Walmart - shopping & grocery

Walmart - shopping & grocery

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2009-11-02
  • Current Version: 20.26
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 290.84 MB
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 796 310


The whole store and more, now at your fingertips.  Our award-winning shopping app helps you save time and money.  Shop anytime, anywhere • Millions of items available with free delivery or store pickup.  • Easily re-order favorite items purchased online or in-store with just a few taps.  • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.  • Find, create, and manage a baby registry.  • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork with Express Money Services.  • Free delivery on eligible orders $35 and up. Smart in-store shopping  • Save time shopping at your local Walmart with store assistant.  • Use Walmart Pay for touch-free checkout. • Quickly locate items and Rollbacks with store maps.    • Create and share shopping lists. Fresh groceries and more  • Choose grocery delivery or curbside pickup.  • Reserve a time that best works for you.  • We’ll do the grocery shopping.  • No markups or hidden fees. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link



  • Error with EBT pin

    By nikki_niikkii_nikki
    I have to enter my EBT pin 50 times in order for it to go through! & that is not an exaggeration! It says there was an error... wish it’d get fixed so it won’t be so frustrating
  • Never showed up

    By Eric Dallas
    I placed an order. The delivery window passed I tried calling the store, no one could help. Weirdest thing ever. I wasted a whole day waiting for them. After two days the order shows up as cancelled. No reason given. Really disappointed and sad that I can't trust them to deliver when they say they will. I'm thinking it's the virus, but they could have told me.
  • Fire your IT team

    By MmamaLlama
    This app is a mess. Can you get the stability issues addressed any time soon? OUT OF STOCK is usually what I see when trying to shop for groceries through this app. Might as well just go to the store because it'll surely all be in stock when I get there. Happens. Every. Time. On, You can only see five of your saved items and when you open the saved items and want to move an item to your cart or delete it it automatically pops you back to the cart and you have to reopen the saved items every, single time you need to move or delete something farther down the list than the five items shown. The items in your cart in Pick-Up & Delivery cannot be reopened if you want to get a closer look. Sorry, you'll have to search for it again because you can't just click on it because it's *not* linked. In Pick-up & Delivery you cannot enlarge photos to get a better view of the items. The app doesn't open from the starting point and instead reopens wherever you last left off when you closed it. I'm constantly trying to search for items in the wrong section. I can't ever get a signal in any of your stores (My service provider is the largest in the US) meaning I can't ever open the app in-store to add items to my favorites by scanning the UPC or to check for clothing sizes online that are sold out in store or for numerous other reasons I might need to access the app. Half the time merchandise available in-store is not sold online. It's annoying that grocery defaults back to substitutions when changes are made. You cannot add notes to grocery such as "only fully ripe avocados, please." On, there is no search box at the top of "Item Details" or the cart Sorry, you either have to back out or hit shop again Can we bring this app and the service into 2020, please? Maybe check out the app of the big retailer that starts with the letter A.
  • Cannot check out

    By MsAlyce
    After entering PIN it says “something went wrong “ I need to place an order TODAY!! Please fix!!
  • Trash

    By Latrice918
  • Last few updates are terrible

    By Annoyed in PP
    I liked the app before to make payment at Wal-Mart, now they have made it impossible to find the simple payment at the store scanner. Terrible app for everyday use
  • terrible redesign

    By graemeearly
    update: the app is getting worse and worse. even a simple task like finding a stores hours or getting to walmart pay fast is hopelessly complex. if i have selected a store wouldn’t it make sense to see when i search for an item if i could collect it there? It is very hard to find anything in this app. Store list is hidden under Services. Search by department doesn't work when you are browsing within a department. Strong keywords do not find items ("car battery group 65"). I scanned an item in store the other day and the item page never opened. Just awful.
  • Bug issues

    By over10yearsonthissite
    Cart keeps getting empty, when it’s not emptied I try to purchase but it says OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG so I have to empty it my self, minimum purchase price keep increasing, when I do manage to make a purchase it will not let me use multiple cards, forcing me to empty out the cart AGAIN. (Searching for items doesn’t work or it always tries to sell you store brand or a smaller size for practically the same price... I have my theory on why but this isn’t the place) items are never in stock ... but when I walk in ... LO AND BEHOLD the items are there. Always getting substitutes for product for store brand ... The app is a great idea BUT has BAD management. I’m sure the developers made the app with good intentions, but !!!, THE ROAD TO HELL WAS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.
  • Walmart upgrade?

    By Barbara Beale
    Why do I have to wait for the upgrade to upload every time I tap the Walmart application? BJB
  • Doesn’t work with food stamps

    By Ike220
    The title says it all
  • New app has glitches

    By Customeconcern
    New app glitches, place items in cart, get email confirmation they’ve been successfully updated to your cart. Receive order and items are missing, frustrating when your planning meals and items fall off without knowledge. New version delays loading grocery favorites and skips around when you select a department old version went to department with out delay ( IE select frozen it starts you at pantry) annoying when your trying to shop and you know the department of the product in your favorites. Walmart please update this version, launched this May/June should be glitch free by now it’s been a month. Sometimes convenience is inconvenient!
  • What happened? Useless! Broken!

