• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-04-01
  • Current Version: 9.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 230.58 MB
  • Developer: Ginger Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 710


Welcome to Notability: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation. Apple Editors' Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac!  Top selling paid app on iPad App Store, regularly ranked #1. Students, teachers, and business professionals use Notability daily to enrich their lives. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at school, home, and work. STREAMLINE YOUR WORKFLOW • Become fully paper-free, in the classroom, office, and at home. • Complete, sign, and share documents in Notability. • Drag and Drop to move files, text, photos, GIFs, web pages, and more from other apps into Notability with Multitasking. • Secure and lock your notes using Face ID and Touch ID. HANDWRITE AND SKETCH WITH BEAUTIFUL INK • Fully express your artistic side with custom colors and match any color with the color dropper. • Easily create perfect shapes. • Precisely erase freehand ink or shapes with varied brush sizes. • Ink is fine-tuned for 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil for the most responsive, precise writing experience yet, including double-tap gesture for switching tools, erasing, and more. SEARCH AND CONVERT HANDWRITTEN NOTES • Search for handwritten words from the Library and in the note view in any of our 15 supported languages. • Convert handwriting to text. • It all happens on your device, so your information stays private. SAVE TIME WITH MULTI-NOTE • Multi-Note lets you work with two notes side-by-side. • Quickly switch between notes with the Note Switcher. • Drag & Drop handwriting, typed text, images, and more between notes. TYPE ANYWHERE • Notability includes full-featured, left-aligned typing with word count and a wide range of fonts, sizes, and colors. • Create outlines, interactive checklists, and text boxes. • Save time with keyboard shortcuts. IMPORT AND SHARE • Import PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more - conversion to PDF happens on your device, so your information stays private. • Annotate imported pictures, lecture slides, and meeting agendas, or complete class assignments. • Share notes via email, AirDrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and more, or share note content to other apps with Drag and Drop. RECORD AND PLAYBACK AUDIO • Get more out of your lectures and meetings when you record them. • Notes are automatically synced with audio recordings so during playback you can listen to what was happening as you wrote. AUTO-BACKUP AND ICLOUD SYNC • Use iCloud to automatically sync your notes to Notability on iPad, iPhone, and Mac, or to retrieve previous versions of your notes. • Use Auto-backup to send your notes to a cloud service for archiving or recovery. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, and OneDrive are all supported! Mac app sold separately. Notability is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.



  • Ultimate Tablet Note Taking App

    By __________KLG
    I have Notability on my laptop and don’t care for it very much but Notability on my iPad is an ABSOLUTE MUST! My notes are organized and colorful but the best part is being able to customize my notes with any chart, picture or diagram I want and be able to label pictures myself! I didn’t know what I was missing until I got Notability!
  • Used Notability for Many Years!

    By HooLew33
    I have used notability for most of my undergraduate education and all of graduate school. This app just gets better and better! The developers really listen to recommendations and fixes. I love that I have access to my notes on my phone, iPad, and Mac. I had to buy the notability app separately for my Mac (worth every penny). This app makes taking notes so easy! I can download any PDF and edit it, or start my own note. The recording feature is amazing! Its so great to go back through my notes and listen to lectures or meetings with my notes being highlighted to follow along where I wrote things. My notes are so easily organized and SEARCHABLE! — Even my own handwriting. You will not regret purchasing this app! So. Many. Features.
  • No third party keyboard option.

    By nooooey
    Bought this app to see if it had a third party keyboard option for handwriting to text. It doesn’t. Before buying I emailed the developer to ask. Two weeks later still no response from the developer. This app is now useless to me and apple denied my refund requests. Very disappointed. The app description said keyboard compatible. I thought I would take chance and request a refund if it didn’t work. I’ve had apple phones and iPads for 3 years and have only ever requested 2 refunds.
  • Good for grad school

    By lily heiden
    This app is a very good tool for keeping all my notes together anywhere at anytime. Love it!
  • Kim

    By no bones about it
    I DO NOT like the latest update and wish to remove it! The eraser activates too easily as well as the automation of the shapes.
  • Used to love

    By buchnich
    The most recent update has broken my highlights transferring between my iPad and MacBook over iCloud. I payed for both applications, so I expect them to work.
  • Every student should have this app

    By Kaczmaniandevil
    This is one of the best apps I have ever used and they continue to improve it. If you need an app for writing this is the one for you.
  • New Update ruined app

    By Jartoid
    Every time I simply tap on a picture I insert into my note, it’ll zoom out and crash the app, deleting all my progress!
  • Love this app!

