AT&T Secure Family™

AT&T Secure Family™

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2010-02-05
  • Current Version: 3.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 174.46 MB
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 306


Peace of mind just got a lot easier with AT&T Secure Family. Take your family’s safety to the next level. Know where your kids are, control their screen time and manage what they access and buy online. AT&T Secure Family delivers parents peace of mind: • Location Tracking + – Track a family member on an interactive map. • Arrival/Departure Alerts* – Receive an alert when your child enters or leaves a location (home, school, etc.) • Pause Internet* – Limit Online distractions (time for homework, time for bed). • Filter & Block Content* – Filter or block Apps and Online content based on age appropriate settings. • App Purchase Block* – Block your child’s ability to make App purchases. AT&T Secure Family is free for the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, you will be billed $7.99 each month (includes up to 10 lines). Service auto renews every 30 days unless cancelled. Easy Setup and Pairing for Parents: *Feature requires pairing with AT&T Secure Family Companion, a free app++ that can be downloaded to the child’s device. + Network based location via cell tower triangulation, location schedule alerts and location history do not require the installation of a Secure Family Companion App on the child’s device. ++ AT&T Secure Family Companion can be found in the App Store and only works with the purchase of AT&T Secure Family which is $7.99/month. Other important information about AT&T Secure Family: − After first 30 days, $7.99/mo. will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscription will automatically renew each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current month’s billing period. − To view, modify or cancel your subscription, go to account settings in iTunes. No cancellation of the current month’s subscription is allowed. No refunds or credits for partial subscriptions terms. App requires iOS v. 10 or higher − AT&T Secure Family Companion is not compatible with AT&T Mobile Security Plus. If you wish to continue with the purchase, you must either remove AT&T Mobile Security Plus from your iTunes account or downgrade to AT&T Mobile Security Basic before adding AT&T Secure Family Companion to your child’s device. To cancel your subscription, go to account settings in iTunes. No cancellation of the current month’s subscription is allowed. No refunds or credits for partial subscriptions terms. − This service is available to AT&T postpaid wireless customers. Secure Family and Companion app users must be on the same account. Only authorized app users have permission to locate a family member. − Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. − Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas. The collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information through this application is governed by AT&T's Privacy Policy found at: View the AT&T Secure Family website at



  • Horrible app

    By toots112233
    Bring smart limits app back. This current app has many issues
  • Poor App

    By Bv2295
    The app blocking feature is a good idea to limit social media. The pause internet is a good feature. The major drawbacks. It cannot be controlled anonymously by the main phone. Kids can disable app when they want. App has to be installed and approved on their phone. So it may “accidentally” fail. Especially with this 48 hour disappearing challenge.
  • Useless Waste of Money

    By ericar028
    The purpose of parental control apps are for the parents to have control. Requiring the child download an app that they can delete is pointless. There is also very few phone control features. The time features on the previous app at the very least allowed the parent to limit out going calls and data usage, however it still allowed incoming calls and WiFi connection. If you want to make an app that is useful there should be a full block omg of all content during restricted times, the only thing that should be allowed are calls and text that the parents put on an allowed list. The device content blocking on this app would be nice if the child wasn’t able to delete the useless companion app. It seems our only recourse is to take the device all together. If we can’t control what is happening with the device they will not have one, not a wise business move AT&T as we have 3 teenagers with phones.
  • Can and should be improved if AT&T charges for this

    By Crippled Coyote
    Please add feauture to block cell data, wifi or both.
  • Not that useful

    By lostcause627
    It’s not very accurate for locating my phone. It only gives me an area within hundreds of yards, which isn’t very useful.
  • Crappy App

    By pingmyclub
    The product manager that built this app should be ashamed of himself. Poor UI/UX.
  • Horrible. A 1 is too good for this app. It should be -5

    By Kfamily5
    Used Family Maps for years. You upgraded it to this. It’s Horrible!!!!!!! Can’t find my family only myself. My twins are together at activities, but it shows them 10 MILES APART!!!!!! The rest of the time it shows my families location from 4 Days ago. I hate this app. I want my old app back! Several months later. And NO BETTER! I hate this app. And I want the old one back. Why would you ever think this is better???
  • Don’t waste your time or your money

