Walmart - Save Time and Money

Walmart - Save Time and Money

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2009-11-02
  • Current Version: 19.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 216.83 MB
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 853 119


Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.



  • Free shipping

    By itjjti
    Needs more free shipping, shouldn't pay more for shipping than product costs 😢
  • I got it a 3

    By bfhfhrudiw
    It’s an greate app but it’s not letting me use my 5.99 I have on mi digital gift card on the app I’ve been trying since last year to spend my gift card with Walmart pay and it still not going threw
  • Needs improvement.

    By Iamjlong
    I have to constantly set Walmart Pay not to charge any of my cards. The second I open it, it’s set to charge one of my cards on file. I just scan to use my discount and to submit my receipts without physically having to scan them. The app just changes to what it wants to and just charge my cards on file without my permission, leading to me having to go to customer service each time so they can put my money back on my card! It’s very annoying and frustrating. Next up the shopping experience within the app itself. Wal-Mart has the worst inventory I have ever seen in a retail store! The app will constantly say something is in stock in the store(s), then when you go to the store to attempt to purchase said item(s), neither the customer nor the employee has any clue where the item is. That makes for an extremely poor shopping experience.
  • Horrible!!!

    By Jayy_ama
    This app is useless! None of the services you can chose from work. What is the point in having an “express mobile line” when you cannot complete anything on this Mobile app!?! For every feature I’ve tried to get into there was always an error. Over all this helps with nothing.
  • Why doesn’t this give you complete purchase history?

    By DesAndCoty
    I’ve purchased a lot of things online via & it only shows a few purchases. Like even one order I had multiple items & it only shows a few, & says if you don’t see an item you purchased go to my account & select my purchase history, which I also do and the items don’t show up there the entire list. Why does it do this? Can we just get like a member number that way we can scan it or use our phone number to log every purchase for repurchase? I don’t use the Walmart credit card but there should be some kind of member # or card we can each use to track all of our purchases.

    By Dianereed8137206427
    After all the negative reviews nothing has changed. If Walmart cared they would go back to the original Savings Catcher. That’s the main reason other customers and myself used this app. I will delete this app after this review as so many others have. This goes to show how Walmart really feels about their customers.
  • Does not do anything as advertised

    By Sir . Knight
    I hate this app. There I said now I can move on with the rest of the review. Moving on, this app does nothing I was told it can do by Walmart’s employees. I was told that you can order products that they are out of stock at the store and pick it up at store. There is the facts it does none of these things. First, You cannot have stuff ordered to store when their out of stock. Next, you cannot pick up anything at the store, this goes for any store with in a ten mile radius of me. Instead the app just tries to get you pay high prices that what the actual prices within the store and to pay for over price shipping that takes forever. And it’s not like Walmart ships products to store within a week, so it is not impossible to get the stuff you order to store. The problem is just that Walmart is lazy and what’s to be like amazon without put in the effort to be similar. How about this Walmart instead of having your employees telling people to use an app “that does not work” to get the things that they need, instead of helping your customers. Have you employees actually help your customers, with giving them attitude, not lying to them, and not trying to hide from the customers. Walmart stop trying to be Amazon, you are not amazon, instead provide the best customer service that can be offered.
  • Wow!! Dropped Savings Catcher

    By Krinko
    Just lost all respect for this app! It was the only reason I used this app. No reason to use it when I can just open up Safari. I’d give this app less than 1 star if I could.
  • No safe

    By Karosierra
    I used to love this app. Even more when was savings cashier program was active. But someone stole my information from the app on June 1st/2019 but the worst thing is than no one in Walmart can help. They know the situation and they can not refund my money. Worst experience ever.
  • Unable to add Chase Pay as a payment option

    By MosesOlsen
    According to Wal-Mart's website, I should be able to add Chase Pay as a payment option for Walmart Pay. However, it is not listed as an option for the iPhone app. Either this needs to be fixed or the website needs to be updated. Very frustrating.
  • Good App!! 😁

    By TechTalkGuy
    This app locates items sold in stores. Just search by typing, speaking or scanning a barcode. The search results display what items are AVAILABLE in the store (including isle location), availability (i.e. In Stock, Limited Stock or Out of Stock). You can search other stores from the search result for inventory availability. You can add a Walmart gift card to link for Walmart Pay for FAST checkout and receive a free digital sales receipt. 🧾 Walmart is planning to roll out FAST LANE, exclusive to Walmart App users only in select stores! The FAST LANE looks like the EZPass express on the Turnpike! 👍🏼 PRO TIP: You can scan items in other stores to see if your local Walmart sells those items (which is great for price checking). Speaking of price checking, I was in Macy’s earlier today and tried price checking with their app, only difference was I got error messages. In conclusion: This wonderful Walmart app has NEVER produced errors when price checking! 👍🏼
  • Bring back savings catcher!

