LiveATC Air Radio

LiveATC Air Radio

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  • Release Date: 2009-06-09
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
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LiveATC Air Radio is brought to you by PLEASE READ ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** BELOW **BEFORE** PURCHASING This notice relates to countries not covered by the system Stuck in the airport terminal and want to know why you're delayed? Live near an airport or enjoy plane-spotting and want to tune in to the pilots and the control tower? Have you always wondered what pilots talk to air traffic controllers about? Now you can stop wondering and tune in live! LiveATC Air Radio provides a quick and easy way to listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers near many airports around the world. LiveATC Air Radio lets you easily browse by U.S. state, Canadian province, or by country to find an airport of interest. Once you find an interesting channel you just add it to your Favorites list for quick and easy access! You can also use the Nearby function to find airports near you. The LiveATC network ( is the world's largest network of streaming audio feeds focused solely on aviation-related communications, currently covering over 1,200 airports around the world with over 2,000 different audio feeds and growing weekly! *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** Please check to see if your country, city and/or airports of interest are covered by LiveATC *BEFORE PURCHASING* - check at: . Note that we do not have coverage in the U.K., Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and other countries where streaming ATC communications seems to be prohibited by law. Available airports/channels are subject to change at any time - LiveATC owns and operates many of the receivers used in the network but many are provided by volunteers. Available airports can change, many times due to reasons beyond our control. For this reason there is no service guarantee - and there is no guarantee that any particular channel will be up 24/7, though we make our best effort to do so and have a good track record of uptime. Follow LiveATC for feed updates and breaking aviation and ATC-related news: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Ok

    By GSBS30
    When I first got the app a little while ago it worked great and I had a lot of fun using it. Now however, it seems to have a major problem with connectivity and it seems like every airport I have tried is not connected or as the app puts it , a streaming error. I wonder if this is fixable.
  • VERY Disappointed!!!

    By Peg Leg Jim
    I’m on the Board of Directors of 2 aviation associations. When I purchased this app, KBAF in Westfield, MA was monitored on a regular basis. We not only let it run in the hanger to familiarize the newbies to our ground and tower squawk/lingo, but to be informed of incoming aircraft to our events. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!!! SADLY..... 2 weeks after I purchased this app and talked it up within our organizations, it went radio silent at our Airfield. It was, and still is, a kick in the gut of our curriculum. I wish you all better luck at your own airfield than we’ve had with ours.
  • Frequency Change

    By Griffin194
    Just a heads up that LAX South final approach freq has changed from 124.9 to 132.37, so on the LAX North/South final approach channel, all you hear is the North side now.
  • Pretty good

    By YsniperY
    I use this app all the time. As a pilot I enjoy listening to ATC and pilots and follow them on a “radar app” as well. The app works well but I wish there was a way to input a frequency vs choosing from a list. Some of the sectors for Seattle Center aren’t available to listen to. Update?? Otherwise I think the app is the best of its kind.
  • Something changed :(

    By Jonnyboy4222
    Up until a week ago, I would have given this app 5 stars easy. But for the past week, all I hear is static. Sometimes I can hear voices, but mostly loud static. This is a huge bummer as I loved listening to this as I am a student pilot in training. Worked fine until a week ago. My girlfriend who has this app on her phone says the same thing. Not sure what changed but hopefully they fix it. If this app gets fixed, I would happily give it a 5 star rating.
  • No access to archives

    By flunkat
    I bought this app assuming all functionality available on the website would be available. I’m disappointed that access to the archives is not available.
  • Great app!

    By Vintagebeef21
    Use it all the time when on long trips. Won’t load for some reason:(
  • Great app

    By Timayy
    Love the access via nearby and other airports. I use it to help my ATC communication improve. One item of feedback. When I am on an airline flight and my flight is being handed off to another frequency it would be great to be able to search on frequency like you can on the web site.
  • More locations

    By N13HW
    I wish they would put Metter or riedsville airport in Georgia in the search engine so I could listen to my friends and dad.
  • Please add Stillwater OK

    By Mskaptason
    We sure wish you could add KSWO to your list. There are allot of parents that would love to hear their student pilots at OSU!!!
  • Amazing just a request

    By Yugmi
    Love your app it works amazingly I just wanted to suggest adding Lihue airport. I travel through this airport a lot and would love to have it included. Thanks!
  • No CVG? No Cincinnati airports?

    By Ronin999999
    Downloaded it to listen to cvg Cincinnati northern Kentucky and its not there
  • Too pricey for not having Archives!

    By JPizzel DoJJ
    Great app, very simple and intuitive, especially with timer. Would love to get an archives, especially when you’ve been charged for this app. Thanx
  • Thank You LIVE ATC

    By whateverdudes
    Best app on my phone. Thanks Live ATC
  • I had a long review that wouldn’t post

    By Wiskey November
    Just know that I’m a brand new ATC operator and my boss uses it to listen in on the ATC facility when she’s not in. This app is pretty cool, feed is pretty spot on to what we hear in our headsets from the pilots, OI is easy to use. 8.5/10 would recommend
  • Lose frequency too often

    By Annie55!!
    I'd recommend fixing frequency loss. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a free app....but when I pay for it, it shouldn't drop like this. When it's up, it's great to listen to, especially when watching the planes on Flight Aware (free app) at the same time!! Try it!
  • ATIS and airport diagrams too

