CNN: Breaking US & World News

CNN: Breaking US & World News

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  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Current Version: 6.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 132.37 MB
  • Developer: CNN Interactive Group, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 537 691


When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing.



  • The app is too sensitive to touch. Can’t scroll and read

    By MikeNerren
    I can’t read anything. If I try I am sent to links to other articles
  • Hyperlinks opening

    By Britaney
    Good app generally, but please fix the hyperlink issue of them opening too easily.
  • Bad app design with poor compatibility

    By OAB1
    I'll stick to the web version rather than an app that wants to force me to upgrade my phone!
  • Freezes

    By Dancin Sue
    This is new. Has worked great in the past but in the last month or so it freezes whenever I open a story from an alert. I have to close it and then open the app and search for the story. That works fine. It just freezes from a notification
  • cnn

    By The offical donald trump
    fake news
  • I don’t watch this network anymore

    By Jobe 619
    Fox news only
  • Erased

    By Hampshire illinois farmer
    24/7 Bashing President Trump. I couldn’t take it anymore so I erased the app. No wonder why views are way down for CNN. Democrat or republican it’s wrong to talk negative about the President of The United States non stop over and over!
  • Endless Pop-Up Prompts

    By siBob
    Was great, that now have system pop-up prompts unrelated to news or the app, these are prompts push through iOS, seems like the app has been hacked. Uninstalled until they fix and remove this horrible change.
  • App

    By Fulargi
    Hey CNN - why do you give 10 min of free Tv watching and then subject me to 5 plus minutes of ads? Annoying
  • CNN on Youtube is better than CNN app

    By Anthoooodsrd121299
    15 seconds to load a 15 second advertisement to watch a 60 second video it took me minutes to find. Less than half the time l spend on this app is spent watching news clips. Hell no. Back to Youtube
  • Generally bad.

    By Sun trot
    On top of a glitchy app that asks me in Spanish if I would like to subscribe to notifications every single time I return to the home page. CNN truly is the the most biased news source around. I downloaded the app before Trump was elected cause they actually did a good job on reporting world affairs, now 80% of the content is something about trump or an opinion piece on why something is scary or racist. Seriously a second rate news outlet. Oh how they fall.
  • What is going on please

    By Blondieohva
    I just started yesterday to get this pop up with wanting me to activate news items. I click dismiss. Now the pop up is coming up in a foreign language and looks like the one that popped up in English. I deleted the app then reinstalled it but it is still doing it. I have all the notifications turned off on your app and on my phone. Please make it stop
  • Use to be #1

    By Maize4580
    While CNN is the news app I use most, I’m contemplating removing it. I’m tired of being asked to subscribe for a daily briefing or whatever it’s called every 10 - 15 minutes. It’s utterly annoying. If I said no once, I shouldn’t be asked again unless it’s an updated app version. I’m not subscribing to anything. If this isn’t fixed soon I will end up deleting this app. There isn’t a setting to disable this either. Update: After I received another request 10 minutes after I posted my review, I was again asked to subscribe to a newsletter. I am now deleting this app. Fix your app along with getting rid of advertisements every time a new video is going to be played and MAYBE I’ll come back. Ugh!
  • Enough with the pop ups!

    By lflspinstar
    Just noticed this today, but I’m already ready to delete the app. Every 10 min or so I get a new pop up. It looks like I’m going to invite some Trojan in by clicking yes or no, so super professional looking (not). I can’t figure out how to turn the off, so I’m out.

    By cstockwell
    I have a family member who is currently a U.S. service member. I think I speak on behalf of everyone that the last thing we want to hear while we follow the latest on Iran is commercials about bladder control. I think there should be absolutely ZERO ads related to the conflicts between the United States and Iran.
  • Annoying popups

    By JimmyJoeJimmyJoe
    Junk popups.
  • CNN promotional popups make the app useless

    By JG4900
    App allows popups pitching CNN newsletters, notifications, etc. any time you hover for mor than a moment over an article. I’ve deleted the app because the interruptions prevent the app from serving what I thought was its intended purpose as a source of news.
  • Repeated Pop ups while reading

    By Overwater
    I am deleting this app due to the new campaign for membership. Pop ups constantly bombard while I am browsing for stories to read. I like cnn but this in intrusive and just plain stupid.
  • Partisan Hacks

    By Reilly's gurl
    I used to love the CNN app and getting news updates that were relevant, but over the last year CNN’s news updates have become less about pertinent information for people to derive their own opinion and has become a source of partisan twist on news. CNN should go back to their roots and be a news source and not a propaganda machine. I have since turned my notifications from CNN off because it has become too much.
  • App freezes and crashes.

    By Joe Unseen
    All the time.
  • Horribly Biased!

    By Tell your friends
    CNN was non-sided in the past. Now they are a one-sided news organization. Any good news program would play neutral, but CNN doesn’t. The reporting is highly biased. Sad day in America. Trump could kill Satan and CNN would take his side. Smh🤦‍♂️
  • Boring

    By Chantistar
    Extremely boring
  • We prefer NEWS, NOT ADS!

    By Be A HUN
    I’m pretty sure that everybody, who downloaded the CNN app wanted the news, anywhere, anytime. The commercials are taking over!!!! Even for those, who chose to preview, and just have a 10 mins free chance to see what would you get with this app: it’s maybe 1 proper news clip and about 7 commercials! THAT’s not going to make this app more appealing. But when you decide to have it, and trying to use, it doesn’t change. 🤔🙁 This still should be a news app, not a commercial app. As it is not even free. Btw also technical issues quite often, everywhere, but others mentioned it, so no details on that problem. But shouldn’t CNN be better than this ? NEWS PLEASE! No overflowing ads, commercials, no technical problems pls.
  • Nice.

