AT&T Secure Family™

AT&T Secure Family™

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2010-02-05
  • Current Version: 3.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 192.32 MB
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 553


Take your family’s safety to the next level. Know where your kids are, control their screen time and manage what they access online. AT&T Secure Family delivers parents peace of mind: • Location Tracking + – Track a family member on an interactive map. • Arrival/Departure Alerts* – Receive an alert when your child enters or leaves a location (home, school, etc.) • Pause Internet* – Limit Online distractions (time for homework, time for bed). • Filter & Block Content* – Filter or block Apps and Online content based on age appropriate settings. • App Purchase Block* – Block your child’s ability to make App purchases. AT&T Secure Family is free for the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, you will be billed $7.99 each month (includes up to 10 lines). Service auto renews every 30 days unless cancelled. Easy Setup and Pairing for Parents: *Parental Controls feature requires pairing with AT&T Secure Family Companion , a free app++ that can be downloaded to the child’s device. + Network based location via cell tower triangulation, location schedule alerts and location history do not require the installation of a Secure Family Companion App on the child’s device. ++ AT&T Secure Family Companion can be found in the App Store and only works with the purchase of AT&T Secure Family which is $7.99/month. Other important information about AT&T Secure Family: • After first 30 days, $7.99/mo. will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscription will automatically renew each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current month’s billing period. • To view, modify or cancel your subscription, go to account settings in iTunes. No cancellation of the current month’s subscription is allowed. No refunds or credits for partial subscriptions terms. App requires iOS v. 10 or higher • AT&T Secure Family Companion is not compatible with AT&T Mobile Security Plus. If you wish to continue with the purchase, you must either remove AT&T Mobile Security Plus from your iTunes account or downgrade to AT&T Mobile Security Basic before adding AT&T Secure Family Companion to your child’s device. To cancel your subscription, go to account settings in iTunes. No cancellation of the current month’s subscription is allowed. No refunds or credits for partial subscriptions terms. • This service is available to AT&T postpaid wireless customers. Secure Family and Companion app users must be on the same account. Only authorized app users have permission to locate a family member. • Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. • Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas. The collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information through this application is governed by AT&T's Privacy Policy found at: View the AT&T Secure Family website at



  • App needs work

    By alwaysrightlove
    The GPS is off. Multiple daily text messages. Even when I know where family members are the app has no location for them.
  • Trash Trash Trash

    By stay out its a trap
    Location I trash doesn’t block anything at all I been paying have not been able to log into it and when I do it kicks me out and says I don’t have access how if I paid for it already really a worthless app iPhone screen time is better and it’s free
  • Don’t waste your time.

    By m222ikeb2321
    The smart limits that att use to have was much better. You could set limits of how many text messages they could have for the month and you could turn off their phone whenever you wanted or set time limits when they could use it. The text feature was the best, because you can set limits but still allow text from family or whoever you allow. It kept my kids from texting all day long and they could earn more text messages. You also did not need to have your kids phone to set it up. Please please bring it back.
  • Don't waste your money

    By Finally a Free Nickname
    This service worked terribly for the few months we had it. The VPN dropped repeatedly and the limitations didn't work during the long periods where my kids' phones were inactivated because of said VPN outages. AT&T should be embarrassed to be charging money for a product this incapable of functioning properly.
  • It’ Ok

    By Mrs.Ape
    I do like the old AT&T app better (Smart Limits). Because it gave me the option to stop texts and calls at a certain time. This one does show you their location, when they leave and arrive, and you can turn on and off the Internet. Please add that feature .
  • Needs lots of work

    By emtkopan
    The profile required to make it work keeps disappearing from my kids’ phones and they aren’t deleting it. I have a FirstNet (also owned by AT&T) acct so now I can’t have it on my phone bc it is a different account. I can’t even log in bc my phone is on a different acct. I signed up on my iPad so I could manage my kids phone but every other time I log in it tells me I need to sign up for the service or it will tell me I already have the service but won’t log me in. BRING BACK THE OLD APP. IT WORKED BETTER!
  • What happened!?

    By ranger73
    The app used to be Good until you updated it, now it’s a piece of garbage, can’t locate my kids , glitch crazy!!😡
  • Developers, Please try the updates before installing them.

