• Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2009-12-21
  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 70.46 MB
  • Developer: Ellation, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 227 708


Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Dragon Ball Super, plus favorites like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and hundreds more! Plus, watching Crunchyroll's licensed content supports the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region). Start watching your favorite anime now for free (no membership required), or try Crunchyroll Premium FREE for 7 days. Sign up via the Crunchyroll app now! Premium means: - No ads - New episodes one hour after airing in Japan - Watch on Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Roku – pretty much any internet-connected screen Become a Premium user with in-app purchasing to easily auto-pay every month. In-App Purchase information: - Subscribe to Premium for only $6.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store) - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase - Your iTunes Account will be charged $6.99 monthly for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period - You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at



  • Love it just one problem

    By unholly bread
    The app itself is great it has a very wide variety of popular shows and I really enjoy it. The only reason it’s not 5 stars aware the ads. I don’t mind ads that much however they are the same ones over and over. Other then that i highly recommend using this app.
  • :(

    By Molester moon 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
    Not everyone can afford a 6.99 a month subscription, but the app is useless without it.
  • App crashes when sign in

    By PROpHeT Light
    The app has a bug that makes the app crash, says that im logged out but I never logged out and when I try to sign in or create a new account the app crashes and the only solution is to uninstall the app and then download it again but it happens several times per week.
  • I love it!! (+suggestion)

    By KailynThePotato
    I personally love the app and think it’s great but as a customer I think that adding a “skip intro” button would be beneficial to a lot of people that don’t enjoy skipping/ sitting through the exhaustingly long anime intros 😅
  • Leer

    By valdez1008
    Deberían agregar animes de los viejos tiempos no solo los recientes, pero igual buen servicio
  • Fantastic but has one major problem

    By tyranosaures rex
    It would be a fantastic app and probably as well known as Netflix but it simply has to many adds. I would not mind the adds very much but instead of just playing they take minutes to load (and no it’s not my WiFi or computer). So there are 2 or 3 twenty second adds every five minutes each add takes 2 minutes to load which means that I’m watching adds and a blank loading screen with occasional glimpses of the anime I want to watch. The adds would be perfectly ok (I mean I know it’s free) if they didn’t take so long to load!
  • i absolutely love crunchyroll

    By Dont ask for my name
    because i owned it for 2years and i got use to the ads but you need to add the other drogonball's though.
  • Look no more!

    By @SchoolSucks
    Best anime show app ever !!
  • Glitch for mobile

    By sans 12
    So I was using the app and when I got to the adds it kept repeating the same one not stopping and I had to exit the app.
  • I love the app, BUT!

    By anneowyn
    I want to buy the membership but the app is already having issues, I was wondering if once I buy the membership would the issues stop? I love the app, just not sure I wanna buy something already giving me a lot of issues!
  • More anime

    By Nonof2"08
    I honestly think you should add more anime some anime shows don’t exists in crunchy roll Like Tokyo ghoul death note naruto:The lasts movie I love this app but needs more anime shows in it
  • ?

    By Izzybuff
    Tokyo Ghoul?
  • Only worth it if you pay

    By AC in SA
    If you don’t pay to watch you are bombarded with ad after ad after ad, in some cases the same ad appears more than once. And unless your paying to watch a certain anime it’s not worth it. Crunchy roll doesn’t have enough good anime to make it worth the money. (my personal opinion)
  • Anime heaven! 🤩🤩🤩

    By The Rating TomBoy 🙃
    Woahhh! It’s actually free for once! I love anime SO much and this app is great to discover new anime I’ve never seen before! It even includes Blue Exorcist which is my favorite anime ever! It sadly got removed from Netflix and I’m glad Siri found this for me! Thank you so much! <3 ~a fellow weaboo
  • Crunchyroll

    By nickname63956742
    It is a good app I’m giving 5 stars because of it not having that many ads and and I can watch AD anime
  • U know

    By cvbkik
    3 words: too many ads
  • Overall a Great App

    By Rabbit 368
    Most complaints I’ve read are about the ads. Even though it has more ads than YouTube or Netflix, the ads don’t really disrupt the show and there are probably about the same amount of ads as when you watch it live. There is one ad at the very beginning, a few ads after the intro, a few ads at the intermission, and a few ads at the end of the episode. There are a lot of anime on this app, although there are many popular anime missing. But there are so many other good anime.
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Hjnj2212
    Love this app
  • Does not work

