• Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2010-04-03
  • Current Version: 8.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 198.11 MB
  • Developer: Venmo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 610 543


Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid. Why use Venmo? Because it’s the money app for splitting the cost of almost anything—right then, right there. Because it makes settling up feel like catching up. Because you can add a note to each payment to remember the moments, not the money. What do people use Venmo for? Plenty of things, like: Meals Split the group dinner tab without the napkin math. Rent Transfer money to roomies for your share of rent and utilities. Activities Settle up for fun stuff like concert tix and road trips. Surprises Send a penny to say hi, or 5 bucks for good luck. Still reading? We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’re more than just a way to pay friends. - We offer Venmo card, so you can shop with your Venmo balance everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S., plus earn cash back rewards at select retailers. Terms apply: - Get your Venmo money in the bank, fast. Use Instant Transfer to get your cash in minutes using an eligible debit card or bank account. - Check out with Venmo on some of your favorite apps, like Uber, StockX, Grubhub, and Zola. - We’ve got your back—security is very important to us, and we prioritize making you feel safe and secure by taking security measures to protect your account. Plus, we’ve got a stellar customer support team, ready to solve any issues. Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.



  • Love it

    By Morg0609
    Love using this app super easy and fast
  • I Love ❤️ Venmo

    By TiffnJP
    I have only had the app for a few months but by far, absolutely the most convenient way to send money or receive money at a distance...and extremely useful in these times, am I right ;) I will be a Venmo user for life !
  • Awesome

    By neerybv28
    Fast and super useful!
  • So Convenient!

    By Oven Queen
    I LOVE how easy and safe it is to pay and receive transactions on V!
  • Simple AND “Clean”!

    By White Raven.
    Clean process for Clean $$$ 👍!
  • Won’t link to my bank act

    By Clip1331
    For some reason I am unable to link this to my Wells Fargo bank act. At the final step it just says error cannot verify account. I have tried to manually do it to and got the same message. I contacted customer support. It took them over 2 weeks to respond and they basically said this happens sometimes try a different account. I only have one bank account. I will stick with PayPal and Apple Pay as these work perfectly. I have money stuck on Venmo that I can’t transfer out.
  • Great app

    By cureently has peoblens
    This app is great. The only thing I wish would be different is the fee when accepting a payment during instant transfer.
  • fees. should only apply half and half on receiver and sender

    By mickeymorisontabbit
    to much by time transfer to account and then transfer it again with the fee already paid on that money
  • Mandatory comments

    By Fudrucker2286
    I don’t write reviews, I generally don’t care enough to do so. I just find it incredibly stupid and annoying that it requires a comment when you send somebody funds. Why does it have to be everybody’s business?
  • Awesome

    By buzzwix
  • SOLID.

    By lendog15
    Couldn’t ask for more.
  • Fraud Charges with zero help and they took all bank money

    By Mandi MKP
    What a terrible service. Got hacked and a bank account was drained of all money. You can’t get a real person only bots. And than you can chat thru messaging with a person who never helps you get your money back. And than as I’m at the bank another person comes in with the same issue. I would give negative stars if I could.
  • PayPal and Venmo are Unrivaled I’m Terrible Customer Service

    By Big-D09
    Good luck telling a live associate that...
  • Not private

    By Joaniemaria
    This app allows your contacts to see all of your purchases. That’s an invasion of your privacy.
  • It’s impossible to reach a human being

    By Joy Fickett
    I didn’t know I had to except a payment to receive it. God knows how much money Venmo has taken from people like me who did not know we had to do this. There is no one to help me with regard to this matter. I believe there’s a fair amount of money in my account that no one is able to help me get back. I didn’t know I had to except a payment to receive it. God knows how much money Venmo has taken from people like me who did not know we had to do this. There is no one to help me with regard to this matter. I believe there’s a fair amount of money in my account that no one is able to help me get back.
  • Very discouraging and will not be back

    By Treydawg71
    You should contact people back when they reach out for help.
  • Bad feedback

    Bad feedback to customers
  • Kudos

    By randolph54
  • Piece of...

    By ghudavotrpkhdqmvvd
    Impossible to set up from phone
  • Scammers

    By Chante Street
    This app is completely full of it. I sent money for an insurance license and sent two payments by mistake the incorrect person sent the money back. Long story short the company came into my account and took the funds. I wouldn’t use this app at all very upset. Only $150 I can imagine those who’s lost more.

