• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Current Version: 134.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 263.95 MB
  • Developer: Dropbox
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 74 730


Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more make collaborating with others simple. Features: • Work on files with others through shared folders • Use the doc scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs • Comment on files to share feedback with your team • Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files We'd love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community: www.dropboxforum.com We offer a free 30-day trial and in-app purchases for Dropbox Plus. Existing Dropbox Plus customers can also upgrade to Dropbox Professional. Dropbox Plus customers have 1TB of storage and Dropbox Professional users have 2TB. The amount will be charged to your iTunes account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing payment. Dropbox subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. Plan pricing may vary by country. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Dropbox also offers one-month trials for monthly subscriptions. Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/pricing_terms Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy



  • Love love

    By Čįåräāâ»Rûūm§š$ęėÿ¥ÿ¥ÿ
    Been using and I also originally downloaded for the very first time in August of 2013 ..it has been a PRIORITY APP AND IS A MUST APP THAT IS ONE OF THE FIRST TO INSTALL//DOWNLOAD ANYTIME I GET A NEW PHONE.. ETC.. ETC.. ETC..
  • Why?

    By jeighcee
    This app does not show all of the files and folders as the app on my Win10 desktop. Why? Still waiting for reply! Aug 5, 2018 Mar 21, 2019 - the Mobil app for my iPad continues to display files/folders that no longer exist in my Dropbox account! I can't delete them from the iPad version. Why?
  • I cannot for the life of me download anything into this

    By barnowner
    I uploaded it years ago. Couldn’t figure it out. Just uploaded it a few days ago. Couldn’t figure it out. Now it says I can get a free trial but then I have to pay. But first I have to figure out how to get it to do anything. I’m computer illiterate, but I have millennial techies trying to help me with this and getting nowhere. I don’t get it
  • Set and Forget

    By Inigo Palileo
    Easy to use and really convenient for storing all my files!
  • Easy interface BUT not practical

    By momOftwowitholdpics
    Storing a small amount of photos and the free version ran out of space very quickly and the only next option is $10/mo, too much to indefinitely store a small number of photos.
  • Offline files will not stay downloaded.

    By Enjoiincubus009
    I have a fairly large number of files that I need to stay downloaded to my device. I have to watch them download because they won’t download unless I leave the screen open, but then a couple of hours after they’re done they suddenly all disappear and have to start over. I have more than enough space on my iPad, and this is beginning to make Dropbox unusable.
  • Crippled app

    By Trebuin
    It no longer will allow most of my devices to connect. Find another provider.
  • No!

    By TriggeredByRussia
    foo">king insecure and unsafe!
  • Best file sharing service

    By BoredMeteor
    One of my favorite things is how it does not duplicate temporary Microsoft Office files like other file sharing services. When you open an Office file, the program create a temporary file which is then sent across your dropbox folders. When you close the Office app, this temporary file is deleted and, it’ll disappear from your Dropbox account - as it should! On other services, you’ll end up collecting temp files forever.
  • Simply Outstanding...

    By Steven Zyler
    ...especially as a PDF reader. An alphabetical index selector on the right side of the Files tab screen (such as the Acrobat app has :), rather than just a scroll bar, would be a very handy improvement, especially when hundreds of files are displayed. Also, the way the PDF document search feature is designed and functions is simply amazing.
  • Limited logged in devices

    By Kenji2019
    They are going to limited the number of devices you can log in at the same time to 3! I’m going to move all my files to google drive and delete this app.

    By Edivaldo Pericleiton Rasta
  • update issues..already invested in it (for now)

    By DCFallbrook
    IPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen lastest iOS -Dropbox grayed out now as an iOS file saving option from most other apps -Greyed out as an upload option from most other apps -Not appearing at all as a iOS Files save option -Cannot select multiple files (photos, etc.) anymore - which was an awesome addition to the previous update -Soundcopy-AudioShare - no Dropbox option to save via iOS Files Also a little pricey on the month to month plan for 1TB, and without full text search. There are competitive cheaper alternatives that (literally)do the same, but I have gotten used to and have always liked the DB updates, the simple functionality and solid synching between my windows 10’s and the iPad.
  • Cancelled due to lack of customer service

    By jessica r_
    I’ve been a loyal paying customer of Dropbox since 2011. I’ve stuck with it despite all the bugs and glitches along the way. A few months ago I made the mistake of signing up for a trial to a higher business tier. After opting out of the trial, my account no longer functioned properly. I am now dozens of customer service outreaches in and have yet to find someone who will directly address the problem. Instead, they outright ignore it and tell me the only fix is to upgrade to the higher tier plan. All I’ve asked for is my account’s functionality to be reinstated to its post annual payment / pre-“free trial” status. I’d rather take my business elsewhere than be hustled by “customer service.”
  • Never liked Dropbox and still don’t

