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CNN: Breaking US & World News

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When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing. Manage sharing your data at:



  • CNN

    By lindafluff
    Best News on the Internet!
  • CNN

    By E. Pagan
    CNN’s coverage of the upcoming election is top notch. Great knowledgeable reporting.
  • One sided FAKE NEWS

    By CKOneBuf716
  • Less than zero

    By bugsfbunny
    If there were negative stars I would give it five negative stars for being the fairytale news network. Every day all they do is lie lie lie. Let's just say on a daily basis they wake up and write their own news stories. They are pathetic news station and I wouldn't install their app or watch their news programs ever. Not to mention the ratings are fake apple delete all the negative reviews or put them at the end. Apple apparently is as fake as cnn news.
  • Integrity

    By sixto 111
    Great journalist And not afraid to take in to any injustes

    By Wiso Angel
    Thank you guys very much enjoy the weekend and thank you very much Sayonara LoL
  • The truth

    By RacinTime
    CNN tells it how it is and what I mean is they actually use facts
  • Thanks

    By pepoica
    The best
  • Retired Educator

    By that is enough of that
    I did not like the idea of the booing while they were acknowledging Ruth Bader Ginsberg death. She was an honorable judge and will always be remembered for someone who loved her country and ALWAYS voted for was right. She did not vote because a certain president put her in office. I will always cherish the memory of a strong woman who did what was right. Trump deserved those boos and I hope and pray that he heard every one of them. 🤣🤣
  • Truth and Honesty in Reporting

    By s$p500
    CNN has excellent journalists who report the truth with honesty and integrity. The journalists at CNN far surpass the ethics of Fox Network reporters, who advise and consul a Chief Executive who is a liar, thief, racist, philanderer, anarchist, and a threat to our Democracy.
  • not ap but news media in general

    By crystal1342🦊
    Constant bias in news media... if i read articles on a topic it is clear that certain facts are left out to frame a story in a stilted manner. It is rampant and causes distrust.
  • Honest journalism

    By esqjazz
    CNN is the only true journalism reporting agency that I trust with its accounting of news besides ABC world news with David Muir.
  • CNN and Trump’s Abuse of Power

    By Nilda G., Bellevue, WA
    Trump’s abuse of power, divisiveness, etc. would have been much worse if not reported and commented on by CNN. Thank you, CNN
  • CNN

    By Garabed Haig
    I used to get all my news only from CNN but since President Trump in 2016 CNN has become a one dimensional news channel. They make you see and hear ONLY one side of the coin, objectivity is gone and replaced with unnecessary “sensationalization.” ... and what about all that “salivation” about president Trump, especially by your White House correspondents and some of your news analysts. You lost your soul to the Democratic Party and I lost my trust in you. Hopefully you will review and reevaluate your strategies and standards after the elections and no matter who wins, CNN will get back to the business of “Real News” Good luck.

    By Bcnjvhxgjjjjhgggfhö
    Love the real news you put out for us but PLEASE get with the times and come out with a “dark mode” option!!!! Kills my eyes when I go on to read the news before bed.
  • CCN I .Thank you and thank God for CNN.

    By Hank best Brokee
    America wouldn’t be the country it Is supposed tobe. Without the help of CNN. The truth must be told. On time and in time We need to see the truth we need the actual story as it is being told. God bless the reports and CNN ! Hank
  • Always a favorite

    By lucycares
    CNN presenters are intelligent and well spoken from Bernard Shaw to the present. It will always be my favorite.
  • Great app

    By ibtre
    Awesome app
  • Facts

    By Cuckorey
    Your news casters are truly professionals. News delivered with facts and transparency. CNN is # 1 on my score card. Your staff is the greatest. CNN forever.
  • The News!!!

    By Judy Wilde
    The best and true information About accuracy News,I love it!!!!!
  • CNN.

    By Cnn Hero
    I trust it the most.
  • Doctor

    By news rod
    As a physician I appreciate CNN for their caring of the health of our nation unlike our president that only wants to promote political disease.
  • CNN

    By covid matters
    Love getting the truth from CNN
  • Honest

    By Jello cool
    Clean, honest, fair!
  • DMS

    By awsxzqe
    Love to catch up with CNN
  • CNN anchors interrupt?!

    By dropping CNN
    CNN anchors should ask their questions and NOT interrupt! Wait for the answer unless the time to answer is being abused with stonewalling! Also Copper Andersons’ style is not very professional! He “rambles on” his words, doesn’t get to the point and should have training in being more concise and articulate!!
  • Truthful and reliable

    By Bigsexxy51
    I l
  • What’s under the hood? Version history!

    By RobertValenzuela
    Repeated update clichés. Too lazy to write an update summary. Why so secretive? One star for this comment.
  • What’s so secret? Something to hide?