    By Kaceeraelyn
    5/1/19 Yay, an update! Just kidding, it was a setback. Can’t update location is not an appropriate response for every time I open the app. Sometimes I can keep closing and opening until it works. Why should I have to do that? I SHOULDN’T!!!! I waited to give you time to correct your mistake before making this review but gave up on you. Please fix what you broke and step away. You do not need to be messing with things you’re obviously not capable of understanding. I was so excited with the new app. I’ve heard others had trouble with features I don’t utilize but it kept me signed in after the first time and could locate our phones until yesterday. I’m still signed in but cannot locate any of the phones on our account. Fix it and leave well enough alone, already. So, frustrating! Two steps forward and five back. Another week has passed and it has only gotten worse. Every time I’ve tried to open the app I get a full screen warning box that I used to get only when I tried to start using Touch ID. It will not let me log on. So, it’s been four weeks now. Seriously, if you can’t fix this version and the new one is not ready, let us go back to the old version while we wait. Read the reviews. People are going to drop the service and you. Surely that is important to someone at AT&T since you obviously do not care about customer service or the safety of those paying for this service. Previous update...Well, while trying to use the app, a box popped up asking me if I loved it or not. I clicked no and a warning box came up telling me the app is unstable and froze the app. Would you please bring the old app back until you fix this one. Tons of us are telling you how awful it is yet it stays the same. I can’t even begin to explain how ticked I get just opening the app and being greeted by a welcome, let’s begin. It’s not my first time there! I’m not new to the app! I DO NOT want to enter my password every time I open the app! It is on my locked phone. I do not need the app to log me out and lock itself. Update: I spoke with AT&T today and was given the wise advise of delete the app and reinstall it to fix the problems you’re having. It did not fix anything. Touch ID still does not work on an iPhone X and gets stuck processing when you try. The app logs you out every time you leave the app meaning you must manually enter your password each time you open it. STUPID! I cannot yet speak to it improving location services because I haven’t used it. I was too frustrated trying to log on. Original review: If anyone at AT&T actually cared enough to read these reviews, someone would realize that the latest update is a disaster and would revert back to the older version until the new version is actually usable. It is extremely slow to do anything and then what is does is say my phone number is invalid or errors have occurred. Once I did manage to get it opened, it logged me out. Please hurry with a solution and give a discount/refund for all the time since this latest update.
  • Hopeless

    By bbbbbbbssssssdd
    Doesnt update location properly and inaccurate (despite being paired). Very erratic in identifying child’s arrival to specified location. App is unstable (have had to repair three times). Wont register changes made in time limits. Terrible app. Dont bother wasting your money.
  • Horrible App

    By Eantro
    Worst security app ever. Won’t pair with my kids phone and will only allow 1 parent. Don’t use. Spend your money elsewhere. A
  • This App gave me Cancer

    By coopage
    I really wanted it to work as advertised, but this app is crap. Any kid smart enough to operate a cell phone is also smart enough to defeat any limits, controls, and monitors within this app. That might be alright if the locate feature was useful. It's not. First, timing: current location is far more meaningful than where someone was the last time they were located. The app rarely can locate someone on demand. Second, precision: two square miles is an awful large radius in a metropolitan area. I wasn't expecting pinpoint precision, but come on. Third, accuracy: rarely is someone located within the noted radius. Despite giving a massive search radius, the app often only gets adjacent to the person's actual location. I do not recommend this app. In fact, I advocate whatever is the opposite of recommending. Delete this app before it gives you cancer too.
  • Needs A LOT of work

    By Jldarnall
    I can get 20 text messages in 20 minutes telling me the app is not working correctly on one of my children’s phones. I also get notifications repeatedly that my child has arrived home, but they haven’t left the house to begin with! Very inconsistent in telling me they’ve arrived at set locations. When I try to locate them, their location won’t update. I don’t even have text message alerts even turned on, just push notifications!
  • good but not great

    By Sharon Lia
    This app - which I pay for, is not accurately pinpointing location... which if my family member is in distress and needs assistance I would not have specific location information to get to them...
  • Awful after last update

    By Puteacher
    Won't locate anyone. So frustrating. It really can't be this difficult.
  • New software is downgrade

    By KAPuser
    New software is a downgrade. Very poor software app, does not provide location info as old app. Can’t have two parents. Latest update requires login for each use. Many times location accuracy is in 1-4 miles.
  • App is pretty useless

    By eryanjr
    Have 3 websites blocked and the apps as well, guess what? My daughter can still access those apps and websites. She came to me the other day and pretty much told me all she had to do was delete the profile which renders the app useless.... I really wish I could rate no stars.
  • Horrible!

