HoursTracker: Hours and Pay

HoursTracker: Hours and Pay

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2009-11-06
  • Current Version: 4.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 23.12 MB
  • Developer: Cribasoft, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 693


QUICK AND EASY time entry and editing make time tracking painless • Record time using timers, complete with support for Breaks and Pauses, including automatic breaks • Track your pay, including Tips, Mileage, and flexible ± time and earnings adjustments • Pick any time to start, stop, break or pause the timer (7 minutes ago, 10 minutes from now, whatever you need) • Set job locations and get clock in and out reminders when you arrive or leave or fully automate your time tracking (geofencing) • Manually enter time entries with minimal effort thanks to smart, adaptive defaults • Enter comments of any length with your time entries and optionally include them in your exports • Control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using your Apple Watch ADVANCED FEATURES and customization set HoursTracker above the rest • Automatic daily and weekly overtime earnings calculations • Built-in reports by Day, Week, and Month and support for most common pay period schedules • Robust tagging and filtering allow you to build your own custom views • Reminders when you've worked your target number of hours per day (even takes time rounding into account) • Automatic time rounding: up, down, or to nearest (including 6 min) • Easily copy an existing job or time entry to save time and effort • Reminders you to clock in on your selected work days • Today Widget for at a glance time and pay monitoring • CSV and formatted text export via e-mail or the iOS Share Sheet • Passcode lock (with Touch ID support) helps keep your HoursTracker data private • Cloud-based backup/restore with one re-usable backup slot included free (free account sign up is required) • Web-based reporting access, including charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups available with optional subscription • Customize your HoursTracker experience in the Preferences section under the More tab. Choose only one or many jobs clocked in at a time, opt-into prompts for comments, choose an elapsed time format (hours:minutes, or decimal hours), and more "Free Edition" stores up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For unlimited entries, upgrade to the "Personal" (up to 5 jobs) or "Pro" (unlimited jobs) edition. Or, erase older data and continue to use the "Free Edition" until you're ready to buy. Visit our website at http://www.hourstrackerapp.com to learn more, and follow @HoursTracker on Twitter or facebook.com/HoursTracker to hear about upcoming features first. App Store reviews help users find the best apps, but they don't allow us to help you because we cannot respond. If you have a question, problem, or need help, please send us a support request via e-mail.



  • Rounding

    By mlsmq
    How do you get it to stop rounding the money amounts?
  • It was good until...

    By Keely Anti-Love
    I used it for 21 Days and they wanted me to pap $6 for it. Now I have to delete old clocks in order to use it.
  • Does not sync across devices.

    By Tjlucca
    All other features are useful and seem to be reliable, but it is crucial that this app sync across all of my Apple devices.
  • Month view

    By Dompot_camiloza
    Great app. Though I hope in future updates to the app they include a month view so you’d be able to see the days in which you have logged in hours for in an easier format.
  • 2 Suggestions

    By MelissaMachete
    This would be perfect if you could add gas mileage and attach receipts. Or even if you could add miscellaneous expenses as line items manually. I’m going to keep searching for the holy grail but I’ll use this in the meantime.
  • It’s only a free trial

    By Tiffanyj
    Didn’t realize it’s only a free trial and not a full app. So now I’ve got some hours tracked here and have to find a new app to use
  • Ok app

    By vwheelz26
    So far I have used it for a little over a week and it seems to work ok. But so don’t like home the only way to export the data is to email it. I think it should give several different options. As I never received my email of the export.
  • Very helpful

    By Brosaiah213
    This app has helped me since I used to be working crazy unset hours but now I’m set but I like to see how much I’m making a day, and wish it would include some more info of how things work. Also include graveyard shift kind of rate and Sunday premium as well for jobs that do offer that. But anything else works awesome!
  • Love it, Love it!!

