Venmo: Send & Receive Money

Venmo: Send & Receive Money

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2010-04-03
  • Current Version: 7.40.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 135.22 MB
  • Developer: Venmo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 790 622


Venmo is the simple, fun money app for sending cash quickly between friends and shopping at your favorite online stores. Apply for the Venmo card, and you could be on your way to shopping everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S. Share your new buys, split purchases with Venmo friends to avoid awkward IOUs, and catch up on what your friends are doing on the feed. QUICK & EASY Send money quickly to friends using Venmo by simply linking your payment method. Transfer money sent to you to a U.S. bank account. SHOP WITH VENMO MASTERCARD Apply for the Venmo card in the app, and take your Venmo balance shopping everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the U.S. Track and share what you bought, and split with Venmo friends later. Plus, there’s no annual fee, and no credit check (it’s not a credit card!). CONNECT & SHARE WITH FRIENDS Every penny tells a story, whether it’s for a group dinner, road trip, or concert. Add notes to your payments using your favorite emojis, and like or comment on friends’ stories. BUY FROM YOUR FAVORITE STORES Check out without your wallet. Use Venmo to pay in select mobile apps or at millions of retailers on mobile web—for free—so you can easily make, split, and share purchases with Venmo friends. STAY ON TOP OF IT ALL Easily track your finances. Use the app to keep up with what you owe, what friends owe you, and what you’ve bought using your Venmo account. YOUR SECURITY IS OUR PRIORITY Venmo makes money transfers easy and fun, and we take the protection of your Venmo account very seriously by using security measures to help protect your account information. Learn more at Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.



  • Efficiency efficiency efficiency

    By Agi76
    Easy to transfer money; app works great! Makes my life easier
  • Venmo

    By Nery33
    Love it so convenient!love love love
  • Great App

    By Bid Daddy G
    Great app to get payment to family members and Freimds.
  • Teenager

    By oparcls
    Venmo makes our daughter’s food runs with friends easy to help with
  • Best Ever

    By Grisley Beat
    I love this app. I don’t understand how it works but I love it.
  • Difficulty in using

    By 5150firemedic
    I have use
  • Sometimes it will not directly send my money to the account. Takes to long

    By MYLESTONE|Sydney
    Too long
  • Almost constant lag

    By TeacherTeach2015
    Transactions consistently lag. From pulling up someone’s name to typing in dollar amount to typing the content. For as popular as this app is, this isn’t acceptable,
  • Great

    By Rustypanda89
  • So user friendly, even my mom can use it!

    By Kelly k Idaho
    And she’s technologically challenged.
  • Great app easy to use

    By Nebula4476
    Very easy and great to use
  • LOVE

    By toenailfungus
    Buying and selling has never been easier. Love Venmo.
  • Why does everything have to be social media?

    By a-name-that-isnt-taken
    I cannot stand the social media aspect of this app. Also it is filled with annoying technical glitches like text not showing up when you type reviews!
  • Theft

    By csta247
    Venmo let me get my account hacked then didn’t refund the thousands of dollars stolen.
  • Great app

    By linkinup60
    Duper convenient and free if you link to your checking and not your card.
  • Reminders

    By Chrissypie124
    Great app. Would like to send more than one reminder for payment.
  • Use Zelle instead!

    By C864257
    So I had a friend who was sending me money for some work I did and I regret saying that I would try Venmo. (since I’m already a Zelle user)When sending money with Zelle the person receives it instantly and does not have to pay a percentage fee. I was willing to pay the 1% fee to receive my money instantly, however, I kept receiving an error message stating it couldn’t go through instantly. I called the Venmo customer service line and received absolutely no help from the person I spoke to. They said they didn’t know why I couldn’t use instant and stated that it would continue to do this for me, even in future transactions, and it wasn’t because my bank wasn’t a part of their instant program. Upon researching online, I see I’m not the only person who instant will not work for and who didn’t receive any help from Venmo customer service. I had to then select to wait 1-3 business day’s for it to go through, the app said it would go through the next day, but lo and behold tomorrow will be day 3 and I’ve yet to get my money. Completely unsatisfied. If you want your money instantly... just use Zelle! Never had any issues receiving or sending money through them.
  • Amazing

    By eskygirl
    I love paying for things with Venmo.
  • Djak

    By Wienersmitch
    Fug butt ooooh ouch
  • Great idea

    By joeagarcia
    Great idea we use this app as a family a lot
  • Was de-frauded $2175. Venmo did nothing and then permanently closed my account too.

    By Sethro81
    I used Venmo to accept payment for a piece of music gear that was expensive thinking the money went through immediately. It didn’t and this was a scam and I lost $2175. Yes, it was a mistake and you’re not supposed to use Venmo except btw friends (I learned later), BUT Venmo did absolutely nothing to help me and to add insult to injury permanently closed my account. So not only did I lose close to $2200 dollars. I also can’t use Venmo, which everyone uses for bills etc. Anyway BUYER BEWARE!!! You have close to zero power if things go wrong.
  • Complete BS

    By Tbubbz
    Your entire purpose as an app is to allow people to transfer money quickly. FIX YOUR GODDAMN INSTANT TRANSFER. I can’t get gas, so I can’t work; I can’t work, I can’t get food.
  • I can’t get into the site!!! I tried my phone number & email & it comes back wrong!!!