    By Conan the Reviewer
    This app is confusing and hard to use. A friend sent me a Dropbox link of a song file, and when I clicked on it I got the option to either get the song in the browser or “download the app,” which I had already done. I clocked the latter option, and it just brought me to the App Store. When I clicked open no notice appeared about the download; it just took me to the app. As far as I can tell there’s no way to search through emails or Facebook messenger from the Dropbox app to download the link. I then went back to the link and clicked the other option, “open in browser,” which took me to a playable file but again gave me no options to download the file. I’ve always had problems with Dropbox, and the only time I use it is when someone shares something with me on it. This was one of those times, and though this was my first time using the iPhone app, I came away from it disappointed as usual.
  • Files won’t open since update

    By Midasman1
    iPad Pro with new update. Files in Dropbox won’t open. File name comes up and spinner just sets there and spins. Please see what you can do. Thanks

    By Ken@916
    I don't know why peope wrote negative reviews about dropbox. I love it, It automatic upload all my photos from my phone. One time I lost my phone but I was able to recover all of my old photos. It a must have app in every phone, install it. Its free.
  • Syncing problems.

    By Akongkongkong
    When I deleted photos from my iPhone, my other devices didn’t sync. I then found out that my photos can’t be deleted because after I logged out from my Dropbox account and logged back in, my photos are still there. This happened to only my iPhone and iPad. My android device has no such problem.
  • Crash after crash

    By djcmgdjjcvd
    The app has become slow, crashes a lot and gets non responsive a lot update after update and it still is not fixed Should I give up hope?
  • Please update with basic playback tools like

    By RnbLover!
    1. bigger play, stop, pause in audio playback 2. loop function This is particularly important as we use the app a lot to listen back to mp3s in development, however it is a huge safety issue to locate the tiny little play button every time to restart playback when driving for example. 3. Can you make it possible to please choose weather we want the audio to remember where left off or not. In meetings this is particularly annoying when it starts somewhere else than the beginning. I have sent messages about this before and years ago without any updates and am now adding a review about this for the first time in hope that you take it more seriously. Please fix these basic things so us professionals that rely on your app quite a bit can have a more seamless and safe experience. Thanks again for listening..(i think)
  • Uploading issue on iphone

    By Batmora
    I am forced to open the app continuously while uploading data on my iPhone otherwise the upload stops!!!
  • Can’t upload video

    By Huyness
    Been trying to upload videos for hours but it keeps restarting. My internet speeds are very fast but i can’t upload any videos through the app at all 🙁😡
  • File disappearing

    By Breeoxd
    Mostly love the app but lately it’s become unusable. When I upload photos manually to a Dropbox folder, it will only upload about 30 pictures before saying it can’t be reached. I’m fine with doing small batches but every time I send a batch through iPhone files extension, I have to rename the file to get the files extension to recognize it. So if I’m uploading to file named 7 I go to do the second batch and 1-6 is there and 8 but no 7 so I have to keep renaming between 7 and 7a everytime I upload. It’s ridiculous.
  • Beyond Awful!

    By mjd6791
    This is the worst cloud app EVER! Very disorganized, creating a folder is ridiculous and getting your files into said folder is even more ridiculous. Pure garbage. Don’t waste your money, your time or your sanity.
  • They will delete your data!!!

    By Gogogigdt
    Would honestly give zero stars if I could have. Anyways, it's pretty simple, don't use your account in 9 months, GONE. They pretend to really care and send lots of emails before hand before it gets deleted, but what if that's a backup email? You're screwed!
  • Scam!

    By Kitty Envy
    I feel like this is a scam! I had someone send me a doc to look at and it was from this app. So I had to create an account to see it. Then all these options to pay and have no use for app but when I created thinking I could see doc and delete app, it’s not even pulling up doc. I ask friend to send in a regular email. I go to the option to contact support and I can type in the issue of asking to get rid of account (literally minutes after setting up) but drop down box to choose device doesn’t work so no way to get this company’s attention to not be charged or have this account at all. Would not recommend and hope someone from this company sees this because I’m at a loss and truly upset that I might be charged for something I have no use for.
  • Waste of my money

    By ItAllMakesense
    Canceling my subscription, I’m a coin collector and I was using it to save a back up file for my collection, it takes few hours to save my collection and I don’t have that many coins.
  • Thanks

    By Hani AlGhamdi
    Thanks for the latest update! I can now export all of my photos in one click 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Best Regards RastaIPhone
  • Add a language

    I hope to add the Arabic language among the languages in the application
  • This is horrible

    By Yunng'mia
    I had a account and I had all my pictures there and now it is saying i don’t have an account
  • Convenient but Corrupt Files

    By RainnFox
    While DropBox is extremely user friendly and easily available via multiple devices to share files. It’s super annoying that the files are getting corrupted or messed up. Certain files glitch up a lot of the time. Sometimes the files are ok and other times, they glitch up or crash. It’s extremely annoying. If I’m paying for a subscription, my files shouldn’t randomly glitch up. DropBox.... please fix this. Stop the app from glitching/corrupting files.
  • Spam notifications