    By Dfrizzledizzle
    Student pilot here, exactly what you need to listen in on the radio, get and practice taking down ATIS info and even airport diagrams. Perfect.
  • B better

    By robfrazzini
    The software seems to work but you can’t select a discrete frequency which means several frequencies are taking over each other. The frequencies are listed separately but they are for information only. Who knows, maybe there is some law restricting this feature but it would be very nice to have.
  • Not working for the past three weeks

    By cbennet1
    I love this app and use it all the time. For the past three weeks every time I press play it air traffic control and then goes back to the play button. I have a race it off my phone and download again several times to no avail. Please fix!
  • Fix skbo frequencies

    By Santi182
  • Can no longer listen to my home airport KGSO

    By Jacksquatch04
    What the heck?! Why?! Just why was it removed? I enjoyed listing to atc and the planes flying in and out of the airport but I can no longer do that! That’s not fair! There is literally no reason why it should have been removed.
  • Streaming

    By rdcence
    Quick Shut out to the programmers. Thanks for working on the streaming. That has always been something that has plagued me.
  • Removed my airport KCOS

    By Cos Barry
    This app was was great until they removed my local airport, without warning, without any refunds, without explanation. Gone, just gone. Not hint if it can or will be re-added.
  • Waste

    By Cgjdkihbekksllannww272727
    This was a complete waste of money and time.
  • Not working

    By Dinocoder23
    I've tried over 20 frequencies at the 3 New York airports, nothing but occasional static. Freshly updated to latest version.
  • Well

    By rfes
    This app didn’t have kcvg a tad bummed but great app!
  • Old version better

    By Littledix
    Great app but latest update has been a huge downgrade in reliability as sound.
  • Not worth the cost.

    By Pitter243
    Absolutely horrible app. Half the stations are not broadcasting on the correct frequency, and it does not hold a signal for clear transmission even under wifi conditions. Save your 4 dollars and just listen to it free online. Quality might be better.
  • Still won’t remain connected

    By MikeS11234234
    New version has new look. It trashes any saved favorites saying they are incompatible. How lazy. It seems to connect to a stream quicker, but it still won’t stay connected reliably.
  • Weak consistency

    By djinatnix
    All stations regardless of location/network/signal strength stream for a few seconds, then drop and reconnect constantly. Hardly worth the money. I keep trying, and it keeps failing. Zero stars.
  • Excellent for student pilots or pilots working on Instrument

    By Sooner aviator
    Love the new update! I’m an active pilot working on my IFR rating, live ATC is a great way to listen to live ATC in a great variety of locations, it’s an excellent learning tool. Highly recommend!
  • Would be my dream app...

    By VeghS
    ... if you could somehow tag an airplane and automatically follow them through the various towers and channels as they are being handed over! =:-O But I love the app already!
  • Gorgeous App Update

    By CntryClub007
    Beautiful App Update - great job for iPhone X.
  • Future updates

    By Lerimer
    Hopefully we will get CarPlay support.
  • I wish

    By Dyl236464521173
    Cleveland could be back
  • Very good.

    By AIDV
    Thank you for the 2.0 update! You had abandoned us!
  • Great much-needed update!

    By mmontoya1996
    I thought this app was abondand two years ago but after the version 2.0 update, this brings a great new layout, more iOS-like look and feel, improved navigation, & optimization for iPhone X. Despite a small bug or two, this app is so much better than before.
  • iPhone X Support

    By Lakesbutta
    Please make the app fit the screen size of the iPhone X. I absolutely love your app and use it daily.
  • It could be better!!! But here are my problems

    By ImAmAlex
    1.stations are available one day and off the next. Not as reliable as I would want. 2.its not free, thus making me think that they would put in effort to try and keep stations that they already have! Not relying on (us) people to do the work for them and add the stations. It's good but not great. But I still like it. They just need to put more work on it.
  • Great app

    By RT TX 2005
    I personally want to be part of an act crew and learning all of the callouts and phonetic alphabet is great in this apps software, so if you are leaning towards downloading this app I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.
  • Glitchy and inconsistent

    By Game man gold
    Tried listening to my local airport and it worked for about 3 mins and stopped. Waste of $4
  • Love it as a student

    By Superfleet0
    I use this app to learn the communications better and the app does that perfectly.
  • Thank you

    By Plz read🙂
    I love this app just because I enjoy planes very good variety of airports too.
  • Abandoned

    By anonymous_0192834098
    No updates in years
  • Purchased, but app will not download

    By CT20016
    Purchased, but all will not download
  • Doesn’t include many airports

    By wade foster
    Does not include many airports. I am directly next to Corpus Christi international, and it doesn’t include them.
  • Works but you can't get all airports

    By MGM in Tee
    The App is great except that I can't hear the one airport closest to my house, Love Field.
  • Great app

    By borisbg
    Great app works wonderfully. Helps with ATC commas while flight training.
  • CVG Airport was not on the list

    By CVP392
    Not happy with App. I was at CVG airport viewing and saw the sign to download this app while I was there with the kids. So I thought this would be good for the kids to hear and I bought the app. well, once it downloaded, CVG was not even a option. This was very misleading, considering the sign even says to type in CVG. I spend $4.00 for nothing. I tried to contact the APP, but could not find any info! What a WASTE!