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Walmart - Shopping & Grocery

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2009-11-02
  • Current Version: 20.36.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 302.55 MB
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 800 039


The whole store and more, now at your fingertips.  Our award-winning shopping app helps you save time and money.  Shop anytime, anywhere • Millions of items available with free delivery or store pickup.  • Easily re-order favorite items purchased online or in-store with just a few taps.  • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.  • Find, create, and manage a baby registry.  • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork with Express Money Services.  • Free delivery on eligible orders $35 and up. Smart in-store shopping  • Save time shopping at your local Walmart with store assistant.  • Use Walmart Pay for touch-free checkout. • Quickly locate items and Rollbacks with store maps.    • Create and share shopping lists. Fresh groceries and more  • Choose grocery delivery or curbside pickup.  • Reserve a time that best works for you.  • We’ll do the grocery shopping.  • No markups or hidden fees. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link



  • Online Order

    By !rma
    I ordered a simple Ethernet cable at Walmart bc they said it was available for pickup the same day. 16 hours later I’ve yet to get my order... Walmart needs to get it together. this is the SE Loop 410 location
  • Easily hacked, fraudulent charges

    By mis understood
    Someone hacked my Walmart account, and made fraudulent charges to my bank account- even after I removed my debit card from it. These aren’t past charges, they’re outright fraudulent. My bank was closed, but thankfully, I could lock my debit card until morning, when I will be calling and cancelling my debit card, and reporting the fraudulent charges. The ironic part is I’m unable to find a way to close my Walmart account. I’ll probably have to call them. I usually used the app on cellular service - but after this- I don’t recommend the app at all.
  • Senior Portions

    By BobbyCarol
    I’m 86 yrs old and no longer drive my car. I love the delivery service. I miss walking thru the store and picking out what I buy but being a senior has many other benefits. The site is so easy to use and my deliveries are always on time! I only have one suggestion. When I order bananas I seem to get big ones. It’s only me and as a diabetic I should eat a smaller one. Is there someway we could alert the person who is shopping that we older single people would like smaller bananas. I also like sweet potatoes but when I order one it usually for 4 meals. I end up throwing half away. Now I buy a bag as it always has small potatoes in it. But that bag is a bit too much for me. I’m sure some smart programmer can figure out an easy way to alert the shopper the fresh food is for one (1) person. Thanks for making my life easier.
  • What happened?

    By mma1979
    This app was much better as a stand alone grocery app. This version doesn’t work properly. Constantly freezing up and closing out. Ugh!
  • Don’t like the changes

    By Bigbrandoncool69
    You changed it too much... why doesn’t it let me see where things are in my store anymore???
  • Love this service!

    By Eva Chick
    Thank you Wal-Mart for your online shopping app! I am disabled so going to the store is difficult. I love being able to shop online with Wal-Mart and have my purchases delivered when it is convenient for me. The app is very easy to use and offers all the items I usually buy. Thank you again for your excellent service!
  • The app worked much better before

    By Momwithlittlepeople
    Being combined. I’ve had more problems with the grocery app than is worth it. Trying to order pickup is a headache now. Just this morning every time I try to order it says a new item is unavailable to remove and continue..I do and another item pops up. So what? Someone is in there ordering everything on my list right as I try to check out? 🙄
  • Poor interface design

    By valharp
    The new app is ridiculous. If I am an the store shopping, I have to KNOW to look under “Pickup & Delivery” to find Walmart Pay to check out. Yet my receipt — which does not automatically appear after payment — is all the way back under the ““ section. Absurd! Did you even think to run this through usability testing? You took a fairly unfriendly app and made it completely unfriendly. Time to head back to the drawing board, guys.
  • Frustrating waist of time

    By FrustratedPlayerPleaseReaf
    I went through to do online pickup And after the whoooooole process, making the account, making my list, everything.. “there are no pickup times available for today” how about make that the first step!!!! Waist of my time
  • Me

    By Liveoni80
    App is completely useless. Every time I tried to checkout I got a message saying something is “broken” and to try later;tried later several times with same results. Deleted and reinstalled app,and when I chose a product to view,I got a message saying it couldn’t be loaded at this time and to try again later. It made no difference what product I selected,it wouldn’t load. This app is pure trash!
  • App is a mess

