Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2009-10-09
  • Current Version: 7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.75 MB
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 591


Scanner Pro is the best app for scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document. Scan any papers, ranging from a receipt to multi-page documents. Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders, correcting distortion and geometry. Share, email and upload your perfect scans. Use OCR to convert any scan into a text. Advanced color processing algorithms remove shadows, correct perspective and distortion, making your scans as readable as possible. “I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ” - Rick Broida, CNET “Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who'd like to digitize and organize their paper worlds.” - Marc Saltzman, USA Today “There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro” - Matthew Panzarino, TNW Experience the simplicity of document scanning: - Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses - Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies - Sign and scan a contract to email it back - Save interesting articles and book pages for later + Fast and Easy Scanning + Paper documents, receipts, checks, agreements, rentals, dashboards. Scanner Pro does a great job scanning all sorts of papers and digitizing them. You can even scan agreements and books into multi-page PDFs or JPEGs. + Advanced Image Processing + Create great-looking documents with original pictures, color stamps and signatures. Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders in real time, correcting distortion and geometry. You can also adjust the crop area manually, by tapping on the screen. + Text Recognition (OCR) + Convert any scan into a text that can be selected and copied. Scanner Pro supports 21 recognition languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Greek, Croatian, Estonian and Ukrainian. + Workflows + Workflows allow you to perform multiple sharing actions easily. Send an email with a defined recipient, upload to Dropbox and save document to the required folder. Now you can perform all these actions in just one tap. + Search your Photo Library for documents + “Scan Radar” automatically finds photos of documents and receipts in your Photo Library. Now you can use your favourite camera app to scan something and quickly find it afterwards in Scanner Pro. + Share your scans + Just scan any document and tap the "Share" button. You can send scanned documents via email, export to Photos or open in any 3rd party application. With Scanner Pro you can also print your documents or even fax them. + Upload scans to online storage + All your scans can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote or any other WebDAV-enabled online storage. + iCloud sync across all devices + Access to all your scanned documents on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Scan a document on your iPhone or iPad and it will be uploaded to iCloud Drive automatically. Sync between all of your devices, and even view them on your Mac. + Protect your PDFs+ Add a password to make sure only those you want to can open your document. + Edit. Save. Edit again. + Every change you make to your scans is kept track of as you make it. That means you can always go back and change or reverse an edit if you need to. IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE DEVELOPERS: If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us directly at or



  • Simply the best App ever made .

    By Eogarcia3
    It’s the best tool for Business or Personal use just get it .
  • Used to work

    By Darren784
    This was a fantastic app, took great pictures, trimmed them intuitively, good detail, and was very easy to email scans or send them to my Dropbox. People at work were always surprised at the quality of the scans, just as good as the xerox! However this app has not worked at all on my iPhone 6s is about a month. It will no longer snap a picture automatically and locks up if take the picture manually. Luckily still works in my iPad so I’ll have to resort to using the iPad as opposed to finding another scanner app. I’ve rebooted and removed and reinstalled the app with no resolution. I assume they’ll get around the fixing this versions bug someday.
  • Not sure what happened

    By Mohamad Sobh
    The app was working perfectly but after the latest update it keeps crashing after I take a scan of the second page of a document (i.e. first picture is ok, but when adding a second to the scan deck the app crashes).
  • What happened to PDFs?

    By Miss Tallulah
    I’m scanning a document, selecting “black & white document” (NOT Photo) yet when I try to email it, it’s reacting as a jpeg, asking what size I want to send it as. When the document is received, it’s a jpeg, not a pdf. I’m very disappointed. I’ve been using this app for years. I hope this is just a glitch that will get fixed quickly.
  • Documents disappear

    By keyprav
    I’ve been using this app for quite a while. I’m a researcher, I scan a Lot of materials in libraries, etc. recently I noticed that scanned documents disappear and then miraculously reappear a few days later. There might be something with the upload process. I’ll have to go back to TurboScan which is less convenient much reliable
  • Harder with each update

