MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2009-07-17
  • Current Version: 6.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 181.37 MB
  • Developer: Aviation Data Systems, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 712 282


Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 45 million downloads! MyRadar is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location and to quickly show what weather is coming your way. Just start the app; your location pops up with animated live radar, with radar loop lengths of up to two hours. This basic functionality provides the quickest way to get a snapshot of the weather on-the-go, and it's what has made MyRadar so successful over the years. Check your phone and get an instant assessment of the weather that will impact your day. In addition to the live radar, MyRadar has an ever-increasing list of weather and environmentally-related data layers that you can overlay on top of the map; our animated winds layer shows a breathtaking visual representation of both surface winds and winds at the jetstream level; the frontal boundaries layer shows high and low pressure systems as well as frontal boundaries themselves; the earthquakes layer is a great way to stay on top of the latest reports on seismic activity, completely customizable as to severity and time; our hurricane layer allows users to stay on top of the latest tropical storm and hurricane activity throughout the world; the aviation layer overlays AIRMETs, SIGMETs and other aviation-related data, including the ability to track flights and display their IFR flight plans and paths, and the "wildfires" layer allows users to stay abreast of the latest fire activity around the United States. MyRadar also has the ability to send weather and environmental alerts, including alerts from the National Weather Service, such as Tornado and Severe Weather alerts. A new feature introduced in this version of MyRadar includes the ability to receive alerts based off of Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity; you can configure the app to send you an alert any time a tropical storm or hurricane forms, or is upgraded or downgraded. One of the most useful features in MyRadar is the ability to provide advanced rain alerts; our patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall is the most accurate in the industry. Instead of having to check the app all the time, MyRadar will send you an alert up to an hour in advance as to when the rain will arrive at your current location, down to the minute, including details on intensity and duration. These alerts can be a life saver when you're on-the-go and don't always have time to check the weather - our systems will proactively do the work for you and let you know in advance before the rain hits. In addition to the free features of the app, additional upgrades are available, including real-time hurricane tracking - great for the start of hurricane season. The hurricane tracker provides additional data above and beyond the free version, including the cone of probability for tropical storm/hurricane forecast tracks, and it also includes a detailed synopsis from the National Hurricane Center. The premium upgrades also include the professional radar pack, which allows greater detail of radar from individual stations. Users can select individual radar stations around the US, select the radar tilt angle, and also change the radar product being displayed, including base reflectivity and wind velocity - great for experienced weather buffs looks to stay on top of possible tornado formation. Download MyRadar today and try it out! * Aviation Charts subscription (not required in order to use MyRadar) ($24.95 USD per YEAR) * Payments will be charged to your iTunes account * Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period * Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. MyRadar’s Privacy Policy, visit: Full terms of service:



  • Real time weather in your hand

    By JRhett57
    Better then your weather man. I like the different layers of the radar to ise as you like to see the weather.
  • Review

    By bfordDd
    Awesome!!!! Works better than some of the other apps
  • Essential

    By LK55mm
    I ride a motorcycle. Love to ride it. But I don’t like getting caught in the rain. The MyRadar app is awesome for monitoring weather, namely on days where the skies look”iffy.” It’s a real (time lapse) weather radar like what you see on weather news, so it’s highly accurate to the exact minute to whatever city you are in. The app sends plenty of updated weather notifications for conditions local to you (such as, “Moderate rain starting in your area in 15 minutes,” etc). I don’t mind getting all of the notifications......however, if you prefer not to receive a lot of notifications, I’m pretty sure you can change it in the options. Great app.
  • Accurate!

    By Wadesgirl09
    Most accurate weather app I’ve used! The notifications are right on!
  • A most intuitive view of relevant weather.

    By Bschlitz
    I use it before - and usually in place of - all other weather apps. Hopefully an affordable bundle will be available to link all my apple devices
  • Well used app living in tornado alley

    By 374747836372)!
    If you live or drive through central US during tornado season or anytime you need this app
  • Mr weather man

    By tommy-2-tones
    With this app its easy to plan an outing looking at weather patterns that are on the way !!!
  • MyRadar

    By Ham still learning
    Lots of weather info good free app
  • Perfect

    By Pooface101z
    Weather is completely unpredictable but My Radar does about as good a job as possible informing you when rains headed your way. Being able to see a live radar view of any storms around especially with the hurricane tracker addition if you live on the coast, this app is a must have.
  • Favorite radar app!

    By Zemad
    Very accurate and easy to use. It shows a quick “live” shot of the current weather radar. It makes it easy to see how the weather pattern is moving.
  • Kids

    By everettyoyo
    When I have to pick them up from school I always know the weather outlook.
  • Radar is jittery

    By Scruff918
    Latest update made the radar really jittery👎🏻
  • Love this app

    By Amateur star gazer
    I got this app because I wanted a really good radar app. I wasn’t looking for anything else. It fit the bill beautifully. Literally. The graphics are beautiful. And then it kept getting better. My favorite recent features are the option to show jet stream winds (rather than surface winds, which are still available) and the option to show weather fronts. In short, this is starting to show the weather features that I really value to understand why what’s happening is happening. Then I know how much stock to put in the forecast! So it has turned out to be much more than the basic radar app that I expected, although it still fills that bill. I should also say that I have not added on a lot of extra features. I’m very satisfied with the app just as it comes. Okay, I removed the ads...
  • Exactly the information I want

    By Ruuyn
    I can see what the weather will do for myself, estimate what I’m going to need for the day or the next hour, and just generally enjoy looking at weather patterns. And there are no obnoxious ads!
  • Awesome meteorological tool!!