    By cra55
    I have multiple sign in/off times for 1 job; as well as multiple jobs. Lets me view info in several formats: by job, day/week/month, and pay period. Even provides estimate of net pay. Happy user! 😌
  • Excellent app, but would love an extra feature

    By JayDee191
    So far this app has been really stellar. I’ve just estimated my hours for client work and learned that I’ve very much underestimated how much time I put in. It’s great to truly understand the time I’m providing and billing accurately. The feature I’d like to see is a job archive feature. I’ve completed some client jobs, but I don’t want to outright delete the record of my hours, just in case I’d like to refer to them in the future. Is there a way to simply archive them and potentially pull them up later? If not, adding that feature would be amazing.
  • Wish there was a desktop/windows app

    By laura9275383
    I love this app but wish there was a desktop/windows version.
  • Great little tool!

    By NettyZack
    I love this app. I love the fact that you can coordinate it with your Apple Watch for starting and stopping the clock. It sometimes spazzes out (locks up a bit) but not too often and the value of tracking jobs is fairly simple. Just make sure the clock is running before you look away.
  • Great but there’s a feature I need

    By johnthomas199615
    At one of my jobs I can only work 29 hours per week. And if I work over time the remaining money goes on my next check is there a way you could add feature?
  • Great app. I use it all day every work day

    By Tiger00555
    This app works well and provides a lot of functionality. The one thing that would be very helpful is having a tag hour total on the Entries —> select a specific day. Right now I have to add up all the hours for a specific tag so I can charge a specific customer. Thanks for a great easy to use app.

    By SGrayce1564
    The free app only allows so many entries so if you use it more than 21 times, you must pay to upgrade. I tried to do the in app upgrade and discovered that apple does not support family sharing with in app upgrades. This means, essentially, you’re screwed. I contacted the app’s customer service with this issue and was told incompatibility with apple sharing isn’t their problem. Thanks for your non-attentive, non-customer centered “customer service.” I was literally begging them to take my money and get the upgrade and they refused. Way to treat people like dirt! I’m fairly certain I’m not the only iPhone user who uses family sharing. If this company can’t figure out how to work on accommodating technology, they are in the wrong business. I chose a different paid hours tracker instead and it works perfectly with no issues and no rude and indifferent customer service.
  • Best tool just got better with Apple Watch 4 support

    By wyodave
    I use this app daily and was eager for the latest update which supports the Infographic face on the latest Apple Watch. Looks great so far and I’m glad one of the bugs that effected me was addressed. Great app. Clean design and very responsive developer. One more request - Siri Shortcut support so I can tell Siri to clock in and clock out.
  • Love it

    By Jsd1599
    I always had trouble keeping track of my hours worked. Since downloading this app, I know what my check is going to look like every week. Developers are continuing to work on app and it has only improved. Just received an update for the Apple Watch. Now my fav watch face has a complication for HoursTracker. A+ IMO.
  • This app is rock star!

    By Theecleticgypsy
    My question (after looking through the app first) is when I change my hourly wage, will it only reflect the change in the previous & future hours until the next raise? Well I can say for me, this app is only .06 minutes off (we’ll just say the company I work for is wrong 😂). I still need to know how to change the wage to reflect ONLY the hours effected. If I need to give a email let me know.
  • love, it but needs an iPad or hd version

    By Tips411
    love this app, i use it on my phone and my iPad, that being said i just wish there was an iPad version. I hate having to tilt my head to the side or place the iPad on vertically to see my hours and the hours of the ppl who I supervise. i upload everybodies to the cloud and then download it on my iPad so i can configure rearrange etc... when dealing with multiple jobs i find it easier tho anyoing to do them on my iPad... Land scape mode would save me from my frustration, although there are other apps that are configured for the iPad but i prefer this app’s simple and easy but robust layout. So i hope the developers will make an iPad friendly version until then i will continue to use this app and recommend it to my peers.
  • Great app!

    By Dead Sea Squarell
    Great app and a cloud option. Needs more prompt customer support, though. Especially for paying clients.
  • Great App!!

    By DeePayton
    Love this app it’s perfect!
  • Excellent!!! Kudos!!!

