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  • Current Version: 12.14.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love. • Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases. • Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are. Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • I wanted to give y’all a chance

    By Missyf321
    It’s so unacceptable that ur making a show about Jesus being gay are yall for real! This is wrong is so many ways!!!! It would be ok if u left It alone but y’all gotta go out ur way to be disrespectful but I like the shows like stranger things and river dale idk if I wanna redownlaod because of this
  • Wouldn’t let me download

    By gameingEllie
    I knew that Netflix was a great app and I wanted to download it but it was blocked off so I don’t know why it is crashing
  • Here is the reason why I am not going to give Netflix

    By Amovergaard
    The reason why I am going only one star is because they don’t have Pokémon black and white, the series with iris, all the other s like the BEST POKÉMON XYZ and Star Wars the clone wars intill they add all of the Pokémon series and Star Wars the clone wars I will never watch Netflix again!
  • Update shows

    By syar killer
    Netflix is great but some of there original shows showed have more seasons and added season. I love the app none the least but some series don’t have 2,3 seasons which is a letdown but am sure the next update will fix it. I recommend this app very much if you like going places or even at home board it’s nice to have.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • more shows

    By luisitopintero
    netflix is great but i really want House M.D i think slot of people want that so please add it ASAP
  • It’s great but few Cons

    By MxxnLightIsSad:(
    I have to give it a 4 because it’s great but doesn’t have all the good movies like- Fantastic Mr. Fox Isle of Dogs Matilda - (You can actually watch on YT) Sinister Kiki’s Delivery Service Spirited Away
  • Netflix ‘cast’

    By howeymose
    Why take casting away after all this time? Please bring it back. This is 2020 and we should not be going backwards
  • 更新完成之后什么都不能看了…

    By 脚淋贝塔
  • Horrible

    By m_vesselova
    This app is full of errors
  • Love the Spanish variety

    By Mexi-dani
    I just want to say I love the Spanish variety. From tv shows, to movies and even soap operas! Love the app just wish you could access the settings from the appp.
  • Lacks management features

    By Geeshik
    My issues with this app are not about streaming content, but lack of content for managing my account on my device. If there was any place where I should be able to manage my passwords and activity it should be on my device. My info (card, address, etc) is associated to my account. One can argue logging in via laptop/computer could be less secure. Especially if the web browser saves passwords and I am a user who never logs out on a computer that never locks. I at least have Two factor authentication on my phone. If I am already logged in, ask for my password or send an email to my account with a verification number. Just don’t completely strip away my ability to manage my account promptly. At the very least, I should be able to opt out/in on account management on my device via email, if necessary. This needs to be fixed. I receive phishing emails asking me to reset my password regularly. I would like to change it via app immediately, if I feel my password had been compromised. Rating may seem too low when everything else works well. However, security should be paramount to protect your users. There is no point having a service if that service does not have safety of its customers in mind. May as well make a walkway across the freeway.
  • Subtitle Sizes

    By gabstere
    The app is fine, but it would be nice to change the color and size of the subtitles.
  • I love it

    By Avilene marin paulino
    So good app
  • Need of improvement

    By redntruth
    Netflix needs the bachelor and shows that are popular like this. It's frustrating because I need hulu just for the bachelor when I have netflix already.
  • Great app! But there is a problem

    By take me seriously please
    Okay, so I love the variety of all of the shows and movies and the originals you make, but the updates on adding seasons are so slow. Maybe you could try doing every month or two. Because I’ve been waiting for a bunch of series new season for a year or two. And that’s why it does not have 5 stars. I really hope you see this and fix this problem
  • Fuk you Netflix

    By areyoukiddingdude
    I’d watch your h o m o shows if you didn’t portray Jesus as one of the many deranged individuals in our society
  • Netflix

    By cpierre23
    Is really good I can watch all my fav shows on it like stranger things or something I wanna watch it’s good and they fixed the bugs so now it’s better to watch and Easier to stream while playing fortnite or call of duty
  • Goodbye Netflix

    By Rjahwri
    After many years of using Netflix now I can say goodbye Netflix and hello Apple TV . Netflix suddenly suspended my account although it was paid. Anyway it comes in a good timing for me I was thinking of canceling my account really appreciate it.
  • Arabic subtitle very big

    By elan9ari
    Plz fix Arabic subtitle on ipad pro (ipad Os 13.3) the subtitle takes full screen
  • Currently Non-functioning

    By EllyMay808
    App won’t even load up currently. Just an endless loading circle. What are we paying for again?
  • Designated Survivor

    By hyacinthwoman
    I was SO disappointed to see that Netflix is not continuing this series! I absolutely loved it. There are so many crazy and challenging presidential conflicts from real life that could be incorporated in the series! I was looking forward to how President Kirkwood resolved his lapse of judgement with the public! I was sorry to see the deaths of the “good guys.” Please. Bring Designated Survivor back!
  • 2020 update

    By mickey 💋
    Last year there’s was a lot of shows I loved then 2020 came around they took off the shows I watched for example “el chavo del ocho” I love it and I would also like to mention they took off “Teresa” and also “friends” I liked 2019 better they had better shows.
  • My show is gone

    By bric147
    I love Netflix but when I went to watch my favorite show (vampire diaries) it disappeared. I searched it, nothing came up I looked throughout the whole front page of Netflix nothing showed up. I just wanna watch my show man
  • Okay

    By iAceeeee
    i know that netflix is a platform to watch things only but i am a video editor and i am unable to screenshot things i need for my edits .
  • Yayyyy!