    By Alva Starr
    I recently upgraded my phone & had to upgrade Venmo..I entered a new password & then they asked for my phone number to confirm it’s me & said that number is already I can’t get into the site ...can someone please help me figure out this mess??? This is most frustrating!!!! Nothing is working for me to send & receive $$ to pay my bills!! Will someone please help!!!! This is my 2nd request! Thanks Debbe Kuiphoff Is someone going to help me here!!! Please answer my review!!!!!
  • It’s a scam

    By effvenmo
    My friends sent me a large amount of money and I guess that’s “suspicious activity” to Venmo. My account then was put under investigation and permanently deactivated for “not following the terms and agreements”. My account is still up and after trying to delete it I am unable to (I don’t understand why??). I tried setting up a new account as well but it won’t let me use the same phone number therefore, I can legitimately never use this app again. OH YEAH! and the fact that I had $40 on there that I can no longer get back due to them deactivated my account is the cherry on top
  • Nice

    By MrBlue101
    I love this app
  • Fee

    By ArmybeatNavy02
    Reduce fee
  • Ez to use!

    By thhgfffsshj
    Ez to use! No fees!
  • Bank disconnection

    By behfotng
    Continues to disconnect from the bank account I have set up
  • Great app

    By dacorporal
    I find that Venmo is a far superior app as far as user friendly is concerned. Very pleased
  • Terrible! DO NOT USE THIS APP !!

    By Gogutttr
    Worst app I ever used in my life. I should’ve never put my money in this app. Then they took my funds and won’t tell me where they are.
  • Love this app!

    By frogspott
    Safe & Convenient. I send and receive money from my son, friends. Add the Venmo debit card and it's even better!

    By Jlch51301
    The very first time I ever used this app my aunt sent me money for groceries for my new house I just bought.. I tried transferring this money to my card and they FROZE my account!!!! THEN they take my $ and tell me I’m no longer welcome to use Venmo!!! WTH???? Nomatter how many people I talk to they refuse to give me details as to why this happened and refuse to return my money!! DO NOT USE THIS APP. THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!!!
  • Works wonderful and fast and secure

    By Johnpleaseant33
    Works perfectly fine
  • Permanently banned account for no reason

    By kisskissmissmissxox
    I guess you can’t use Venmo for business reasons? Even though all my lash tech ladies and other entrepreneurs do. They won’t even give me an explanation as to why.
  • worar app ever

    By beenstolenalot
    i got paid throught this app and it refuses to give up my money by explaining that none of the 5 credit and bedit cards are eligable to get my money, it pretty much robbed me of my cash
  • ZERO stars

    By LilyA2019
    Venmo’s customer service is horrible. Besides the fact you can’t speak with someone. You have to e-mail them for assistance. I spent about a week or more e-mailing back and forth with no resolution. Such a waste of time. Deleting the app and leaving this review maybe reporting to BBB.
  • Unreliable. Account Suspended after Being Sent Small Amount of Money for First Time Lol??

    By talonlikesboba
    Imagine downloading a money transfer app to transfer money. Okay, now imagine getting your account suspended from being sent less than 200.00. That’s Venmo for you. This was my first time, and last time, ever using this app. What started off as a transfer that was urgent, and was needed to be instantly sent, turned into a 2 week process. Reliability? Yeah no. The only time I’ve had issues like these was with PayPal. Great to see that nothing’s changed. Use the Square Cash App, Zelle, or Apple Cash if possible. Never had an issue, and sent money quickly without any issue. Trust me, don’t rely on Venmo for anything. Oh, and by the way: thanks Venmo, glad I couldn’t pay my bills on time. Update: After a day, my account was permanently suspended and my funds are god knows where. So done with Venmo.
  • Payment method doesn’t work

    By qerryuiphgseuov
  • Great.

    By Boba Net
    Pretty easy to use. Love it.
  • 5 Stars

    By MsKate17
    Customer service is great!
  • Personal Information access???

    By mbags
    A little sketchy AA little sketch
  • I’m hungry

    By Toebee_g
    Food time
  • Insufficient funds charge is 40 dollars... worse than a bank

    By how many nicknames are taken??
  • Worthless

    By Re592
    I joined the app for a client payment. I get the payments but now o can’t even add my card info, or banking info (manual, or auto entry). Spoke to Venmo and I was informed that they “just can’t do anything about their security software” and I was advised to “send the money back and use another app”. PayPal is a pretty incompetent company that has given me various problems in the past with very ignorant mistakes on their end. Looks like Venmo is no different. I’ll never use PayPal’s services again. Save your time and sanity and get Cashapp instead.
  • Convenient but...

    By lilnicky92
    I think it’s really convenient and a great app. My only issue is that apparently If your account on file is short money, they front you the money you owe someone then take It as soon as you have it. Which is sketchy to me. Just tell me I have insufficient funds and I’ll pull money from somewhere else!
  • Too easy!

    By nate mosa
    Am i not able to connect my checking acct if my wife has already connected it to her v
  • Easy to use

    By mickys6928
    It makes it so easy to send and receive money quickly
  • Fees!

    By Nhallada
    Love Venmo but the fee is too high.
  • So convenient

    By ScooterP82
    I like the fact that there is a statement and record of transactions. Is there anyway we can print receipts from our computer’s browser?