    By Ion chamber
    Compared to some users, my time keeping needs are simple. This app does everything right for me! Allowing a simple method to transfer comments to Kronos and verify work hours in discrepancy.
  • Can't track weekly hours

    By MsCathy198767
    Can't find where to track weekly hours. I really don't give a rat's backside how many hours I've worked this year when I need to track my OT week to week.
  • 5 Stars if it had automatic weekend overtime.

    By Trip Haze
    We get time and a half on weekends, and double time after 12 hours. You can’t edit that on the weekend. I just turn off overtime and adjust the pay rate after I clock out to time and a half. However, the double time will never kick in.
  • Almost there!!

    By Suppa cool
    Really like the intuitive UI. Would like 1 change: when exporting CSV format, have only one file, and include: My name, and total hours. All else is very good!
  • Finding a different app

    By davidisactuallygoliath
    Neglected to mention that you added political advertising in the latest update. I tested the app and decided it would suit my needs and was gonna buy pro, but it suggested an update first. Glad I did, because then it forced me to interact with a stupid irrelevant political ad, so I guess I gotta find a new hours keeper because I won’t give money to apps that volunteer offensive content.
  • Has never calculated the correct time

    By lambchoupe
    I had suspected for some time that something was off. The time that I had tracked versus the time my employer had, were embarrassingly different. No matter how careful I was with my settings, we could never reconcile correctly at pay time. I started using this app I conjunction with a different one (which I won’t name, this isn’t that sort of review) and at pay time this time we reconciled for the first time, without my having to make any special adjustments. It was the app all along.
  • Shift differential option

    By just accept my review
    Love the app! Can you add an option for shift differential pay that you can set for specific hours? I.e. nurses are typically paid $X/hr over their base hourly rate for certain hours of the evening/night, weekends, and holidays. Thanks!
  • 2 years already

    By Mgtmustang
    I been using this app for 2 years and works great for me i highly recommend this and you can use it on your iwatch what is very convenient to have your work hours tracker right on your wrist.
  • I love this app but

    By Abdielec
    Lately I’ve been opening my app to see that it hasn’t automatically started my time and it starts only when I open it despite location always on, WiFi on, and a good cellular connection. Like I said it’s only recently done this and I heavily rely on this app as I work in various places around the state. Thank you!
  • It’s Cool until all the little details add up

    By conkerpr
    Exporting hours through email don’t work. When you try to send hours the last person you sent it to stays in there along with the subject. Cloud support it’s not free. They should have that be supported by iCloud instead of their own cloud.
  • NOT FREE AFTER 21 days

    By Krebero
    They said is a free app, and then after 30min using, a window pops up saying is free only for 21 days.
  • Not Free

    By Squidwillis1990
    It lets you track your hours long enough to get used to seeing how much you make on a day then it wants you to pay. It’s trash. If I’m tracking my house that obviously means I care about my money so I’m not going to pay for an app that already has ads to do simple math for me. If this app was truly free it would be great. But it’s not so. 1 star is all I can offer.
  • Forced to upgrade

    By savs84
    I enjoy the convenience however to only allow 21 entries has caused me to track my time through another avenue.
  • Working from home

    By Mustang Flasher
    This app has been so helpful working from home. I only go into the office once a week so I needed a way to keep track of my time working from home. I needed an app where I can clock in and clock out at different intervals throughout the day, as I am an hourly paid employee that does not have set hours while working at home. Fantastic app!
  • This App is not FREE

    By bhbutler
    It only works free for 21 days. After that, if you want to continue using it, there’s a fee.
  • Cost money

    By unhaply user
    So this app is free to use for about a month and then it ask you to pay to add any new times in. So basically you get a free trial. Wish I had known so I didn’t waste my time using it.
  • Excessive and Not Intuitive

    By Ecjr623
    Most people only want a simple start and end time resulting in total hours worked for that segment of time. If a before lunch and after lunch time interval for a typical work day is needed then an addition function for those intervals can be added. Quick and simple total work hours.
  • Easy!!