    By nbbabsjf
    I take a majority of my notes for Engineering with this app. Keeps me organized. Love it!
  • Best note taking app for iPad

    By Shelbsjenae
    I’m a dental student and this app has literally saved my dental school life. It has awesome updates and I wouldn’t use anything else!
  • Love it - great app

    By pcty tommy
    Changed my work life. Love it.
  • Kitchen Designer

    By Elegant Cabinetry
    I love this program for presenting my CAD drawings digitally. I can make notes, use it to field measure and not have all the paper!!
  • Loved until the update

    By mang0oh
    The new update has been extremely frustrating. If you try to write anywhere near a text box, well you just can’t without it moving and wasting your time. Also trying to write over an imported picture is useless unless you only write in script and don’t pick up your pen to cross your t’s or i’s, otherwise it moves. The picture crop seemed great in theory, but it doesn’t enlarge your picture any, just keeps the whole area you’re cutting out white. There’s also a lot of freezing with the update too. Please take back the shapes, and give back the ability to quickly write notes efficiently.
  • Another screwed up app

    By Gordonslight
    Used this a fair amount for taking job site notes, writing on photos etc. Well, another developer has now “improved” their app to worthlessness. Can’t draw or write on the app by hand now. Great, I can make a perfect circle. Useless. It was a great app until now. So aggravating!
  • Loved the new update

    By crs_ms
    Notability 9.0 basically resolved all of my wishes, the new shape tool and the partial eraser work wonderfully. Can’t wait for future updates!
  • Notability

    By nguilanyama
    Nice app for all students
  • Great app

    By gdjhdrhjus
    I love using this app to bring in PDF files and make changes. I wish there was a way to determine the size though. Sometimes I'll upload a PDF and it does not fill the entire page...
  • Need Copy option like onenote

    By koushik.paul
    Try to bring update with copy option like text with photo from a document
  • Notability

    By Speedbump111
    Thanks boys and girls, this app is grate. Keep up the good work... I have been using this app for over 7 years now. I have tried other, but they can’t compare to Notability.. other than this past update as of June, 14th, 2019 I’m having small problem that I’m trying to get use to. Thanks....

    By blbrennan
    I love this app, but since the new update I can’t add pages to notes - it freezes and then crashes. This is unacceptable. I have written to support and tweeted to Notability, and I realize fixes take time, but some acknowledgement that they know about the problem and are fixing it would be nice. I’ll be switching to GoodNotes for the duration.
  • please add an option to sort notes in reverse alphabetical order

    By Mike yj Jung
    please add an option to sort notes in reverse alphabetical order
  • It’s ALMOST perfect. Just missing one feature

    By igster187
    Please place pen written notes IN FRONT of highlight Please, please, please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏
  • Please add a function for more dividers!

    By khandslady
    I have been using notability for around 7 years now as a student. While I absolutely love the recent changes, I would love it if a new update could add more dividers, so that I can better organize my notes. Thank you!
  • No way to scroll down and select writing for converting text.

    By kamikazeklown
    Notability seems to be designed to only convert two or three sentences at a time from writing to text. I have pages of notes that I need to convert. Also I don't like it that the only way to view the preview of the text convert to edit it is in the center rather than on the left. Basically this app would be perfect for me if they could fix these problems and make it a portable to Evernote.
  • Great university study tool with a couple issues

    By j micah
    I was using OneNote on a Surface tablet until the digitizer stopped working. I decided to try using an iPad Pro instead, since they’re lighter. Notability was the only app to offer most of the same functionality as OneNote on a Windows tablet. There are many things that I prefer about Notability, but there are a few issues that prevent me from giving it more stars: first, I would like the ability to create a group of commonly used highlighters/pens for marking up documents. I have a system of using certain colors to represent certain things, and I would like to be able to organize all those highlighters and pens into a group where I determine the order and placement. If that is possible in Notability, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Secondly, I use Notability in a setting where I’m regularly working with several languages (including RTL - Right to Left languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic). Notability does not have good support for combining multiple languages in one document at this time, especially not mixed English-Hebrew or English-Aramaic. Please give Notability the ability to recognize and format RTL languages. I can do that natively on most Apple apps, and many 3rd party apps, so the inability to do that on Notability really sticks out. Please improve these issues, and I will gladly give it a 5 star rating. In fact, if those two issues are fixed, I won’t even miss using OneNote for most of my coursework.

