• Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2009-12-21
  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 70.46 MB
  • Developer: Ellation, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 202 658


Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Dragon Ball Super, plus favorites like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and hundreds more! Plus, watching Crunchyroll's licensed content supports the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region). Start watching your favorite anime now for free (no membership required), or try Crunchyroll Premium FREE for 7 days. Sign up via the Crunchyroll app now! Premium means: - No ads - New episodes one hour after airing in Japan - Watch on Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Roku – pretty much any internet-connected screen Become a Premium user with in-app purchasing to easily auto-pay every month. In-App Purchase information: - Subscribe to Premium for only $6.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store) - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase - Your iTunes Account will be charged $6.99 monthly for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period - You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at



  • No me reproduce algunos animes

    By Dantromatic12
    Todo está muy bien tengo la versión premium y hasta hay todo perfecto pero algunos animes no puedo mirarlos porque ocurrió un error con ellos y desaparecieron las temporadas de las listas es así como con la primera temporada de my hero academia y todas las temporadas de fairy tail que quiero mirar pero no puedo , solo quería decirles eso porque me molesta no poder mirar algunos animes o algunas temporadas por ese error espero y lean mi comentario y lo arreglen pronto .
  • My experience

    By ChinoL86
    The shows are good. Everything is clear and legible. However, it is annoying to have to constantly search for the new episodes. Each show automatically goes back to season one every time you search the show. For me it would be nice if it could just save where I left off. And another thing, don’t ask for a review then make me jump through hoops to find a nickname that’s “not taken” just to submit it. It’s annoying.
  • My queue and history is gone.

    By ponyo199999
    I recently went on the app. Only to see that my queue and history is gone. I no longer am able to find any anime. Why? It’s a bit annoying. I really liked this app and didn’t mind the ads. But this is ridiculous.
  • Playback issues

    By Monsterelite
    Will not play any videos i have watched it just crashes. Fix please
  • Wayyyyyy to many ad breaks with the same exact ads

    By despacitgarbage29
    I had to switch to viz because it had about 8 ads per episode. Had to switch back to watch more. It is also very glitchy and broke constantly
  • Keeps logging me out every day

    By jaime1708
    Keep logging me out
  • Not smooth

    By KingBobDole
    I am a premium member. App is slow to load video. Doesn't hold your last place well. Cannot just click on the continue episode or after that it will end and then you have to go find the anime and open it to episodes to continue on. Putting different dubs and seasons into the one tab is a bad setup, doesn't default to your last place either. iPad app also constantly logs me out, don't have that issue on phone or ps4.
  • Freeze freeze freeze

    By Hi my name is 274847393
    For about a month now I’m co scantly tried to just load anime and it wont work! I lad the video and it just loads, I try to back out but the screen is froze! I close app try to watch a diffent anime and it still won’t load. This people suddenly appeared and I haven’t been able to use the app to watch any of the shows I watch. Please fix I just wanna to watch anime successfully
  • Read

    By apple424
    I just dont like it when it gets to a ad it doesn’t work anymore
  • No English Dub and no Way to Contact Customer Support.

    By Peppomint
    I grew up watching anime in English dub so please update the app with English Dub settings and a way to contact Customer Support. It also needs the anime its advertising and also add Fate Apofrica
  • Frequent session timeouts

    By FiveFurs
    Lately, I keep getting session timeouts and have to log back in. It’s happened three times today. It also brings up the subscription options like I don’t already have one *every time* I log in. Only occurring with iOS. Pause often doesn’t work after rewinding. The progress wheel just spins and the pause button isn’t available for a while.
  • The Ads

    By Noob_king1798
    Ads are everywhere and I can’t even watch my anime so please remove the ad policy
  • Crunchyroll

    By Demeitray
    You should Make A Version with the Audio english, Please..
  • Add situations

    By A Gacha
    Hello! I see you are having trouble with adds and so many people are complaining about it. People LOVE anime, but lose interest seeing adds of other topics which loses them, thus you can’t get the viewer back! What I’m trying to say that viewers will lose interest of they see adds that look better than Crunchyroll. That’s a tip. Netflix is good but not so many anime is there so we use your establishment! Netflix this has no adds and keeps the viewer interested! Paying for the the stuff to make this app better, is..well..(don’t mean to be rude) useless! We gain nothing from it than better quality and lower costs! I’m done and THANK you for reading this persuasive essay on ADDS!*BTW a person after three days already gave up on this app, it wasn’t me*
  • Way too many ads!!