    By humbub36
    This app is a piece of crap. It either acts like you don’t have an account or makes you log in all the time. It also doesn’t update well so you can never do what’s its intended to do. Don’t use it and AT&T doesn’t have a clue why it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time calling them about it either.
  • Secure Family NOT secure

    By 1Stlouis
    We have had this App for 4 months now. They need to really work on getting kinks out. My phone is CONSTANTLY receiving notifications saying that phones need to be paired again. When they aren’t paired and settings aren’t enforced, your child’s phone is open to anything. As in your child has access to everything you put a block on. I have to send a text at least 3 times a day, to have them reset their phones so they can pair up. DON’T waste money on this app until they get it fixed. Which will probably be another year. ( sigh!)
  • Horrible App

    By Cheri813
    I’ve had it installed and the parent/child apps linked three times in the last two hours because it keeps losing connection, which basically turns off protections/restrictions on the child app. It also does NOTHING to stop text messages. This is a huge step down from the old AT&T Smart Limits. No worth $8/ month.
  • Horrible App

    By Ishy74
    The old app was much better. It gave parents more control without their children knowing. Now I can’t block numbers from bad influences from my teens. All they do is uninstall the app. Total crap!
  • Not accurate

    By urbiemom
    I do not like this app sometimes I can locate my family and sometimes it don’t work which is majority of time thinking of getting a different app this app is horrible fix it
  • What does this do to prevent a teen from texting at 3am?

    By Superdupernova81
    Nothing. Would want to be able to limit texts seeing I have about 150 and she has 6000+. Pretty much shows you location and set internet limits. Granted you have their phone to install the app companion and profile. All we wanted was a way to turn off calls and text during a certain time and this isn’t it.
  • Do not download

    By daimlay
    Then I was just lied to by your support person. I was told I could block specific numbers and it was free. Now I find out I can not block specific numbers and I am being charged $7.99 for nothing I need.
  • Need to fix this app!!!

    By kitkat0501
    This is my second review. This app is not working! I’ve set up limits for my child’s phone and yet she can still access data during those times. Being back smart limits!!! The location feature on this app is useless because we have find my phone from Apple and it works great! I’ve been in contact with AT&T customer service numerous times and they tell me its fixed and it is not! So frustrating!!!
  • I wish I could give this rating ZERO stars!

    By Airstreamom
    I have been an ATT subscriber for the entire time that wireless phones have existed. Now, I’m in a chapter in my life that I need to manage and monitor the cell phone usage of my teenager and there is no good avenue to do this with ATT services. I’ve never felt more this walking away from this company before. I’ve been trying for a week to see this junk system up. It continually requires me to sign up for the service. Then, I get the “Whoops something’s wrong” message. Totally useless! No customer service. ATT do you read the feedback that you are getting from your customers??
  • Terrible app- bring back old ones

    By angeloftheacres
    This is a horrible app. If your 12 year old can just delete it to get over the restrictions what good is it? Sheesh?! The old one was sooo much better. I have never seen an app that fit so much worse with the newer version. Can’t see calls or texts from incoming numbers.... Hasn’t worked at all on my son’s phone.
  • Less than 1 star

    By thiswonttakeanynicknames
    I would give this less than one star. The previous smart limits was so much better. It worked. This POC doesn’t. It crashes and our daughter figures out ways to get around it. Bring back smart limits!!!
  • Don’t use it !!

    By anATTuser
    I cannot even login with my at&t ID, login success once though. It always let me try later. I’m a software engineer for many years, but I never see an app which was worse than this one.
  • Inaccurate location and constantly needs re-pairing

    By DreamBig19(me)
    Before grounding your teenager, check an alternate app like Life360 to see their location. This app has had my kids in horrific inner city neighborhoods, when I fact they were just right down the road (verified by going there). This is THE WORST app. Unfortunately AT&T had an app that worked moderately well, and shut that down for this app that has less functionality, is extremely inaccurate, stops working and you have to “repair it to your kids phone” weekly your kids can delete it, your kids will turn the app off (mine figured out quickly how to turn off VPN functionality that’s needed to make it work), etc etc.. I want a refund!
  • When idiots get promoted and start making decisions!

