Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2009-08-01
  • Current Version: 4.53.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 156.84 MB
  • Developer: Waze Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 203 549


Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy



  • Used to be five stars

    By RebK
    There are so many distracting ads on this app that it’s confusing to read now. Otherwise, this is a five star application. Perfect verbal instructions. Just great except for the ads. Too bad.
  • Awesome

    By David 814
    Love this apps alway put in the right place.
  • Best Navigation App.

    By Deepfin78
    By far the best app ever. I can’t drive without it.
  • Waze its EZ

    By alx san
    Itisgoodway to get around any town or city. Easy to use
  • Love it BUT 1 drawback

    By trumpal
    Love to hear different voices, live being notified of police ahead or something in the road or construction. BUT you really need to watch the map as it doesn’t say what exit to take or street to turn on. So if you are moving quickly and not looking at the map, the direction may come too late!
  • Very helpful

    By Jtucci489
    This app is very helpful for real-time map and traffic updates.
  • What happened?

    By Paula B.
    Waze used to be great. Lately it doesn’t offer obvious alternate routes easily found on google maps or mapquest. Today my BF and I both had waze going and his showed numerous police reports and “hazards” that mine did not on the exact same route (we were in the same vehicle). It also doesnt work with Apple CarPlay - shows your speed as 8-15 mph faster than you are going. So sad. It used to be my go to!
  • Incapable of internet connection

    By nniicckkbbrraauunn
    This app constantly refuses to work with data or WiFi. To prove my point, I’m writing this review with my data this very moment. If I were to attempt to get to my destination after writing this it would not work. This is a huge disappointment because I used to love this app. However, it appears now that Waze is incapable of functioning as a gps.
  • Hated it

    By Antonio Leonti
    A couple cool QOL things, but the actual purpose of the app, navigation, is miserably bad. I have never been so relieved to delete an app. I’ll never use Waze again, but most people love it, so I guess you should try it out for yourself.
  • Routing Server Timeout!! FIX IT

    By Whitetiger4711
    I have used Waze for years, but I’m in NY trying to get back home to VA and I cannot get this app to work! I’ve done a reset on my phone, closed the app and reopened and still nothing. After 20 minutes of this, I’m using another app!! If it wasn’t for Google Maps I’d be stuck in NY!!! Pleas FIX THIS ASAP!!
  • Love

    By djhfhasjf
    Make more fun voices! We use the boy band voice, but more would be fun. Cookie Monster is too slow & we have missed turns because of it. Fun app!
  • Saved me time

    By Grandma Tala
    This is the best app. It diverted me numerous times to avoid the traffic jams throughout CT due to beach and summer traffic; not to mention hazards and police!! Thank you
  • Fansatic, just 2 requests

    By Jaquellentah565
    Amazing app, Warner me and I’ve warned others about unknowns on the road. Only 2 request, a dark mode for at night, and to make it compatible with Apple Music so I can change songs in-app like google maps. Otherwise excellent app. Well done.
  • Wonky and inconsistent service

    By warriorpast
    The app is generally great, but when you guys go down you really go down. Won’t connect to routing service so gives me a no internet connection. Very frustrating and result in a low confidence in the service.
  • New version

    By Aivars22
    Clearly the programmer who made the last update is not a user. He took out the most important features if using the app. There is no longer the time of arrival at the bottom and he frayed out the miles and time remaining so you can no longer see it on trips. This is the worst update ever, and this app is garbage now
  • Was working fine...

    By Realneonlady
    The most recent update is very unstable. Hoping fa fix soon
  • Idk what's happened with this app

    By WannaBeLikeLaich
    Used to be phenomenal, used to be. Now I get "Routing Error Timeout" and "No Internet Connection" more times than not. I'll open up Google Maps and get directions within seconds. Fix your software please.
  • Almost perfect

    By Poker Jr.
    Typically my go-to navigation app. It used to be better when I first installed it several years ago but it seems to be losing its fidelity, and calculation speed. Lately it’s also been having a difficult time connecting to the servers. Once in use though, it’s pretty great. One feature I wish Wayze has is providing me options for new destinations currently on my route. For example, if I’m driving from point A to point B but in the interim I decide I need to get food or gas; when searching for suggestions, I find it wasteful that Wayze gives me options that are behind me, which I don’t realize until I’ve selected it and the map calculates my route.
  • Safety First

    By emmett1740
    This app helps me get where I’m going—safely. Thanks to other drivers who use the app, I get notified when there are road hazards and unexpected events! It also helps me track the speed limit! I have the voice set to the Cookie Monster!
  • :(

    The app crashes every time open it.

    By AlwaysARebel4Ever
    Waze is the best GPS app, hands down. We travel a lot and it is extremely accurate. I like how you can interact with the app to communicate delays, traffic etc...with other users.
  • Love this app

    By Noramg88
    I only use Waze now; so much better at suggesting alternate routes than other apps. Really enjoy the British accent !
  • What happened?

    By disappoint#100
    My family used to love this app! But recently, it has been taking us all over the place, even forcing us to take a 24min detour just to make us take a uturn. This is not the first time the app took a ridiculously long detour. Seems like the app makes any effort to make sure that the estimated time is the correct one. They don’t care about you getting there efficiently, they only care that they are right. Ridiculous. Do not recommend. Only good thing is it lets you know if objects are on the road etc., but I’ll take my chances.
  • Navigation at its Best

    By 1225Kitty
    This is the greatest navigational app we have found! It is precise & gets you from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time! We will be life long fans!
  • Has been better

    By Mehlbeca
    This app used to be better. I used to swear by it to avoid traffic and get me where I need to go, but not anymore. I live in Houston, to and avoiding traffic is key for me. Just last week, I logged in to waze to get to the gym and it sent me the standard route which would take 54 mins. My friend logged into google and from the exact same location, google found a route with absolutely no traffic and taking me only 40 minutes!! I am not sure what happened but waze needs to improve to be my number 1 again.
  • Where’s My Car?

