Line2 - Second Phone Number

Line2 - Second Phone Number

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2009-09-01
  • Current Version: 12.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 194.02 MB
  • Developer: Line2, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 096


Line2 is your second phone number that works on your iPhone and other devices as a full-featured virtual phone system. Call and text anyone in the U.S. and Canada via Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network. Designed for mobile business professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, Line2 lets you keep your business and personal communications separate and eliminates the need to purchase and carry a second mobile phone. Use Line2 free to call and message other Line2 users. Invite others to download Line2 today so you can communicate them at no cost. To call and message other users outside of Line2, upgrade with an in-app purchase for just $9.99/month for all these great features: • Use your Line2 number on your iPhone, iPad Mac and PC • Provides a rich and virtually unlimited calling experience that includes caller ID for incoming calls, call forwarding, group calling with up to 20 people, number blocking, and much more • Includes a local phone number in the U.S. or Canada • Enjoy picture and group messaging — even using Siri — with anyone in the U.S. and Canada • Get a native calling experience with CallKit integration. Incoming calls display full-screen with a visual caller ID that can be answered directly from the lock screen with a simple swipe — exactly like an iPhone call • Quick and easy setup with no additional hardware required • Use over Wi-Fi/4G/LTE and cellular voice, so you’re never without service Line2 paid subscription fee is $9.99 per month (or just $8.33/mo with a prepaid annual plan). Subscription fee will be charged through your iTunes account when you confirm your in-app purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscriptions in your Apple Account Settings. Looking to support your small-business with multiple phone lines or advanced virtual phone features like auto attendant, toll-free numbers, online faxing, and more? See our website for more details: https:// Questions or comments? We’re here to help, seven days a week at or tap Settings -> Help from within the app. Note: Your cellular provider may prohibit or restrict VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) on their network. It’s your responsibility to check with your cellular provider about their VoIP functionality, and any additional charges it may incur. Line2 is not responsible for any additional cellular charges that may occur as a result of using the Line2 service. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • Poor quality and unreliable

    By dct67
    Sound quality is horrible, and half the calls never ring through. Notifications saying I’ve missed a call when the phone is sitting right in front of me are common. I’ll be looking for a new solution this year
  • Very convenient, no problems so far

    By Larry-Sings-Bari
    My land line had degraded to the point I needed to “cut the cord” since local phone service was never going to upgrade the copper lines in my neighborhood. I was able to port over my home phone number to Line2 and now have crystal clear voice and voicemail. It is also convenient having the old home number ring in on my wife’s cell phone and be able to receive Text message. What a great upgrade to an old phone number I’ve had for almost 50 years Thank you team Line2, well done!
  • It’s great but...

    By Ja roo
    Needs Siri support
  • Business line

    By Beay Hill
    Great app, needs to resolve a few issues but it's good for my business. The new format for iPad is going to take some getting use to... Please fix the ability to view and attach images...
  • Needs improvement when you depend on a second line.

    By Flynmusic
    Having some issues with app. If cell if on stand by I don’t received calls. I will get notification of a miss call.
  • Amazing

    By AmigoUwe
    It is a really every day positive surprise. Highly recommend.
  • Love it!

    By rickang1
    Easily add a second line to your phone!
  • Absolutely Horrific

    By ClayMadeJars
    I’ll give them a bit of credit. When I started with Line2 over a year ago, it was just a low-cost, quirky solution that performed relatively well (I.e. not great at all, but acceptable for the price). In the last 6 months though it has become essentially nonfunctional. Consistently drops calls, misses calls without even ringing, fails to notify of voicemails or messages, crashes, fails to call out, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.... Customer service is nonexistent. As mentioned by other reviewers, they just ask you to do their work for them and you waste hours and days trying to accomplish what they task and it takes FOREVER for them to respond and it ultimately resolved NOTHING. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE. Easy to sign up, but impossible to cancel. They love to take your money and provide ZERO VALUE.
  • Review

    By lovedpet
    Works exactly as advertised
  • Fantastic

    By Wendy Pu
    Great service
  • Good for the most part

    By DCFiveoh
    For the most part, I’m pleased with Line2...however, lately my texts messages don’t seem to be coming to me in a timely manner. It won’t receive the message (or notification that there is a sent text) until I click the message button.
  • Perfect