    By lifepawn
    Very accurate and high resolution, this radar app is my “go to” weather advisor!! I once predicted a tornado forming west of Boston just watching the detailed progression. Highly recommended!
  • Delete AccuWeather

    By 544787547378854
    Much better than AccuWeather
  • Great app!

    By sooner_22
    Use it daily and more depending on the weather!
  • Great APP

    By slimjimmy511950
    This is a great app for following the storm fronts in your area.
  • Joe 777

    By 93764@;)
    I love this app it’s right on point.
  • Just amazing

    By Ammanbesaw
    This thing is just fantastic. I don’t really open up the app much, but the notifications are essential for me. It will update me on when it’s gonna rain and is accurate down to the minute. “Light rain in 15 minutes in your current location”. I look outside, and there are no clouds. 15 minutes later, it’s cloudy and raining. I’m very impressed
  • Very good

    By Goodtunesfan
    I appreciate the prompt and accurate information and updates. Very good. If you live in hurricane impacted areas, get the app!!

    By ok. tulsa
    Хорошее приложение. Спасибо вам!
  • Planning

    By Weatherman 2019
    Great tool for planning activities. Weatherman 2019
  • I Always need it...

    It especially Keeps me aware of hurricane conditions, in Florida, while in leisure coach...
  • Weather at your fingertips

    By NptPolo
    Helps me gauge critical weather-related decisions for my business unreal time at a moment’s notice. Always accurate, unlike other apps that do t get updated in weekends.
  • My Radar

    By Dbodawg
    Simply.... THE BEST!!!!
  • Function and radar and wind together

    By TDS Texas
    The ability to layer in wind and rain together is really helpful. The radar is quick to load and gives more accuracy on storm location quicker than any other radar I have ever used.
  • Must Have

    By bmalden007
    Baller App for the Need To Have Stash
  • I’m not a weatherman

    By The- riot
    When I what to know if it’s going to rain I just want to look up a quick radar to see the when where and how but I’m not a weatherman I just read radar
  • Dad with children

    By Eric1998
    This app with the notifications saved my family from harm.
  • Review/feed back

    By Padans
    Thanks for showing the track of hurricane Dorian that was a big help. I use this app every day. Thanks
  • Radar

    By Cathy j-w
    Very accurate and can see the storms and lighting when it’s going to happen.
  • LOVE

    By Carol's in AZ
    I love this app! I live in Phoenix & it’s great to watch to see if the edge of a cell might be rolling over my neighborhood. Or to see one change direction to miss us. It’s very accurate.
  • Living in Oklahoma!

    By Ricky Dill
    I love it!
  • 5 Stars

    By Daisy 8762
    Great app. Quick, and accurate. Easy to read. Liked the update to changing weather.
  • Better than the radar from the news stations!

    By KarenHig
    This app is great at showing weather down to my house! On point and much better than radar app with the local news stations.
  • Great app!

    By BGK497
    This is the most accurate app I’ve ever had involving weather and storms!
  • Love this app!

    By lindyloveday
    Whenever i need to know the weather.....I go to this app and it’s 100% reliable.
  • Worth the cost

    By Lover or Hater?
    Great at showing the Doppler radar. Actually seeing the storm cell has been all the difference for me. Helps aid in when to leave for a trip and when to pullover and wait it out. Sometimes it rains so hard the wipers don’t keep up...ya wanna be pulled over, safe and waiting it out.
  • Right on!

    By j006789
    This app is so accurate I’m shocked! I love how it alerts you as well!!!
  • Disappointed!

    By Where'sTheMusic???
    Developer response (DR) was full of exclamation points. Overall, I am very disappointed with MyRadar. I initially gave it four stars, but now I will give it one star. The situation would have been better with no DR. I do not need to be talked down to and yelled out by a DR. [The exclamation mark (Commonwealth English) or exclamation point (American English) is a punctuation mark usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume (shouting).] Just in case someone doesn’t know what an ! means.
  • Don’t fall for the money grabbers.

    By Buck Nastyu
    This is the best radar app out there. Don’t fall for the sleazy ‘paid’ apps. Yes, there are features you can pay for to expand your app, but they’re not necessary. This is how apps should be made; don’t twist my arm to purchase things and more-than-likely I’ll purchase things! Win/Win!
  • Excellent

    By Love Avast apps
    Really good at advance warning.
  • Review

    By Roberta McGuffin
    This map is very useful and easy to use.
  • Awesome!

    By Turbocarrera
    I love getting real time notifications of impending bad weather wherever I am. It’s always spot on, whether I’m home or traveling. And the radar is great to have at my fingertips, especially on the golf course!!
  • H

    By Juju we
  • MyRadar

    By Dawn Elaine 1956
    I love my radar. Because of the live radar I can make ply with confidence. Its like having access to a 6th sense.
  • Really useful

    By khickey19
    Use it all the time to check on rain
  • Awesome

    By American Outlaw1
    This is my #1 weather app on my phone!👍🏻👍🏻