    By LindzDromm
    Waze is great! Use it every day! But what happened to the car when my friend shares their drive? This last update, I can see the green route line but not the little car when my parents send their drive to me. I can’t see where they are as they drive
  • Fantastic but...

    By Stanley Gimshewicz
    I love the map detail, the alerts, the ability to submit reports, etc. it is great! My only disappointment is that it does not provide lane assistance-i.e. show you what lane(s) to be in for a route. To me this is critical when on trips. I hope they will consider this for future development and it will be incredible. I’d also like to see upcoming turns, exits, etc. that you need to do next
  • Connection issues with this version

    By StuartSmith
    I’m having issues connecting with the newest version of the app. I’ve been using the app for some time and I wish I could still say 5 stars. It seems I need to plan routes while in a building with WiFi because even in my driveway or street I can’t connect. I hope it gets resolved soo .
  • Easy & Dependable with Helpful Info

    When I go somewhere new, I always use my Waze. It’s fast, easy, and I like the feature of how it tells you where hazards (cars on shoulders or objects in road) are.
  • App crashes after reporting road closure

    By mattnorton2u
    App crashes after reporting road closure
  • One of the best

    By Musahaid
    Love this app ❤️
  • Do not upgrade version

    By ALJ1322
    Whatever Waze did for this recent upgrade has made connecting to internet a big problem. At locations I have had any trouble in the past getting a signal now continues to give me a “no internet connection” msg. This didn’t just happen with my phone but with my husband’s as well. Neither of us changed phones or plans. Perfectly sunny day, no clouds to obstruct signals.
  • Glitchy

    By the way it was before
    Waze used to be great, but at least for the past 6-9 months it’s constantly glitchy and gives me error messages most of the time, wish it would go back to how it was.
  • The only navigation app for me

    By hheadless
    Waze has successfully guided me from Florida to Massachusetts, smaller trips, and to locations in town. There is no other app I would ever use for getting from point A to B!
  • No sound

    By VA traffic
    Occasionally there is no sound for this app, which means I am not alerted on issues ahead not turns. I’ve installed and uninstalled a few times but it keeps happening. My volume is up and the sound is not muted, volume in settings is also up. Please fix this not sure why it’s happening.
  • Bar None BEST Travel App

    By NJBasil48
    Incredibly accurate & timely. Has routes & roads wayyyy before others.
  • Annoying and unreliable

    By stanalagram
    The app is so busy that it’s useless, and it randomly stops working while you’re using it. Not helpful for an app that’s supposed to give you live directions.
  • Extras!

    By DarMar8
    Really like the extras(ex. Construction, police ahead)
  • Needs an update

    By sharlysha
    I’ve had this app for over 2 years now. The last 6 months or so that I’ve been using it, it’s been sending me to the wrong places. Last night while I was on the highway it told me to do turn left; how can I turn left when there’s a cement wall there? A couple of weeks ago it told me to make a u-turn on the highway WTH is going on? I’m glad I have a enough common sense to not follow her directions when she told me those things.....you guys need to fix whatever’s going on!!!!
  • Go-to traffic app, only complaint is ...

    By Masons Five Hole
    For some reason the server is not reliable. I much prefer Waze to the other alternatives for traffic flow/routing etc BUT not 5 stars because at least once to twice a week I have to use another app as my GPS due to the server not being found. Fix that problem and I’d give 5 stars easy.
  • Don’t leave home without it!

    By Joanniesguy
    Never pull out of my driveway without checking my route.
  • GPS Error

    By amirshakoori
    The app is great with no doubt. But when you get close to the government buildings, the GPS cannot find your exact location. Sounds Like some kind of noise.
  • Need alerts for slow traffic/traffic jam

    By Old Time Gamer24
    I would like the option to have alerts for slow traffic. Right now it just shows up on the map and doesn’t give you the audible alert like “vehicle on the side of the road”. This would be a very useful and safe thing to have.
  • Why!! Wrong way

    By Mbellomo24
    Waze is directing me the opposite way of my direction.
  • Alternate Routes

    By Fast & Efficient
    I love the way Waze suggests 3 routes and steers around traffic jams.
  • Hero to Zero

    By Scutch0427
    What happened Waze? In accurate miles, in accurate estimated times, in accurate traffic readings. Did the staff take the summer off?
  • Nice

    By megnha
    It’s so much better for us to ride with the kids and we have reported some cops
  • Can’t manage long trips

    By mabehr
    Long trips, like DC to Long Island, is apparently too complicated for Waze to handle. We have to do shorter trips, like DC to Newark Airport, and then Newark to LI. It appears to time out before the route calculation is complete. We love the feature like warning about red light cameras, hazards, and speed traps, but we can’t use it for road trips until they fix this major issue.
  • Not as good anymore

    By Bcoan
    Keeps telling me I need to register? I’ve had waze for five years! Won’t let me add comments on reports! Says no internet connection? When wrecks are reported and already cleared up from the road it won’t let you remove icon or type a note saying it's not there anymore! This causes other drivers to go a different route for no reason!! app needs a lot of help!!!!