10bii Financial Calculator

10bii Financial Calculator

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2010-10-04
  • Current Version: 4.8.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 13.66 MB
  • Developer: K2 Cashflow, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 395


Look no further, you have found the best Financial Calculator app available. In-App Purchase: 10bii+ Features (Bonds, Breakeven, Depreciation, Trig, Probabilities) available! 5 Stars: "What is the PV of WOW? I'm sure thrilled with everything about this app! Too bad there isn't room for another star!" - Pokey 5 Stars: "This tool is excellent. It's downright marvelous! I would recommend it to any financial advisor without reservation." -John L Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP 5 Stars: "Awesome Financial Calculator! I use it all the time and love it!" - Tinahart2 5 Stars: "Great customer service along with the app's ease of use made this purchase a no brainer." - HarborDan 5 Stars: "I am a full-time investor in real estate and notes. This has become my "go to" app on my iPad. [It does a] wonderful job in integrating visual tools to illustrate financial cash flows. A++++" - Sanjosee Highlights: - Displays current N, I/YR, PV, PMT and FV values right above buttons - Print or Save PDF Amortization Schedules - Easily enter your Uneven Cashflows in a spreadsheet-like worksheet - Video Tutorials in Help section - Draws Cashflow Diagrams for simple TVM or complex Uneven Cashflows - Saves Recent calculations so you can easily reload them - Easy Mode allows everyone to get the financial answers you need! Finally a Financial Calculator for everyone! Whether you are a seasoned investor or you just have questions about paying off your credit card, refinancing your home, or planning your 401(k) contributions, the 10bii Financial Calculator has the answers to YOUR financial questions! The 10bii Financial Calculator is a versatile and powerful financial calculator which features more than 105 different functions for financial analysis, business, statistics, and general mathematics. Modeled after the extremely popular HP 10bII Financial Calculator, the 10bii Financial Calculator app combines precise mathematics, intuitive display, and ease-of-use in one compact package. It allows you to easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, time value of money, investment value, and more using a combination of powerful and intuitive equation-writing functionality and helpful worksheets. The 10bii Financial Calculator's keypad has been specially designed to be easy to use and easy to see. By expanding on HP's traditional presentation, the 10bii Financial Calculator allows quick and intuitive building and visualization of TVM (Time Value of Money) calculations and Uneven Cash Flows, lets you see the stored values of all of your memory registers in one easy view, graphs your statistical series, and lets you type in whole equations for easy review and one-touch evaluation. With the 10bii Financial Calculator, you can: Get answers to common financial questions WITHOUT having to know how to use a financial calculator! With the 10bii Financial Calculator's Easy Modes, answer a few simple questions worded in plain language (rather than Financial-ese) and find out just how much you'll save with that refi, how much you'll have at retirement, how long it'll take you to save up for that big purchase and more. Now with 12 Easy Modes! Easily enter and see diagrams for Cash Flows, including rapid calculation of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. A dedicated interface makes adding, editing, deleting, and reordering uneven cash flows a breeze. Enter and analyze statistical data points, and see graphs based upon the values you enter. Includes standard calculations such as standard deviation, mean, and linear regression forecasting. Never has using a financial calculator been so easy or intuitive. The 10bii Financial Calculator is powerful enough for the professional but accessible enough for everyone. It is an ideal tool for teaching the power of compounding interest, analyzing potential deals or business ventures, or just doing math problems, and sharing the results of your work with others.



  • I can’t go without this!

    By Endyesse
    I use this app constantly. As an investor, I use it on my phone and iPad when I’m working out quick calculations on a deal, or figuring future values. I also use the version on my desktop. The amortizations are spot on.
  • Great app

    By Al the app user
    This is great. a financial calculator on you phone and easy to use
  • Great Financial Calculator App

    By Jeleviste
    Easy to use and lots of added features!
  • It doesn’t work.