    By OsakoO07
  • Bring back cash back!

    By JFB330
    See title.
  • Walmart Pay

    By RMkhaleed
    Walmart pay works occasionally. Really disappointing. If there is any option to hit negative rating!!!!
  • Bring back Savings Catcher

    By Eric321456
    They got rid of Savings Catcher, which was the only reason to use the app.
  • Cancelled order

    By Dharr95
    I rate Walmart a 0 but that was not an option. I placed an order that was supposed to arrive on 5/14. On 5/14 I didn’t receive. When I tracked order it said it had been delivered. Ok, maybe it was stolen. Highly doubt it, but let’s just assume it was. I called Walmart, and they said they’d send another of the same item. I thought this was awesome service. But I never received it, so I called back to be informed that the item was on back order and didn’t know when I’d receive it. I asked for a refund and the said they processed my refund and said it’d take up to 5 days to get my refund and I’d get a verification email. Never got either. Called again, I think 3 more times, always the same answer. On the phone on hold with them now for about 25 minutes. Plenty of time to write this. Customer service finally got back on to tell me they had no record of refund being issued. Said they were going to manually issue a refund, which is what I was told yesterday and they have no record of that either. I wonder if this is what they do to everyone. Keep giving people same BS stories hoping they’ll give up and won’t have to issue the refund. This is pathetic customer service and I expected more from Walmart. My bad!
  • Latest Update

    By Caroline2976
    Why won't it download?
  • Good app

    By rgs2019
    Sometimes price don’t show it correctly
  • Won’t replace refills

    By Kds325
    I can not place an order for a prescription on the app. It tells me there was an error to try again later. Please fix the problem.
  • HAHA your "Bug Fix" has a BUG

    By Indalab
    I have enjoyed your app, but the current update will not download.🤔
  • Poor customer service.

    By disapointed😰
    Don’t fall for the two day shipping! I received three emails each time pushing back my delivery date. When I actually spoke to a real person they lied to me! Promised my shipment to be delivered on a specific day by 6 PM and it didn’t happen! Just don’t be in a hurry when you use this app. And don’t trust their customer service.
  • First they made Savings Catcher harder to use

    By Jamesgrenard
    Now they eliminated it completely. It was nice to have before, but now I have 0 use for this app. Removing saving catcher and constantly raising prices. Yikes. Deleting off my device after this review.
  • Frustrating and difficult to navigate

    By Marc 52805327632984
    It is extremely difficult to use the app and website to place orders for pick up. I constantly try to place an order for pick up but it automatically selects shipping and I do not want to pay shipping fees. Maybe I should go back to Amazon. Their site is a lot simpler. I’ll pay more for convenience and ease of use.
  • Worse!

    By kiwigirilla2
    The app was fine till the recent update now it loads nothing
  • Horrible App terrible experience

    By SW222
    Signs me out everyday then forced me to change to the one password I’ve always and only used then said I can’t use that password because it was the last one I used. They’ve screwed up every order I’ve placed with them every time. Always wrong quantities these people can’t count. I deleted app and will avoid this place it’s infuriating in every way.
  • Apple Pay > Walmart Pay

    By lovesmiles09
    They recently removed their Savings Catcher feature. Also, Walmart Pay is so inconvenient. The app always loads slowly and it takes too long having to enter a password every time. Apple Pay is so much more convenient. I wish they would get up to date with the times.
  • Walmart Pay is not functioning right

    By Nickname LMD
    Somewhere along the way with updates, WM Pay now requires me to enter the security code each time. That doesn’t save any time at all. Usually it slows things down because I have to pull out the linked credit card. Also I really miss savers catcher. It usually always found many items cheaper.
  • Walmart pay isn’t worth it

    By NDreviewer89
    The app is fine, mostly. But they got you to use the app by making you use Walmart pay in order to use Savings Catcher... which is now discontinued, so there’s no point in using Walmart pay except that all your receipts are handy in one place. Which does make returns a little easier. BUT - you can see your receipt either in picture form or in regular receipt form like it would print out at the register... but you CANNOT PRINT IT!!! I made sure I had the most updated version of the app, but it still isn’t fixed. I need to submit receipts for reimbursement, and my options are to have microscopic font, or have just the middle of the receipt print... and that’s after I saved to my phone and emailed to myself. Sooooo frustrating!! So I’m done with Walmart pay, I’ll just get my receipts printed at the register and keep track of them.
  • Walmart pay not working