    By Shish62
    A perfect way to separate my personal and business calls.
  • Poor call quality

    By bailz62
    While the features offered in Line2 are good, there is one major flaw. WiFi calling is super bad, no matter how good the network (and I’m using an iPhone XS). I’ve put up with it, but now I’m going to switch to something else because it seems to get worse every month. There is an an option to use cellular voice, which solves the problem, but then all calls go directly to my phone with no indication that they are on my business line- which totally defeats the purpose.
  • Problems

    By Woosherwoos
    Cause are dropping the second I answer them! There is a big problem going on recently
  • Doesn’t work most of the time

    By mickeyms21
    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this system, but lately our phone rings constantly but no one can ever be heard. When we check the call log to call them back, there’s no dial tone. When it does work, the calls sound quality is not good and constantly drops in and out regardless of the fact we’re connected to WiFi.
  • Enjoy but has its downs

    By teubdvakocbeov
    Works well but I have a hard time hearing or calls will drop in random areas.
  • Horrible customer service with no response!

    By Stargirl53
    We have used Line2 for our business for the past year. There has always been continuous glitches here and there that seem to be fixable after a few efforts. Most recently my iPhone and iPad will not ring when calls come in for over a week now. I am also not receiving texts when they come in. I have opened four support tickets, left multiple voicemails and spoke to someone on chat. Chat told me they would escalate this to management to get it fixed and I have yet to receive a phone call. We are canceling this service and moving to a new provider!
  • Lost Bluetooth function

    By Buzz2791
    This app and service was working flawlessly until recently. The app now no longer works with Bluetooth in any way. Fix it!!
  • It’s like paying to use Skype 1.0

    By Youknow32
    App used to work ok. Not great, but ok. Then without warning, the app was updated. All messages and call history deleted, all contacts made within the app deleted, and worst of all - nothing worked anymore. Calls drop after 2 seconds, calls won’t go out.. or sometimes it does dial, but then dials the same number twice in a row so doesn’t work. Umpteen text messages never sent/received. Zero support except some b.s. response to say they couldn’t recreate the issue (so I and my clients must be crazy, right?).. then when I literally re-creates the issue, no response even after following up. So much of my reputation lost by using this app. Never again. Stay away if you want a serious business number.
  • Works great on my iPhone 7plus

    By Joel Phoenix
    Needed a way to keep work at work while still available at home, I’ve found the solution.
  • Not great

    By bNqjznsmdn
    This is useful but there is no way to save numbers outside of your personal contact list. And it only works like 60%of the time
  • Director

    By switchdirector
    Calls do not ring when they come through. Voicemail shows up several hours after it is left.
  • Necessary for my business, but not great.

    By Lanstress
    Having two lines in my phone with two different area codes is critical to my business. I travel abroad a lot and having the ability to make WiFi calls is also vital. Unfortunately I wish I had a better option than Line 2, as the call quality is often quite poor and the whole app is quite glitchy. I can use WhatsApp for a perfectly clear call and then use Line 2 immediately after and the call sound is worse and has moments that are distorted and often with an apparent delay. The app freezes a lot with a few weird repeating issues, one of which is that a phone call will often not hang up until the phone is turned off and back on again. Also, I’m not sure why, but I seem to get more spam calls on my Line 2 number than on my primary line. I never read the fine print when I agreed to the terms, but I am assuming that Line 2 is selling their customer numbers. I do need that second number and the ability to make WiFi calls, but I’ll tell you, I use Line 2 as a last resort and as little as possible. It is reliable and good for texts though.
  • Great features, just what my business needed

    By Debjoti Oner
    Great app with cross platform comparability. For the price and features it’s perfect for my small business.
  • Great way to have a second business line!

    By Nas Dom
    I have been using line 2 for two years and it’s been a good way to have your business phone in your pocket. Get calls and texts on the Line2 number and my caller ID can be set for the business number. There have been some minor glitches but all in all a great alternative to two phones.
  • Line 2

    By Guy Ramsey Sr
    I love it ❤️ I don’t know what my life would be without its reliability and versatility.
  • Great app a d great service

    By Akmal Normuratov
    Great app
  • Calls not coming through

    By Jaylin234
    Not working phone line
  • President

    By RichLaG
    Great product Excellent customer Service
  • We love our Line2 service!

