BA II Plus(tm) Financial Calculator

BA II Plus(tm) Financial Calculator

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2009-09-15
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 11.81 MB
  • Developer: Texas Instruments
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 209


Exact capabilities of the best-selling financial calculator from Texas Instruments – the BA II Plus. Easier to use than other financial calculators, including the HP 12C. Cool, convenient and affordably priced. The smart choice in financial calculators for business professionals and college students, in corporate and university settings. FULL RANGE OF FINANCE AND SCIENCE FUNCTIONS • Solves Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) calculations • Generates amortization schedules • Performs cash-flow analysis, and computes NPV and IRR • Calculates depreciation with four different methodologies • Breakeven, profit and percent difference calculations • Date function to determine days between dates • Evaluates bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” • Scientific capabilities include trig. and log. functions • Memory stores 10 values and Constant Memory™ retains them • Choice of chain or Algebraic Operating System methods • Key click sounds enabled optionally via Settings • Switches to 2nd functions fast with one-touch 2nd function key • TVM P/Y=1 default matches current BA II Plus calculator FOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM • Accounting • Economics • Finance • Marketing • Mathematics • Real Estate • Science • Statistics



  • Landscape mode needed

    By Wal29
    This is my go to for any finance calculation and I wish I could use it anytime for basic calculations. As I use my iPad so very much (Pro 12.9”) I have to use something else without the ability for it to be used in landscape mode. Please Please Please, add landscape AND the ability to open this side by side/hide. I will change this review to 5 stars if that happens, but until then, for the price, this should be embarrassing that these two capabilities have never been addressed.
  • NF cannot use the nfv pb dpb

    By 二ゆさ
    NF function does not work
  • Resolution Update Needed

    By akoonamatatta
    Resolution update for new iPhone versions would be nice.
  • Does the absolute bare minimum

    By jak_frost
    This app opens full screen on an iPad with no way to be used split screen with other apps. For a calculator app, that is ridiculous. Also, the majority of people who are purchasing this app are professional users since clearly students wouldn’t be able to use it on exams anyway. So TI, please give us the professional functions!
  • Makes horrible mistakes. Don’t buy!

    By Isaiah Barnfield
    Do not purchase this calculator. I just got a terrible score on an assignment because the calculator computes annuities incorrectly. I even went and worked a problem where I had each figure in the equation and the answer in the book. Punching in the exact numbers and keys gave me a wildly incorrect answer when valuing annuities. For example, I tried to solve for the present value of 3 year, $500 annuity at 10% interest. So I punch 3, N, then 10, I/Y, then 500, PMT, and then push CPT, PV. The answer should be -1,243.43. The answer the app offers is 27,199,199.22!?!?! Huge waste of $14.99. Do not buy!!!
  • Need to reset constantly

    By Mitchk18181818181
    Clearing multiple times still doesn’t reset the functions properly. Calculating known equations consistently brings up incorrect calculations. You have to go through the entire reset function every equation to ensure you get the correct answer. The reliability of this is extremely poor. For the price, you are better off getting a real calculator or downloading a different app for the assurance that you will actually get the correct calculations. Very disappointed
  • Difficult to present

    By smalldanger
    I find it can only display vertically but not horizontally on screen. It is useless in term of education purpose since the students can’t read sideways on screen.
  • Please update took use modern features

    By M012712
    For $15 this should support split view. I can't recommend this.
  • Does not work correctly

    By MaxHoldings
    The app is not able to correctly calculate annuities, which is obviously a serious problem. Do NOT buy this calculator until this error has been corrected.
  • Ok but had issues

    By tequila1995
    I bought this, because we use the TI-30 in my Statistics class and it works great, so I figured that the app, although more expensive, would be more convenient and would work exactly the same way to input variables. unfortunately it does not and it has basically been unused since. Please fix it to more adequately mirror the input and usage of your excellent TI-30 calculator.
  • Ok for Phone, Bad for IPad

    By Cnbc now
    Two changes need for this to be a great (perfect?) app. 1. Make a professional version available (free?) 2. Make it compatible for IPad with rotating screen etc.
  • Works As Promised

    By RoyalBroker
    I am a real estate broker of 34 years. I depend on my BA II plus to compute monthly payments for clients. This app works exactly as promised. It mirrors my standalone calculator. I was able to get directly through to customer service and they helped me with my issue. I like the fact that you can actually get to speak with someone if you have an issue. Great product!
  • Glitchy - would like refund

    By A Spiteful Iguana
    Product has material glitches. Can't clear cash flow memory.
  • Great app but...