    By yeah-ok
    The app is a mess. Charges to unselected ,stored cards. Charges to cards before prompted to select a preferred payment method. Charged the wrong card multiple times after I selected a separate payment method. Customer service argued these issues. Completely disgusted as this is not the first time this happened but it is incredibly hard to get into stores right now due to the pandemic. Also, displeased that Walmart has removed most of their paper good from the online next day delivery order method.
  • Check in doesn’t work

    By Xilus7
    The only part of this app that falls short is checking for a order pick up. There’s no visual feedback indicating that the check in procedure has gone through. Please fix this ASAP.
  • Massive Mistake

    By Geez, nickname already.
    Favorites seem to be fixed for now but merging with the grocery app was a HUGE mistake. It has almost nothing in common with the main app, not even pay options or checkout cart, favorites, lists, etc. When they were separate you could have them both open and easily check for example if something you found in the main app was available for grocery pickup, but the merging of the two makes this impossible. And that is not even getting started with how much slower and more unstable it is now. I bet amazon et al. are loving whoever it is behind these ridiculous decisions.
  • There’s a big problem with update

    By Five O
    Love this app and much needed. We are of that vulnerable age and it’s the only way to shop. Have been using since the virus started. Good service. Editing function is iffy since latest update.
  • Really buggy

    By Smorris70
    Doesn’t load right have the time, it’s supposed to pick up that I’m in my store and load a different screen with a price checker on it. That doesn’t work half the time and when it does work it tells me item is not in stock when I try to scan a price. Really?! It’s out of stock huh is that why I’m holding it in my hand trying to get a price? Stupid! I only need the app to check prices since they don’t price half the stuff on the shelf anymore and they took away all the in-store price checkers, which by the way were SO convenient for customers! Now they’re making us use this app that is beyond worthless. So now if I need a price and it’s not marked on the shelf and the app won’t work I’ll load it into my cart and when I check out I ask the cashier. If it’s too much or I don’t want it I just tell them never mind. Let them deal with putting it back away.
  • Editing grocery order

    By HowLongIsAFewMinutes?
    I placed an order for pick up and the next day I made some changes to the order. A few hours later I realized I got the wrong size and amount on something and wanted to edit it and got a message that started I had to wait a few minutes to make anymore changes...okay. Fine...but it’s been 3 hours and I’m trying to make the edit before my cut off time and I keep getting the same message! So frustrating!
  • Pleeeeze fix the favorites 😭

    By bribrisd
    I do so much grocery shopping online thru the Walmart app. Favorites don’t seem to work right anymore. They don’t completely load sometimes. I get an “image not available” thing. Favorites are there to serve as my shopping list & to help me fill my cart more efficiently. I close the app, try again, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. So frustrating, & it makes me sad. Please.....pleeeeeeeeze...please make them work wonderfully again. Thank you 🤓
  • Removing items from my cart

    By jg3087
    Some items in my cart keep disappearing after they have been added and I have to keep adding them back. Please fix this issue! It’s getting very time consuming.
  • Can’t even get time right.

    By Shiloh Tzu
    Should be simple to update the app with current open/close items for pharmacies and other departments. But 8 months later nope.
  • Convenient but here’s a suggestion

    By It's me
    This is so convenient as I love to add items to my grocery cart as I see I am running out of them. However, when I opt out for substitutions on certain items and then the store is out of my requested item, I get nothing... Obviously I really wanted this item! Unfortunately, sometimes me or my husband forget the item was left out. **Suggestion** please place these items in a wish list or back in the cart for review so they can easily be ordered again rather than forgotten. Other than that it would be a five star+!!
  • Great app!

    By momoftwins1218
    This app has been great! So much easier than logging in on website from phone. I wish I could see reviewers uploaded pics of item? Why not on the app? Have to go to website to see photo reviews.
  • After update

    By DisAllDay
    It was good until they changed it to select between shopping online or for pickup/delivery. Now it never recognizes when I’m in the store
  • Always have issues.

