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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love. • Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases. • Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are. Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • I’m sad

    By Ashlee Mcclintock
    Ever since you took off all the Pokémon movies I’ve really have been sad it’s been my bday wish since I was uh............. 7 yeah I was crying my eyes out I’d watch it 24/7 I’m still secretly wishing the one that should be put on is black and white. My mom tells me that I should stop beating a dead horse, but I have to I’ve been paying for the episodes it# just unfair please read this!
  • I hate this app🙄😡

    By sᴜɴsᴇᴛ
    Hello Netflix, I would like to tell you something that is making me frustrating. So, basically I wanted to you know try Netflix since I thought that it was the BEST app in the uh world. But whenever I try and put my email and password it says “Sorry, we cant find an account with this email. Please try again or create a new account.” But that’s my email and password that I use for EVERYTHING and how in the WORLD can I create a new account but it doesn’t have the option for me to create a new account. This is just irritating and frustrating for me, I am sorry for saying this but...YOU GUYS NEED TO FIX THE APP PLEASE! Okay thank you please respond so I know how to fix it :) thank you have a good day.
  • AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By make less ads
    Netflix really makes me happy there’s no ads.I was crying then I watched Netflix (the office) and I was still sad but I felt better I just wish you you could download everything and I wish it I had my childhood shows but it’s ok
  • The best

    By Savage_Mode1
    I love Netflix I’ve been watching movies that I never tough I would not like this app is the best
  • It’s CRAP

    By fbfbfbfbfbfbfbbbbffffbfbf
    When you go to search and you type in a movie it brings up movies related to it and it has a ton of glitches in it to.That is not the end updates do not help at the least
  • Remove a Netflix original

    By CodyLeroy7
    Please remove A Series Of Unfortunate Events it drives me bonkers when I see it pop up so when it is off Netflix I will rate the app 5 stars instead of 4.
  • Movies

    By KziLP
    The movies and shows in Netflix are ok. But when it comes to latest shows and movies, it takes Netflix 6-13 months. It is very disappointing to see you guys get two stars from me.
  • Can't watch anymore thru hdmi

    By JosephAW
    What happened? I can no longer watch Netflix via Apple's HDMI adaptor. It worked fine for years but recently stopped. Works fine with Hulu and Vudu service. What do you want me to cancel my service? Please fix your software.

    By ella_mav
    i am on it all the time and it’s my life and i never have any problems 100% recomended
  • Love it but

    By Kass m rivera
    But can you let us customers know what’s getting expired in Netflix app itself if possible that be a good update to do so we have time to watch something before it’s gone
  • Love it!! but where is season 3??

    By yeeeetgamer
    Some Assembly Required is a great show my family and i watch on netflix, however, there are 3 seasons out and on Ytv, but where is season 3 on Netflix?!! Season 2 left a terrible cliffhanger and i don’t live in Canada so there’s no way i can get it!! You listened to my last review about skipping forward and back, so y’all would be the best if u would do the same, THANK YOU!!!
  • Amazing!!

    By Smiles😊😊
    Now the fact that you can download episodes on the go is amazing!!! I just love Netflix and so does my family thank you for your hard work because it is truly paying off.
  • Too woke

    By SomeYahoo2674477432226646
    Tired of shows where men are either stupid or evil. This may be a hollywood thing, but I have no more use for this.
  • More

    By yaeliz111
    Netflix is an amazing app. But I would love more season of old series. Like American Horror Story. It’s only missing the last season and many fans would truly love to be able to complete the saga. Ao it will me amazing if you could consider it. Thank you
  • you can do better

    By WAZZUP😜😜
    Ok so I was in the middle of a show called switched at birth and then out of nowhere the show just disappeared and I couldn’t watched it anymore. This is annoying a frustrating and I’m sick of it.
  • Couldn’t do more seasons?

    By rayanmoh
    I love to watch cartoons and movies but when I watch series it’s old and it doesn’t have more newer I’m bored from watching it again but sure I do rate 5 stars And more likely you should do recent movies/series And newer things. Or the app will be lame Please reply
  • Woah, GIGITY

    By Fluffys #1Fan
    It’s cool and cool oh wait did i already say that well is awesome and it has the FLUFFY SHOW!!!😃👍🤘
  • Frustrating to look through 🤬

    By Sventre665
    Since Netflix removed the ability to go through and decide what type of content you want to watch and incorporated it into the search function, it has been nothing but a headache for me on both my roku and on my phone. Give us a browse menu and separate everything into different pages again. It’s sad when hulu is doing it better 😂
  • Tati🏔

    By tari🏚
    Put back greys anatomy season 16+ on Netflix now
  • Magnifico Pero...

    By Willians Ramos
    Gracias Netflix por darme muy buen entretenimiento y sobre todo de Calidad sin embargo hay cosas que me gustaría incorporaran como ser: si veo una película y no me gusto poder eliminarla que no me aparezca otra seria poner un botón o un indicador de episodio visto algo mas visible que la linea inferior
  • Cancelled mine today!

    By AB_Preach
  • Some kind of glitch you need to fix!

    By Linat12127
    So yeah, my rating went down one star, and from the title, it went down because of a glitch. I’m wondering if it’s only on my iPad, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. I was watching a movie, and I tapped the screen to make the pause go away, but it kept popping up, no matter how many times I tapped on it. I was then kicked out of the app and had to open it up again. Please fix this if you can!! Thank you!