    By KevinDanielChase
    I have loved this app, but with each update they make it harder to email yourself (at least in Outlook) a PDF of your receipts. They have recently been failing on delivering the final product this app is meant to do.
  • Removal of “add service in share as:”

    By Amir panahi
    You removed “add service “from “share as: menu “in this update . By this update You made us have no choice to remove the apps we do not like to be there. Please restore this menu to previous one. If you did this i ‘d score 5 stars for this app. Thanks a lot in advance
  • Privacy notice won’t go away after update

    By Cire262
    Privacy notice won’t go away after update
  • The Standard For [Mobile] Scanning

    By MobileBusinessPro
    Before discovering this app a few years ago I used Cam Scanner. It got the job done I suppose but this app is loaded with features, it's simple to use, and since I always have my phone handy, it's the most convenient and my preferred method of scanning. Readdle has almost created the perfect scanning app. The only feature I would like to see is an option to import PDFs directly in order to access the powerful OCR capabilities of this app. When yahoos send me terrible PDFs I can't copy / paste from I find myself converting the PDF pages to .jpg, throwing them in my photo gallery, importing the images to Scanner Pro, and exporting a PDF I can actually work with. If you’re considering using this app just save yourself the trouble and buy the entire Readdle suite now because I promise you... you'll eventually own it anyway. Once you use app this company creates you'll fall in love. Quit delaying the inevitable and buy it before they figure out how awesome they are and start charging what they're actually worth.
  • Working just beautifully

    By ElMo_Palmira
    Love this app, it syncs with multiple iOS devices using the icloud, the scans are very good quality. I am a happy customer.
  • Issues saving

    By Hsalaman1
    I used to be a die hard fan of the app but as of lately it doesn’t save any of my scans. Been having issues losing important work documents.
  • Scanner Pro works for me daily!

    By K4KW
    I use it every day to scan bills of lading and other essentials for work. I'm a truck driver and the ability to scan and organize into folders makes my life much easier. Automatically uploads to the Dropbox folder of my choice. Love, love, love it!
  • Love it but suddenly glitch?

    By Lizgeotx
    The app is crashing and won't save my scans. This is the first time I've had a problem with the app in years. What happened? I made a scan, clicked save. Then the file is nowhere and the app crashes.
  • Very Buggy

    By Jebus91
    Have a lot of sync errors with Dropbox , often crashes because of this I believe. Edit : the app is just buggy as hell to the point where it wouldn’t open and just stayed in a black screen . It has problems to handle big scans like books and often files disappear
  • Great but Small Improvement Needed

    By Private W
    This app is the number one scanner by far!! The only thing that would make it the best is being able to create a folder within the folder.
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By Longmire85
    No matter what I try to scan, the app buttons will freeze and nothing will work after that. I even uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Wouldn’t send email

    WiFi on, clearly took the scan and the send button never allowed me to send. Really annoyed, waste of $3.99.
  • New version is buggy

    By Calakmul
    I been a happy Scanner Pro customer for a while. Unfortunately the latest version is buggy. Every other time I try to open the app it crashes with no explanation. Please fix the problem ASAP.
  • Unable to switch to PDF

    By PDF GaL
    Dear Scanner Pro folks, I’ve loved this app and recommended until recently. This low rating reflects a new problem. My scans now are automatically turned into JPEGs but I need PDFs. The PDF option isn’t showing up. In one instance when it did and I hit PDF, it remained in JPEG. What is the solution? I’m going to have to switch apps if I’m unable to make it work. Thanks!
  • the fax its not work with me

    By maitherm
    the fax its not work with me i want to refund
  • Needs message support

    By AlaskanNightWolf
    Great app, everything functions as it should. I have to do a round about to get a pdf into a text message. Will add one more star if this capability is added. Right now I have to extract to pdf, upload to one drive, open one drive and send the file via text(without link to OneDrive/ actual file). A lot of unnecessary steps to get it in a text message.
  • Major password issue