    By food love🧁
    I absolutely love that you added sam & cat and victorious but can you please just add these three more ? Gamers guide to pretty much everything and finding carter plzz Thank you❤️
  • Netflix answer please

    By ngfdsddffdddff
    When y'all gone come out with a season 2 of haunting of hill house it said 2020 last year , now it doesn't give any clue as to when it'll be here .. y'all playing with my feelings fr I love this show 😔
  • Can’t connect to internet

    By TawpNotch
    I can’t open my Netflix , what do i need to do ? I keep on deleting and downloading
  • Netflix won’t work for my iPad Pro

    By 🤔😒😫
    Can you guys fix Netflix for the iPad Pro users thanks in advance 😤😤😤
  • Good but some issues

    By N/A 1234
    1. Why do I have to manually skip the recap each time? 2. Why do I have to manually skip the intro theme music each time. I like to listen to shows as I fall asleep and the theme music is often loud and wakes me up.
  • Love It! Come to Newsies!

    By prfctweakness
    I love Netflix I am sad that they took Newsies off. Come see Newsies! January 24th, 25th and 26th. Go to for more info and the times. Hope to see you there!
  • Please add playback speed feature

    By Ubersvictimm
    Please add playback speed feature please, pace of the show is excruciatingly slow compared to amazon video and hulu.
  • Netflix Server

    By jkenneth92
    I don’t know why but Netflix server keeps disconnecting after watch one show. It’s starting to really get annoying. I keep signing in and out and then goes back to saying “Netflix has encountered an error.” They need to update their connections.
  • Hydra My List

    By Chasepc21
    Whenever I delete items off my list, 2 more heads appear. I constantly receive deleted phantoms of the past on My List; I can’t seem to permanently delete any items. It’s very frustrating.
  • I love it

    By Stephyyylo
    I love Netflix. I have no complaints, except that they take a lot of good shows off! Such as The Haunting Hour, and the new season of One Day At A Time.
  • Epic!!!!!

    By dog/girl
    I love Netflix!
  • Too dark on iPad

    By huckps3
    Love Netflix but the app is to dark on iPad and has no settings adjustment without using yet another app which is ridiculous. Please install a brightness setting in future updates. Until then only 3 stars
  • I love it 😻 but .....

    By 🙂🙂🥐
    Every day I go in see and check and see what new show or what now seasons their our I I know we all what Now stranger things so can you hurry up On that
  • Help me

    By Hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi
    I would give nextflix a 4 but here’s a 3 star rating because u took Hawaii 5 0 off 😭👎
  • Downloading

    By hbrun17
    Love streaming but downloading sucks👎 takes forever to download and that’s if the movie will even work. Don’t recommend to friends.
  • Why

    Why did you say that Lucifer was coming soon it’s been like six months
  • Make it free

    By sebastianperezavila
    I’m bored at home so just make it free for once to watch and enjoy instead of having to pay!, it’s like the movie theater but in your house or on your phone!
  • Jojo’s bizarre adventure op 3

    By jrdjdjddjdsjsjddud
    I loved the second part but I was sad when I didn’t see the 3rd part on it,I tried Hulu but it only had it in the sub,please add the third part and maybe some other parts and then make them dubs because like with one punch man it’s in sub so please.Also where’s background play it worked on my tablet and no I got a phone and it doesn’t support that please and thank you
  • Downloads

    By FuzzylopBK
    For the most part I really like this app, but what’s with the yearly download limits?! And the expirations too? I really don’t like this new “feature.” Why? What was wrong with how the downloading options were before? Were there complaints on how long the downloads last and that they didn’t expire? If so then I’d like to know why. I just don’t understand this. I haven’t had any problems with the downloads stuff before, so what gives? They take a whole lot longer to download too.
  • the doodlebops

    By Takengirl1211
    we need more shows from the 2000s kids childhood like the doodlebops , yo gabba gabba, teletubbies , mr rogers neighborhood , clifford, etc.

    By 🍉irish watermelon🍉
    I love Netflix but it won’t let me download it without iOS 12... my update is an iOS 13. Idk I might just be dumb can someone please explain???
  • Put spy kids 2 bake one neflix

    By 135791113151719202224262830
    I thinks you shire put spy kids 2 bake because it’s lame just having 1 and 3 it whoud be better to have all the episodes then just 1 and 3
  • All old trash movies

    By Shah Saleh
    So boring app
  • You guys never do the finish of Pokémon sun and moon

    By Theawesomeperson4848484
    So Netflix can you start finishing Pokémon sun and moon because I watched it and I finish the 48 episode but can you add all of Pokémon sun and moon because I want to see it but I can’t because my brother doesn’t want me to get amine apps because It use is $8 to pay each month so can you finish it please please I will give you a 5 star if you do it please I can’t wait because I want to see it but the other Pokémon stuff is too not cool I just like to see it because it is so cool can you? Finish it off I WILL GIVE YOU A 5 star because I can’t watch it o YouTube I can’t watch it on amine or something else so can you please finish it off please
  • 😕

    By bellacat125262
    I keep trying to watch my show and it says to many people on my account and there’s literally nobody but me using it