    By mha weeb
    When I got crunchy roll, I hoped that this website would spam me with ads. I just got at least 4 or 5 minute long ads in a row. Also, why can’t I exit during an ad? If someone tries to skip it by doing that, then just put in another ad. But there’s just too many. I just wanted to be a weeb, but after all this app is okay.
  • Many ads

    By trevizo.m
    It as to many ads when watching
  • Okay so

    By Kawaaiii
    Whenever I try to make an account it says incorrect login information. I’m not logging in. I’ve Checked, I’m MAKING. An account. That’s annoying so I cans save the shows I watch so I forget what I’ve already seen. Also the ads are so annoying.

    By Lucy_Wolfina
    So I give this 3 star rating out of my love for anime and the joy I’ve received from Crunchyroll so far. However, customer support is atrocious. I asked for help with getting my new card information set up on Crunchyroll. So they asked for my information. I gave it to them and never heard back. I even sent an additional message and they still did not respond. Very very upset. I love this app but they need to respect and support their users. Edit: I changed my edit to 4 stars.
  • Ads

    By ChewyTurtle
    There are too many ads
  • Great! But has a few flaws

    By KawaiiPotot24
    This app is amazing for people who love anime! Honestly I love this app but I have a few suggestions. I’ve had this for one day and it’s amazing! 1. Maybe put less ads in every episode. It’s a little annoying 2. Get more English dubs! I’m fine with reading subtitles, but I prefer English dubs!
  • too many ads

    By sketchbook disaster
    ok so it’s a pretty neat app and lets me watch all the animes that i wanted to watch, however, there are way too many ads. Almost every ad break i get 6-7 ads if it were like 2-4 per break i’d be fine but 6-7 is too many
  • Ads

    By kraftykitty135
    I get it, you need ads to earn money and support the app, but I spend more time watching ads than the actual show.
  • To many ads

    By AmyGriddles
    Come on
  • It’s a good app!

    By Hedwig Baker
    I really like it, and the only negative reviews I have seen so far are people who can’t afford a subscription and don’t want to watch ads. Anyway, I have a subscription and the app itself is amazing! I have had a lot of fun browsing anime and watching it, and the list of available languages for subtitles allow everyone to enjoy it. My only issue (until now) is that some anime aren’t allowed in my country, but a VPN (which I got for free, didn’t pay anything extra) was able to get me all the anime I couldn’t get to before! Great app would recommend.
  • Like and dislike

    By Yesenia A
    I love that there are so many anime’s but maybe there can be an option for dub? And also there are wayyy to mabey adds. Well that’s all. I hope you add a dub option.
  • Add One Piece season 2!

    By 762CCecila
    So I recently finished watching the first season of one piece (61 episodes), and when I got to the end I was so stupid to not realize that season 1 had ended :( I’ve been searching for online sites/apps to see if they have one piece.... but none of them do :( plz add all of season 2 :) in total there are 875 episodes I believe! Thanks and I hope you can help me, and if not plz recommend some good sites with all of the one piece seasons
  • Logs out all the time

    By Prkchpsndwiches
    Constant logs you out. Go to watch next video and ads pop up because your logged out. Likely won’t renew my premium because if this. Otherwise good content, it’s a shame
  • Amazing!!