    By Sophlla
    I have nothing but problems with this app. It either crashes while checking out or lately when trying to do a return because of a damaged product, a box keeps coming up saying Something went wrong in processing. Please try again. I’ve tried at least 20 times and on several different days and I keep getting that same box.
  • “Out of Stock” no matter what I do

    By Ughhh321
    When products are out of stock, you can’t select them. If they are in stock and go in your cart, that is no guarantee they will be there when you arrive. I was relying on several ingredients that were out of stock on arrival. An hour later they are back in stock. I have no control over what types of substitutions I get, and no recourse to edit or cancel my grocery list when I find out a pivotal ingredient for a recipe is out of stock. Shopping on this app is a crapshoot, and I’m not convinced that the items that “weren’t available” were in truth not available. I would like to say that this is a great way to stay safe in the pandemic but I end up having to physically go inside of the store to reliably purchase what I came there for anyway. I used to recommend this service to my friends as they try to stay safe but I think it’s time I try something more reliable. Other than the unreliable/dishonest supply, the app and service itself works well. Just don’t have your heart set on any product or recipe plans.
  • App is good but hate being forced to use it!

    By FreeFarmingMama
    I haven’t had any actual problems with the app itself but it is super frustrating that I HAVE to use the app to check-in for grocery pick-up and that I HAVE to have location services turned on- I should be able to “check in” another way without giving permission for them to know my exact whereabouts.
  • Great but buggy

    By CrabsJoeShack
    Super annoyingly however it will spontaneously tell you their out of something like milk that’s in your cart when they’re not. My wife will then ask me to check out and it’ll tell me their out of tuna but go through. This can happen to either of us and we’re an Android/iPhone family.
  • Stock

    By jatur 2
    Please frequency update what’s in stock and let us know
  • I appreciate

    By Dreamy68
    All of this. But I wanted to ask, please, can you bring back your arts and crafts back in for ordering for delivery? Walmart’s the only place that has reasonable prices for yarn. (And other items) I’m tired of odering from Amazons prices....
  • Needs work

    By mnatvh
    So I’ve been using Delivery for awhile now and I think the apps needs some work. For example when I place an order I need those things so when I look at the things that are not being given to me and it says unavailable it’s kinda upsetting you should have an option to substitute items like you would when you do for pickup. Today for example I called and I really needed my wax melts and come to find out they are out well I would have chosen another instead but I was not given that option so I called my store and no one even wanted to replace it it’s not hard to go And grab another one and throw it in my bag
  • Almost perfect

    By Young_bravo91
    The app is very handy to have I love all the features. Especially the one where it tells you what aisle the item you’re looking for is on. However the one MAJOR flaw I have with the app is the fact that within the app I can’t change my preference to “in store pickup”. It defaults to “delivery” and there’s no way to change it you have to go to the browser to change it. As soon as that get fixed I will have no complaints about the app!
  • Outdated and awkward app

    By Lorenzofoto
    I can’t believe this app is so outdated. It’s not even close to Amazon’s app. The oddest feature is you can’t simply cancel an order you just made. When you contact costumer service they give you three different ways to cancel and none work. You have to email the company (not Walmart). After using the amazon app for a long time I feel like I stepped back into time to when apps were first developed to use this one. Who are these people leaving five stars? Have they ever used the internet?
  • Great but

    By bigdean123
    I love the Walmart app. I do a lot of shopping on there, but it seems for the past couple of weeks when I click shop Walmart online button and start browsing, as I’m scrolling it seems to keep lagging. Not sure why but it never done it before.
  • You can do better Walmart!

    By SorryKnotS0rry
    This app is extremely frustrating. I mostly use the grocery pick-up side and more times than not I will spend time carefully choosing my items but when I go to checkout, at least half of my items have disappeared from my cart! I’ve contacted WM help on this matter and was advised to clear cache and browsing history and try again. A typical Walmart response and was a useless answer since I use the app on my phone. If you want to win in the e-comm game WM you need to mind the details. If it weren’t for grocery pick-up, I wouldn’t even use the app.
  • it is a rubish! No cancel button, baddly designed APP.