    By Zorgatronn
    Used to work fine a few months ago. Now it can’t find the store I’m standing inside of. How the heck am I to use the app to find products? USELESS!
  • Couldn’t find me in system

    By Daddy1111111111
    Received email stating my order was ready. I have now waited for 30 minutes. May want to stop overbooking.
  • Additional items to current grocery order?

    By jjf133
    The grocery end of this app refuses to allow me to add additional items to my current unfulfilled order. I try and try and try. The app just states to try back in a couple of minutes. 3 days later I still am unable to add items. Please help me! Why does Walmart not want me to spend my money there. It’s like they want me to go to the competition, OK I will.
  • Unavailable items

    By Kikkyo
    Ever since I paid for the yearly delivery subscription apparently the store is out of everything.. I go to checkout and it's always 3 random items are no longer available until my cart is empty. What a waste of time and money.
  • Big fixes

    By Skyjanai3
    I love Walmart and the ability to order through their app and pickup! With that being said, every time I place an order I always receive an error message. “ something went wrong. Please try again later.” I have had this issue every. single. time! I have to go back and try several times before the system will take my order! This is ridiculous! As large of a company as they are and you can’t fix this glitch. Please fix ASAP I’ve been having this same issue for MONTHS!!! Unacceptable!
  • Horrible

    By killerofda420
    When u really need to place a order it freezes and crashes I hate this app. I have a family that I have to provide for and now I have to go into the store and risk my family.
  • Was great, before they combined the two

    By linseylee
    The grocery app was wonderful before they combined the two. Now, it does most of what it is supposed to do, but the most frustrating this is... THE SCAN BARCODE FUNCTION WILL NOT WORK!! I’ve tried re-downloading the app, and it still won’t work AT ALL!! This function was the most important thing to me. I could quickly scan an item when I’m running low and it goes right into my cart. It’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to do that anymore. The app is glitchy, sometimes crashing all together. I understand there will be bugs for a little while after a merger like this, but this is terrible. I used to tell everyone I knew how awesome the online shopping and grocery pickup was.... now I say to find something else. It really is terrible. The only reason I gave it two stars is because technically I can still do my grocery orders. It’s just not very easy and I sometimes want to scream a little.
  • The change makes it useless.

    By montelltx
    Our local Walmart does not offer curbside or home delivery. That makes this app only good for online ordering. I used to be able to locate items in the store, that has disappeared.
  • Seems great but...

    By farmgal87
    The app seems good. It’s a great idea to be able to search for items and order them but majority of the time the items say they are available but really aren’t ... if they spent more time on inventory control then I think this app would be great
  • Search results very poor results

    By Nikol2477
    Half of the time what you’re searching for will not pull up even if you specify and results are very limited!!! Used to be A lot better, but is getting worse!
  • Bad update

    By oldlady54
    Hate it I used to be able to use the app in store to find things. No more now it's just useless

    By nomiek
    This app is NEEDS WORK!! I have spent over an hour just trying to check out. You HAVE to enter your PIN number to your card before your order will go thru but each time I do it continuously says “something went wrong”. Usually it will say that but after 10 plus attempts I’ll finally get it to go thru but this time I’ve tried so many times that I’ve given hour later. This app was just fine a year ago. I will be deleting it. I could have walked in the store and bought everything 2xs faster.
  • Check-Out Issues

    By Nicole Selman
    Though I love the selection of available items, the app is nearly unusable since grocery and retail was combined. Having to fight with the faulty check-out on the app makes the overall experience of grocery pick-up quite UN-pleasurable. If I could give the app zero stars, it would be well-deserved.
  • Walmart pay didn’t work yesterday

    By khaate
    When I tried to use Walmart pay yesterday at counter using the QR code, it did not work yesterday for first time in last more than 1-2 year
  • Messed up a good thing savings catcher / walmart pay

    By Pippiaz
    It got worse! Pick up is a joke. I spend hours in the app each time trying to process my food stamp card to be told something went wrong entering my pin. I lose my pick up slot in the process. What is going on?!? All was well enough until they made using walmart pay a requirement to submit savings catcher receipts. The app logs me out several times while im in line, so im trying to be ready and not hold people up but...the app! No paper receipt is making things more complicated than they should be and if i try to print it from home it wastes ungodly amounts of paper. Worst of all employees don't know how to use it and tell me they ‘hate that thing’. I was old i could select to not use my card stored in the app, followed the instructions in settings but the setting didn't stay resulting in the app charing almost $200 to a credit card i specifically said no to. The cashier and manager told me the only way to rectify it would be to rescan each item as a return and do the whole thing over. What a mess!!!
  • Merging Grocery App, bad move

    By la.lessly
    The grocery pick up side of this app is terrible!! Not very user friendly. The old app was so much better
  • Old app is better

    By Mechi Brown
    I like the old app better this one causes me a lot of problems when checking out. I didn’t have this problem with the old app. Due to COVID I don’t like to go in stores but this app always gives me a error message when I check out. I hope it gets fixed soon cause I’ve done lost my time slot a few times cause I couldn’t check out. I’ve even updated the app and still get the message. But overall I’m still a Walmart loyal customer!!
  • Take my money damnit!