    By HappyPinnerMom
    I use Walmart pay every week that I shop in store. The last two times I’ve shopped in store I’ve tried to use Walmart pay and it won’t even open. When I tap the icon for Walmart pay in the app it does nothing.
  • Sort not allowed for “At My Store”

    By Lucite768321
    The Online Search allows you to sort. The In-Store results can’t be sorted. Why?! Who wants to scroll through a thousand listings trying to compare stuff?! Customer is left thinking “I’ll just get it online because it’s easier to search” but now I’m angry at Walmart for being stupid, so I’ll get it from Amazon. And that’s how errors in your App hurt you. Walmart’s not gonna catch Amazon if they keep making stupid mistakes like this.
  • Don’t try and return a pickup you didn’t order

    By VladimirRyall
    You can’t in the app had to go to the full website, weak app
  • Deleting my one-star review again?

    By 1@Maven1
    (Gotta think Sam’s heirs are braindead.... this is the 3rd time they deleted my review.) The UI is juvenile. It is insultingly juvenile... older genX and boomers find it ugly and disturbing!
  • Needs Apple Watch App; Savings Catcher RIP 👎🏻

    By Libertyforall
    What a joke, Walmart removed Savings Catcher as a program. :( Needs Apple Pay support! And also needs an Apple Watch app, you cannot use Walmart pay with the Apple Watch!
  • No help

    By ELUL1320
    Downloaded this app for help while shopping, claims to assist with item/aisle search to save time. Does not! Attempts to get help in doing this so called feature results in nothing.
  • Train smash

    By d&bbutnotswankyfortheseguys
    Ordered dog food - got cat food Wont pick up cat food - paid twice for dog food Other items show delivered - they werent Chat is useless as youre talking to methhead retards
  • Pharmacy feature

    By frustrated ab
    App crashes continually when I’m pharmacy features
  • Savings Catcher

    By Dutchessmami420
    Walmart ended the savings catcher program on 5/14/19. It was one of the main reasons I liked shopping here. It also required you to use their Walmart pay option at the register thru the app. Now that they have ended the program there is no reason to use the app or even the Walmart pay option.
  • Walmart stopped Savings Catcher

    By aaron_iphone
    So what’s the point of using Walmart Pay?????? Once again, big corps, small fish!
  • Bait and switch pricing

    By Sundulos
    Caution!!! You can read one price at home and if you don’t order it to pick when you get to the store the price adjusts to the higher store price. The problem with in store pick up is it’s only open 8am to 8pm
  • Trying to be like amazon but failed!

    By 719jj
    Walmart is trying to be like amazon by offering 2 day shipping. I ordered from Walmart because it said it would be shipped via 2 day shipping. After I ordered it I noticed it said that it would arrived by the 30th. Why offer 2 day shipping when it’s still going to take 5 days to get it?
  • On line shopping

    By Rieskind
    Awesome Thanks to Oliver very nice No complaints about anyone
  • Free pickup?

    By jdjejdkwkkwjdjdnfnrjekdk
    Been outside “checked-in” for almost an hr. Still no one is here, hence why I have time to write this review
  • Two day shipping is baloney.

    By Farahloohoo
    The two day shipping is Baloney. I’ve ordered in past and the order came broken up over the course of several day, and didn’t start arriving until 4-5 days after the order was submitted. The App itself works fine. Walmart products are to be expected. Shipping promises are crap.

    By Havoc 9994367812
    New update will not load any more. “We cannot load that item at this time.” BULLSH*t‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • Having fun at Walmart

    By Lansford
    I have never had what I would call an enjoyable time shopping at Walmart until today. The Walmart app made it so easy. Prior to this I would always mumbled to myself, if I was a Walmart where would this item be. Now the app tells me it’s A12.
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    By zzz z m
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  • Why is this app buffering

    By Jigga225
    Trying to view but the app is constantly buffering
  • This is aggravating

    By 01:(dgtd
    I made a baby registry here because my family asked me to. I liked it up until after I selected the theme of the nursery. They put all these items on the registry and after I started to delete a section no other section would let me delete anything. I am not okay with random crap on there. I will be deleting, this is why I shop at target. Their registry was wonderful.
  • Walmart pay works only one time per day

    By workingman1
    Ok, I buy a lot of stuff for my job at different times of the day, sometimes multiple times a day and I use Walmart pay...apparently you CAN NOT use Walmart pay more then once per day which is highly stupid I’m so many ways. Needs to be fixed ASAP if you want businesses to shop at Walmart! Until this is fixed none of my companies will use Walmart pay, we’ll go back to Office max