    By some bullshiii
    Your app does not work on mobile phones I’m not the only person with this issue and it’s been like this for some time. I have a premium account for nothing will be canceling very soon !
  • Ummm no

    By sndol
    So i herd from a friend about this app and since I love anime I just had to have it. So when I got it i I put everything I wanted to watch later in my watch later. When I came back to the app I wanted to watch this one thing when I went to press it it told me I couldn’t watch it. Apparently you can’t watch endless you pay and i just don’t have the kind of stuff to do that for mouth after mouth you can’t watch some of this stuff on Netflix or YouTube so I don’t understand why they can’t just let us watch it for free I was soooo happy at first know the rest I was a little peeved off from this but I would recommend it to the ppl whom would pay monthly for this but not me...
  • It’s a good anime service

    By Shad2129
    This app offers some really new and interesting anime that most anime watchers may not have available to them. However, the constant commercial breaks are a drag at times.
  • Horrible

    By derpay65
    It’s horrible. Every time I try to watch something an ad appears, normally I wouldn’t mind but when the ad appears it freezes and you have to restart which will make the ad appear again, which will make it freeze again.
  • Love Anime

    By Jedi954
    Real easy to use
  • Suggestions

    By EsdeathlyP
    App is great, I’m a paying member so ofc it’s good. And well if you don’t pay, its 6.99 a month lol. Its cheaper than Netflix so it’s worth it. Selection and usage is good but my ONLY complaint is you HAVE to have WiFi or service. I know it’s a streaming service but please consider the downloadable option that Netflix has for mobile. I want to watch on the train but I can’t due to the fact that I don’t have service. I would even pay a bit more for that option.
  • Unusable

    By A centipede
    I pay for a premium subscription, but I can’t even use the app because it crashes every time I try to open a show. Has been happening for months. Worked great at first, not anymore.
  • Difficult to rid of

    By Winddragon777
    I bought this but ended up not using it. It has no Ghibli stuff, which also sucked. It’s very difficult to cancel your membership if you buy it through Apple or connect that way. It’s been taking my money but not showing any way to cancel. Don’t get it unless you want a headache.
  • Great app, too many ads

    By Toxi103106
    I personally love this app to watch my favorite shows and such, but without the paid membership, it’s pretty bad. I can’t even watch the opening to the anime without 4-6 ads! And when the opening ends, more ads! I deeply wish this could be fixed, for the sake of everyone who can’t get the paid membership.
  • So cool

    By Anintendo lk
    I can watch a lot even I didn’t pay but still cool😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😎
  • No English

    By ayano1284
    I looked everywhere to change the video to English I didn’t find anything. Instead I end up actually regretting t h
  • Riddled With Bugs

    By azyne
    I subscribe to Crunchyroll Premium but the app is atrocious. It is riddled with bugs. - Unable to select an episode from the episodes list - Unable to even open the episodes list of a series - Unable to resume a video after pausing - Unable to pause/play a video because the loading graphic won’t go away even when playback is fine - A bunch of bugs that they fix in one update, only to have more bugs appear As it is, I often watch anime outside of Crunchyroll even when the anime is available on Crunchyroll, because the app is that unusable.
  • Just weird and gross

    By leopardstar warriors fan
    I like anime and all and I only down loaded this app because it said it had Tokyo mew mew on it but it doesn’t and I looked around and I just saw a bunch of shows u should not allow on their because they make like the boobs so big and they show a lot of gross stuff and it’s just weird
  • Can’t watch the latest episode of AoT on the app!

    By diegoad97
    Can’t watch the latest episode of AoT on the app! I can only open it on the desktop version but it doesn’t allow me to watch it and only redirects me to the app where only the first 25 episodes are available..
  • offline viewing?

    By phillydakidd
    this app is amazing. simply put its easily my go to app however the no offline viewing ability is disappointing. I recognize that the feature is available for VRV but not for this? Makes no sense imo. ESPECIALLY if you’re a premium member smh. but hopefully one day that changes and when it does this review will become 5 stars 😈 **update** I recognize the offline viewing feature isn’t happening, but how about a rating system available via the mobile app? There quite a few shows that don’t seem to get the love they should and I’d love the ability to give credit where it’s due. please add this!
  • Mi opinión

    By Rsantos1178
    La mejor apps pero tiene demasiados comerciales
  • Fair

    By Barl Brimes
    The app works great on my laptop but that’s about it. I try on my phone and I can only load the last video from each series. If I try to load another episode within the show I’m watching the app will shut off. If I try to watch it on my Amazon FIRETV it will not show my queue, so I have to search for shoes and episodes every single time. It has an alright selection of Anime’s but overall I think the layout and functionality of the website and what they are trying portray is good. They need to fix a lot of issues.
  • I Cant Watch My Naruto’s In English Without Buying Premium.

