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  • Current Version: 11.46.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love. • Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases. • Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are. Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • Error

    By Hdjdjcjdb
    App on iPhone only displays “continue watching” and “trending now”. Can’t browse anything
  • I like it

    By CatCuteCutey❤️
    Hey so I like Netflix like their are better movie and TV show apps better than Netflix but I will stick with Netflix because theirs good content I just wish they could add Bohemian Rhapsody me and my sister that’s are jam so if u add movies quicker plz and especially bohemian rhapsody.Thank you for everyone who read this and I do suggest getting Netflix!
  • Add more seasons to...

    By yaaaaa_yeeeeeeet1010100101
    Look Netflix I am speaking for all jojo bizarre adventure fans when I say as more seasons I want to see the other seasons in order so please
  • New button suggestions

    By Lanfear1907
    Hey! Can you please add “seen” and “not interested” buttons to the content? For example, I started watching a show, and didnt like it. Removed it from my list. But it still “reminds” me to “keep watching” it from where I left off. I want it to disappear from my homepage. Also, not see it ever again, unless I specifically search for it. Or a recent season of a show that I watched on another platform keeps popping up because I watched the first season on netflix. But I’ve already seen it and dont want it to keep popping up. (Rating a thumbs up or down is not enough to make the content go away.) This makes new and interesting content very hard to find. Thanks in advance!
  • Bug

    By dissappointedstranger
    I’m not sure what’s happening but for some reason only my phone out of all the devices in my house show old movies and shows like teen wolf, easy a, victorious but then it says I can’t watch them so it goes back and forth between allowing me to watch for example teen wolf to saying it’s not in Netflix And this is all happening in only my phone not my laptop not my parents phones only mine
  • Not enough dave chapelle

    By Guywitsped
    Not enough dave Chapelle specials
  • Freezing

    By end meh please-
    When I go and try to watch something, it suddenly stops working and freezes forever and it never did this before but to multiple “improvements” it starting doing this often but not all the time but still very annoying, fix this problem or it might get out of hand.
  • No trailers or shows

    By awesomeone696/ttv
    Netflix needs to fix the trailer bug and needs to add more interesting shows or movies so there is stuff to watch
  • Its ok

    By Bigfooter03
    This is a good site i wish u needed no internet and more shows that r on the Disney channel and more kid friendly shows like Sidney to the max and ravens home and 1 more coop and cami ask the world
  • Add

    By hhdueu1jd4
    More scary movies
  • Great but missing critical options.

    By Deafy
    Nicely organized gui. Only thing missing is options to delay/advance timing of audio and subtitles. Some audio tracks are nearly half a second off and its absolutely annoying even for a deaf person like me. Subtitles out of sync is especially annoying.
  • I hate u i love u Netflix

    By lanirocksyolo
    Awesome shows and all but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy must u take out my cousins fav show good luck Charlie she has gone insane 😾🤯 anyway I’ve been with Netflix for years and love it, only I download shows and the next day the download isn’t there ugh I need to watch season 2 of once upon a time but I love 💗 u guys Netflix
  • Error when watching downloaded movies

    By tajnja
    Love Netflix but the last couple months I’ve been having glitches on the Netflix app on my phone. Everytime I download a movie or a tv series the following day if I try and watch it I get a label saying error, and to try again. My downloaded movies I have to watch with WiFi or else I get the error label again watching midway. Sometimes my downloaded items delete on their own as well.
  • Please let me filter by language!

    By purple99
    I love NetFlix, but am increasingly frustrated by finding a show that looks good, that turns out to be in another language. I can’t read subtitles well at night due to tv size, etc. And I’m trying to doze off so I don’t want to work that hard while trying to relax and fall asleep. It seems like it would be so easy to allow people to select the languages they speak and only see those shows in the menus. Please? Thank you!
  • Why ?

    By qoiaaa
    Why I can’t make a account on here 😐😐
  • Good but why.

