn’t find one in the app. There was no URL anywhere to be found. So I logged into my Amazon account via Safari and noticed that the Amazon website layout and format what entirely different than on the Amazon App. I looked for the link in question and easily found it, but I also tried asking my original question and the hyperlink now worked! Then I tested the Amazon App on my iPhone11 Max, it worked totally fine there. But it took me 2 hrs to figure this out... Conclusion: THIS APP IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE LATEST IPAD PRO and needs to be upgraded.
  • Trush

    By 表示太垃圾了
    They are should give a way to rating amazon driver, some of driver really needs prove! I am really sick of it
  • Good

    By Tightnoslick
    Easy to use.
  • the first and last time i order

    By zaqati ya zaqati
    I waited for a month and then suddenly I found out that the shipment will be returned to them , that’s so annoying
  • kindle support

    By Is this nickname tooken?
    why the heck can’t i buy a kindle book through this app? just take my money already it’s here in my hand... take it!!
  • Remove credit card

    By razor burn
    Don’t want to use
  • Love Amazon

    By SquiggyGator
    I Love Amazon so much my husband has a personal relationship with the Delivery guy. He also grounded me from the site for two weeks. He says Amazon is my drug of choice.😂😂😂😂
  • Tracking and Lockers 7/27/2020

    By Trnyii
    Many times when I use this app on all of devices these sections don’t work like they used too when I first started last year. It is tremendously frustrating dealing with INADEQUATE SERVICES, Customer Services and Chat. Free Locker Delivery Tracking items for shipping status These are always affected with new versions.
  • Definitely an improvement!

    By Eboli173
    I love the manner in which orders are listed in the app now. Before, items appeared in a random order and sometimes undelivered items were lost lower in the list but now they’re clearly marked in the order in which delivery is expected. Such an improvement! So much cleaner and clearer. The other comment I have is that for some unknown reason, two of my reviews have been blocked due to “sensitivity reasons” — I don’t understand why you ask for reviews when you’re going to block them for no reason. I reread those two reviews and they’re about a lightbulb and trash can liners and there’s nothing sensitive about what I wrote. Thank you for listening.
  • Amazon likes to limit free speech, remove reviews & refuses to say why

    By Phat78387
    I spend a lot on amazon, I shop just about daily- and I buy a vast mix of items. I’m also in the top ten percent of google guides for south Texas. Reviewing is important to me, I feel like it’s a way to truly influence an industry, well amazon has decided to remove a huge portion of my reviews(dating back years! ) “due to suspicious activity”. Yet they won’t say anything else! My reviews are honest, I include good and bad, and a lot of it is pet products! Which is my dang career! I’m more than qualified to review grooming tools! I tried to email bazos about this and just got a response from some secretary that they were standing by their decision. Absolutely ridiculous! I’ve heard if you aren’t one of “their” reviewers, and start moving up the ranks, they find a way to get you shut down-they only want their people to review and push customers towards what amazon wants you to buy.. Shame on y’all amazon- if all of us y’all have done this to or otherwise wronged, were to get together, go on strike, inform the media... maybe they’d stop jerking people around
  • More clutter, hidden ads, less relevance.

    By Tommolljas
    Every year the amount of noise in the app increases. Up to half of all search results are advertising (sponsored) of one type or another. We want honesty and relevance in product info, but those are slowly disappearing on Amazon. Auto play videos that cannot be turned off show a lack of concern for user experience. Users pay for membership and then have an experience polluted with paid placements, videos, product ads and irrelevant features. The related items sections are missing on many listings now and have been replaced with sponsored “related” items only. Update July 2020 - New special sections that appear to be related categories, but are cleverly designed ad spaces. Tiny grey text saying “ad” in the corner is designed to obscure the status as paid content. We can no longer trust the listings on Amazon pages.
  • It’s everything and more.

