Onebox® – business phone app

Onebox® – business phone app

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2009-12-02
  • Current Version: 4.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.05 MB
  • Developer: j2 Global, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 24


Use your Onebox® account while on the go with the Onebox app: • Manage call forwarding settings so you don't miss important calls • Read or listen to voicemail transcriptions/messages • Send and receive text messages from your Onebox business phone number • Choose which Caller ID number is shown when you make or receive calls • View, send, and receive your faxes right from the app • Add frequently called numbers to your speed dial list The Onebox service turns your iPhone into a complete business phone system. Don't have your Onebox account yet? Sign up today at Onebox is a state-of-the-art office phone system that’s perfect for small businesses, with all the capabilities you could ask for. Your calls are answered with a professionally recorded custom greeting and can be directed to any employee, in any location around the world. It includes an auto-attendant with easy-to-use menu options for call routing, voicemail, faxing, and conferencing. Onebox is committed to improving our services and we welcome your feedback. Please send feedback, suggestions, or bug reports to [email protected] Note: No emergency calling (911) available using the Onebox Application. Valid Onebox account is required to use the mobile app, some features are additional.



  • Bad Cust service , useless app , won’t text

    By Ali Zane
    This app in recent weeks has ceased to work for texting , if it does text it takes a painfully long time and then says unable to send texts I’ve called customer service countless time to no avail and am considering cancelling my service
  • Do Not Use!!!

    By rainshine19
    I rarely write reviews but my experience with this app has been absolutely horrible and tech support hasn’t been able to assist with resolving ANY issues. The app doesn’t ring your phone, doesn’t handle scheduling as it’s setup to do. I’ve paid too much for too long for features I can’t use. Even in my attempts to Port Out my number , their system is either not working or I have to call back so someone can help. I’ve been given conflicting information and I just want to be done with this company and service and keep my number.
  • False advertising don’t sign up

    By Do9901
    Signed up for Onebox for $12..99 a month and was unable to login into Onebox, called to get help, went through 3 customer service agents just find out that we were falsely signed up for eVoice and would cost more money for services we wanted. Don’t sign up for Onebox!🤬
  • No Individual Extension Log In

    By Polka Joe
    Can log ONLY in to main account with this app. If you would like to log in to your personal mailbox within the system you CANNOT. There seems to be no way to do this as you can’t log in through user name, phone number only.
  • Disappointing Update May 2017

    By Flyerscute
    The Onebox app FINALLY had an update, this week, after two years and even included notification features through your IPhone, (i.e. badge, banners, lock screen), which, is something it never had before (not to be confused with the "forward notifications" option that Onebox already has, which, isn't as organized and practical as these new notification features are). However, after downloading the update, the notifications failed to work. After trying everything possible, to test if they are working, I phoned Onebox customer service. After a half hour phone call, I was able to decipher, from what they told me, that this is not Apple's fault, rather, the Onebox system itself has not caught up with the app yet. There are still a couple of features I'd love the app to have, with notifications being at the top of my list. I hope they add these features soon, as this app has great potential to completely satisfy everything you'd need in a phone system.
  • It's a six

    By Peterhendershot
    It works but could be so much better. Unless the app is open there is no way to know when new messages (text messages mainly) have arrived. Improve this and it would be a game changer.
  • Online emails

    By Knick fan
    Going online to the website and trying to write an email is extremely difficult. You cannot copy you cannot paste with emails it won't let you, I feel like I'm trying to send an email from 10 years ago.
  • Awful

    By LittleJimmyB
    Stink on ice. Horrible interface. Cheap, ineffective and cumbersome. Wish I could dump the app...and Onebox for that matter. Just sayin'.
  • Developers could care less

    By Longball0712
    App has always had little issues. Finally starting working pretty well until the ios10 update. Developers still after almost 6 months haven't updated the app to work with ios10.
  • Easy to use

    By Jmartin116
    Very good and easy to use!
  • Still Has Bugs that Need Fixing

    By TanyaJohn
    This app still freezes, crashes, and occasionally drops calls.
  • Office must have!

    By MissieBird
    The one box app has been a godsend it to all of us in the office! Being able to fax from our phone being able to listen to and call back clients easily is priceless.
  • Worse service and app

    By jbrazier
    One box is the worse service and has the worse app. There is no where to hang up.
  • Having to uninstall

    By Saslpr
    If you have this on an iPad you do not get calls forwarded to your phone. If you try to disable VoIP on e app in the IPad states that this is not an IPhone can not disable. Have support request in, however have talked to escalated support not helpful. Great Idea but does not work unless you are exclusively using IPad
  • Great product, excellent customer service

    By Drdos23
    I've had Onebox for years, was talked into porting it over to my cable phone service for my business. BIG MISTAKE. The number is on its way back to Onebox.
  • Really bad

    By MNBrad
    Took months to get my number ported in. Customer service is in India and just horrible. Literally took 20 minutes getting shuffled around for a simple 15 second answer.
  • Love it!! Love it!!

    By dstudavent
    I have been using Onebox for years (since 2007) and I love it! It helps a small business look and feel like a Fortune 500 company. If you haven't tried this app or used any of their should start today! You won't be disappointed.
  • A lot of functionality-things you would expect aren't there

    By Clawson222001
    I like that I can change my caller ID to my 800# I'm logged in with, good for making client calls while out and about, keeps my personal number more private. The call log is missing details I would expect like the duration of the call call center answers or should answer all 14 of my lines...if I knew which one box number was dialed, and how long the duration was vs just missed or answered, it would help me understand which markets/calls aren't getting to the call center and if I'm missing calls from potential clients or if it's just telemarketers, etc.
  • Feature rich

    By TanRebelLawyer
    I've been using this for year and a half now. A couple of interesting features are that you can record your phone calls and make phone calls from your cell phone which give your work number as the caller ID number.
  • Great way to support an expanding enterprise

    By jontristan
    Love onebox for the comprehensive suite of tools and the ability to grow with my business.
  • Unreliable

    By Ehrhardt
    Pretty glitchy
  • Not so good.