    By Nicknamealreadytaken86754389
    Just getting started to do homework for finance. First problem and it doesn’t calculate. Watched video and interesting enough the tab to use wasn’t present. So money wasted. No way to contact company via website so I guess they do not want bothered to improve the product. Buy a better product- you will be less frustrated!
  • Invaluable tool

    By Joe So. Calif.
    I use this app every day for many valuable functions and calculations that help me make better investing decisions. Thanks to Kyle and Kenny for such an awesome app!
  • Love the app. But Share is broken

    By Efixman
    It’s a great app and is easy to use. But I recently tried the share option on my iPad and iPhone X and when pressing the share button it just hangs and then the app dies. The developer explained that it crashed because of an interest only calculation. An IO option would be helpful.
  • Love it

    By _rcarey
    Great app
  • Very easy to use interface

    By MrConstructive
    I have been buying discounted paper for many years. Always had to carry a financial calculator before this fabulous app came along. I love the easy to use interface and also the amortization table feature.
  • I am studying accounting and this app is great

    By higiniolopez1982
    Very helpful for my accounting classes. Be patient and take the time for watching the tutorial videos you will se what simple is using this app
  • Love it

    By Frozar
    Great app!
  • Amazing value

    By Ponsvir
    Solid app that provides extensive financial calculations and features.
  • Helped me learn, became a better investor

    By Blake Stevens, BlakeRugby,
    This calculator helped me learn the financial Calc's that helped me to be a successful real estate investor. Really good app and useful built ins for mortgages and other calcs. Helps me to make smart decisions in all my financial transactions.
  • Excellent

    By Frus.trat.ed
    Better than the real thing. Help on functions is easily available and understandable. Worth the money.
  • Best App

    By Relaxed Massage Therapist
    This app is easy to use and so worth the money. Learned about this when I took a Financial Freedom class with Gary Johnston which I also highly recommend. This app can be an important tool to becoming financially independent.
  • Excellent APP

    By CFP Student
    This app is better than the actual calculator. It displays full amortization schedules, as well as easy to understand cash flow calculations. Well with the money spent for the app. I highly recommend it!
  • Great app

    By ClemsonBearcat
    Easy to use. Easy to learn. Excellent features.
  • Exactly what I expected

    By Tatay.Bernard
    I have the actual calculator and have used it for years. It is simple and the formulas are logical and easy to follow. Great purchase. Highly recommend for all the basic financial calculations.
  • Great app!

    By iMert
    I don't rate 5-stars often. This app just works, and is exactly what I need for my work. It has become my go-to mobile calculator, and I've tried out many. I use the finance calculations, especial cost/price/margin, everyday in my work. I checked the functionality of the RND button that another reviewer dinged the app for, and it works. Some of the functionality of the app is a little odd, an HP thing. I had trouble figuring out some other functions, and actually found a sequence of button presses that would crash the app. I emailed the developer, and within an hour had a link to the full HP manual for the calculator that I downloaded, and a request from them on how to replicate the crash so they could fix the bug. Great app, Excellent support!!
  • Seems to work great

    By Sirgoose4444
    I really like the app and it does everything I want it too and If the RND button worked I would give it a 5 star rating.
  • Super useful

    By Ramapra
    Great for school, finance and real-estate! My go-to calculator !
  • Best App for me

    By Lyghtflame
    Love the simplicity and tutorial videos. Thanks team!
  • Great financial calculator!

    By Bcrid
    I have used this app for years. It's easy to use and the calculations are accurate. I had to contact the developer years ago and he was super responsive. Go ahead and buy this app, it's worth it.
  • Great scientific calculator

    By iLaMont
    I have used this now for a few months and it is my go to calculator. It does everything that I need from the basic math functions to the trigonometry functions which I periodically need.
  • A great app for non-math majors!