    By Steven12677
    Not sure what moron; or group of morons, thought it would be a good idea to get rid of a fully functional app and replace it with this app that basically mimics what your phone can already do better than At&t. The ability to block numbers, set time limits on data and calls was my favorite function of Smart Limits. This is a complete waste and has me looking at other service providers.
  • Extremely Disappointing

    By Dub*star*
    This app is really a disappointment. Smart Limits was leaps and bounds better than this app. First of all, it sent a text message to my 13 year old to agree to let me use her phone. What happened to it bro private. WARNING: if you want your child to not know you are monitoring their phone DO NOT GET THIS APP. Second, I could t block numbers. My 13 year old could unblock them. Who know how many blocked people she talked to before I realized that? Third, it was constantly unpairing and I had to rely on my 13 year old to agree via a text message is she was not close to me. Fourth, what happened with messaging me every time she receive a phone call or message? I want smart limits back.
  • Complete garbage and a huge waste of time.

    By Zziikkaaee
    There is not much to say more that the header for this review.
  • It’s nothing like SmartLimits

    By Curtis L P
    If you are going to replace an app/feature with another, it needs to be comparable. While the locating feature is nice. We can no longer see up to date/real time call log history. And easily block a number with a click. The call log history has you log into another function of the app and then it’s not updated. It can take up to 4 hours of refresh. A lot can happen in four hours if your needing to keep an eye on things.
  • Horrible - Bring Back Smart Limits

    By Haha Fahd akdndowhcj
    We had the Smart limits app for years, it did it’s job. This is a joke, I can’t monitor texts or calls through it which was the main reason for parental controls. If an app that serves the purpose we need isn’t released soon I will be switching companies.
  • Not worth it

    By rolimi
    I prefer the old app. I will eventually discontinue use of this app if it’s not improved. The location detector is way off and my child complains of data being off when I have not blocked it. She needs to reboot her phone several times before it begins to work properly. This app is a disaster and complete trash.
  • Map

    By rodgirl1
    Doesn’t work as good as Family map
  • Why?

    By tj00068
    Update: how long does it take for AT&T to realize they screwed up with this and fix it? We are nearly 3 months into this debacle. This “updated” new app is *horrible*. I used Smart Limits to set schedules for my kids’ phones. Give me back that functionality please. There’s no reason for me to pay to subscribe to a service that won’t let me schedule their access to cellular data without them being able to remove it. Very disappointed.... Looking into Verizon now. Don’t have time to wait for AT&T to get its act together. Update: I egave my 11 yr old my old iPhone 6 last year because I could throttle it down with Smart Limits to function as a glorified iPod that could make and receive calls from her parents. I paid full service for that phone - unlimited data. After downloading the new companion app on her phone I’m getting messages that it’s not working properly. She’s getting marketing calls, and totally inappropriate text messages. For the love of parents bring back Smart Limits. “Secure Family” is a cruel joke. Most of us pay for unlimited data, I would wager. I do, for 6 phone lines. AT&T is not saving any money from me by moving to Secure Family. And unless they get their act together in the next week by bringing back Smart Limits all of our wireless lines will be moved to Verizon. Their parental controls are better than Secure Family, but nowhere near as functional as Smart Limits. You blew it AT&T. You had the secret sauce with Smart Limits, but you gave it all away. Further update: it’s amazing to me that AT&T has not either a) reinstated Snart Limits or b) made any attempt to update Secure Family to respond to this revolt. Switching to Verizon tomorrow.
  • Bad merge

    By stuffclaud
    This used to be family map and smart limits. Now it’s combined and you have to install it on your kids’ phones. My kids figured out how to uninstall it. You can’t block certain numbers like before. It no longer lets you turn the phone call/text off or within certain times so the child can’t make calls or text after a certain time. You need to sign in every single time you go back from checking usage from one phone to another. So unhappy with this. I used the other apps for years- no issues. I think Verizon’s app does all this.
  • Useless

    By Los 619
    I used the previous smart limits app to limit my children’s data usage. I have found with the companion app that your child needs to have downloaded on their device they have the ability to completely override this feature and use data as they please. I am so frustrated with AT&T and their failure to address and resolve the concerns of thousands or parents!
  • Not reliable

    By Patty the Patriot
    Doesn’t stay up to date with time. Tells me where my son was 10 hours ago, won’t give location at current time.
  • Bring back smart limits!!!

    By Ok when bored
    I hate this app! Bring back being able to allow and block phone numbers!