    By Caulrus47
    I Also Don’t Even Know If You Can Watch Naruto In English. Also I get putting ads in so people have a reason to buy Premium, but instead of putting them through the episode put them stacked up at beginning or end. It’s just cruel.
  • if only there was more

    By Mikewizousky
    I really love crunchyroll, definitely a great place for high quality anime and anime goods! But, i wish there were more anime to watch. i still need to use other anime websites to watch certain anime and i don’t mind doing so but if i’m paying premium to watch anime and get discounts for goods, i’d like to watch ALL my anime here. i understand that there are legal challenges and even sometimes we just can’t. but i’d like more.
  • Temporary 1 star review till bug fix

    By ifunnyuser456
    I am giving a temporary bad review until you fix this new bug. I've been paying for Crunchyroll and had the app on my iPad for over a year, love it to death, BUT as of 2 weeks ago I am getting signed out more than once a day and can't watch anime without constantly typing my username and password in. Previously, I have never been asked to re-sign in even once for a whole year it just remembered my password and kept me signed in. This ruins my experience and needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Love/hate Crunchyroll

    By dogy 5000
    Sometimes after the 5 minutes worth of adds the sound would cut out and you would have to restart the app and watch the adds again but other then that it’s super
  • hi

    By Mmsksh
  • 05/24/19 complaint 06/16/19 NO CHANGES! (Updated comment)

    I a premium member am flabbergasted at what’s going on with this app right now! 05/24/2019 The constant signing in because the app keeps signing you out is just one of the horrible things. What’s even way worse than that if you just want to skip ahead to watch a future episode the app doesn’t allow you to do that anymore! To watch the episode of your choosing you have to watch everything back to back just to get the episode you want to see. If you attempt to skip ahead and watch one of your favorite episodes from whatever show the screen immediately freezes and stays like that indefinitely! In the words of my 13-year-old nephew “THIS IS TRASH!” Until things have changed I RECOMMEND NO ONE EVER EVER EVER SIGNING UP FOR A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! My software is up-to-date and I have the brand new iPhone XS MAX 512GB! Any attempt by the developers of this app saying things like “your phone is old or you need a software update” is absurd. Please fix the problem as soon as possible. 05/24/2019 Let’s see how long this problem will hold or will they have one of their co-works/friends write a testimonial of how good this app is when it’s not just to have more people sign up and be upset. Just updated this 06/16/19 STILL NO CHANGES! DO NOT PAY FOR PREMIUM!
  • This is AWSOME :)

    By Luna - chan
    This is a great app I LOVE anime and I love that you can watch anime here it’s really really nice to watch
  • No digimon

    By kraken987684948463
    Honestly I hate anime I only like digi mon the original skiers but they don’t have tha
  • Todo va bien que

    By luislolol
    Llega un comercial y se repite y repite y repite y no me deja ver mi anime
  • One bad thing

    By jaylon e simmons
    I like “almost everything” about this except for the ADS when I’m in the middle of an episode of one piece “AD” but there’s like 5 ads when it’s says that there’s only gonna be one and when I was about to get a trial never said anything about NO ADS
  • Kinda annoying

    By Guy who beat Viking areana
    It would say error 403 or some crap and say forbidden for no reason am I forbidden to use the app or something also I get it you need money so we can watch our anime but can you tone down the ads there so annoying I rest my case.
  • Missing Shows???

    By claudy~chu
    I’ve been using crunchyroll for a long time and I actually haven’t used it in a while. For some reason all of my que shows and history are missing! I even try searching for the animes in the search bar and it would not show up. Did you really get rid of so many shows or am I having a glitch here?!
  • One HUGE problem and a suggestion!

    By Aaaaa💋
    Hi! I love crunchyroll but I think that there are WAY to many ads. There are like at least 10 ads that play during ONE episode. I know ya’ll wanna make money, but please reduce the number of ads. Something else that you need to think about is that people might try to find some better app to watch anime on, because of the large number of ads on this app. It’s not just me who thinks that you need less ads! Other people are complaining about ads too! Also, please add in the Sailor Moon movies. That would very much be appreciated! Thank you for reading! ❤️
  • Good but could be better.

    By bubble darly
    My only problem is that when ads play it is usually the same ad back to back.