    By Naynapretty
    I use it everyday lol
  • The cart

    By fgigutiyky
    Ok so there’s the cart and then there’s the save for later.For I don’t know why but the stuff on my cart goes to the save for later and when I add it back another item from my cart goes to the save for later and it’s one big circle.So my b-day is coming up soon and i just wanna make a wist list
  • Change for the sake of change

    By Huge (TM)
    Edit: It’s even worse now. Now, Amazon thinks they know what I’m searching for better than I do, so they change the words I’m searching for. Want to find a replacement “pin for bimini” top on your boat? Can’t do it. But you’ll get all the pink bikinis you ever needed. Think they’d be smart enough to realize that if you intentionally entered the same thing twice that you actually meant it? You’d be wrong. Previous comments: Ok, this app just gets worse with every major release. Let’s ignore the fact that Amazon is completely dishonest with their search results, since that happens whether you use there app or a web browser. The previous major update to this app removed categories and sub categories from filtering. The feature that let me looking at kitchen utensils instead of books about kitchen utensils. Absolutely horrible decision. One that makes me want to use Amazon less and less. I have no desire to spend hours flipping through page after page of irrelevant results. This update moved all the controls around. Why? Because Amazon does not respect your time. Someone got a cutesy idea and thought that the app looking cooler was the same thing as an improvement. Hey, Amazon, don’t make interface changes unless they improve the user experience. And that means make it quicker and easier for me to find exactly what I’m looking for. That does not mean make it harder for me to get around your algorithms pushing stuff I don’t want, or pushing more expensive options in front of me while you bury the cheaper (but still well rated) options. I used to be your biggest fan. I used to swear by Amazon. But you keep doing sleazy stuff behind my back. You know I know, don’t you? And just because I’ll put up with a little doesn’t mean I like it, or that I’ll put up with a lot. Did you know I’ve been cheating on you with Walmart? You drove me to it. They wouldn’t have even turned my eye if you hadn’t been lying to me. 1.5k results but when I sorted by low price there’s only 138?! And this is the last straw. I used to post links to products so other people could by things I recommend. Not anymore. I just texted a link to something and it was a commercial. Now there’s an infomercial in my family group chat like I’m the host of the home shopping channel.
  • Sooo good

    By dyhhfdrg
    They give you 1000 if you get it (jk)
  • Unable to select different vehicle

    By Fronkis
    The drop-down doesn’t work. I’m no longer able to select a different vehicle to see if the part is a match. It just doesn’t work anymore...
  • Needs a Dark mode

    By HungryHangryUser
    Dark mode
  • Amazon

    By Leevib
    Amazon cost me lots of money sometimes but I really like it you can find most everything your hunting for on here but there are a few times they didn’t have what I was looking for but that’s common with any site you order from especially these days with the COVID-19 going on.
  • Yeaaa buddy

    By soberjason
  • Bad

    By park joonwoo
    The book didn't deliver to kindle
  • Gracias Amazon.

    By Fela 01
    tan difíciles de pandemia que estamos pasando gracias
  • Deleted what was in my cart

    By 123321okno
    I got on the app and all my stuff in my cart is gone I had 18 items in there and now there is zero I am so mad because now I have to find all the things all over again don’t get this app
  • Amazon is a garbage company

    By f0ck_this
    The quality of amazon prime has decreased, while the price has increased. Obviously the pandemic causes problems for shipping. But this company makes so much money, their software is not user friendly, their programming is poor. Ultimately Jeff Bezos treats his customers and his employees as if they are disposable. Maybe we should dispose of him.
  • Disappointed

    By l3ilaa
    This is the second time that this has happened to me where it give me an estimated time and I’m waiting for that day which is literally why I pay for prime to get a next day but yet I have to wait two more days to get my package and it’s a simple order I received half of my order and then I got a wait two more days for my other half where in the hell they do that I can order from Walmart and we’ll see what the next day my whole order yeah I got one more trying or I want my whole money back there’s no point of me paying for this
  • Why do I have to sort every list every time?

    By UNSC Orac 117
    It’s the 21st century... why doesn’t it either save the last sort option, or offer a way to set a default?
  • Refuses to load when using a VPN

    By BigWaveStorms
    This app should work irrespective of how I connect to the internet. I’m coming here to shop, to give you my money. Why do you block me because I want to protect a bit of my privacy?!
  • I loved the updated app— why’d they switch back

    By StacyLoveB
    I really loved the recently updated amazon app. Things were so much easier to find. Wish they didn’t change it back 😞
  • Best of the best

    By latin peanut
    The best website to buy online.. no competition👌🏼
  • Great shipping

    By Angel Lynn leach
    Get with shipping on time