    By zebra_girl
    I used to love this app but now every time I write a number it thinks I’m drawing a shape! If I turn off shapes then I can’t draw straight lines for my graphs :/
  • New update fixes everything

    By BurningTico85
    The only tip I’d say is a single click/quick access to different color pens (the multiple clicks is kind of a pain) Maybe a color wheel that goes around with you? Love this app, and will buy some more themes because of how much I love the update Also, please add the option to backup both pdf and .note type files,would make life a lot easier (preferably in a separate folder) and also the whole can’t have any documents with the same name is really irritating, so please find a solution to this. I find that these smaller more backend things would add a lot of smoothness to the experience and make this app unbeatable for note taking. Ah, and an ability to remain files from the home screen please. Plus at any point in the document. Also in the future a much nicer looking and easier to use organization would be super nice (maybe in the same format as drive, folders, files, etc.) Also not sure why but it appears that the UI is kinda low res so getting a really good UI designer would be really nice. Cheers!
  • Power points won’t convert

    By Naturopath Randon
    Power point no longer converts correctly.
  • Dropbox sync no longer works fluently as the previous version... please fix it

    By Aaa3214
    The most recent update screws up the Dropbox sync function. Please fix!
  • WHYY

    By Domi243
    I’ve LOVED this app since 6th grade(junior in high school now). I’ve recommended it to so many people and have genuinely had a great time with it for note taking and doodling in school but oh my god it’s getting worse by the day. Every single day it crashes at least once or twice while I’m trying to take notes. The fact that it crashes so consistently is bad enough already but it also deletes a majority of the work I had been doing before it crashed. Makes me so sad to see such an amazing app go so downhill so quickly. Please please fix this notability I love you but you make me so mad sometimes
  • Great but....

    By egraduate2019
    I love this app. I am a college student that used this for the whole year of school and it was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for finally giving us the partial eraser and the ability to draw shapes. One thing I wish this app has is give us a choice of continual scroll down to a new page or swipe left/right to get a new page. It’s really hard at times to see when I’m at a bottom of a page as it’s “continual” and when I need to print something out, it’s cut and goes to the next page when I didn’t even know about it. If I had the choice of swiping for pages, it’ll be easier for me to know if I should start a paragraph/equation on that same page or go to a new page. Other than that, I really like Notability. Believe it or not, I have GoodNotes and Notability and I still prefer notability over GoodNotes. I guess it’s all about preference. All that to say, Ginger Labs, please think about including different page display options in future updates.
  • Great until the update

    By wl2262
    Notability has been wonderful for use in medical school, until the most recent update! I love the new features with shapes, partial eraser, easy rotation of images and chunks or writing, but inserting pages and images crashes my app every single time, and it’s getting to be really annoying. I really really hope this is fixed before the semester starts in August, or else I will have to find something else, because it is essentially unusable right now.
  • Keeps crashing EVERY time I use the search bar

    By jjs2341
    I downloaded my first aid book into the app and ever since the update, the app keeps crashing when I try to search things. What’s the point of having a textbook in an app if I can even search through the book without the app crashing every time?
  • New update is worth a 5 star

    By J0HN_GALT
    Since I went paperless I use “Notability” for all of my notes and scribbles. I also use it extensively for marking up and commenting on others work; my comments stand out, and can be done quickly, using type to add detail as required. However, sketching was always rough, having to take time to expand he view to gain accuracy, but not now. With the latest drawing functionality they have taken it to the next level. A must have app for everyone.
  • App is getting so much better and more

    By oMaMori.effect
    Password option is here but not for per file. iPhone or iPad this app is blessing iOS You guys rock !!!
  • Almost perfect.