    By dssfdffvse
    it is a rubish! No cancel button, baddly designed APP.
  • Update to app ruined shopping at Walmart Family Grocery for me

    By Jana 46
    Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been shopping at a Walmart Family Grocery close to my house and using their curbside pick up service. Their service was always excellent. If they were out of an item on my list, they would offer me substitutions or remove it if I didn’t want a substitution. I never had a problem. However, Walmart recently updated the app, and with that update came terrible changes. I tried to submit my grocery list as I’d always done in the past, and they kept changing my selected store to a Walmart Super Center. I do not want to shop at a Super Center, so you have lost my business. It really makes me sad because I loved my neighborhood grocery store.
  • Bad review

    By zaezae0317
    The Walmart I shopped at sold me a broken product and wouldn’t replace it I bought it and later that day tried to use it and it would not turn on so when I tried to return it they said they couldn’t accept it back if broken and they were being very disrespectful I swear the people Walmart hires these days it’s not right
  • Glitchy and slow

    By eliza1231
    I use this app to do my online grocery orders. The previous app was amazing. I could order everything doing other running errands or working. This app is SLOW. Everytime I use it, it freezes up and I have to restart. I’ve given up and started using their website.
  • Favorites are back 😎

    By jdhhdheiwjabdbshs
    Good to see it back. Makes shopping easier
  • Walmart stinks

    By flyersfan8
    Bought an item, got an email saying the employees did not have time to pull the order even though the item was in stock. Great work Walmart
  • Terrible business

    By Danirrll
    This app is laid out in the most asinine way, it makes it so difficult to use. They just lost my business for life, the employees here are the most careless and rude individuals I have ever met in my life. I will never be shopping at a Walmart again and I plan on telling everyone I know to do the same.
  • Glitches like crazy

    By justfreakingpostmyreveiw
    Ever since they merged the pick up with the first app it glitches and is slow. It’s becoming so frustrating I am likely just going to start using Dillion’s. At least they deliver in my area too.... 😐
  • Needs a few improvements!

    By MeaslycoontGod
    I am having issues now with using EBT for groceries. I have used the app, reinstalled it, clearing the cache, tried the website on my phone and computer, and I still get an error message. My EBT works fine at Walmart, but I haven’t been able to use it online yet.. please fix this issue! ;(
  • Glitch Galore

    By thebobster80
    Will not be renewing my subscription. Items that I ordered are not being acknowledged by the system or it’s considering items that I placed as “cancelled” when I done no such thing. Upon calling customer service, they told me I had to make an additional $35.00 order and select express delivery. Express delivery is not available in my area. I was missing about $20 worth of items and now I have to spend an additional $15 to get the items that should have been delivered to me in the first place. They will offer no kind of compensation when I’ve been a loyal customer for years. But customer service’s quality has been going down. Sure, I’m a nobody when it comes to one person not getting the items, but I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. I will make sure that my friends and family switch to another service.
  • CarPlay?

    By thrlklds
    Both the app and the service work very well. I wish the app showed up on my car play screen.
  • Inconvenient

    By edburt
    I live in a small town and our Walmart was an option for pick up online but now it’s not an option which is very inconvenient with the trying times. Why is my Walmart not on the app anymore?
  • Greatest app ever!!!

    By Number One Walmart Fan
    1. I know if something is in or out of stock. 2. Great pickup! 3. Excellent on wearing a mask. 4. Love it so much thank you!😁
  • Favorites back!😊

    By kgaff77
    9-13-20 My favorites are back... finally!! Thank you!!! 😊 8-26-20 Two more updates and still don’t have my favorites list. So frustrating. ☹️ 08-15-20 Just installed second update in less than a week and my favorites are still gone. Love this app when it works right. 🙄🙁 08-12-20 Just installed the newest update hoping it would restore my favorites. But nope. Still no favorites. Makes app SO much harder to use. ☹️
  • Store assistant missing

    By Iveth-E
    Every time I open my app it doesn’t tell me where an item is and it used to do that. I uninstalled it and installed it again and checked but it’s not there. My cousin has the same app and phone and it lets her see the items and it’s location.
  • Terrible app

    By harvesgt
    The app used to be good. I want the search to first show me results that are in stock in my store only. If there are non in stock, it should say so then show me what is available other ways. Totally useless. I am using the app to decide if I can get at my store or not.if it cannot tell me that simply, I will just shop at amazon!!