    By Wendell319
    There is a major password flaw with this application that the developer is incapable of understanding let alone fixing. Once you have added a password to a document you can never remove it. If you try to remove it a different password (the PERMISSIONS password) is requested. There is no way to set the permissions password and the App provider are disowning any management of it. This is important in the use case where you password protect a document to send across email (as you should) but want to remove that password to store the document in a secured environment
  • very disappointed

    By jsjjsjjjsjjsaskkkshsh
    a waste of money and more importantly, time. too difficult to use, no obvious way of scanning in color, and not exportable with ease.
  • Best App scanner

    By Chandal21
    I think this is the first time that I write a review because I am blown away by the quality and the this app works. Great job :)
  • There r better one out there for free or at less cost

    By takeoff9048
    I m huge fun if the pdf expert frim the same developer although this app was a waste of money for me. Never did the work as expected.
  • Excellent App

    By panchozz1
    Very fast app with booting up as well as scanning. Quite good camera action, good quality, only issue is camera takes pic as soon as it can, sometimes causing visual movement on scan with wobble or blur. Smooth and quick interface Does exactly what its mean to do 9/10!
  • Nothing better for periodic digitization of business documents!

    By Fitztacular
    Title says it all. Using this app to send photos/scans of documents to the cloud is so much easier than putting the documents in my scanner, sending them to my computer, and finally manually dragging them over to the relevant cloud folder. Highly recommended.
  • Feature request: support iOS Files app

    By flyingsnowball
    Would love to get my scanned PDFs to cloud services that are supported through Apple’a iOS Files app (OwnCloud and NextCloud come to mind). Thanks.
  • Love the OCR for school — one suggestion

    By Blurred connections
    To echo more general reviews, this app rocks. I use it in conjunction with Readdle's PDF Reader for as much of my grad school reading as possible. However, here's a situation I experience often (and expect other students do, too) that this scanner could fix: My instructors will scan a book on a photo copier that flattens the image and exports to a packet pdf. The edges of the pages will show with large swaths of black space for the scan area, and I can't import this document into Scanner to use its OCR functions. Currently (and I've tried a lot of things), I have to separate each page and save them as individual jpegs in Photos for Scanner to recognize and reassemble my document. This takes forever. Please, could you add an import feature for pdf that let's us re-crop and re-OCR-scan the pages?
  • Stop Working crashes Constantly

    By Trilouist
    It’s become a total chore. Used to work beautifully. Now it crashes every time I try to save a document
  • Excellent, highly recommend this app

    By Nickname578
    This app has saved me untold hours of scanning. I can now very easily turn my filing system into one that is completely electronic. I now routinely scan my documents with this app and shred the papers. I save directly to iCloud and then later if I so choose place them in the appropriate locations in my filing system on my Mac. The document recognition algorithms are very good, commonly finding boundaries of papers and sizing the final document correctly. This really is quite a good app which I use all the time.
  • Excellent app!

    By Anthony Hud
    UPDATE: fax confirmation!! My anxiety thanks you!! This is hands down the best scanner app on the App Store. It's saved my butt so many times. Every professional should have this app, as it is incredibly useful.
  • Great app!

    By timboslice802
    Very professional quality scans.
  • A must have

    By Ramya logesh
    Very useful and wonderful app for Scanning. The OCR text recognition was flawless. One improvement would be on adding Edit feature on sorting the pages after scan. I had missed pg 15 of 125 pages document and had to redo.
  • you are the best guys

    By Massage mania
    i paid and tried a lot of scanner programs in the store, automatic scanning is really really great and saves alot of times when i scan a lot of documents, you are the best and the most affordable one, thank you guys, could you also add fast signing, putting date and writing name or initials with finger ability that would be great without openning your other app:)
  • 18.97 hit my account

    By JdoggJ
    I’m sure I seen 3.50 what the hell
  • One annoyance but good scanning abilities