    They toke out Video Game High School and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt rocked but overall it’s great you can watch so much movies so much shows I mean it doesn’t have all shows or all movies but it rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooccccccccckkkkkkksss
  • I love Garfield

    By Frustrated humanoid
    but add more episodes of living food
  • Stop being political morons!

    By Kaboos3
    I don’t care if you support abortion or not. Just be a friggin entertainment company! You don’t need to stuff political issues down our throats. We come to Netflix not to get political commentary, but to get away from the moron politicians and talking heads on cable news. Stop with the Georgia garbage.
  • Waaaaa

    By mikl mayors
    Evangelion isn’t there yet. Also why did u get rid of Pokémon xy xyz and possibly more
  • Please Netflix UPDATE Bro 😫

    By Niyera😘💙
    Nooooo!! I NEED them to put “The vampire Diaries” on.🤧😪😭😫 I HAVE to watch it it’s my favorite show and if you put it on then your review will be a five star I promise I give you my word ✋🏽
  • Needs to be better

    By sendjdjsiaiejjeejududjd
    I wish that you didn’t have to log I almost every year don’t get me wrong I like Netflix but I wish they would change this thought
  • Titles

    By wilsonboy92
    It’s got some good movies and shows but it could use season 9 of the walking dead and could update their selection a little faster so we don’t have to be stuck with the same shows after 3 years worth of new movies have come out.
  • Netflicks.

    By the Bugs Review
    There are too many foreign films. Too many in Different languages with subtitles. What is going on? Things are changing. The Bugs review
  • Boooo

    By frankkdankk
    Constantly buffers on my tv , it’s not my WiFi best it works great with all my other apps. Please fix
  • Continue watching

    By a Nickename
    I love Netflix. But I hate having things on my Continue Watching if I don’t want to continue. You guys should make a way for us to remove it if we want to. Make it accessible for mobile devices.
  • Good service, bad app

    By PR_Apple1
    The app seems to get worse every time. Before I would have to re-log in every few times, now it is every time I open the app. There is no coordination between the iOS app and smartTV apps, web, or the AppleTV app. Service itself is great, but the app? Quite the opposite. And no AirPlay support. Companies like Walmart (Vudu), Google and others can do this, but not Netflix? And it worked before, but not anymore. It’s just really bad that Netflix CHOOSES not to support it.
  • Alexis

    By we have to pay😕🙄
    It’s really messed up u have to pay to watch Netflix🙄
  • TV? Bandersnatch?

    By Cadre
    Can we get AirPlay re-enabled so we can watch Bandersnatch on TVs?
  • Netflix suggestions

    By Onna434
    Y’all need to have a category where it says “if you want to cry.”
  • Netflix

    By susan_vega
    Netflix is pretty good but the only thing a hate is that I have to pay for these and my parents doesn’t have money to pay for each month and I wish these could be free ☹️
  • Could be better

    By sweet home alabama 2
    We pay for Netflix every month, but every time I want to watch a movie I never find a good one. I only keep Netflix for TV show like friends and greys anatomy otherwise I had switch to Hulu long time ago. Majority of the movies are now Netflix original and old movies that no one wants to watch it. I think it could be much better specially since the prices go up every year and the quality goes down. The app in general is great, but the should update the movies as soon as possible.
  • Netflix

    By 💗💗💗💗💗🤫doneok
    Netflix is good it entertains me but they took switched at birth off when I in the middle of the series. And what really made me sad was that my sisters really enjoyed watching because her friend was deaf . Please Netflix bring Switched at birth back also another good series they took off was Secret life of American teenager. Please bring back switched at birth.‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • Bird box

    By gnjnbnjjnbnhjj
    Why can’t 8year old watch bird box
  • 4.0

    By chocolate Drizzle 01
    Netflix is great but that price increase was crazy 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Please add boruto:naruto the movie

    By Error/unknown
    I would like if you’d add boruto that I would like to watch please add boruto.By the way I still love Netflix!!!!
  • Ppppppppppppp hamburger

    By yourrhihxoufzohfzohfzuco
    Hi am going
  • Más películas

    By troylor03
    Podrían meter más películas viejitas como Charly y la fabrica de chocolate y las películas de y donde está el fantasma pongan películas viejitas para entretenernos de todas formas si las ponen no creo que sea un desperdicio
  • Leftist propaganda here, too

    By Kathi in VT
    I was excited about having ordered Netflix as I don’t have cable TV on account of the highly politicized nature of programming. I am deeply disappointed in Netflix, because it seems to be doing something similar.
  • It’s good but not that good

    By kfyhchfgd
    The issue about Netflix is that every time I watch, for example naruto it doesn’t play all of the full seasons and episodes.
  • Come on!

    By Adneknas
    Netflix is really good but once you watch almost everything it gets boring. All my favorite movies that were on Netflix are not there no more, so Netflix please put back all the buddies movies, Sincerely, A kid
  • Netflix

    By Abcupcakes
    This is a really good app but they should make a board for teens and only teens, so they don’t have to watch kids movies
  • Good but not so good

    By PayPay 1996
    Netflix is a great app but they need to stop putting crappy stuff on it I mean my kid and I love Netflix but we hate when they put stuff on it and take the other stuff away it really upsets,me but other wise it is a awesome app that’s why I gave it 4to5 stars. Netflix please stop taking all of the good shows off of Netflix I would really appreciate it if you did that