    By StephMonroe
    Netflix is good and all but really? I never see any of my favorite TV shows or what’s good like Star Wars The Clone Wars series I cannot find it, also a few others . Netflix please fix this problem b/c my friends can watch the shows I like and I can’t. Please update Netflix so I can watch the good stuff like naruto and Star Wars the clone wars
  • Subtitles = Instant Crash

    By davbran
    Every time I turn subtitles on, Netflix gives me an error playing title, but after reloading the broken app lets me start the show again but no subtitles so I have to enable it from scratch. So I guess it crashes when Netflix has been open awhile. This is easy to replicate, should be on Netflix horizon. I hope they fix their app soon.
  • I’m having a problem with your app

    By yagurlgotcurls
    Umm ok for some reason ever time I go to sign it to Netflix I put my username and password there correct because I use my same account for sister but ever I try download the app and sign it keeps saying “There was a problem signing in please try again later
  • Hey Y’all

    By Hbshdbbdnshdbg
    Man every time i watch sum on the netflix, it be hella good. then like a month later i swear man it’s GONE. Why🥺
  • False Advertising

    By JC5432
    Horrible customer service. App advertises one month free upon opening the app - the charges you for the fee anyway.
  • Sing

    By luckuchang v
    Can you bring back sing it is my favorite movie
  • Naruto shippuden please

    By foxyBoygameing
    You should add naruto shippuden
  • Losing shows

    By BubbleBeeHappy
    Ok hi idk bout you all but hate it when your hooked on a show then the next day poof gone just saying it’s kind of annoying so if you have a reason then your fine but I think if you have no reason to LEAVE IT ON (lab rats)
  • Wow

    By youngmigo1
    Man I like Netflix but you guys should add some more shows like rick and morty and add some of the old movies like the rundown and add some new shows and ghost hunters episodes we want action we wanna laugh we want to chill. SAME THING OVER AND OVER
  • just for the creators

    By 320why
    Probably don’t take requests for movies but... I think you should add matilda, and if you don’t have space take christmas chronicles so dumb
  • It’s pretty good but, if you’d want to watch anime I don’t think this is the perfect app for that

    By EnderAddie
    Don’t get me wrong this is an amazing app but I do wish there was more anime and, I wish they would put all the episodes up for example I was watching fairytale and there was only one season on Netflix and when I finished it I was a little disappointed since there is actually 8 seasons though it might take a while to get all 8 seasons up I would be very grateful. Netflix is the only app I can watch a very little amount of anime because every other app there is to watch anime it costs a ton of money which bothers me so Netflix is the only app I actually like when it comes to watching anime I really do Wish there was more anime, and I also wish fairytale had all 8 seasons
  • Why did you remove 72 dangerous animals Australia.😐

    By gorrillaman1###
    Please add back 72 dangerous animals Australia and Batman beyond.
  • More effort

    By sweattea9732
    I love Netflix but it doesn’t have a lot of trending movies and shows I will like to give you some ideas Descends Henry danger the Joj joj and bow bow show and stuff like that . In the TV show the don’t give most of the good Tv shows more episodes like The Who was show Go live your way green house academy and so on and so forth.the parents and kids have their own shows but what about the teenager .and the worst thing is that I am tired of searching for movies and not being able to wach . I won’t get this app if you wanted a original.after righting this it got me mad and I want to get rid of the app. Ok so after I rote my complain it was get a little better the got some cool movies but now it is back can you pleas put good movies like descendants
  • Choices

    By Lara22220011
    Can u plz add more movies like detective pikachu like popular and new 1s plz
  • It’s good

    By jennifer.jenn
    So some of the shows I was watching were taken of like teen wolf I was enjoying watching the show but when I got back home it wasn’t there anymore🥺
  • Naruto

    By khoty
    Bring more naruto movie please
  • Chromecast fixed!!!