    By sailor saildors
    Everything is amazing; but it needs more animes. It really needs Tokyo Ghoul and others... I would recommend getting this app though.
  • No sirve

    By lopezwil
    No reproduce nada
  • Love this app

    By erza scarlete
    Crunchy roll is awesome
  • Logging

    By Hackuo
    Can’t logging in my account
  • Premium Account is a Waste

    By andhow1
    Premium account is a total waste of money if you’re wanting to watch simulcasts. Trying to play new episodes just results in an error message.
  • Problems With Loading\Watching

    By catsareprettydarncool
    This app is very VERY good. When it decides to work of course. Sometimes when I want to watch an episode of something, I will get stuck on a black screen, or on the menus with a loading circle spinning forever. But for some reason, if the episode is in my queue it magically works. When the episodes finally do work, it’ll play the first part of so then attempt to play an ad where it once again gets stuck on a black screen, if it makes it through one ad, it’ll probably get stuck on the next. Other than those problems I really enjoy this app. I do think that these problems should be addressed though.
  • The most Garbage app I’ve seen it can’t even play a single ad

    By DeathVictor
    Worst app of the life 0/0
  • Review

    By Carsone the awesome guy
    Too many ads
  • Crunchyroll is awesome !

    By Cindybee96
    I love this app super easy to use and lots of anime’s to choose from. They have great variety and the quality is always reliable !
  • 10 out of 10, best app

    By Jebus1492
    You can watch lots of anime one hour after being aired in Japan, and professionally done with subtitles. I recommend this app to anyone who loves or watches anime.
  • Great experience

    By jakepaulforpres
    Big l big l big l big l big l big l
  • Horrible

    By Keksis The Betrayed
    This app WAS my go to to watch anime but I’m forced to watch almost 10 ads every 8 minutes on a 30 minute video. I get that you have to make money somehow but this is ridiculous. I’d give negative stars if I could. I’m deleting this app and never coming back if it’s going to remain this way.
  • I am not getting any notification from

    By so343nic
    Plz help me
  • Same as fieieiri

    By broken_cookie
    I’m having the exact problems as the review titled “can’t even contact support”
  • Great app

    By infintigang04
    Amazing app love it
  • Randomly stops playing/Doesn't resume where I left off

    By NicknamealreadytakenWTF
    App randomly stops playing in the middle of a show, and I have to close the episode and start playing it again. Nearly every time I try to resume, it's minutes prior to where I was at, and I get blasted with ads just to get to where I was. Very frustrating. Besides that, it seems pretty stable. 2018 iPad on v12.2.
  • Crunchyroll review

    By MICLO35
    I give it four stars not because it’s bad. It’s because this app gives you at least 5 adds in the middle of your show. It has add breaks at least 5 times so this app gives a total of 20 adds during your show.
  • Glitches

    By Eletricwildcat
    I used to use this all the time until my subscription ran out. I rebought it the very next day but it refuses to let me upgrade to premium. It took the money out of my bank account but I’m still a silver member. So I tried it again. Still took it out but wouldn’t let me upgrade. If you have premium don’t let it run out no matter what.
  • Just bad all around

    By Edalbyek
    I’ve had a lot of issues with the service and the app but I’ve stuck around through them. However, I think I’m done with the bs. There’s just too much wrong with the service. I keep getting signed out of the app, multiple episodes just don’t load, the website will keep running ads forever if you’re in a different tab, etc. When I say episodes don’t load, I mean every other episode loads but a select few so it isn’t an internet issue. I don’t know what’s going on but I give up. I can hardly even sign in properly. Until they fix these things, I won’t be using Crunchyroll anymore

    By Destroyer5028
    There are 5 or more long adds every 7 minutes per episode. Most of time the ads take up more time then the actual anime. I bought premium, and it never even showed up, and I still got an unbearable amount of ads. Don’t waste money or time on this app, it’s really not even worth it.
  • Last update

    By FirestarterZero
    Last update, app crashes when trying to play video.
  • mob psycho

    By thehipangel
    why is this show unable to be played