    By Beachbum757
    Like the other user reviews, I would prefer the professional version. If there was an option for the professional version I would give this app 5 stars.
  • Perfect Student Version

    By Randysusan
    Does not emulate the Professional model. For example, does not calculate NFV like the professional does. Great app. Use it multiple times every day. Wish HP would take as much pride in their 12C.
  • Needs an upgrade

    By High Expectations2
    I have used BA II for years and like the features over other options. But this app needs to be updated to include features like rotation and split screen. Very awkward to use on an iPad as it exists today.
  • Great app!

    By Jason-Penn
    Awesome calculator app. It works just like the real financial calculator.
  • Upgrade to professional needed

    By CB888888881
    As previously stated this app is really aimed more at the professional but even as a student you are taught and expected to calculate these missing functions such as NFV. I do not see the point in even offering the basic version - the professional version should be the only app available. An upgrade is in desperate need. Great financial calculator but fails due entirely to the missing functions. Deserves more stars - short sighted of the developer.
  • Don't get

    By Barney family
    Awful. Didn't get the same answers as other calculators.
  • Does Not compute

    By Evileyespot
    This app doesn't seem to work. All the answers are coming up incorrect. I want my Money back.
  • Found it difficult

    By Tatay.Bernard
    Found it difficult to do a simple payment. Tried to follow the instructions to a T. But I knew the answer was wrong after several tries. I found the HP 10Bii much more straight forward and accurate. That's just me.
  • Great but...

    By ScubaStevo
    Please provide an option to upgrades to professional. This would change my rating as it should be something that you offer those who want to utilize their iPhone when a calc isn't available.
  • Please Provide a Free Upgrade to the Professional Version

    By Estudiante-1
    This is a great tool and although I have both versions of the calculator in my home, I would much rather have the professional version on my tablet. I think anyone who is buying this software for iOS is more likely to be a professional user, so it doesn't make sense to constrain us to the student version of the calculator. I would give this application 5 stars if it were the professional version but I have to limit my rating to 3 stars for the student version. PLEASE PROVIDE A FREE UPGRADE!
  • Great app with some glitches

    By msqianxiaoyang
    Generally speaking, this is a great app like the physical BAII Plus Professional. But unlike the physical calculator, there are some functions missing. So far, the missing functions that I've found are as follows: 1. By using CF keys, there is only NPV, no NFV, PB, DPB, which are one or several steps further from NPV calculation. 2. By calculating IRR, there is no MIRR, which is unlike the physical calculator. Hope these missing functions can be added soon.
  • Great App, Same as Real BAII Plus

    By crazyfrog1020
    This app exactly mimics the BAII Plus Professional Edition calculator in layout and functionality. I bought this app while studying for the FM/2 so I would not have to worry about forgetting my calculator at home while out studying. The buttons on the calculator are a little on the small side, so you have to be conscientious of your typing so you don't accidentally tap the wrong button. Other than reshaping the buttons, I see no way around that problem, so I don't count it against TI. I'm giving the app four stars because, although the app is fantastic and an excellent mobile version of its physical platform, the price is way too high.
  • My favorite calculator... Back again!

    By Tom 5778
    Great to have it back.
  • Works Like the Original!

    By Shipwrecked in Columbia
    I just downloaded to iPhone 6S and had none of the resolution issues previously mentioned. This app works just as well as the original calculator. I believe the reviewers claiming a glitch skipped a set-and-forget step they did 20 years ago when following the book's instructions - be sure to set p/y =12. After that, everything functions just fine. Love this! One less device to carry around.
  • Key Click Sounds Don't Work

    By SEC Dominance
    Please fix the no key click sounds with this version. Running app on the 5S with iOS 9.2.1. I've gone into the settings within the app and have enabled the key click sounds to no avail.
  • There is a BUG!

