HP 12C Platinum Calculator

HP 12C Platinum Calculator

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2009-08-29
  • Current Version: 2.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 22.55 MB
  • Developer: HP Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 130


The Platinum version of the industry-standard HP 12c Financial Calculator adds the choice of time-saving RPN or traditional algebraic data entry as well as convenient editing features such as “backspace” and “undo” keys. Built with the same algorithms and calculation sequences you trust for real estate, banking, and finance functions every day. When you find yourself without your calculator, relax – just open it on your iPhone or iPod touch. FEATURES: -Developed by HP, the original inventor of the HP 12c Financial Calculator series -Identical layout, functions and answers millions rely on -Quickly calculate loan payments, TVM, NPV, IRR, cashflows, bonds and more -Horizontal mode shows full calculator and vertical mode provides a simplified basic RPN or algebraic calculator plus tip calculation feature -In horizontal mode, click on the HP logo to show the back of the original calculator with quick references to common calculations -Keep the power of your HP 12c Platinum handy on your iPhone or iPod Touch



  • HP 12CP

    By Haystack1
    On an iPhone X the numbers are not properly aligned in the display. Please fix. Still not fixed.
  • must have but fix vertical display

    By godoit
    it’s a must-have and works great with a beautiful interphase however they display on version 10S iPhone is off center with the members.
  • Great emulator with a little room for improvement

    By bagofjuice
    Overall this emulator is great. Only problem I have is that it wipes out your settings next time you open (i.e. variable inputs, programs, significant digit preference). Would still recommend if you are studying for CFA and don’t want to use battery on your physical calculator before the exam.
  • Double clicking issue

    By Cmattson
    What’s with the double clicking issue? Had a great 12c app that changed its skin from the familiar HP12c look and it threw me off. Decided to buck up for this app from HP figuring it would be better. Not the case! Also, anyone know how to delete one digit as noted in the description? That’s one thing I was excited to have that my actual 12c does not.
  • Why not lock it in landscape???

    By Purple tuna hibachi
    I had a knock off 12c that was perfect but recently disappeared from my phone. This knockoff would ALWAYS appear in landscape and you simply turn the phone. Now I have to unlock my screen orientation to use this app. Sucky!
  • Such a bad testing.

    By பொன்னையா
    Please install this app in iPhone X and see yourself. It is not formatting correctly in portrait mode. Waste of $$$$. Don't purchase this PRODUCT. Keep off of it.
  • little bit expensive

    By alan_black
    good app when you are used to RPN financial calculator but expensive for that. The key click doesn’t work on I7+. Key vibration is annoying They should add key haptic return option
  • Tip calculator feature on vertical mode

    By John Doe Sr
    Unable to figure it out. How the heck does it work?
  • Excellent

    Six years ago I wrote a review and gave it one star because of some math inconsistencies that were also at odds with the way the real 12CP worked (I still have two of them). I had honestly forgotten about this review. I revisited the app and now give it 5 stars. It seems to now work like the hardware version in everything I checked. This is as good as it gets.
  • Don’t waste your money

    By formerHPfan
    I purchased the “platinum version” of hp12c when the regular version quit working on my iPhone. Platinum also doesn’t work. Called HP technical support and a “technician “ in Bangladesh answered who had no idea what I was talking about. I asked to speak to someone in the U.S., was put on hold for 30-seconds & then the same person picked up with the same greeting I received originally. Very frustrating interaction with a company that I once respected.
  • Key click problem

    By robertmtech
    This would be a four star app if not for the problem of the key click - or should I say the DOUBLE key click. This has been a problem forever ... please FIX IT!
  • Whats not to love?

    By Sea-dweller1
    With the latest updates, the bugs that people complained about are gone. This is app is the next best thing to the real deal.
  • Works great with iOS 11 (October 2017)

    By Awesome Coffee App
    As of October 21, 2017 this app works great in iOS 11. Given that HP is now using a cheap low cost provider to make the new physical calculators out of Asia, this app is the only HP12c worth buying. The new physical calculators don’t register half the keys if you type fast. This app is great for iPhones and iPads. Make sure you get the platinum version in order to have the latest features such as backspace.
  • HP hasn’t update it for the new IOS

    By jasmj
    I paid $20for this app and know with the new IOS 11 is not working because the developer hasn’t update it. Really. I like the real calculator and this app, but comen on update it please.
  • IOS 11

    By fcaraza
    Can you please update the app so it can work with IOS 11
  • No update

    By nani34
    Pls Update this app
  • does not work with ios 11

    By Neco marrar
    I use the hp 12c pt app for many years. now with the update of 11 he stopped. How do I update? I can not stay without it because I paid when I bought it.
  • Does not work on iOS 11

    By Mjr1001
    Update the product you’re being lazy!
  • Please update app!

    By pipe hitter
    Please update the 12C Platinum application.
  • Ios11

    By G.Andriello
    Need to be updated to ios11
  • Please update

    By Whoopiedoopie
    I am trying to do all the math in my head - suffice to say not efficient...
  • Need update

    By Sligcpa
    Need to get an update to this app to work with the new iOS 11!!!!!
  • HP12c Platinum

    By TommyLa
    Extremely disappointed this app has not been updated. I have no financial calculator anymore, one of the more expensive apps at $12.95!
  • Needs to be updated

    By Dave C (Penn)
    Worthless until updated to work with iOS 11
  • Seriously? I have to buy the app again to get a 64bit app? What an absolute ripoff! Boo HP

    By Aebb1
    I’m shocked at the absolute egregious behavior of HP. They don’t update the app - then offer a new version that is updated that requires new purchase. This app is the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased. I’m sure not going to buy it again
  • Need update

    By Hope for an update to IOS11
    We buy a product and HP does not update the app to be compatible with new versions of IOS. What kind of company is this? Should we consider, when buying HP products, that they are suposed to be discarded?
  • No iOS 11.0 update for the HP 12C Platinum app!!