    By Rainbow Sandy
    We are so very happy with Line2 and love the service and team! It is easy to text, make calls and know who is calling! And oh so much less than the program we had!
  • Great product

    By Vipassina
    Have used Line 2 as a second business line and it does everything thing it is supposed to do. The perfect solution for a second line on one phone.
  • Not great

    By portersht
    Line 2 drops off line constantly. I receive text message late. It’s also a drag it doesn’t allow you to forward text messages or pictures. The phone reception is also quite bad.
  • New Updates - No Calls

    By Jaded1705
    I have used Line2 for about 2 years now. It’s always had its quirks, but with the most recent update, the app is useless. Calls are being sent straight to voicemail with no notification that anyone has even called. Turned on call forwarding since the app isn’t working and call forwarding doesn’t work either! Can’t send or receive video texts, only pictures, which has been a pain as well. Outages have been every 2 weeks for the last several months, often for several hours. Time to find a new provider.
  • Use for business

    By kf905
    Have been using line2 for several years now. Once I figured out how to extend the number of rings before voicemail (config on web) this app has been good. Works reasonably reliably and meets my needs fairly well. I wish it had a separate contact list so I would not need to have personal and business contacts merged. Also wish the call log would not appear in the regular phone app's list merged with the call log from the primary phone number. It also occasionally does not ring but instead sends calls to voicemail even though I'm on a strong, reliable network connection.
  • Easy to Use

    By Ottpops
    Was able to get my second line up and running immediately. Recommend this service highly!
  • Consistency

    By Jean 2016
    I like line 2 for work. However, I sometimes do not get messages on time. There is a delay. It often cuts out or has poor reception when talking.
  • Works sometimes, and sometimes not

    By Woodwright
    Their system crashes several times monthly and has been reliable for SEVERAL YEARS. So unreliable that our company is switching to Google Voice.
  • It kind of works...

    By madmixo
    I’ve used this app as a 2nd line for my real estate business for a little over a year. The app features are very shaky and it doesn’t show where the call is coming in from or on which line. Just kinda janky. I mostly used it for voicemails, but with all the Ro I call and they raised the price, I am cancelling!
  • No calls

    By Juicee49
    I recently updated this app and now I can not receive any calls. I should have left it alone.
  • Stinks

    By Phyllis Rodriguez. realtor
    I have been using this for over six months it’s difficult to use it has very limited features and half of the time it won’t even work. Either it won’t place my calls or it puts in a different number and has even called a wrong number. I am considering dropping it
  • Will not renew

    By FL34117
    For the first few months it worked great. Then my text started not going through and now I have to have all calls forwarded to my private number because if they go through line 2 number it doesn’t even ring it goes straight to voicemail. It took a few days to realize that no call were coming through and I lost a lot of business. The whole point of getting this was so I knew if it was a call coming through for the business or my private number and now I don’t know because they ring through my private number or I wouldn’t get any calls. I have emailed customer service and they haven’t helped. Bad service don’t get it..
  • Great App

    By MarkMc
    I use it exclusively for my clients. It makes my private cell phone also a business phone. The price is reasonably.
  • Great

    By Big Decker
    Have been using for years and love it!
  • V Schu

    By v schu
    Great solution for my business.
  • There’s other cheaper options

    By AwesomeMusic007
    They do updates and you have to reset everything. You don’t know till you see you missed a ton of calls or can’t dial out. For a paid service I also got no response when I sent in a ticket. And for the missed days they don’t comp you fees. I will look into something else soon. I don’t recommend, there’s also cheaper options.
  • No trial given

    By K. Thornton
    I signed up using the app and was charged the following day. I was not given the 7 day trial. Please explain that?????????
  • Dr Maximillion

    By Dr Maximilian 69
    No sooo good reception
  • Excellent. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    By Fern-123098
    Nice app
  • The best

    By NeverTooLate2
    Line2 offers more excellent phone services than I knew existed and at a most reasonable cost. Line2 is the best!