    By PDJKO
    What are the developers doing?? Bring back Family map! Latest problems find phone but can’t determine location?? Ridiculous!! Want a full refund since inception/replacement of Family map!! The app can’t handle 2 parents, it locates them in the same spot! Ridiculous! New improved maps? My son’s school location hasn’t changed in 2 years, now it finds him but can’t resolve address?? Again...Bring back FamilyMap! New APP doesn’t provide a way to edit schedules location finds. Your import of FamilyMap flags was screwed up!!
  • Dont waste your money

    By LLFarmer
    You can actually do more with the iphones free settings than you can with this, you just have to set the controls from the childs phone directly versus an app on your phone. This has its limitations.
  • Needs to be upgraded

    By thisnameistaken3579
    I use the app mostly for the location feature. The free beta they had was more accurate and faster. If trying to locate a child in a metropolitan area, good luck! If you’re lucky, after about 5 minutes you can get within 1-4 miles of their location. Thats a fact at least in Minneapolis.
  • One giant flaw

    By MsAmeeeeeee
    This would be a very useful app if not for one giant flaw. An even somewhat smart teen can turn it off from their own phone! The parent will get a notification that it’s unconnected which is not helpful when the teen is not at home and unable to be reached. Such a great idea but totally useless for the intended purpose. So here’s an idea for the developers, make it impossible to turn off without parent permission!!!!
  • Paying for app that doesn’t work

    By Mommytyler
    This app is useless. It goes in & out & doesn’t work correctly
  • Att Secure family

    By Tuzzy40
    Having problem logging in it always logged me out also then when I try to login it says try again later and all it does is keep saying try again later l Can’t even use the app because it takes hours for it to let you log in But not long after when you do click on it again you are logged back out You definitely need to do an update on this I would really appreciate if we can do it sometime soon no since of having It and paying for it when you can’t even use it thank you please do a update fast
  • Terrible app!

    By concerned user 5
    Terrible customer service. Unreliable service. Definitely will explore other options
  • What’s the point

    By Sugrplum66
    What’s the point in paying for this app when it doesn’t do what it’s suppose to???? Why did you take away a perfectly good app for this one ??
  • This is a ZERO

    By iElle29
    Absolutely no help in resolving the fact that my son is listed as the Primary Parent and no way to cancel subscription... AND NO REP TO CONTACT ME BACK 😡 I want to dump ATT just for being A&&holes about this issue and not resolving for their many loyal customers who clearly are not happy with the switch from SmartLimits.
  • At&t garbage

    By Cant. Kirk
    The old family plan worked great. Had no major issue with it. Now I have to download a app on my kids phone to set limits. As soon as they saw the app on their phone they removed it. I am now shopping for a new provider that offers this service that I want. Being that AT&T does not require contracts I can take my phone to any other provider. If and when I find one I will update this site so all the parents that are struggling may also switch.
  • Kids can bypass

    By EckFar
    How is this app supposed to allow me to prevent my children from being on the Internet at certain times when they can bypass everything by turning off the VPN in the settings? AT&T Smart Limits was better. The Find My Friends app on iPhone has better location services.
  • Absolutely terrible, don’t waste your money!

    By securefamilysucks
    The new secure family app is terrible. The location information is awful and you can no longer restrict calls and texts like you could with the old smart limits app. The only thing you can do is restrict website access and turn off their data (which you can do for free through the AT&T website) and that’s only as long as the kids still have the companion app on their phone. Once they uninstall it, no limits/restrictions and you don’t get any notification that they did so, despite what AT&T says. Total waste of money. I’m ready to cancel my AT&T service and move to another carrier who offers actual parental controls! Also, beware. When you cancel through the app it looks like your subscription is canceled, but you will continue to be billed until you cancel through iTunes as well. Downright shady.
  • Bad app

    By Wheelz_77
    This app works somewhat, if you pause the internet on a phone they are still able to text without wifi. But some apps will not work with wifi when you pause the internet through the app. I want something that allows me to limit my children’s data or to set a limit. But I still want to be able to text my child with the data off. AT&T-really needs to get it together
  • Seems pretty useless at this time