    By EJR1947
    Why not? Are you selling apps and not supporting them? Enough said.
  • HP12c app is incompatible with iOS11

    By Rsylianteng
    Be forewarned that HP12c App developers are not adequately responsive. My existing App no loner works after my iOS upgrade to iOS11. There is no upgrade. Nowhere does it say in the USD15.00 version for sale at the Apple App Store that it is compatible with iOS11. Buyers Beware.
  • No support for iOS 11

    By Barry Zalsman
    Thumbs down for HP! No support for 64 bit technology. It's a pity because all my staff were using this App. I have changed my rating from 5 star to 1 star until they resolve this matter. Barry
  • I trusted HP -- BIG MISTAKE

    By JFGtech
    My old HP12c emulator app was dated and the 3rd party developer was no longer supporting it. I thought that I would be safe if I went with the HP app, because even though it was expensive, I thought that as a reputable company, they would keep it up to date. That was a big mistake. THIS APP WILL NOT WORK UNDER IOS 11. It is not that it doesn't use IOS 11 features. It will not run at all. So for its high price, I got a month of functionality.
  • Not supported by Apple updates

    By Shuttled CFI
    I’ve been using this calculator for over 30 years in different versions. Do not buy this app the developer has not upgraded it to work with the latest operating system for the iPad or iPhone. The Calculator no longer works! Upgrade this product or put a disclosure out that is no longer a viable product for Apple applications
  • Please update for iOS 11

    By GaryUSC1995
    I use this App everyday for work, and prior to iOS 11 this was my go to business calculator. Please update ASAP!
  • Unacceptable

    By PCalil
    How come we don’t have an update for new OS????
  • HP 12c Platinum

    By jorge mairicy
    É uma péssima aquisição, além de nunca ter funcionado adequadamente, com a atualização do IOS 11 nem mais é possível acessar o programa. A única alternativa que apresenta é de adquirir um novo programa. NÃO COMPRE .
  • Needs update

    By Oziris
    I use this app on a daily basis, and it work on iOS11, it needs to be updated by the developers. Please update it so we can keep using a product we paid for.
  • Do not works on iOS 11

    By Taciano
    Please update the app to works on iOS 11 or give us a voucher to the regular hp12c.
  • Please upgrade to 64-bit

    By Tom BloomQ
    If you can’t add 64 bit support, can you license me the source code and I will do it? Thanks. Tom
  • HP needs to update to be able to function w current iOS

    By NNTPaz
    WARNING TO ALL, Do not download this App. I was excited to downloaded the HP 12c Platinum App. My previous 12c clone was acting up with the latest iOS. Decided to get the real thing from HP. Once I downloaded and tried to use it, message stated, HP needs to update the App to work with latest iOS. So, now what, $18 down the drain.
  • Is HP planning to update?

    By Juliokcesar
    Is HP planning to update?
  • Please update the app to a 64-bit architecture!

    By Afaboy
    I use the HP12c Platinum calculator app almost everyday for years now. I sincerely hope HP will update it to a 64-bit architecture so that we, loyal and satisfied customers, will be able to continue enjoying this app in future versions of iOS! Please update it, please!
  • For being the industry standard, it fell flat

    By MacMan2011
    The app is unstable and continually crashes. I constantly get pop ups in iOS that the developer needs to update the app in order to support the new system. For a $15 app and a multi billion dollar company you would think it comes with our better support...
  • Functions don't work

    By AlldenAllen
    Basic calculation doesn't work. Menu doesn't come up with anything on it. Been using the basic 12C for years. This version stinks. I would like a refund. How's do I get one?
  • So dissapointing - replicas are better.

    By Default User 99
    Use HP12c daily. Was willing to pay HP a premium for their product as opposed to a copy. However, although this version says it's compatible, the restitution looks very poor and image doesn't even use entire screen. Lastly option menu won't open. Waisted money.
  • Updating

    By Foxtrade1
    not work properly requires updating
  • HP, Finish your work

    By Randysusan
    This is a representation of your best financial calendar. HP, this makes you look like the quality of your products are garbage. Invest a little money and finish this project. Didn't think you would sink this low.
  • needs a refund

    By Jeff Tallman
    Along with others - too many math errors (-4 squared = -16), obnoxious key clicks and menu that locks the app.
  • Terrible

    By glendronach59
    I thought that it will be on par with 12C-Pro, that is not available anymore, but it is horrible. I will look for a refund. Apple should not allow this application to be in the App Store.
  • Can we get an update? I paid for this and it doesn't work.

    By lonegunmn
    Crashes when I hit menu... 16 bucks for this is a scam. Please remove from the store.
  • Garbage

    By GSD5030
    Spent $17 to buy - downloaded - opened to blurry buttons - won't show entire calculator when rotated orientation - nothing appears when menu button depressed. Absolute waste of money!!!