    By a_m_s_c_c
    Thank you Netflix developers for FINALLY improving the Chromecast integration. I used to have to force close and reopen the app whenever I wanted to pause or rewind 30 seconds, etc. So much better now. Well done

    By Miss_Pink77017
    I absolutely love Netflix. I get to watch whatever shows I want wherever I choose. But, to be honest, sometimes it just won’t connect to the network. It will say that there’s “no network connection” when I obviously have three bars (out of three). Other than that though, I love it💕💕💕
  • Hey Netflix

    By Narriah💙
    Hey Netflix I love watching movies and tv on the app but every time I try adding a show or movie to my list it never works I tried adding gremlins and once upon a time and it never works I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but I hope it gets fix I also think that there so been a teen Account I think that the ages of 13,14 and up should be able watch shows they like like strangers things and more teen stuff theirs not a lot of teen shows there’s a lot of little kids shows on the kids account and on the adult Account there is some inappropriate stuff that teen maybe can’t watch so I think we should include them more to coming from a teenage girl her self. And i miss shows like violetta or movies like a Cinderella story being on there I haven’t been watching a lot of Netflix because there’s nothing to really watch I’ve watched stranger things and I loved it but that all I’ve watched I wish there was just more teen shows because I have a kids account and it’s so boring and I can’t have an adult account because there is inappropriate stuff on there I just wish there was some way to fix that but any ways I like using Netflix thanks for letting me blabb on and thanks for see my recommendation hope you find them useful
  • A show they need to put on Netflix

    By miranda bailey 569
    A secret life of a American teenager
  • Literally the best

    By sumer arm
    I love love love Netflix so so much! It has a very wide range of shows. The only thing I wish it’s had more of is reality tv show such as love island and kkwtk
  • Ready player one

    By plase add
    I would rate 5 stars if it had ready player one
  • Netflix update

    By Fighter 33
    I have iso9.5 and they updated the apple app and now I no longer have it available for this iPad it's 5 yrs old and still works. Yes people still own items that old and don't always choose to buy something every 90 seconds!
  • Meh

    By Jkomee
    It’s ok I guess
  • Netflix for Apple TV

    By Grubhub USELESS
    The app on Apple TV has a bug: when you select movies in the left ribbon the app feeds television shows in the same categories available 3hen television shows are selected in the left ribbon. I called Netflix support and described the issue, then I was placed on a series of holds for 22 minutes. I cannot tell if the app is at fault or Netflix has an issue themselves. If not resolved in a few days I will drop my subscription of many years and will look at the next iteration of Apple TV with diminished enthusiasm.
  • Why

    By Just a pokemon lover
    Why did you remove Pokémon Xy and Xyz 😔😔
  • Ludicrously awful UX

    By _ŒÂ◊
    tl;dr: Autopreview Autopreview alone makes Netflix my last stop when looking for media. AppleTV browsing is slow, clunky, and useless. Interface freezes with every swipe, I assume this is due to the previews loading. 20+ seconds from launch to "Who's watching?"
  • Audio doesn’t work over USB

    By digitslflesh
    I use Netflix in my car and now the video and audio just freeze every time I try to play a video. I don’t have Bluetooth in my car so it’s a big disappointment. Earlier versions were fine until now. I have to use my headset jack on my phone now if I want audio through my stereo. This pretty much makes this app pointless for me now.
  • I want the past back

    By Aznhighlife
    I’m 9 today and when I was 6 I loved watching curios George and I hated to see the series end and the movies end and when I was 7 I saw the hot wheels movies and when I saw the first hot wheels end I was sad and watched the 2 others and when I saw the 2 others end I was more sad and I also saw the penguins of Madagascar end too and I was sad and also hero factory and when how to train your dragon 3 comes out I would really like you to add it.
  • Love it

    By bebebebw
    I absolutely love Netflix but I wish you just add more like can you guys add more shows and seasons to flowering heart so please please please add more anime’s and seasons
  • Arabic translation option

    By alaasaleem
    Thank you so much for the Arabic translation. I’ve been wanting this option for a very long time because my English isn’t that good. By the way my son is typing this AHAH!
  • I love this app because

    By yizzle20
    It has movies and funny one to lol if you tAke it away I will kill You. Love tehani
  • Star Wars clone war removed?

    By Spyrodragon 91
    What the why did you remove Star Wars series I was so upset you did that please bring it back until I’ll give you five stars
  • Used to use it all the time... now not so much

    By TheAdoubleJ
    Most frustrating thing about this is I canceled this subscription and a month later it “restarted” on its own. Funny came right after they missed their numbers for the previous quarter. Instead of stealing from me, try improving your content offerings. Maybe I’ll come back.