Prepware Aviation Maintenance

Prepware Aviation Maintenance

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2009-11-24
  • Current Version: 1.49
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 15.15 MB
  • Developer: ASA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 273


Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the General, Airframe, and Powerplant FAA Knowledge Exams. More than 1,000 questions, answers and explanations included for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.



  • General

    By tamaljordan
    It was great but some questions were new for me . Never seen them before . I was making 95% on practice and I made 78% on the final exam lol . Lots of stress on the exam day especially when you seat alone in front of the computer . Nervous time novice time
  • Need human factors questions

    By robvin94
    Please implement FAA human factors questions. I got 4 of them on my written and it would’ve helped a lot to study them. Thanks.
  • Awesome app

    By Hebermoreno
    I love this app but can you guys update it for iPhoneX so I get it more suited for the phone I own.
  • vital to success

    By *UHB8uhb
    this prepares you for what you need to know as part of a full course in aviation maintenance
  • Awesome App

    By Snobocat
    I used this only this app to study for the A and P General test. Studied for a week and passed with an 83%. There were only a few unfamiliar questions on the test. I feel if I studied harder, or for more than a week, I could have easily gotten into the 90s.
  • Issue with Figures.

    By fgisboss
    This app needs fixing. Some of the figures in General section are blank. It does not show the illustrations. Also, please add the Re-Test Missed questions on the prepware app, like how it is on for PC.
  • Good

    By Douglasses
    Good app to study, the only problem is that the colors for the answers are almost hard to differentiate when pressed, well at least for me it’s hard to differentiate between the two colors
  • Bug

    By jaskaranbains
    iOS 12 needs to be fixed the questions and answers get cut off by the last line or so if they exceed a certain amount but this only happens in portrait mode if I flip to horizontal then the lines reappear
  • Spend the money on this app

    By Troy "Buttsoup" Barnes
    If you use this app, you will pass your writtens. Every single question on all of my written exams for the General, Airframe and Powerplant were word for word questions from the database.
  • Spend the money on this app

    By Troy "Buttsoup" Barnes
    If you use this app, you will pass your writtens. Every single question on all of my written exams for the General, Airframe and Powerplant were word for word questions from the database.
  • Great app!

    By Joseph Meehan
    I passed all 3 writtens on the first try because of this app! I found that this is the best way that works for me to study and remember all the answers. I’d make sure you give yourself the time needed to study for each test, General is the hardest IMO.
  • ?

    By AIM student
    Majority of the figure questions mine are not showing up so I can’t study the question ..... literally just payed the 9.99 like 3 hours ago and been having trouble never had trouble before switched to Apple 🤔 what should i do redownload it ? If anyone has info on it lmk could use it got my test coming up in a few weeks
  • Needs an update

    By A&P mack
    I took my general two weeks ago and many questions have changed, please update
  • No figures

    By bitygfjgintsrt
    It needs to be reviewed and updated there are a few questions with figures to view but no figures are shown
  • A&P

    By aammmppppe
    Please study the prepware you will not pass without it. If your taking your airframe writtens now you will not have a problem passing because its mostly word for word with just 10 new questions added on my test. Beware of the general as it is alot harder now. 20 out of 61 questions for my test were brand new and another 10 questions are prepware questions just worded differently, so read the whole question carefully. I still passed but you really need to know your stuff for the general.
  • Great App

    By The BossXD
    Appreciate this app heavily. Has contributed to my career as an AMT in many ways. However, my main concern in relation to this app is that questions are extremely outdated and some are irrelevant or completely incorrect in reference to aviation right now. Also, please update the app to provide secondary testing questions to reinforce what I just went over while studying. Gave this app 5 stars as a reflection of what it currently is and based off what it has provided to me.
  • I got the wrong apps

    By jokerjjji
    I thought it was private pilot ver. Can you exchange it??
  • Amp

    By Colinseo
    It’s a chillen app. One thing I want to know is how updated is it. Is it the same as the older versions? Or do I have the 2018 version? Or is it all the same.
  • Real helpful tool for A&P students

    By Firetruckman1
    But wish we can select and create our own test section.
  • Make it Apple Watch compatible

    By ReallyHateReviewing
    My only suggestion is Apple Watch compatibility
  • 5 stars but...

    By Lazaro.05
    I love the app, it’s amazing, it has helped me pass all my technician exams but it’s lacking the capabilities of the desktop version of the same. In the desktop version you can create study sessions, select the number of questions of each block, see your scores with colored bars and percentages. In my opinion I think these are mandatory features for this type of app. Other than that I love it and keep up with the good work.
  • I strongly suggest this app!

