Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2009-04-29
  • Current Version: 14.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 129.36 MB
  • Developer: Zillow.com
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 041 058


Take control of your next move with the Zillow app. Our best-in-class features help you unlock life’s next chapter by getting into a home you love. BUY A HOME – Find your place with immersive photos, virtual tours, and the most listings, including things you won’t find anywhere else. SELL A HOME – Whether you sell directly to Zillow with Zillow Offers™ or take a traditional approach, we’ll help you navigate the path to a successful sale. RENT A HOME – From shopping on the largest rental network to automating applications, we’ve created a seamless online experience for renters. The Zillow app gives you resources and tools you won’t find anywhere else, so you can shop smarter for your next home: * The most listings and constant updates so you never miss out¹ * Zestimate®, the industry-leading independent home valuation tool, calculated daily * Robust filters for school districts, views, pricing, pets, HOAs, and more * 3D Home Tours so you can picture yourself in a home and narrow down which houses to visit in person * Easier co-shopping: Tag your favorite home features and share your favorites to coordinate your search with a partner or roommate * Push notifications to let you know when houses come to market, have a sale pending, or drop in price * Neighborhood details including restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and coffee shops * Self Tour for Zillow-owned homes, with no appointment and no pressure. Stop by when it’s convenient and unlock the door with the app * Easy access to Zillow Premier Agents, local real estate experts who meet Zillow’s bar for quality customer service 1. Most listings based on direct site comparisons



  • Search defective

    By Glock top shot
    Just go to a coastal community and add waterfront and all the properties will disappear.
  • Repeats...Very annoying!

    By smemq
    It repeats new listings, after I have already looked at them. Sometimes it repeats more than one time!
  • mobile app is constantly broken with bugs

    By Jeanwang14
    Even after fixes, the same bugs keep returning. These make the entire shopping experience on mobile not possible.
  • Excellent

    By valueforlesstrader
    Still one of the best real estate apps out there. It’s a shame that mls doesn’t keep their partnership with them.
  • Anti-Consumer Updates

    By OdetheCat
    Zillow released recent updates that hides FSBO and agent listings that aren’t on the MLS in the guise of “other listings.” MLS properties that already have an accepted offer are still on the map and can’t be removed, but if there’s a brokerage that’s not part of the MLS, then Zillow hides the listings. Zillow needs to reverse these anti-consumer updates!
  • See comment

    By Jared010101010
    I don’t like the pop ups that ask if I like the app before they ask me to review the app.
  • Like

    By Teewat
    I really like how easy it to use and to pick an area to search!
  • Great app

    By JJ252k
    Easy to navigate
  • This App doesn’t work

    By poiuytnkfsb
    I have been trying to use the app for 2 weeks and I haven’t been able to view more than 1 picture of each home. Too bad because this was my go to app.
  • Too slow

    By unhappy etrade user
    The map option takes forever to load. Redfin is better.
  • Good general info

    By AliceBeads
    Zillow has good general info, but it seem some of the comparables for unlisted property is a bit behind current prices.
  • Great app, not showing sq footage

    By flebo242123
    Great app, but for some reason doesn’t show sq footage on listings. It used to, not sure what happened.
  • Inaccurate information and no response after multiple attempts

    By matl21
    My Zillow profile was updated, then it somehow was not. My past sales are missing so it looks like I haven’t sold hardly anything and my license number is missing (also added 10+ times). I’ve updated it all so many times and it’s still missing. I’ve tried for several days and multiple times to get help, but get no response. Terrible service.
  • Undo the update

    By mads5991
    The new update is stupid and glitchy. If I wanted to view only certain agents listings I’d use my local MLS, I use Zillow because I want to see ALL the listings. Zillow was the most user friendly real estate site, it is no longer. I will probably stop using.
  • Newest Update makes the app very difficult to use

    By Tekman1225
    The latest update or two has made the app very difficult to use. It makes sorting and finding houses harder and now most of my favorites only show up as the street view when previously they all had pictures. The Zestimates also seem to be more off now with the updates. Really hope this is addressed soon, I enjoyed using the app up until now.
  • No house photos

    By ardentbagel
    I downloaded the app on iphone today. There are no house photos anywhere. There is only the map satellite image for each house.
  • I miss it!

    By Camsco
    I really miss back when you could hide the houses you weren’t interested in. It was so much more user friendly. It’s too overwhelming now and I often miss seeing when new houses become available because there are just so many!
  • An example of why we need to regulate tech

    By cheatedbyharrypotter
    Most of the positives other reviewers have praised are true. The big negative? Zillow seems to have grown an appetite for becoming a realtor as well as an app. Consequently it has done things to its algorithms that massage home prices to benefit its purchasing arm instead of the sellers who use its app. Not cool. Reach out to your members of Congress and make your voices heard. We cannot have tech companies controlling both ends of the playing field.
  • New filter is poor

    By housesearcher31
    New filter of agent and non agent listings is cumbersome, I’ll be using one of the many other home searching apps until this new filter is removed
  • Cannot filter contingent homes

    By jay31267
    Making people click on homes they cannot actually purchase makes the process so much more frustrating.
  • Zillow

    By grandmother 😊
    Will not provide results in another state for possible purchase.
  • Restored photos

    By BarBartosh
    Apparently Zillow now decided that restoring photos we removed for our home is a great idea. Lame.
  • Stop listing Continent homes

    By rvennam
    List view shows contingent and pending homes as For Sale and there is no way to filter them out. You can’t tell on the results page until you click on a home. Very frustrating. Users are complaining about this on Reddit too.
  • Zillow Ignorance