    By Okie Al
    I’ve used Family Map in the past with no issues. Now I’m trying Secure Family. Looks like it will be a nice app if it works but at least for me it doesn’t. Signing up is a nightmare. Makes me go through the process of picking the parent phone and the child’s phones after that. That seems to work ok but the next step is not working. It says to hit continue to accept the terms But then tells me whoops something went wrong and then it makes me start over. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled multiple times with no luck. Tried to just start over but it says I already am subscribed. The app has no working way to get help or even answers to questions for that matter. The help button basically sends you to the generic AT@T website where you can search for what you want.... couldn’t find anything about my issue just how to work things when the apps work. What do you do when the app won’t let you accept the terms.... hmm. Nice to get stuck in an endless loop for a weekly pay app.
  • Crappy app

    By CardsBoy13
    Horrible app. Constantly losing connection with Childs phone. GPS is inaccurate. Old app was much better
  • Useless

    By Costs $$$
    Awful. Want to switch to Verizon. Can’t control the iPad. My kids are able to disconnect app.
  • No outgoing call blocking

    By security joe
    Previous smart limits app allowed me to block specific phone numbers from being called from the child phone number. I depended on that. Then that capability went away and I was not informed of that. Not until my child resumed making some unwanted outgoing calls did I realize the feature does not work. Then it was hard to unsubscribe from the service. I cancelled from within the app, but Apple continued charging me for the service. So I had to ask apple for a refund, which they gave me and cancelled the service. This app does not work with WiFi only devices.
  • Old app was better

    By Andie124
    My kids can delete the app if they want to. So if I turn off data they just delete the app. This would be great if it worked like the old app.
  • Do not download

    By daimlay
    Then I was just lied to by your support person. I was told I could block specific numbers and it was free. Now I find out I can not block specific numbers and I am being charged $7.99 for nothing I need. This app is useless.
  • The worst

    By Madrenpadre
    Seriously all I get whoops something went wrong. Pathetic
  • bring back family map!

    By weirdoMay7890
    this app alerts every month that the person is being tracked. Completely defeats the purpose of the app. I loved family map better. bring it back!
  • The worse!!!

    By X6demon
    We set it up on four iphones and all 4 phone were placed next to each other. Only one phone reflected the accurate location while the other 3 showed a mile away in all different direction. My son took the phone to Irvine and doesn’t not give accurate location. It gave the approximate of 5 mile radius. How is this helpful???? FIX IT!!!
  • Only works part of the time

    By Clevewilliams
    This app is useless and only works part of the time I try to locate and have to refresh multiple time to get it to update and constantly have to repair with other photos. There are much better free apps that actually work.
  • Location is not accurate

    By Aslanlar
    Do not purchase this app,because location is not accurate.
  • I miss smart limits

    By Meeh-ohmai
    I miss smart limits because I was able to block and restrict specific numbers on the phone. And the call and text logs were in the app itself so I didn’t have to log into Att website.
  • Bring back SmartLimits

    By Sparkle mom 101
    This app is an epic FAIL. Smart Limits worked much better and didn’t require I download anything on my child’s phone. I could control their data from my phone and set their bedtime and limits without ever touching anyone’s phone but mine. Bring back the original please!
  • Don’t download this app

    By gro.14
    The app is awful! One min it will let me in and the next it says I wasn’t aloud on it. The app needs work! I’m not going to pay for something to work one min and not the next.
  • This app doesn’t do anything.

    By Elena the horse
    The smart limits app was so much better. I could block texting but make it so my child could still text me. I could block certain numbers bi can’t do any of that with this app. I’m not paying for this app when it doesn’t do anything.
  • Not worth much

    By xxzzxcv
    3 people in same car. Shows them in three widely different places, miles apart. Updates slowly. Have to hit refresh repeatedly. As bad as Family Map was, this is much worse. Nearly useless in locating family members.
  • Need back the old features

    By kelene55
    Parents need a program that gives them the ability to track their children’s phone activity beyond where the phone is located. It seems that is what Att wants to concentrate in their app. The plus in this app is the ability to block groups of types of apps like all social media apps, which is the issue with my child. The huge negative and real issue to the new app is the inability to regulate the phone numbers. This feature need to be brought back or why pay for denatures that can be set up which an eye phone. Att definitely need to do some more work on the app.
  • Worse app ever

    Connection issues, incompatible problem and just horrible. The old one was much better and showed more with less problems.
  • Crap App!!!

    By rose thunderdreamer
    Single mom with kids and this location tool rarely ever works!!! Defeats the purpose for the app! Don’t waste your money! The cops will find them first!
  • Constantly have to login and reset

    By want Limits back
    I have to constantly login and re-signup. I have deleted the app and reloaded. I have powered my phone. It. Doesn’t. Work.