    By imsuma
    There are a few bells and whistles I can live without that notability does not have. The main issue I have with this app is the lack of organization options. Dividers and subjects is not enough. Also, all the titles have to be unique which is a pain. I do still believe this app is better than good notes. I see so much improvements coming out I hope these 2 issues are addressed in the near future.

    By JWalt300
    I've tried tons of writing apps and this is THE BEST hands down! I keep testing others because I'm open to anything new, but the way they keep updating this app, others have as long way to catch up.
  • Great app

    By marshovs
    I love this app! Recently I have been struggling with some bugs though. It keeps turning off my recording (saying that it is being used by another app when it is not) and then the PowerPoint that I uploaded to the notability app will disappear and I will be left with blank pages. I’m hoping this can be fixed soon
  • feedback after a year

    By aburasheed1924
    after using this and the notes writer plus app for over a year, i think this app is much better except in one important respect. i am a network engineer and an arabic teacher. for all my personal needs and professional needs, this app fits the bill. however, when i teach, i need to use right-to-left typing capability and i cannot do this with this app. i have been asking for a year for this but there has not been any development in this area. i just sent another request to see if its on the roadmap. once they add this feature, i will consider my evaluation complete and will happily delete notes writer plus from my ipad and will unhesitatingly bump my 4 star rating to a 5 star rating!
  • Bugs and more bugs

    By EL0118
    The most recent update (Version 9) is full of bugs. While the intention of adding more tools like shapes & filling are great, why can’t those simply be added without sacrificing quality and other features? For example, it is no longer possible to edit a picture that you import. If I want to supplement what I’m learning with a picture, I loved the feature of being able to annotate within that picture & draw & make notes wherever was necessary within that picture. But that feature is gone. Secondly, did I mention the amount of bugs in the new version? Clicking within or outside of a text box automatically moves the cursor to the very first page!! If I’m trying to annotate on page 300, forget about it, bc 50% of the time it kicks me out of that note & moves me to the first page. It is also now more difficult to rearrange a text box size and its borders. For whatever reason, when I try to fit the box in a certain space, it doesn’t let me adjust it. There are simply too many bugs that is making Notability increasingly less efficient. Please update the bugs. Thank you.
  • Finally

    By Cxpsp
    What the ‘*?!& are you doing these pass years? Eraser aren’t that hard to program.
  • Amazing app but please fix the highlighting

    By Lou646
    By far my favorite note taking app.. Make it so that highlighting goes under text and this app is perfect!
  • For everything

    By Lmvc01
    Update: YESSSS, the developers listened!!! Partial eraser! Image rotation, Well done. No more looking for an app replacement for me! 🙃🙃 I use notability in college, for my business and at home. It's absolutely awesome, but if i could ask for something, it would definitely be the ability to PARTIAL ERASE. It kills me when i draw a line a tad but to long or merely over draw something and find myself having to erase an entire word or part of an entire chart. Please please please add 🙃
  • Since the Recent Update..

    By Twilight Daze
    It’s great with the new features and everything, but it keeps closing me out and/or freezing and my progress doesn’t save. I also can’t enlarge images. I noticed a lot of other people are having this problem because of the most recent update. PLEASE FIX THIS!! Otherwise, this truly is a five star app; I’ve been using it forever <3 I noticed another problem with the recent update. You can not enlarge or shrink text/line work anymore.
  • Text boxes on iPhone

    By Ajax1949
    Love the app. Hard time editing text boxes on iPhone. Just have to use iPad or Mac for that
  • Importing issue

    By nely0829
    Can’t import anything after updating to the latest version. I’ve tried so many different ways to solve this problem but it’s still not working. Please help!!!
  • Fantastic App

    By SunShineRecorder
    The June update for the app has added a lot of important functionality. It’s good to see the developers taking feedback and actually doin something about it.
  • Great app. Needs Math equation compatibility

    By Zrice42
    This is great. Are used it for practically everything except for my math classes in college. I would love for the ability to write out equations and convert them into neatly printed text.
  • Cannot contact support about issues

    By Jelloskins
    I have issues with the application but the support is nonexistent. I tried to navigate the support site but it is just questions and answers. It's as if they don't want to hear from you and they make it hard to contact them. Companies that don't want to hear from customers, have put profits above customers.