    By ignorzillow
    Your evaluations on my street are comical ! Plz take my evaluation off the screen! I have no patience for guessing.
  • Hate seeing already viewed houses

    By Hiker Rich
    Zillow used to allow you to delete houses you have already viewed so you don’t have to repeatedly see the same crappy dumps. That has gone away so now you get waste a lot of time seeing them again.
  • New filter for realtor vs. owner on last version

    By Angry_homeowner
    I have always viewed Zillow as an alternative to Realtor.com and a place for homeowners to sell their homes. Recent change puts homeowners at a significant disadvantage to realtors as it removed home sold by home owners from the default screen. As a person who is looking to buy a home I see no benefit from this change and as a home seller I feel that now I am at a disadvantage. Since this change was implemented our home views plummeted on Zillow compared to the homes marketed by the realtors. Not sure what problem developers were trying to solve. Adding a new color code on the initial screen (similar the way sold houses are displayed) or an additional filter option ( realtor vs. homeowner) would have solved an non-existent problem. I hope a lot of user support this view and share it with Zillow as it continues to be the only viable alternative for home owners looking to sell their home to Realtor.com. P.S. Even saved home could not be viewed in one place and you have to toggle. If you want to fix this, add default view with all homes on one screen and other toggles for people who want to see homes for sale separated ( see other recommendation above).
  • Zillow Rentals

    By puerto rican mommie
    Find Houses or Modular Home for Rentin Granville County
  • Pictures

    By Chairez2
    The pictures turn small as soon as you select to look very hard to see .
  • Great for house hunting

    By Pcyvision
    Love the app and monthly cost calculator. Wish it was better at updating with the MLS because sometimes homes are already sold but listing is not updated. Had to use another app to verify availability
  • Unsatisfactory

    By Gma NB
    Difficult for apartment owners! Also, I would like to use text & the telephone to set up appointments. Hiding my number is problematic. Supposed number cuts off after one ring on four consecutive tries.
  • Waste of memory

    By Bellarosemae
    Much less functional than going to Zillow website on Safari. Don’t waste your time or memory downloading this. Frustrating. Website works way better.
  • Not a good update

    By Cd andrews
    The new listing sections make it more difficult to look through available homes. Also the sort keeps defaulting to “homes for you”. I want my sorting set to “recently changed”. Both changes make the app much less user friendly.
  • Horrible photos

    By djshdht
    The app used to provide photos of however the agent/seller wanted...which was usually the front of the house. Now there are only thumbnails of shots above the house and no other photos, which makes it really difficult to look for homes. I will be using the realtor.com app until this is fixed.
  • The worst of all.

    By 1147 yello
    Hardest app to navigate, can’t change my listing from apt to house, WTH
  • Pain in the arss

    By Retry B
    Can’t delete previous searches. Map locations not accurate
  • The rental property

    By joeymettaylor
    This app is easy to navigate however; all of the locations I have requested information from have failed to contact me or return my phone calls/emails. I prefer the Realtor app.
  • Disrespectful

    By Andrew Nohr
    Zillow has started deleting and send past sales into pending reviews. I had past sales that had been there all year and they are no longer there. I’m not the only one in the industry. 1000’s of agents have lost their sales due to them being deleted and it’s damaging reputation and the brand image of many businesses that use Zillow. Very disrespectful and a major disservice. Everyone knew Zillow wanted to break out as a dominant brokerage but we didn’t expect the disrespect of messing with other people’s reputations, hard work, and and trying to monopolize the industry.
  • Picture graphic

    By Nanoseo
    What is up with app all of sudden. The picture's pixel all went to lower resolution and blurry
  • Why Change It?!?!

    By Oliviafrapp
    It’s not user friendly and now I cannot locate anything easily as before. Makes no sense to have one to say agent listings then other listings even though the one that may be in there is listed by an agent. Seriously, trying to stand out by being different is just ignorant.
  • Great app

    By Me.. Good vibes
    Love it
  • Good site !

    By Roscorip
    Very good site.

    By hgkwnz
    I love this app but lately all images are blurry even on my WiFi and my WiFi is extremely Fast. Not sure what is causing this. It is very annoying because I want to look at houses but they are always small and blurry to look at. It’s very frustrating
  • New update is not great

    By Mikedoog7788
    The description content is on top of each other and the new “filter” for search is really bad. How do I see all the different properties for sale? Whoever came up with that one has never used the app to search for a home... need to undo that feature as quickly as possible
  • Two Tab Garbage

    By Gene1222
    Get rid of the two tab garbage which negatively impacts owner sales to help agents. Totally unfair and unamerican.
  • Zillow is great, App with a flaw

    By Riggs3674
    For the iPad the split between map and for-sale homes is like a 50/50 split. When searching areas I would much prefer more map space vs the limitation I have now.
  • Filter issues

    By ktaktx
    Overall, awesome app. One recent issue though - it now shows all houses that are “Active under contract” even when I’ve unselected “Pending & Under contract” from the filter. I’m seeing 30 houses on my map, but I’m only about 2 are actually available.
  • Can’t filter out contingent homes

    By Smooperton
    This was a great app that’s suddenly become quite useless. Why can’t we filter out contingent homes anymore? Making me search through a whole city of houses, checking each one manually to see whether an offer has already been accepted, is utterly bananas.
  • Don’t like the new way your displaying realtor listings

    By SomeGuyPa
    The tabs for switching between realtor and other listings is annoying.
  • Update fail

    By MDPhan10
    Updated and now I get zero results during search