    By YatesHudson
    I just purchased this product and to learn the use of the app I've followed the example provided under the help key. When I enter the information shown, and them press the "cpt" (compute) key + "pmt" key to calculate payment I get -5,052.39... Which is WAY OFF!
  • Just like real one

    By Mash Fatty
    Perfect, works just like the real ba ii plus. I love having the app and no longer need to bring the calculator on business trips. In fact, I pretty much use the app as my go to now. Highly recommend.
  • It Works Perfectly

    By Maxstar
    I have used the Texas BA II Plus for about 20 years. I'm a mortgage banker. The software version of this calculator works exactly like the handheld version. I noted that someone complained that the I/Y key doesn't calculate properly. That is not true. Just like the handheld version of this calculator, you have to set that key to 12 by pressing 2nd I/Y then enter 12. This is the only calculator that I use and it has always worked that way. So there is no need to divide the interest rate by 12. I have owned other calculators and most work the same way. Go ahead and download this app with confidence if you are in the Real Estate field. As for other uses, I have no comment.
  • Not equivalent to the BAII Plus Professional

    By Chry5alid
    Really disappointed I just spent $15 on an app version of my calculator that doesn't even do the full functionality. No MIRR, or payback/discounted payback. Or even calculate net future value. If you're working on the CFA make sure you learn the full functions on the professional plus
  • NOT just like BAII! Don't waste your time or money. I want mine back!

    By Kit's Store

    By Jr417$
    The developer does not allow the app to rotate when you turn the iPad. Does not work in split screen. Developer is aware and has not yet fixed.
  • Wrong answers

    By Viewer one
    Call looks great but are there any plans on fixing the bugs? Waited two semesters almost and people are mentioning here but no response seen yet. The I/Y for example, one of the most needed keys here needs calculation to confirm from manually doing so or lesser calcs than the almighty TI. I'd gladly raise my stars if these are addressed.
  • Bug in I/Y key

    By Scott4567
    I've used a BA II plus for years. After purchasing this today and using to calculate a 30 year mortgage I noticed you get the wrong payment unless you divide the yearly interest rate by 12 before entering it with the I/Y key. On my handheld that step is not required, you simply enter the annual rate. Other than that it seems to function fine.
  • Don't purchase this...

    By Gr8fulonMaui
    If you need a reliable financial calculator, don't buy this app. I have been only able to use it to solve one calculation, the other formulas I need just don't work. At all. Wasted $14.99 - bad financial decision for a student :-(
  • CEO

    By Ken Poole
    App does not calculate properly. Ran same calculation on actual BA II Plus and got vastly different but accurate answer.
  • Financial calculator

    By Jennings1988
    Doesn't let you do payback functions etc.
  • Sweet

    By Joshyomy
    Helps in class thank you it's awesome! Using for my MBA
  • Bugs Fixed

    By Michaelpcollins
    Cautiously downloaded the app after reading some reviews from a few months back. So far it perfectly mimics my calculator, it's a shame I can't use this for the CFA exam. But it's great I can have a calculator with this much horsepower in a familiar set up all on my iPhone. The calculator picture is perfectly crisp.
  • Good

    By Jackie5-0
    Works well
  • I don't like it

    By Tay3099
    It doesn't have everything I need. I really want a redeem on this. I don't like it at all.
  • I love it

    By Crockettr
    Thank you so much for fixing the display issues with iOS 8. I love this app.
  • Not optimized for iPhone 6

    By TNGFan1
    Blurry please fix
  • Back up and running

    By James Hilliard
    This great app has been updated or iOS 8 on the iPad and I can now use it in classes again!
  • I expect an update for iPhone 6 displays for the price paid

    By Sultan®
    I can't be without my BA II calculator in real life. So I bought this iPhone version. It was an expensive app though. So I expected an update to support iPhone 6 / 6 Plus display, which hasn't happened yet...
  • Looks great on both iPad and iPhone !

    By j.f.TX
    Thank you for updating this app.
  • Great app but needs a few updates.

    By chuyayala
    I haven't had any issues with the app yet, but one would expect the app to be updated for newer devices (especially in paid apps). This app has not been updated to run on iPhone 6 plus' native resolution. I hope they do soon.