    By Matahari20
    Thanks for fixing the link issue!
  • links in articles make app hard to use

    By sqrl_grl
    The links in the articles make using the app very difficult. When I’m scrolling down an article a new page opens far too often when I’m trying to scroll but place my finger on linked text - perhaps changing the sensitivity for tap wild help with this issue
  • The app vs TV holograms

    By EckroP
    Your website sends me to your app, and your app sends me to your website most of the time. Otherwise, everything is okay. Small complaint considering your news is fact-based and mostly relevant so thank you!
  • CNN alone made me switch parties

    By Jcovart
    Over the last three years I have never such hate and disrespect for a president in my life. It was obvious from day one and every single day nonstop hate, hate, hate. I could not even bother to watch CNN news in the morning because it was non stop “ Breaking news” or “Bombshell” and every single time nothing came of it. I started to feel it was all agenda and not facts. Consistently giving my hopes up. Trump’s doing this and Trump said that “see” And then after fact checking it CNN either made a sound bite of something he said and would cut out the most important part of the speech, or response to a question. So basically if you have two friends and the one(CNN) constantly is telling you how horrible your other friend is with nothing other then they don’t like them. Check your friends you are who you hang out with. The same goes with your new.
  • Broken recently

    By BeervanaBob
    The app recently broke after I've used it for several years. At startup it complains of "No network connection" and Try Again makes no difference, nor does WiFi or LTE connection. Every other app works fine. Could be related to ios 13.3 or the CNN update around 3 weeks ago. Failure is on iPhone 11. Works fine on iPad.
  • Delete the CNN App

    By PMR111
    CNN has turned into an unreliable political hack news site purveying a sleazy mixture of actual news, biased coverage and fake news. Ted Turner should be ashamed. I have removed it from my TV and now all my devices. I recommend all honest people to do the same. Follow Reuters for general and world news, WSJ and Bloomberg for finance, Fox for US politics and for the news the main stream media hides or lies about.
  • Unreliable

    By uconn18838
    Biased and unreliable
  • Remove the tap but no release option to open ads or links

    By B_leo
    This feature is not good. I now have to keep looking for where I can put my finger on an already small screen. It takes conscious effort to get to the end of an article without hitting ads and other links. Revert back to the tap and release option and it will be a better product.
  • Very inconsistent performance

    By CB reader
    Like the basic content. Fairly diverse views with guest commentators. However - more frequently being kicked out of app. Tiles shift while scrolling through news items. When in an article, advertisements break up/hide text. I need to scroll further down then go back to see a complete paragraph or sentence. Used to run more smoothly. Also not sure what editorial review is done on a story prior to posting. Numerous typos or repetitive prepositions. Currently in a loop where the app won't open and presents message that I need to upgrade my app as it doesn't support current version of iOS. My iPad is as up to date as it can be. Older iPad. The App Store opens on CNN but only gives option to "Open" CNN. I've deleted and reloaded out without success. Frustrating!
  • No connection

    By 17Ram1500Sport
    It doesn’t work. It continues to say no internet connection when I’m connected to the internet. It doesn’t work and when I delete and reload it it still doesn’t work. Junk!
  • What Happened?

    By agapenrt
    App worked great for years. Since Dec 10, 2010 it won't open on my iPad. Keeps saying, "your app is out of date." Updated, Uninstalled, Reinstalled - Makes no difference.
  • Scrolling in articles launches links

    By bosndne
    For about 6 months now, when you scroll down to read articles it will launch any links on the screen that you may inadvertently touch. Happens constantly.
  • Strange evolution of coverage.

    By Ridley123456789
    First of all as you scroll you get redirected to something randomly. Secondly, although I’ve been a huge fan of CNN for years, I’m questioning the bias of the coverage. So I deleted the app. I watch BBC World News.
  • Frustrating

    By ToyDoctor
    App constantly swipes to other stories when scrolling. This is unnerving as I constantly need to go back to finish reading... The content is good for the most in part but there are quite a few embedded ads which look like real news stories which is frustrating as well...
  • Can’t connect behind my VPN

    By ynkeefn
    I get push notifications but when I click on the story I can’t connect to CNN. Hmm... maybe I don’t want you to know where I am.

    By HoagyCox
    Sez it
  • Update

    By Sports r great
    App doesn't load on my iPad recently for no reason. "Update app" is all that appears and no update is available
  • The new buzzfeed

    By Appleseed4411
    All clickbait all the time. I miss the days when CNN actually reported the news.
  • Drains battery

    By Hutchj31
    Oddly drains iPhone battery with use.
  • Real news?

    By cib1991
    I would really like real journalists reporting. I need real news, not a slanted version.
  • Can’t sign in with att

    By pilljar
    Won’t go any further than step 1
  • Disrespectful reporters

    By :))) •_• mwah
    Why would you disrespect bts
  • Won’t update for older iPad

    By Rockstar 1965
    I love watching CNN but ever since they updated, the app on my older iPad will no longer work or update. It keeps saying to update the app but when you’re directed to the App Store, it only allows you to open the app again and then you get the update message again. It becomes an endless loop. I’ve asked support to help but all I hear are crickets. The app is now useless.....worthless.
  • CNN

    By Patriot of world independance
    Well I am glad to see that your app is completely crapped out and unable to be downloaded to iPads, obviously they have realized you are so left and out of touch you no longer attract advertiser. It had to come and about time too, goodbye and good riddance to a corrupt pretend and fake news source.
  • Bad lying news

    By Augustee
    You all sick, Whe hgermans don't like you criminal president, he is a bastard from hell
  • I would never watch Anderson cooper

    His news reporting is not accurate