    By sojohnlike
    Putting the sheet against a dark background like black or grey usually results in fast auto captures. I absolutely hate how the app keeps asking if I want to enable auto upload every time I upload a file to OneDrive. If I wanted the feature on I would’ve turned it on by now. I upload my files to specific folders each time and don’t want auto upload.
  • Does fine until size of file gets large

    By train-jetski
    Tried to scan a 28 page doc. The app would not let me share because “it might be blocked” with no way to get around the warning. Very frustrating. Could only upload the file to Dropbox, but that split the doc into 28 separate pages. How about letting g me send the file and let my email servers pass judgement on file size. Big files just have more to love.
  • Easy to use

    By Vegasblondie
    Downloaded and used right away. Intuitive design and function, great app!!!
  • Very disappointed

    By trabadero
    This app request full access of all files on google drive - not only folder or files it creates. The border detection needs constant correction
  • It used to be my goto scanner app...

    By Mustang2066
    I used to use this app all the time to scan my important documents so that I can have them on all my devices wherever I go...Until I started having trouble accessing my documents when I needed them most. If my signal is weak then I usually can’t access all of my documents because they’re all in the cloud and not actually on my devices. Or if I can access them it takes forever to populate in the app. Just recently I had to retrieve a very important document but my signal was weak so I couldn’t retrieve it at the moment I needed it. It was very frustrating. This has happened to me several times and it’s come to the point where I just stopped using this app for scanning and I started using the Apple Notes app which has made it much easier to access what I need when I need it. And also even if I do have a decent signal it takes so very long to load up all my documents. It’s possible I just have so many documents in the app but that’s because I used it and relied on it so much until now. I really like how I can fax documents straight from this app but until these problems get fixed I’m just going to have to go elsewhere..
  • Problems in recent update

    By gunnkun
    With the most recent update the app no longer scans on my iPhone SE. no settings have changed, but it will not automatically capture a document, and if I manually press the button the app stalls. It will still show that it is recognizing the edges of the document, but never captures it. I can’t get past the capture screen to save the document anymore.
  • Incredible!

    By HaoleLove
    This is one of the best apps of all time! It’s absolutely incredible. It’s super easy to use and saves a lot of time. Best money ever spent (and I never buy apps). Thank you, to the developer, for what you do!
  • Absolute Junk

    By Bogiebox
    This program DOES NOT WORK. If you try to access your photos IT decides what photos it will convert, not what you want converted. I have images of pure text that it will not allow me to access. So, I printed the pages out and scanned it. NOTHING. It does nothing but convert it to an uneditble PDF. THERE IS NO TEXT CONVERSION. If there is, it’s hidden deep inside the program an you have to get a degree to lean how to use it. This is a total waste of money.
  • Better Stability

    By bobbyleejones
    I raised my rating to “4” since the latest version is a lot more stable. My “4 rating” comes from the fact that I use other scanners, such as Microsoft OneNote, for scanning stuff, and they’re pretty good too. I use this app for making PDF’s for eink readers. This app would be more useful to me if it could create small pdf files with png images of a certain dpi (and size) and a specific number of indexed colors (grayscale colors) using nearest neighbor interpolation. Being able to erase shadows would be nice as well.
  • How do I send this as a gift?

    By Rockrabbit45
    I’m needing to send this app to my colleagues as a gift. I know if they try the app they will gift it to others. So how can I send this app as a gift? Thank you.
  • Stupid decision

    By sam_modi333
    Y would you guys take out iCloud service without informing your customers? Will never recommend you guys... this is stupid... just to check my previous doc. I have to login to iCloud...
  • Do not buy

    By Rykaroni
    There is a glitch with iPhone facial recognition where it takes about 6 or 7 swipes up to unlock the phone if you happened to lock your iPhone with the app still open. I’ve contacted customer support with this issue but there seems to be a lack of product updating or support for the latest phones
  • Doesn’t have a recycled bin featrue

    By MarkH25
    This app’s function is okay, and works good. the user interface is kind of confusing when doing group documents, ocr contents can’t be copied separately and the delete document delete the whole thing instead of the page.