    By Ambient lite
    I was hesitant at first to even get a calculator that looks so complicated, but once you learn what the symbols mean, it's pretty intuitive. For only a few bucks, you get the equivalent of an HP10bii, but with a full viewing screen (you can even use their manual online to learn the functionality of this app). You won't bother with amortization tables any more. It is so easy!
  • A great accounting calculator

    By Bbqbobxxxx
    This app is better than the actual 10bii calculator! Ongoing display of interest, payments/year, etc are outstanding!
  • Great

    By UniqueNickname1
    Works great!
  • Always get an error message

    By Send a bpuquet
    Every single time I open the app, I get a message that there are no email accounts associated with the app.
  • wrong item

    By drtally74
    i purchased the app for mac and i received the pc version. i want a refund or the correct product for the apple products ,and it is not an exe file. please correct this today, immediately,please, i need it for an emergency project,. thanks
  • Very good App

    By ButchMcGuire
    Please move the help button. Other than that, if you've owned the HP calculator, this app is much easier to use and understand.
  • Great app. Love reverse Polish notation

    By Matukituki
    Great app
  • Just like the real thing

    By Clara1235567
    A must-have!!!! I've downloaded several financial calculators, and this is by far the best one. Absolutely worth the price.
  • The best financial calculator on the market!

    By Gregharris9000
    Awesome app!
  • Great calculator

    By zmarcotte
    Absolutely love it. Other than the CFP test it makes the actual calculator useless! Advanced TMV concepts are shown in lists. Much better than the actual calculator.
  • Can't Go Wrong!

    By rmac2011
    Having this calculator in an electronic version has been both convenient and more user friendly. The calculator is laid out very well. I would recommend to anyone in the financial industry.
  • Great calculator!

    By villman.
    Does what it says. Takes some learning as it slightly differs from the actual 10bii, but it really is no issue at all and I would recommend to anyone looking for a 10bii replacement. Super convenient to not have to have another device and having it on you wherever you go.
  • Great App - no regrets

    By DudsMcSpuds
    Have the 10Bii hardware. Great to have it on my phone. Calc functions great and use it almost daily. Very handy.
  • Perfectly fine

    By The_D_19
    Not a bad calculator.
  • WizTop please contact us

    By RealEstateInvestor
    WizTop, the calculations are correct but financial calculators are complicated and it is easy to have a config option set to something you don't expect. If you are having a problem or have a question about the app, PLEASE contact us at theteam@inadaydevelopment.
  • Wasted money

    By Wiz top
    This calculator consistently gives me an incorrect answer when calculating the yield to maturity rate.
  • So cool

    By Nondocapuano
    Man, I can't live without a financial calculator. So great to have this right at my fingertips all the time
  • No issues

    By D. Patino
    I don't even know where my hp is now
  • Great easy to use financial calculator

    By legend910
    Love this calculator. I've had a hp 17bii for years after grad school... And love that I no longer have to remember to bring it with me when meeting clients.
  • Great help/features

    By SF _Steve18
    For anything that I needed help finding or using within the calculator - their short and concise video tutorials helped me with what I was trying to do. Great set of features. Easy to use if you know what you're looking at. Great tool, use it for my finance class homework every day/week. Works great, haven't had any bugs or crashes or anything of the sort.
  • Best 10bii Calculator

    By Gardonian
    I've tried a few on the App Store and this is the best one. Also love the new iOS 8 look. Thanks for the update!
  • Perfect function!

    By Kak0226
    This is an awesome financial calculator. It functions just like my hp financial calc. My only complaint is the ugly icon.
  • Some functions Crash!!!

    By stooone
    quickly tried a few minutes and found some functions not working, like DISP = ... AMORT key crashes! TVM function is NOT complete.
  • Cluttered

    By Student AJP
    The UI of this app is too crammed together. Hard to find the function I was looking for.
  • Cluttered

    By Student AJP
    The UI of this app is too crammed together. Hard to find the function I was looking for.
  • Fantastic app

    By MediumSize producer
    Very helpful - works better than the original