    By upcoming a&p mechanic
    Best app to prepare you for the FAA written exams!!
  • Great app for writtens

    By Wseltenright
    I used this to pass all 3 written tests, Almost all questions are identical to the ones on the tests
  • Why is not available for Mac?

    By Judo MD
    Very good app but why is not available to get it on MacBook?
  • MIAT student, great app!

    By Yodermark83
    Great app and tool to prepware you for your tests, I have had both the app and computer program. I prefer the computer program but when on the go, the app is great! I've passed all 3 of my written tests using prepware.
  • Great app, effective study guide.

    By Stev394
    This is a great tool for studying for the actual licensing tests and the tests in school as well. The only drawback is that, for colorblind people, the red and green highlighted answers are too similar, i have to open the explanation to see if my answers were correct every time.
  • Very Good app

    By Felito22334455
    Love this app
  • This app is really good

    By Ruchardy Verginie A&P student
    The app is really good , I wish that I could change the font as well in the next update!
  • Current student MIAT college of technology

    By Bricamp810
    This app is very helpful and has really helped me prepare for my exams. My only suggestion is to be able to select which categories you can test. Right now if you want to test, it's the entire section. I have 5 categories down, and it would be nice to test out just them, and add more as I get them down. Otherwise it's a 5 star
  • Missing information

    By DDFW93
    Needs a section on Human factors.
  • Mac Book

    By Andre2kool
    I wish this app could be downloaded on my macbook pro. other than just iphone and iPad
  • Great Tool

    By Kaz412
    If you are studying for your A&P and you are not taking advantage of ASA Prepware I feel bad for you come test time!
  • Well worth it

    By Bh8640
    Helped me pass all three tests. Used this along with the books but used this 90% of the time. Definitely worth the purchase. All questions are from the ASA books word for word. Lowest score on my written tests was an 86. Just buy it. You'll be happy with the app and your results.
  • Very useful app!

    By Damz227
    It's a great app but you have to add a feature where you can go through the test and mark questions so it will only show those questions
  • Great app!

    By Laughing at personals
    I just passed my general and power plant written tests thanks in large part to this app! Well worth the money. The only thing I'd like to see added is that I wish it had oral questions from the Asa study guide.
  • Good but could be better

    By Butthashjones
    Could really use a color adjustment or some other way to indicate right and wrong answers, as the current colors are impossible to distinguish for my colorblind eyes.
  • Saved tests

    Where do they go? Lol
  • Combining subjects

    By Zamber16
    Is it possible to adjust the app so different subjects can be selected at once and study on those as opposed as studying each subject individually.
  • But it

    By AMTpending
    I'm not one to ever spend even $0.99 on an app, let alone $9.99 but this actually helped out so much in AMT school that I earned Valedictorian of my class. No joke, so worth it.
  • Update

    By Eric Alers
    When will the app be updated to reflect the new questions that are on the FAA written tests?
  • Nice

    By Mkpmkp
    Really like this study guide it was very helpful with getting me prepared for the test 😊
  • Good

    By andresthe:
    App works good however there is no way to test on specific group of questions. It would be nice for that to be added.
  • Night mode

    By JMA1727
    I am colorblind and when I study can't tell if I get the answer correct or incorrect can you please and night mode on this application I am studying for a block final and need help.
  • Review amt prepware

    By Kdvideos
    This version is not what i expected and when you try select different material to study multiple materials at the same time it just give you only one to study
  • Great App

    By Mk616
    This app, in conjunction with the ASA test prep books worked great! I went through the books and highlighted the answers, and then quizzed myself with the app. Just passed all three tests after only three days of studying! I do wish the app would give you the option to be quizzed on multiple sections at once (without taking the full test) like the computer software does, but I guess that why the app is a lot cheaper... Overall, well worth the money!
  • Great APP

    By Tc912
    This is a great app as a study guide. However, I think it's time for an update. I went in to take the power plant portion and found that there were a number of questions that were not in the current version.
  • Best on the market!

    By Blejdnxnfkasn
    This app is by far the best prep tool. The questions will definitely help you pass the A&P written exams and work well all around. The sections are broken down into the exact sections the faa will test you on and definitely worth the money! I recommend this app to anyone who needs help studying for those written exams
  • Can't view full picture

    By Tcao1083
    Can't see full picture. Will zoom out but once you let your finger off the screen, the picture will zoom back in.
  • Reference points are not accurate

    By Money Miser
    This app is good for knowledge quizzing but the references are useless when using the FAA 8083 publications. Reading the material is still the best way and self quiz with this app. The price is reasonable but the accuracy of this app is not worth the cost.