    By CarlosYanez
    Keep saying under the hood repeatedly. Unprofessional if you check the version history. Obviously. Under the hood secrecy sounds sneaky enough to give one star.
  • Don’t support criminals

    CNN blackmails a 15 year old, I don’t support people who do that, back in my home country we refer to such people as terrorists
  • High praise

    By detrid9696
    I find that CNN is the most reliable, most real and honest with rapid response, always available with out prejudice or dishonesty which is assures me that I always get the truth. Go Biden!!
  • Verdad

    By papopelu
    Siempre leo los artículos de CNN porque son objetivos y los mas confiables.
  • Daniel- Florida

    By hdrive2020
    Always reliable and informative
  • COVID 19

    By ditopcat
    Please don’t stop talking about it I lost my mom to the Virus I feel better that CNN is telling the truth and letting people know cause Fox lies and people died thank you
  • Best of the best

    By bhsh de
    Best news casters. I’m unemployed due to Covid so I have CNN on most of the day. Jim Acosta is absolutely superb. He knows his facts and is great using then when questioning people and when he needs to ‘Call them out’. I won’t miss John Kings show. I liked him during the 2016 election when he was at the ‘wall’ It was so sad when he gave the bright insight to a Trump victory. Everyone on CNN is smart and quick. Keep up the great work.
  • Fake news

    By nbad44
  • We love it . There is no other news!!!!

    By addis for addis
    There is no other news like CNN
  • CNN digs in

    By Vals2G
    I know that CNN has been working overtime ever since Trump came into politics. Please report more about how other presidents, and leaders around the globe are managing COVID-19, and compare/ contrast with our Presidents lack of support. I think if people see how other countries are working and conquering this then people will realize how poorly we are managing this.
  • Trump speaking badly against our military men/ladies lost their lives.

    By DailyDee
    I had an Uncle in service about 52 through 60? Maybe?!?! Don’t remember the dates But he was the BEST Uncle!!!
  • Concerns

    By DIW2045
    I am a staunch democrat, but I must say, sometimes your newscasters express major bias....that results in a question of credibility which we cannot afford (eg. tone expressed when interviewee’s comments are not consistent with the interviewer/newscaster). Your people should take lessons from Fareed Z. I also like Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper who are much less likely to have this issue. Thanks for listening DIWMD
  • Get rid of ALL your “Outbrain ads....

    By ffifkgog
    I hate all of your
  • It’s -fine-

    By Ethangirard
    I trust CNN to deliver honest news and the app makes that so much easier. However, I find that the articles posted here are often riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, something I find highly unprofessional for such a renowned source.
  • Valium Please....

    By Clark The Herald
    It would behoove CNN to use the USPS to send a supply of Valium to viewers.... Hard hitting, time sensitive and accurate words that inform and matter are many times not easy to take with a grain of salt....(hence the meds).... So many times I have attempted to see what that other notwork is putting out, but invariably the SOS is pervading the flotsam and jetsam of viledegradable spewage they call.... call.... I have no clue what they call their mutterances....
  • Cnn mask

    By Danescarla
    Rudd is terrific. Good person, funny, and sincere.
  • Love the content

    By Frustrated & Looking Elsewhere
    My only criticism is I hate having to continually put my password on every week or so. Why?
  • Biased

    By Report Facts Not Feelings
    Biased news, reports opinions and not actual facts.
  • Ms Jeanne

    By Jamericama
    Thank you most kindly for reporting FACTS not fiction during these perilous times. Being a disabled senior citizen, for the first time in my life, I feel severe discomfort as to what my life will be should TRICKY TRUMP get re-elected. In all my hard work blazing a trail for women coming after me (being a Biomedical Engineer at a time when women were NOT engineers), with TREMENDOUS thanks to Justice Bader Ginsburg for assisting women (in particular), it is with great disgust that I see the Republicans removing the forward advancements made in the past 40 years. I AM FEVERENTLY AGAINST THE REPLACEMENT OF JUSTICE BADER GINSBURG DURING TRICKY TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION. Let the people decide who should ATTEMPT to fill Justice Bader Ginsburg’s role on our Supreme Court. The Court belongs to us, every American citizen. Wasn’t Kavanaugh bad enough!!! Please do everything you can to broadcast the TRUTH and continue to tell every American just how BAD life will be should Tricky Trump get re-elected. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone around the world see the lying bxxxxxx for who he really is!!! We (every American who has morals and ethics) need your help to assure that everyone truly understands how his administration has hurt them where it counts AND how TRULY MISERABLE life will be should he get re-elected. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! NO MORE TRICKY TRUMP!!!
  • Love it

    By lilcorvette
  • CNN

    By toni3chaiz
    I can get my news on a daily basis.