    By Onebox user
    The idea of this app is great, however the app rarely ever works. Most times it says "network unreachable. Please contact Onebox customer support. " When I contact OneBox it gets temporarily fixed and then the problem starts all over again.
  • Great almost there improvements...

    By @justchevi
    I agree with the herd that this app has improved. I need call transfer returned along with VOIP. Your still advertising these features but not providing these features! How are we to run our virtual office with, "Hold on I need to have you call back and press the # not my extension." It would surely up the professionalism. Thank you for the improvements, we hope iPhone 6/6+ visual compatibilities arrive soon.
  • Junk: Waiting For App To Load

    By Waiting For App To Load
    Waiting for it to load, getting an error message, having to try again, waiting to load again for a second time, another error message, you get the picture. This is been going on for months or years with this app. It's truly a great service, one box, for my phone number management for my business, but this app is the worst
  • Better than before, but still...

    By kkmccann
    This is definitely an improvement but it lacks some basic features that would make it so much more usable. Still crashes every now and then, and I wish you could coy and paste numbers in from the iPhone phone app.
  • Adequate

    By DrNLL706
    It gets the job done!
  • Unhappy with spam calls

    By Tripgrrl
    The application is easy to use but I have to admit that I get so many spam phone calls to my 800 number each day that I'm considering dropping the service altogether.
  • Best Service Ever...

    By Satisfied in DC
    Love it!
  • Better, but...

    By miked12345
    This version is better than the previous ones. However I don't understand why you can't copy and paste the phone number. Form you can be a little brain numbing if I can't remember the entire number to have to keep going back-and-forth between screens.
  • Dramatic improvement

    By Spectral Nerd
    This app is a giant step along the way to perfection. Finally, we have a useful and reliable adjunct to the extemely useful Onebox service. This can all be summarized by one short phrase: It work!! Also, it's pretty well thought out--the menu at the top of the inbox allowing you to choose among voice, fax, and texts; the way you can choose a recent call and using simple finger taps respond with a voice call and a text message; the option to override your forwarding schedule and enter a new phone number to route calls to. Lots of signs of response to customer needs in this upgrade. For that, a sincere thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Poor voicemail

    No way of knowing how many total voicemails u have and can't delete several without losing ur place
  • Happy customer

    By Banderas boutique
    I'm a very happy customer they have the best service anytime anywhere I need them they always there for me satisfaction guarantee😄
  • This update is better however it needs more refinement

    By jdoogz
    This update is better however it needs more refinement in addition the VoIP function seems to be missing
  • Happy with this version!

    By CnC Fun Factory
    Been holding off on the text capabilities until now that incoming push notifications are possible. Great upgrade! Been using onebox since it was a free number and fax/email address. Recommend constantly. Next gen app would like to see landscape capability.
  • Excellent App!

    By JFraser82
    Please update the iPad version for "landscape orientation" when rotated though...
  • Good update

    By Traveler1711
    Super fast now. Great work!
  • Excellent

    By Erick001100
    It works great!
  • Major overhaul

    By Arrchurro
    Looks clean! app runs a lot faster now too.
  • No more VoIP?

    By pcweaver
    From bad to worse it seems. No more option for VOIP
  • Login Button Stopped working

    By djm!k3
    Hitting return doesn't work either. Have latest version. Hit return, restarted App, shut off and turned back on iPhone, re-installed app.
  • Excellent Call ID tool for business

    By sccsocal
    This app allows caller ID to display with a number other than your cell. That makes it worth five stars all by itself. Pop up alerts notify me of new voicemail and faxes, and all can be viewed through the app. App sometimes fails so I delete and re-download to correct. Then I am good for another few months. Great tool. Thanks for the continued improvements.
  • FAX

    By Jman topf
    Can't fax .pdf files, only pictures of the files from photo stream and the quality is horrible. Don't use this for faxing. It's horrible. Needs more work! Why can't you fax a .pdf file. Garbage.
  • Terrible

    By Capstone209
    Rarely works. Phone freezes up and closes while running this app. I'm looking for better a solution asap.
  • Update

    By Beacob
    No update since May 2013, app crashes all the time.
  • This app is awful

    By MaxPB
    I have to constantly restart my phone and the app just to make one call-and after that call typically have to go through the same song and dance again. When I can occasionally make a call, it's 50/50 (or worse) that the microphone won't work and the person on the other end of the call will not hear me speaking. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and tried everything I can to no effect-this app is awful. On top of that, I first wrote customer service asking for help with the app and got no response. Then I called customer service and they basically told me they are not really told anything about the app and can't help with it. This app is atrocious-just really terrible.
  • Useless app

    By KathryAtPlay
    Cannot retrieve email with app or in ipad browser.
  • Constantly crashes

    By Jeremymacl
    Upon first download it was working. EVERY time since then it crashes as soon as I open it! Needs to be fixed or deleted. Still crashing! Won't let me login on my ipad through safari so my only option is the app. Getting really tired of this company!!
  • Doesn't work on iPhone 5s w iOS 7

    By J P Clayton
    Useless, doesn't work on iPhone 5s w new update.
  • Yes I hate it

    By Bad gASS
    Sometimes voicemails are there, sometimes they are not. Cannot make voip calls due to the mic not working for this app (works on everything else) not just the built in mic but also the mic in the headset. Customer service reps at Onebox do not care about the customers. I can go on and on and on.