    By Tj Truth
    THIS APP IS NOT READY FOR USE!!!! IVE HAD TO WAIT ON MY MONEY THAT I REALLY NEEDED MULTIPLE TIMES BECAUSE OF THIS APP!!!! It’s like every transfer has a problem!! Anytime a friend sends me money for something through this app I end up going through hell and having to get more money because I can’t get a hold of the money I was just sent!!!!!! This app is a big inconvenience and shouldn’t be rated five stars or even on the market with these issues!!!!!I verified my email, my identification card, and everything else they’ve asked for!!!! My account has been frozen then unfrozen and all!!! so why am I still having problems??? Their customer support has no live contact option due to Covid and it’s really hard to chat with them about the issue you’re having. After all of the times I’ve had problems with them I am still here have a one right now as of today,I have about $100 that I needed to go onto my bills from a friend and it’s just stuck sitting there in Venmo. They constantly say it’s either your bank or that the transfer just couldn’t be completed,Someone really needs to handle this or Apple really needs to stop doing business with this app!!!!
  • Never works!

    By Maggie Wuest
    I am always stuck without a way to send money because although my Venmo will let me deposit money into my account, I cannot send anyone anything. And no, it is not because of my balance. If just never works, which leaves me stranded.
  • Crappy service

    By Angry2843097432
    Never works
  • Edit and changes to account

    By Kim'sfavs
    Not allowing changes or updated information (ie. email is listed incorrectly and debit card expired)
  • I love it

    By lonelygirl77
  • Too difficult to link bank

    By drmflip04
    Tried and tried to link bank after getting money and it was quite the process and never go through.
  • Payments declined frequently

    By kzoo4852
    My experience w processing payments via Venmo has been super frustrating to say the least. I’ve tried repeatedly over one week to transfer money and have only been successful once. There is no one to talk to and online chat help is useless, since they don’t address IT issues. This is a very unreliable service that doesn’t follow up on any complaints. Good luck to any of you who should experience any issues in the future.
  • Lp

    By Lorrue 57
    New to Venmo and I’m loving it.
  • Efficiency

    By Castion D
    Timely and reliable.
  • Don’t Use -Cash app is better.

    By Shaetae22
    Their app glitches and now they won’t reverse payment. Screwed out of $2500. Don’t use Venmo - cash app is better.
  • Payments constantly being declined

    By Caralynek
    So disappointed. Payments declined every time! It’s not my bank, it’s Venmo. Customer service is useless.
  • It is there when you need it! Fast and easy to use!

    By csprat
    Never had a problem with this app. Love to be able to easily send to those I love! Thanks!
  • ?

    By Leonard Pearce
    Ummmmm it works
  • Fast, simple, convenient, and safe!

    By toastkoi
    Fast simple convenient and safe!
  • I hate it

    By Punk 88
    If I could I’d rate it a 0
  • Fast and reliable

    By carrieskiddos
    Have had no issues, great service!
  • Quick and Easy

    By eljefe 1069
    I am completely phone illiterate, but this I can do. Thank you folks. Pretty easy and straight forward.
  • Frustrating

    By Bellehollynegative
    My account was hacked and it was a MESS in May 2020. I have emailed and corresponded several times and followed all directions and verified upon verified my information. Even now, my identity is confirmed with my NEW info. that I had to change since my Venmo was hacked by some foreigner. It’s been MONTHS and I just tried to send money, and it says that it is still FROZEN. I run a business off of this app, but will switch immediately to PayPal or the cash app. This is ridiculous and every time I try to contact anyone, they never unfreeze the app, even though everything has been verified AGAIN. 🤬and it’s weird how it will not let me send a negative review. It’s all piss poor customer service.
  • Disappointed

    By TEStestestestestes
    My payment is always declined. About once a month I can make a payment. Venmo has trouble communicating with my bank or something?? There is money present and I can deposit money from Venmo into my checking account. But Venmo will only sporadically take money out of my account. Even if I have money in my Venmo account, I can’t use it to pay. Frustrating. I’m going to find a different cash app
  • Easy and makes my life easier

    By Cherish ☮️
    Venmo makes it easy to receive money for my business. It also helps send money to friends and family!!
  • I think there could be more identifying functions if you use multiple accounts

    By ErinTheTire
    Giving banks “nicknames” would be helpful and being able to see a list of transfers would also be great

    By toddy mon
  • Easy

    By 2015Lt50
    So far has been easy for me to use. 2015 Lt50
  • Customer Service

    By askdannyb
    I asked Venmo to cancel my card, because there was a merchant trying to get paid, and I never did business with this merchant. Venmo says ok. We will cancel and send out a new card. great, right? NO. Not only did the not cancel the card, they have continued to allow said merchant to run payments monthly. Ignorance is not bliss. Venmo may be a part of PayPal, but this particular branch, has been the worst to deal with.
  • Love it

    By Yelah1234567
    I love venmo
  • It’s great

    By Buyder guy
    Love it
  • This app it’s amazing!! Love

    By kamiñero
  • Alberto

    By Beto piñas
    Love it
  • Excellent

    By Ivancho37
    Best app