    By Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Started working, then they did an upgrade and my app doesn’t even recognize me anymore even after reloading app. Called tech-support, submitted my case and said they would call back within 48 hours it’s been over 72 hours now. EXTREMELY poor poor tech-support, and still charging me 7.99/mo since nov 15, when they made me switch, by taking away Smart Limits app- it did everything I need, and it worked. PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY SMART LIMITS.
  • Not the best

    By Honestly Too
    The consistency and accuracy is pretty unreliable but can still be useful. It is not a great app but it is better than nothing.
  • Just ok

    By Don't ask me to sing . . .
    I have had it for a few months now, and there are things I like and things that need improvement. I like that I can block the internet completely and the location features, but I liked the features I had with the old program where you could be notified of their calls and texts and block all but certain numbers for outgoing calls and sending or receiving texts. You could also block cellular data, which prevented the sending and receiving of photos. I just had to take my sixth grader’s phone away because she had 3,087 texts last month (when she isn’t supposed to be calling or texting anyone but family) and a shirtless selfie on her phone that the boy she likes sent her. 😳 I get a lot of notifications that the app isn’t working correctly on one of their phones, but when I check to see if it needs to be paired with mine again, it says it is working. The location notifications can’t tell the difference between our house and the school, which is on the next block, so even when our child is at home and hasn’t moved, it is constantly notifying me that she left or arrived at school. Keeping it for now, but I need to figure something else out before I give my sixth grader’s phone back. She may just need a flip phone. 🙄
  • Failed

    By 2019Concerned
    Do not attempt. App does not work.
  • Don’t pay for this app

    By 1212121209$
    I downloaded this app as Smart Limits was being cancelled. You will never be able to accurately locate your child’s phone. You will receive texts from AT&T telling you to open the app and update your child’s profile but you won’t be able to figure it out. Then when you cancel it you need to take 5 steps to stop payments. Garbage, just garbage! Shame on you AT&T.
  • Mom

    By dianesamiam
    Because I can’t give zero stars,I chose ONE. When is the company going to address this failure to replace Smart Limits? Is this being discussed anywhere? I need to know if it’s worth waiting or if I should change providers now. So disappointing.
  • Problem locating family members

    By #spike
    Problems locating family members. Keeps saying that needing to redo connections.
  • Crap app

    By drdolitle
    Worse app ever there is virtually no control of the child’s phone so I used the only option left CANCELED THAT LINE and am going with a different provider
  • It promises a lot, but falls on its face

    By .MikeM.
    This app does not work. I have tried many times to setup my children’s phones, but it never seems to sync. I also cannot setup my line as a parent line.

    By lsjen60
    A complete waste.
  • Not Worth It

    By 1234785974648
    Horrible app
  • Not great...

    By Val7989
    The GPS location services are very lacking. When my daughter is in the house it will sometimes say she is a mile or more away. Same when she’s at school. The filters to block apps and websites could use work as well. Somethings that should be blocked aren’t and things that shouldn’t are. Overall, not super impressed especially considering I’m paying for this. It definitely needs work.
  • Terrible App

    By Katie Jacubs
    As every other app AT&T has (Digital Life, AT&T, etc) this is laggy and overall awful. It get stuck, so you can’t save changes, then you can’t cancel either, so you just have to get out of the app and come back in several minutes, then hope it has reset. This is clearly not ideal considering you’re trying to locate your kids and can’t. I will cancel this before the 30 days of trial is up.
  • Too awful. Worst app ever!

    By donaldw
    App does not work. Then they tried to bill me for the monthly service, even though the app is 100% non-functional.
  • Does nothing that I can see

    By DeadSpider
    I report robo scams daily... for months and month... still get robo calls constantly
  • Horrible not a app you want to use.

    By Unhappy MommaBear
    My child been at their room and app saying their some where not near the house. I tried tracking them as they walk to school not accurate at all. I’m very disappointed with this app I expected much more accuracy to keep my child safe. I previously had Verizon and my kids gizmo watch was 100% more accurate than this P.O.S!
  • Not Worth It

    By therogueangel
    AT&T replaced Smart Limits with this app that does not allow me to control who can text and call my child like Smart Limits did and it costs $2 more a month! Plus, it is constantly “broken” and says my child’s phone needs to be reactivated. It happens almost every single day. The only plus is I can block her from downloading certain social media apps but that doesn’t work when the phone has to be paired again and again. It’s definitely not worth $7.99 a month.