    By ws-va
    If there’s something this app should do but doesn’t, I haven’t thought of it yet. Very intuitive—flat learning curve. I have used this app for the past 6 years. I use it at a pretty basic level, and it more than meets my needs. Great resource!
  • Loved until

    By Lilrockermom
    I love this app been using it every day since mid 2016 I have paid for the pro version. For some reason with the latest update I am getting ads and it’s driving me batty.
  • Export bug ?

    By Gunman7891
    I am exporting my time punches from work & am not receiving the emails .. however , when I use the right tip icon to transport to email , I THEN receive it. Can you please fix this? I really enjoy using this app
  • Very good- missing holiday pay

    By Melimited
    Awesome app, please add holiday pay
  • Please, oh please

    By authordrsilva
    Update: One thing I do wish was possible is to edit tax rate on existing jobs. I have 2 pay periods worth of jobs and realized I miscalculated the tax rate (put 6% when it’s actually around 21%). But it seems the only way to fix this is to make new jobs for each of those days with the updated percentage. There’s an edit function, but it doesn’t include the tax percentage. Keep this updated! One of the most helpful apps I’ve ever had! 😃. Takes a little bit of set up to get tax rates, overtime and double time programmed, but after that it’s as easy as punching in your clock-in/clock-out, adding your breaks and other details if they are relevant, and then it gives you a pretty accurate approximation of your net income. Really nice to be able to see what I can expect on my next check without having to do all the math myself. Free version gives you 3 “jobs” (or if you’re an hourly employee, these would work like hours per day. The paid version, which is $10, gives you unlimited jobs/days, and it keeps them categorized by days, weeks, months, so you can get an overview of how many hours and how much you’ve made total in those categories. I’m finding it well worth the price.
  • Best time keeping app

    By Disgusted0416
    This app lets you set map view locations of your job. It shows you your wages and percentage deductions. Easily put in breaks and past time period dates. The end and start of pay periods. And future time clock entries. Also has a clock punch button and clock out which you can adjust if you mess up. It’s clean organized and actually kinda fun to use. Kudos to the creators you did an amazing job with this free app thank you!
  • Have to pay after so long

    By shaybeckworth
    I really like enjoy the app but after a month of putting things into the system I can add anymore until I pay to upgrade
  • Worth every tenth of a penny

    By Xanthoman
    This app paid for itself the first day. Even charging just $20/hour, with as many jobs as I work on those little ten minute pieces add up. I am very hesitant about overcharging for my time; as that’s dishonest. But one of my clients told me it’s also dishonest for me to undercharge by not having a strict accounting of the hours, so I got this application and it’s awesome. I can keep track of all my jobs (easily over twenty) and keep it down to an accuracy that allows me to be honest with myself and my clients. It’s has only made me money and allows me to put notations on my various type of jobs so I can later do analytics on my proficiency to better enhance my job bidding for future projects. Anyone who does consulting on an hour basis, or consulting on a per job basis will greatly benefit from this app. Also, it’s incredibly intuitive and robust. Love it.
  • Awesome app

    By L.T Spoon
    Love this app. Great when you work a lot of OT at random times. Gives a great idea what your take home will be.
  • Cool, Except for MAJOR ad bug

    By TwitchyMcKid
    DO NOT USE THIS APP UNTIL AD PROBLEM IS FIXED!!!This app is decent, and has the basic features you want UNTIL you find the MAJOR flaw in which video ads continue to play in the background, at full volume, at random, even after you have exited out of them. This is embarrassing in work meetings, group functions and any business event. Not only does this feel deceptive and crooked in terms of advertising revenue, it absolutely interferes with my desire to continue using the app. Until they fix this problem, I would recommend using another app.
  • Amazing app! One suggestion, though..

    By oddhumanbean
    I love this app, and it has helped me tremendously in keeping track of my hours at work! Having the app on the watch makes it just that much more convenient! The only thing I would suggest is adding support for the “Siri” watch face, and allowing it to show a card for HoursTracker. For example, once clocked in, show a card with the current tracked hours/pay up until that point. I think that would be the icing on the cake, but that just might be my geeky self! 😆 Thanks for such an awesome app and I really hope you guys read this and take my suggestion into consideration! ✌️