    By _ŒÂ◊
    I had notifications turned on, but recently started getting spam about how to use dropbox. I don't see an option to turn these "helpful hints" off, so I disabled all notifications.
  • UX issues abound

    By velgor
    The app works, but UX is extremely poor in places. For example, the settings screen requires tapping "Cancel" to save, an oversight which I could be convinced to ignore if all changes were actually retained. Alas, they are not—unless one force quits the app that is. Beyond terrible.
  • Functions

    By Enzorrex
    It would be nice to have multiple accounts on the app
  • Refund me

    By elegy_17
    I downloaded this app for a day and it charged my card 10.00$ when I deleted the app the next day I would like my money back
  • Great app, just wish for more

    By Frugal twins
    I've used Dropbox for quite awhile. My one complaint is that I wish there was an easy way to switch between different accounts. I have a personal account as well as one I use for accessing files while teaching. I don't really want to merge the two into one account, but I can't figure out how to quickly and easily gain access to both without opening one in a browser while using the app with the other. Otherwise, I will continue to use and love Dropbox!
  • It’s a good digital storage

    By Viruet!
    I have Dropbox Plus for my house, it’s really useful for backing up documents, photos, videos and some apps not all apps back up to Dropbox. The only recommendation I will give them is to have smaller plans at lower prices for families I pay for 1tb and only use 21%
  • Good morning

    By Tavish Hakala
    You are not going through my mind to make a change in life so if your day was just that way you’re gave us time but I’m glad we did go over this place
  • Pointless

    By L8N
    Having the Dropbox app cease to work when my device is full DEFEATS THE PURPOSE of it. My phone is full so I want to upload files off of it so can delete them off my phone but now I can’t.
  • Files will not load

    By jephkelley
    About a month or two ago files just stopped loading altogether on the app. Dropbox is essential to mobile productivity and I can’t hold out for much longer. Please fix this issue or I’ll have to move to another service.
  • Unsafe

    By Edwin A Lopez
    They charged me for something I didn’t buy.Dropbox isn’t safe.
  • I hate the app and website.

    By @Sigil
    Why can't I sort the files by kind with folders at the top? If I am moving a file, will I be moving it into an other file or a folder? I can't export anything out of the app. Folders First!!! I should be able to sort so that I can view my data alphabetically by kind/type with folders being first. When Moving files the window should list only folders or folders first. Why do I need to scan past tens or hundreds of files to find a folder (let alone the folder I want) to put a file in?
  • Whoever made this app needs a whooping

    By 27382647382924
    THIS APP IS SO DUMB! Like I was just trynna upload my video so my friends could see our video BUT NOOO this dumb app had to take a million and one years to upload it.
  • Lost all pictures

    By cbt1960
    I’ve had Dropbox for years and had many pics stored. I’ve always signed on with my aol account and now it wants me to open a google account to get in the app. So I did and no way to get to my pics from my old account. Suuuuuuckks want use this app again. Do yourself a favor and put your pics on a disc.
  • Basic functionality with SERIOUS privacy flaws

    By willnotburn
    1. Get FaceID or TouchID or password requirement by default when the app is launched. Data entry n my Dropbox is just as sensitive as my bank Goldman information. Then why does my banking app require *some* sort of verification (FaceID) upon launch, but Dropbox seems oblivious to this issue. Isn’t the need for this obvious? 2. STOP DISPLAYING MY MOST RECENTLY USED FILES ON THE HOME SCREN OF THE APP!! I use the app all the time to pull up a figure or article to show to professional colleagues at work. Imagine, we’re in the middle of a discussion, I pull up an app to show something, and with them looking over my shoulder my personal files come up on the home page. Unacceptable!
  • App takes too much space

    By lilmonimoni
    Please optimize your app. Not everyone has a 128 or something GB phone in 2019, you know.
  • Basic function failure - can’t create account

    By Whitephosphorous
    Since I’m unable to even create an account - “Unable to connect to Dropbox - there may be a problem with your iPhone’s internet connection.” I’ll have to give this a 1/5 stars, which is high for what it is. Yes, I’ve tried all the things you’re thinking. No, it’s not my connection. No, it’s not an excessively complex password. No, I’m not using funky ASCII characters. Yes, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Yes, I’ve restarted my phone. Yes, my OS is up to date. No, my account doesn’t already exist. Yes I’ve tried WiFi and network - isolating each. Yes, all my other apps are able to connect. It’s simple - the app doesn’t work. 0/5 stars.
  • Even more anger

    By Fredi Vice
    Thanks for stealing my money by making it impossible to end my free trial. 😡
  • Love the desktop version, hate the app!

    By JAW_LawOffice
    I can never view my documents using the app. I can get to them and see them in the icon of the file, but they don’t load. I keep getting the loading wheel. So frustrating because I need these files on my mobile devices.