    By HANGRY&noidontneedasnickers
    I keep having the same issue EVERYTIME I try to set up a grocery delivery order. I get my groceries, set up the payment (have tried both ebt and credit card) and reserve a time but when I go to checkout it continually says “Something went wrong, try again later” and then when I try again later, I get the same message. Very annoying when I rely on this app to get my groceries delivered during this pandemic and it’s one of the few places that you can use ebt to order online. If this issue or bug whatever it is, was fixed then this app would be perfect. I have no other complaints.
  • Super App for ordering online

    By Ordering again
    The WalMart App is by far the easiest one I have used! Directions are clear leaving no questions regarding ordering, paying, pick up or delivery, etc. The emails that are sent as each item(s) is ready for pick up are easy to follow. Many thanks to WalMart for such a superb app!!!!
  • Good

    By GandMa07
    Good app, walmart pay money longer works on my iPhone SE. please fix.
  • Use to love it

    By isbdh dfnie
    I use to love the app before the merge of the Walmart grocery. Now that everything is completely contactless the acculynk for EBT NEVER works on the first try or even the 30th try for me! I always end up losing my reservation because time expired all from me trying to get acculynk to take my PIN! I always get an error message of “ Something went wrong. Please try again later” Something seriously needs to change, partner with another PIN link or fix it! App is supposed to make shopping easier not more frustrating and difficult.
  • Crazy

    By DevilsVindicated
    Crazy how this app keeps getting worse to use and navigate.
  • Sells your personal information.

    By Geez, nickname already.
    Greedy sleazeballs even sell your personal information.
  • Unusable

    By Sarasa Chan
    Probably Apple’s doing with the update but it is currently unusable. It freezes as soon as I try to type something in
  • Why doesn’t the acculynk work

    By kc8827
    It’s always something
  • Just Love 💗 it..!!! 😉👍🏽

    By Effie A Marty
    It is so convenient to have this app and pick out everything you want and then pick it up 😃😃😉😉👍🏽🇺🇸💗💗💗💗
  • Ever since update the app closes

    By Nancylittlebear
    Since the most recent update the app immediately closes after opening it. Nothing helps to resolve this. Until it’s fixed, I cannot grocery shop at Walmart. 😟
  • trouble with ebt use

    By jdtdt
    app is fine but can't use ebt. every time I enter my pin it says "a problem has occurred". every time I re enter my pin my bank account gets charged for the remaining balance.
  • Issues!

    By BlessedJSC7
    My entire baby registry disappeared. I can’t even begin a new one; what’s going on?!
  • App problems since update

    By badreviewnonickname
    I’ve had nothing but problems since to latest app update. I’ve been using this service since it opened in our area. Now every time I try to use it it just continually jumps back to log in. Never had to log in before each time. Please fix this!
  • Recent app changes and lousy

    By Coleslaw Enthusiast
    The Walmart app was really pretty great until it was redesigned to incorporate the grocery app. Now it’s useless in all directions. One of my favorite uses for the old app was the ability to locate a product in the physical store. Now that functionality is buried. I’ve stopped using the app entirely.
  • I wasted time

    By joshuakhmurray
    It gets three stars because other than this I like it but after spending so much time adding all items to my shopping list for pick up. It then tells me there is no availability today. No way to carry over items to shopping list. So it’s wasted my time... if I could have an option to switch over items to shopping list it would be perfect...
  • Grocery pickup

    By bytheseacat
    Love this service! The online order list has a huge choice of items and it is very easy to navigate. Drive-Up is no contact which is an added bonus. We drive from the next town and it is well worth it. I highly recommend this method of getting your groceries.
  • Must Enable Location To Sign In

    By mstmcdonald
    I had the app previously and got a new phone so I downloaded it on the new phone. To my surprise, I cannot log in without giving the app access to my location which is none of your business. I was trying to continue to keep Walmart as a part of my regularly shopped stores for groceries but this is too intrusive for me.
  • Grocery App conversion

    By asimmons1120
    Since you converted to one app and no longer use the Orange grocery app, your scan feature no longer works. It used to be very easy to scan an item and have it added to cart automatically. I use the app several times a week and have reported this bug many times. If you get it fixed, five star rating!!
  • New App is TERRIBLE!!!😡

    By AmySmith1976
    I love grocery pickup, but this new app is the worst!!! The previous one was just fine! Dumps stuff from my cart, glitches every time I’m on it!! THE WORST!
  • Absolute Trash

    By BlueBlood3
    It’s amazing how right before the pandemic Walmart had a grocery app that was so easy to use and perfect for safe pickup and delivery, but starting I april the merged it with their other app and now it’s a complete nightmare. Find any other method to get your groceries and you’ll be better off guaranteed.
  • free pickup

    By samof1969
    I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. first time doing this thing. Pulled into a reserved spot and got lucky that a guy help me out :-) only because he was helping somebody else out. he’s a winner :-) just got to get home to see if I have everything I’m supposed to.